Sunday, 25 October 2015

Lace Me Up ... With Boutique of Molly*

A little while ago, Boutique of Molly approached me and asked if I would be interested in blogging for them. After a quick stalk of their site and love hearts appearing in my eyes like that emoji fella, I was as game as a badger. 

It's no secret I'm obsessed with lattice / lace up garments. I always have been, like even back when I was about 15 [but I'd say at this age, my choice in fashion was less about being 'on point' and more about trying to turn the head of that lad I fancied.] I had this pink lace up front top from Pineapple and I remember wearing it when I went on a Geography school trip with some of my mates and thinking I was the actual sh*t. But I wasn't. I was just a plain old sh*t at that age. 

Anyway, before I start rambling on about how insanely tragic I was as a teen [I'm cringing pretty hard as I type this] I'm going to get back to it. 

I'm obsessed with the lace up trend this season, so as soon as I saw 'Dora', it was game set and match for me. The 'Dora' swing dress with lace up detail* boasts long sleeves, soft viscose material and a length of approximately 87cm; making this extra floaty length perfect for these colder months and my transition from summer to winter garms. 

S'cuse my pout there, birds.

Anyway, so Dora arrived pretty rapidly in a little pink package, which was a cute touch. Size wise [totes forgot to mention this above] I am a UK size 12 at the moment thanks to the fact that my hips [definitely] don't lie and the twins have truly embraced life this year and gone up about 34 bra sizes, so I ordered myself a size M/L.

The material is lovely and soft and the swing shape of the dress is extremely flattering. I actually found that the sizing of this BOM garment was a little more on the generous side and that I probably could have got away with a size S/M, which made me do a little fist pump in the air like that creepy baby on the Just Eat advert. I'm a big advocate of true-to-size clothing, it breaks my heart when I can fluctuate from a size 10 - size 16 when I'm shopping. How hard can it be to stick to a size guide?? I'm looking at you here, Hong Kong - I'm about a size XXXXXXXL in your clothing and I don't care for it. Sort your sh*t out. 

Anyway, if you’re between sizes I think you could probably get away with ordering the smaller size. I actually love that my Dora has that little extra material, as it means that I can dress it up with a waist belt to cinch in my figure and I can also comfortably wear it with tights this Autumn - you know how horrend it is when you're wearing a cute [but tight] dress and end up with that raging tell-tale tights band indent around your middle? None of that.

It's the perfect transitional dress - it'd look gorgeous with a fur waistcoat, knee boots and a fedora. I mean, I don't own any of these items - but that is my end goal. It's just a proper all rounder - I'd wear this in Summer and in Autumn / Winter, but with tights or boots. It's bang on trend, comfy and I love it. 

It's just fab, isn't it? Day or Night, Rain or Shine, there will always be a way I can style this little number to look its best. You can check out more of Boutique of Molly's range here - I definitely have my eye on the Atlanta top next *hearts in eyes*.

If you fancy getting your hands on Dora - or anything else from BOM's fab range, enter code LOVELIPPY20 at the checkout for a cheeky 20% discount. Dora is being restocked in a big way very soon - and I can't recommend enough that you get a slice of the action.

What do you think of Dora? How would you style it? Have you ordered from BOM before? What are your top picks?

*this post contains an item BOM discounted for me and sent out for review. In the interest of full disclosure, I wanted to make you guys aware of that. As ever, all opinions are my own - I wouldn't lie to you guys as it's not big and it's not clever!

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