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Magnitone* First Impressions [It's Beautiful]

When I was a teenager, minus one massive reoccurring spot on my chin that used to flare up from time to time [lovingly nicknamed Boris] - my skin was pretty alright. Not oily or spotty; no matter what horrendous shade of foundation I threw on it from the bargain bin in TJ's [who wants their face and your neck to match in colour anyway?]

Now I'm getting on a bit, my skin has started to misbehave. I'm still lucky enough to not have mad spot outbreaks, like other people I know my age - but my fod often looks as shiny as Kimmy K did in THOSE oily nudes ['break the internet'] and I get blemishes on my T-Zone, cheeks and around the sides of my face all the effing time [sideburn city is particularly plagued.] Makeup covers the problem, but it doesn't solve it. And my knowledge of skincare is pretty poor; whereas I could recommend you eyelashes, where to get the best price for bourbon biscuits and the best bargain phonecases in a heartbeat. I was in a right pickle.

I knew I needed to advance my skincare routine from 'babywipes and hoping for the best' to something a little more comprehensive; especially as I'm not getting any younger. So when I was lucky enough to get my hands on a Magnitone BareFaced Vibra-Sonic Daily Cleansing Brush* from the Bloggers' Hangout #TwitterParty, I was made up. I've been using my Magnitone for the past 3-4 days now and I want to share my first impressions with you. Soz, but this post might be a tad on the photo heavy side; my Magnitone is a right fitty, man - it takes a much better photo than I do.

First Impressions

This cleansing brush is about a million times more Instagram worthy than my face. Let's not lie, it's insanely beautiful. Its colour, design, packaging - and the way it came wrapped - are just something else. If you're looking for a pretty gift for someone [potench an option for Valentine's?] you can't go wrong with this. Wrapped to perfection in pink tissue paper and tied with a bow, I wish I'd have known about this at Christmas - I'm shockingly sh*t at wrapping and this would have saved me so much sellotape rage.

The brush itself feels sturdy, is easy to grip in your hand thanks to its shape, comes with a super cute plazzy storage bag and its magnetic USB charger feature is cool as hell. The box advises that you charge your new Magnitone for 24 hours before you use it for the first time, so once the unboxing excitement had worn off, I plugged it in and left it to do its thing.

[all this information has been taken from the Magnitone website, as they know considerably more about their product than I do!]

'For skin that deserves to go BareFaced! Wherever, whenever, this Daily Cleansing Brush will work some good vibrations to beautifully condition skin and take the ‘dare’ out of going Bare!

Forget manual cleansing...
This all-new Vibra-Sonic™ daily cleansing brush deep cleanses, empties out pores and tones skin, so it’s well-behaved every day. No surprises!
Visible results from your first time – no microscope needed!

Feel the buzz...
Thanks to our new Vibra-Sonic™ technology. Its combo of sonic oscillations + electromagnetic vibrations = energising skin workout. This skin-friendly duo work deep in the skin (where hands don’t go), to wobble out impurities and boost micro-circulation, with all its healthy, glow-giving benefits.

A 60 second skin workout...
In just one minute a day our feathery, soft brush empties out pores and tones skin. Skin is left super clean, naturally firm, and fighting fit. Just like after a workout. Results are visible after your first time, and then, watch how your moisturiser sinks in.

Recommended by over 500 beauty writers

The on button
Turn me on…It’ll change everything!

Gentle VIBRA-SONIC™ deep-pore cleansing
Forget manual. I go deeper so your pores come clean.

PULSELIFT™ Toning Mode
An energising skin-workout to boost micro-circulation for a megawatt glow.

100% waterproof
Everyone likes to do it in the shower.

20 second timer + 1 minute stop
A beep for your T-Zone, Cheeks & Neck.

Wireless USB Travel Charger and bag
Gym, holidays, festivals… I’m ready to go global.

Supercharges your skincare potions
They just sink in, helping unlock all those fancy ingredients.

Interchangeable brush heads
Compatible with all Magnitone facial brush heads.

What’s in the Box:
- Two Mode Vibra-Sonic™  Facial Brush
- Wireless USB Travel Charger
- Splashproof Travel Pouch
- Active Clean Brush Head
- 12 Month Warranty
- MyMagnitone Membership

Using my Magnitone

I've been using my Magnitone for a handful of days now. I guess the first main hurdle for me to cross before using it was to get off my arse and buy an actual cleanser. I'm normally 100% reliant on babywipes to take care of my face [I know so many of you will be shaking your heads in disappointment reading that haha, what can I say - I'm clueless / lazy / poor!] 

The brush is really easy to use and has an inbuilt timer that beeps to remind you to move onto the next area of your face. The beep terrified me with how shrill it is the first few times, but after that - I was golden. My typical routine using my Magnitone is to pop my cream cleanser on first, leave it a few seconds, wet the brush and then use to rub the product in and polish my skin. I always run the brush under water before and after using it and ensure that it doesn't dry out whilst I'm using it on my face. The fact that this cleansing brush is waterproof is super useful too, as I spend most of my life in the bath.


I've only been using my Magnitone for a few days, so I will post again in a few weeks with an update - but even after my very first use, my skin felt so much more refreshed and looked so much more alive. I looked considerably less 'grey' in my complexion when I looked in the mirror barefaced [which is always nice, like.]

It's probably too soon to say for sure, but my makeup has also seemed to apply a lot better these past few days and has sat really nicely on my skin, rather than gathering in certain areas and leaving me with grey smears on my cheeks like I'm a member of a tribe [one of the massive downfalls of contouring which no-one warned me about!]

I read on the FAQ section of Magnitone's website that using the Cleansing Brush might cause your skin to break out at first, but to power through with using the product, as these initial spots are actually just showing that the product is working and drawing the badness out from your pores. I've had a few tiny blemishes come out so far, but nothing as horrendous the word 'breakout' makes you imagine. And hopefully, will all be very worth it.

Overall, I'm made up that I now have a proper skincare routine to follow and very high hopes for how my complexion will look in the future. I can't wait for the day I am confident enough in my own skin to go out without foundation. I really love the Magnitone BareFaced Cleansing brush so far and I'm made up to have got my mitts on one. Make sure you keep an eagle eye on my Twitter and Instagram for updates and of course, check out Magnitone's social media too; their Instagram is goals.

What do you think? Have you used any of Magnitone's products before? Would you like to? Do you have any top tips for making the most of your Magnitone BareFaced? I'd love to hear more :}

*I was gifted this product by Magnitone as part of the Blogger's Hangout #TwitterParty, but all opinions are a] my own b] honest as sin c] not influenced in any way


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