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Alright guys? How the bloody hell are you? 

I'd managed to get into a bit more of a regular thang when it came to blogging recently, but I fell out of this routine in a big way this week. Soz and that. However, in the time I've spent not blogging, I've found the time to try out and fall in love with some new beauty products, the time to consume my body weight several times over in shortbread biscuits - and the time to appreciate / fall back in love with some of the beauty products I use daily. So here's a little round up on the above [minus further details regarding the biscuits, as even I'm a bit embarrassed about how many I've devoured this week hahaha #LifeOfABeast.] Bring on the fitties!

Sleek MakeUP's 'Matte Me' Lipgloss, in Birthday Suit

You may have already seen here - I'm a sucker for a matte lip. I'd love to try Kylie's Lip Kits, but I'm pretty confident that pigs will fly, wear clothing and get into politics before I have the spare cash to afford one. So instead, I picked up this Sleek 'Matte Me' lipgloss in Birthday Suit. I ordered mine from Littlewoods [on buy now pay next year, obv #POORPEOPLESPROBS] but you can also pick these bad boys up online or in Superdrug, if you have actual cash to your name.

I am madly in love with this lipgloss. I've worn it literally every day since it arrived and I'll be stocking up on this in bulk when I can afford to live again [one day.] It's a little drying, but as long as your lips are in alright shape, it's pretty easy to pull off. Plus super long lasting - a little goes a long way.

I'm not going to pure go on about this, cos I very much intend to post about it again soon [with some raging selfies] - but the summary I want you to come away with here is that I'm literally made up with it. I've been wearing it it with Mac's Soar lipliner and also, putting a layer of it on over the top of other darker shades for a sexy, matte finish.

NYX Lip Liner, in Shade SPL809, Mahogany

I saw this photo on Instagram of this total babe right, rocking a proper fit burgundy shade of lipstick. Literally, this bird looked so amazing, she was 100% life goals - so I threw a quick tweet out to the babes of the #bbloggersphere to see if anyone could recommend a [cheap] dupe which could make me look slightly more like a functioning human and less like a mad old tramp. As a result of this, Kirsty behind the fabulous Life in Excess blog suggested I try this shade - and I couldn't be any more grateful for her recommendation if I tried! THANK YOU, YOU ABSOLUTE HERO!

Although places like Next, Boots, Very and Littlewoods stock NYX products, I headed straight to my first love [eBay] and ordered one off there for about £4 with postage. I wasn't sure initially if the colour would suit me - I worry that darker lipsticks cause me to channel my inner Dracula vibes and I also worry that berry shades make my teeth look yellower, but I frigging HEART THIS SO MUCH, man. I don't even care if I look like the living dead - this colour is INSANE!!

As with my new Sleek lippy, I've literally worn this most days since it arrived in my life. I might not be as fit as the Instagram bird, but hell - I feel like a proper adult when I wear this. It's like, the shade of my dreams. Again, I'll post more on this little beaut at a later date, as I have too much love for it to summarise into these three little paragraphs.

Cheeky Chat Me Up Nail Polish, in Shade Vamp It Up

Continuing with vampy, mahogany vibes - how super fab is this nail polish? I ordered this from Birchbox's store online. 

Three reasons why I TOTES love this nail polish:
1. Packaging - I truly heart nice packaging and a good choice of font. This ticks all the boxes
2. Colour - I'm obsessed with oxblood / maroon / burgundy nails
3. IT WAS FREE. Yeah, not even messing - I had enough Birchbox points from when I used to subscribe to them to claim this for free. #WINNING!!!

Anyway, there will be loads more #notd photies / posts to come feat this vampy little bugger, so keep your eyes peeled.

I realised recently that the last time I mentioned my Magnitone on the blog was during my first impressions post last month and that despite me having used it religiously every single day since then, I haven't really said much more about it. Oops!

I've been using this beautiful little gadget every day for the past few weeks. And my initial opinion still remains - it's insanely brilliant. 

In my initial post, I was pure cocky and like - 'breakout? What breakout?' Yeah. LOL. Well, that happened.

After the first week or so of using my Magnitone daily, my skin defo started throwing out extra blemishes, in places that I'd never really had spots before. However, as Magnitone advise on their website - power through, this is just the brush doing its job and bringing all your impurities to the surface. And they are totes right.

Although I'm still getting the odd spot pop through atm, my complexion is SO SO SO much more noticeably brighter. My skin no longer looks dull and lifeless when I'm freshfaced; it's radiant, glowing and so much more even in terms of skin tone. And even better - since getting this product, I haven't had to charge it once [since the initial 16 hour charge up.] HOW AMAZING IS THAT?! It's the gift that keeps on giving and it never fails to amaze me.

I am OBSESSED with these lashes. Since discovering this brand, I've worn them every single day without fail - they're lightweight, great quality, easy to apply and last for ages. I doubt I'll ever use another brand again in all honesty - I am IN LOVE with these so much. They're out of stock online at the moment [*cries*] but luckily, I bulk bought last month, so I have a little pile of these babies in my wardrobe. 


What products are you loving at the moment? Have you tried any of the above, or do you have any recommendations? I'd love to hear your thoughts :]

*My Magnitone was very kindly gifted to me via The Bloggers Hangout #TwitterParty, but all opinions are totes my own and 100% honest. I wouldn't lie to you lads - it's not big and it's not clever!!


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