I don't even like Christmas that much [I am the Grinch, you can @ me if you like cos I don't give a solitary sh*te tbh] & I'm the mardiest old bag / crank going; but for some reason, this time of year does make me slightly emosh & super tragic

I guess maaaaaybe it's the impending start of the New Year, and the whole 'looking back over the past 12 months and reflecting' thing that does this to me, but these things I think they call feelings sometimes rear their heads when we get to December

So no, I don't rly like Christmas soz huns, but I do like this list of total babes who have made 2018 much more bearable, lollable and filthy. And this list of 10s, too. So I'm here today to tell you all about them & why you should be following them; cracking nudes aside, of course. 

Lovelaughslipstick Blog My Favourite Bloggers Part 2 2018

In no particular order, I bring to you this absolute bunch of worldies and dolphin-loving blowhole associates. Pls love them as much as I do. Just not more, cos they're mine.

Issybelle Fox, Number One Fanny Influencer of our Decade

aka The Number One Fanny Blogger / Issybelle Fox / Costa Pusher

As well as making ded cute babies and being THE number one faj influencer on the internet, Issy is an all-round ten with a bangin' bod, regularly documented pooing habits and a proper wise head on them sexy shoulders. 

She collects gnomes [and reproduces them] and has two of the most angelic kitties to step foot on this planet. Cecil & Albie are pretty much my life. And Freddie's not too bad either.

Issy's Blog // Twitter // Insta // YouTube

Chloe Lady Writes Blog

aka Lady Writes

I think I just jizzed looking at that photo. How hot is our gal Chlo, pls? Chloe's blog is pretty damn iconic; I can recognise her amazing photography anywhere, but one thing she's REALLY smashed this year is her YouTube channel. 

Her advent calendar unboxings have been the inspiration for any / all of the half arsed videos I've uploaded this year; she's ded gud and I'd love to mount her if she didn't live halfway down the frigging country and instead, resided in the North where everyone should be.

Chloe's Blog // Twitter // Insta // YouTube

Alice Spake Alice Anne Blog / Southampton Bloggers QUEEN

Alice Spake

As well as a lover of lemons, Spakey is one of the most babein' MILFs to walk the internet. Her photography, hard work and inspirational attitude no matter what sh*t life throws at her is incredible. She has a bangin' rack as well. And the cutest little boy, Joshua. And the entire Southampton Bloggers network

I'd also like to announce that how HOT she looks in this photo has got me all aroused. Thx xo

Alice's Blog // Twitter // Insta

Leah, Girl Boss, Devoted To Pink

aka Devoted To Pink

Love or hate the term, if you look up Girl Boss in the dictionary [probs not on Urban Dictionary, as that inspirational tool makes everything proper filthy & Leah is a pure angel] you'll see our gal Devoted To Pink

Leah is inspirational asf; with a body so hot you could fry eggs off it. Her handbag collection is so high end that I feel bad even looking at it, being the total peasant that I am - and she's just bought an amazing house. Basically, I wanna be more Leah. Especially in the boob department 😍

Leah's Blog // Twitter // Insta // YouTube

Mel, Little Miss Mel / Little Miss Melanie Blog


aka Little Miss Mel

Mel's accent gives me wood. Not even lady wood; we're talking full-on BONER. And look how actually unreal she is. How u get a face dis perfect, pls

Mel's photography is legit stunning yeno. Like, she deserves a trillion, bajillion more followers for these works-of-art. Her blog is fab, she works reaaaaaally bloody hard and her doggo Charlie reduces me to actual tears with how cute he is. CAN'T COPE.

Mel's Blog // Twitter // Insta

Franny Mac, Franny Mac Blog, Wot a FITTY

Franny Mac

FRANNY MAC IS AN ANGEL SENT FROM THE FAUX FUR GODS; worship her pls. Fran is legit one of the kindest, sweetest bloggers in the world who'd do anything for anyone. She's the loveliest friend and I'll tell you now - HER NUDES ARE HOT ASF. 

Her dedication to conspiracy theories, loyalty to her friends and love of all things Ru Paul are just a few of the amazing things about her. Defo head over to all her socials & become best mates with her. Immediately.

Franny Mac's Blog // Twitter // Insta

Lovelaughslipstick Blog My Favourite Bloggers Part 2 2018

Do you follow these gals yet? If not, why pls? Who would you list as your fave bloggers of 2018?
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