Although I feel I should very firmly state that if current, sort-of bae asked me to marry him I'd say no, I think every girl sorta dreams of their wedding day. The makeup, the bridesmaids, the dress... having all your closest & bestest friends around you. And for me, the biggest part = defo the hen do. Though I doubt I will ever be trusted to plan anyone's hen, ever [I nearly ended up booking a friggin' gang bang last time I tried to do a nice thing and plan some bridey festivities] as we'd probably end up stranded in Ibiza surrounded by cheese & empty Jager bottles.

[Photos taken from Real Wedding]

I've literally just been wandering round Primark and proper dying at all the cute hen party merch - makeup palettes, nails, swimming cossies, gowns; you name it, they've got it. They're all so cute and really reasonably priced [as well as, of course, all taking advantage of the basic bitch rose gold / blush pink colour scheme.] There's no need to spend a small fortune on your hen - there's plenty of areas you can save money and tbh, as long as you have ya best girls around you; even if you spent the weekend on a mad bender in Tescos, you'd still have a ball, right?! [maybe don't try that one, as you won't be able to return to do the big shop anytime soon without being judged by Julie in aisle 3.]

[Photos taken from Real Wedding]

A really great idea [IMO] which'll defo save you a bit of moola [and can be chosen & / or tailored to your hen's life / situation / personality]  is to have lots of fun games planned for the evening - you know the kinds, the ones that you'll lol about when the pics come up on Timehop for the rest of ya lives. Think Sarah grinding on that old man in the crusty anorak in ya local - or Hannah making passes at the weirdos at the bar using very inappropriate phrases. 

Why not choose a few hen party printables ahead of time, to use during the big night[s] itself? There's a massive variety available, with fun, cheeky & daring AF options - or more conservative ones, if the hen's Mum & Nan are likely to be in attendance. I both dread and long for the day where it's my hen & Grandma is off riding a giant inflatable pennis; hahahahahaha. As I say; it doesn't matter where I am - whether the budget has managed to jet me off to Vegas or Stalyvegas [Stalybridge] with my girls... as long as we're all together, fun is 100% guaranteed. 

Printing off, scheduling and going for more budget friendly options when it comes to wedding planning [and of course, organising hen party mayhem] will definitely save you a few pretty pennies... which can be used towards the dress, bridal makeup, venue or even a Shellac on ya toes. I guess what I'm trying to say here, is that there's plenty of ways to be savvy with money when it comes to the big day. There doesn't have to be mad pressure to have the day / night to rival Kate Middleton's, or a hen wilder than I imagine Katie Price would have had. Just look at the couples on Don't Tell The Bride... their fellas have bought them dresses off eBay, bridesmaids outfits from the sale rail at Primark and given them a budget of about £14 for the hen... but do they still get married & look at each other with that look of love on the wedding day? Of course they do, hun.

[Photos taken from Real Wedding]

Another area [well, one of the many] that can totally be made more budget friendly [and lets face it, weddings are pricey AF, I can't quite cope with just how much one day alone costs] are the favours. Which I totally didn't realise was such a big thing, being the terrible planner / not-that-into-the-wedding-more-about-the-hen-do-and-giant-cocks person that I am. 

Cheap wedding favours will save you a small fortune on the day - and they don't have to be sh*t or boring either. Money can't buy you class, love or.... erm... everything; and personalised, cutesy favours [even if they cost you abar 50p each] can have endless meaning & sentimentality if done right. There's no need to feel like you have to pure splash out on a case of Grey Goose for every guest or table. Keep it simple, keep cashflow in mind and defo check out the great links in this post for inspo!

[Photos taken from Real Wedding]

Have you planned a hen party before? Or on the flipside, how was the hen that was thrown for you? What are your top tips to saving money when planning your wedding celebrations?
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