Introducing... Scentful* | Surprise Designer Fragrance Subscription Boxes

Honestly huns if there's one thing I love, it's perfume / fragrance. Well, amongst a lot of other things, let's be real (my love of cheddar cheese cannot be denied)... but I do have a real soft spot for scent. And the design of the bottles. 

Gah, you don't even wanna know what my basket looks like on the Boots website rn, whilst they've got a 15% off on fragrances thing going on. I keep nearly checking out about 74 bottles of some of my faves (Mugler Alien, Marc Jacobs Daisy Love, the Ariana Grande perfumes, Hugo Boss For Her, Chloe... even some throwback JLo Glow AND my most purchased perfume ever from the years 2010-2014; Britney Spears Fantasy 😂) but the one thing that stops me - and especially stops me trying a new scent on a whim? The price. There's no way I'm pyar splurging £60 on a new bottle of perfume on a decision formed off the back of a written description alone... only for it to turn up and smell like the basement dancefloor of The Blue Angel. (If you know, you know.) 

I wanna try before I buy full size. I can't be arsed traipsing round perfume counters collecting samples and spritzing testers on different parts of me arm; trying to remember which is which. ESPECIALLY not in a pandemic, with a pure mask on and the threat of the rona lurking in the air. Which is where the concept of Scentful* and their fragrance subscription boxes comes in. A fantastic way of trying out new fragrances affordably before buying them - and helping us to swerve having to go outside to do so. I STAN.

Scentful: Surprise Designer Fragrance Subscription Boxes For Him & Her

#Lockdown Projects | Home Decor Upgrading With Fine Art America*

I dunno how the Rona is affecting life where you are in the world right now, but where I am (Liverpool, Merseyside, UK) we've just entered another lockdown - where going places with other humans / mingling inside with other households is banned. Cheers 2020

And naturally, when you're spending pretty much every damn day in your home, with nowhere else to go and the only activities on offer being Netflix, eating, cleaning, working, eating a bit more and online shopping, your focus tends to switch up from being where you can spend money outside of the gaff and onto where you can spend money on it.

I've been proper enjoying a bit of home renovation, during this never ending cycle of lockdown. I finally cleared out the 'Cupboard of Hell' (think Monica from Friends cupboard), have been doing up my room, purchasing v. grown up items (such as bedding, heated air driers and cupboards), flatpacked an INSANE AMOUNT of cardboard for recycling and have been adding pretty little extras to my home decor for a lil extra something special; namely wall art & framed prints. Which brings me round to talking about Fine Art America*, whose website is packed full of gorgeous prints, collections and wall art to help really make your home your own. The perfect project / purchase during lockdown.

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