FYX Collagen Water - Body & Beauty*

by Nikki LLL Blog, July 27, 2021

Collagen is dead important in healthy, younger looking skin yeno huns. Something I've learned a lot more about recently. And as I've just celebrated turning another year older, retaining a youthful complexion is definitely something on my mind.  Collagen is a super ingredient for stronger / just all round better body recovery (inc joints), skin, hair & nails. It's like, the building block behind good skin. I'm not gonna try and get pure scientific here, but Google it kween.

Anyway. With this info in mind. How & where can one just acquire more collagen outside of tablets & supplements, that I always forget to take?⁣

Are you an owner of boobs? And is said rack on the larger side of life? Do you struggle picking up cute lingerie in your sizes on the high street? That's a lot of tit related questions, soz. But if you answered yes to any of the above, today's post is for you. Introducing Tutti Rouge - the fuller bust company, who's body positivity and inclusivity is the most refreshing change. We love to see it.

I always struggle picking up cute bralettes that actually manage to contain the twins. So many times I've ordered comfy-looking undies via high street websites (or picked up a few hundred in Primark) only for their sizes to either not cater for the bigger boobed or the sizes they offer being a huge lie and actually bloody tiny. Tutti Rouge's bralettes are the only ones I've found that fit. That're true to size. That are comfortable. And that cater for bigger boobs without compromising style. If you're a DD+ cup and seek comfort (hi boob friend) head to their site. Change a life. Your own.

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