Never mind saying yes to the dress, have you said I do the the shoe?

[Am so proud of that one. Feel like I should pure copyright it, yeno.] 

Whether you're getting married, you're planning your babein' bridesmaids outfits or you're attending a loved one's big day & desperately outfit shopping; I've found a fab site packed with STUNNING occasion footwear, veils, jewellery, dresses & accessories who've got ya back in every department, hun. 

Their name? Lace and Favour. Their game? Shoe game, strong. In fact,  they're just in general wedding / occasion game strong. And I've managed to get me mitts on the most stunning pair of heels ever to show you guys today; right before Christmas Party  / Festive Wedding Season [cos I'm probs the furthest from being married I've ever been right now, hahahahaha. Life pls.]

Beautiful Occasion Footwear | Wedding Shoes at Lace and Favour, Review, Lovelaughslipstick Blog
Beautiful Occasion Footwear | Wedding Shoes at Lace and Favour, Review, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

I'm literally counting down the days, minutes and milliseconds until I can go rogue in World Duty Free again [most likely early 2019.]. I might am defo booking some form of last minute vacay in the very immediate future [not just for the airport shopping opportunities... honest 😳] ... but that being said, after having the pleasure of working with these guys this year I know I'll be in for a treat when I do go rogue with ma credit card[s] there. I envy you SO MUCH if you're heading through the airport soon; these guys have so many fab offers to take advantage of when it comes to Christmas gifts.

I won't lie, I was sent these fab bits ages ago from WDF... but as I'm a terrible excuse for a blogger / human, I'm only just getting round to sorting this post. AM SORRY, HUNS. Although these fab goodies were things I was initially sent as Summer Sizzlers, I actually feel they suit this time of year much better; so sit back & let me tell you all about these lil slices of luxury and why they're key pieces to represent aaaaaaaaallllll Christmas 2018. And we'll pretend like I planned this much better than I did. 

Festive Scents & Skin Treats | World Duty Free Miller Harris Tender EDP & L'Occitane Almond Shower Oil Review, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

WOW. Life has been mad recently - and I definitely intended to have had this post live much, much sooner than this... but here we are. 

Chemist 4 U [who you may remember I worked with this time last year, here] sent me a few of their very best alternative & beauty advent calendars to unbox & enjoy this year - to show how you don't need to remortgage your house or spend thousands on those proper high-end calendars to enjoy the countdown to Christmas

Here's a little overview for you guys - including the link to my YouTube video a few of you have seen and enjoyed [maybe?] of me unboxing one of them. And doing lots of sniffing. Don't forget to check out Chemist 4 U's Black Friday dealz whilst you're at it, huns... all their stock is already INSANELY affordable, so extra dizzy on top of this knocks it into the can't cope category for me.

BUDGET BEAUTY ADVENT CALENDARS UNBOXED | Chemist 4 U, Lovelaughslipstick Blog Review

I'm properly LIVING for all the Black Friday deals and special offers... & have been tweeting about them / shopping them like a MANIAC over the past few days.

I figured it might be easier / preferable to pop a list of the best offers into round-up posts so they're easier to find and summarise if you're searching for a bargain... so here we go. 

Aff links are gonna be used in places in these posts as ya gal's gotta try and make back the money she's spent on said sales somehow haha - but you can always not purchase through them if you wanna swerve me / hate me that much xo


Pretty self explanatory title in all fairness - I'm properly LIVING for all these Black Friday / Cyber Week sales and special offers... & have been tweeting about them / shopping them like a MANIAC. 

I figured it might be easier / preferable to pop a list of the best offers for each day into round-up posts so they're easier to find and summarise if you're searching for a bargain... so here we go. 

Aff links are gonna be used in places in these posts as ya gal's gotta try and make back the money she's spent on said sales somehow haha - but you can always not purchase through them if you wanna swerve me / hate me that much xo


Well, this news has got me a bit excited! Candy Coat, the nail & beauty brand I religiously stalk on Instagram, have just released a whooooooole lotta new & highly pigmented matte, glossy, vibrant 'n' poppin' lip colours. Yaaaaas

First established in 2015, Candy Coat are probs best known for their beauty range of gel nail polishes; available in a wide variety of colours & textures. They've gone from strength to strength popularity-wise since their early days... so they've since made the very exciting decision to launch into beauty & cosmetics; with their sassy AF shade range oozing pure style and confidence.

New Candy Coat Lip Candy Lips Collection, Lovelaughslipstick Blog
New Candy Coat Lip Candy Lips Collection, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

Advent calendars crammed full of chocolate are pretty good. Advent calendars stuffed with skincare are damn sweet. Advent calendars packed full of makeup are up there with some of my faves. BUT AN ADVENT CALENDAR FULL OF VODKA?! Hun, pass me that trophy cos I'm about to award my favourite advent calendar idea to DATE to Drinks by the Dram - & probably weep in triumph whilst doing so.

Drinks of the Dram Vodka Advent Calendar Review, Lovelaughslipstick Blog
Drinks of the Dram Vodka Advent Calendar Review, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

It's here. Christmas party season. That time of the year when everyone embraces the YOLO attitude I've been following in 2018; with the tagline of 'f*ck it, it's Christmas.' For example:

Friend: "Town?"
Me: "Ah f*ck it, it's Christmas."

Friend: "Takeaway?"
Me: "Ah f*ck it, it's Christmas."

Friend: "After work sesh?"
Me: "Ah f*ck it, it's Christmas."

And aside from the fact it's Winter now and abso freezin, I properly live for this lifestyle & the amount of festive partying it brings about. I've compiled a lil roundup of Christmas Party Season Essentials for today's post; which I thought I'd publish now, ahead of the Season of the Sesh, so you can get stocked up & prepared. Cos you never know when the call of the tinsel headbands & vodka shots is going to chime out - all you can do is make sure you're prepared for it. And know that it is going to happen.

Christmas Night Out Essentials & A Few New Brands To Take To The Party - Perfect Shade Beauty, Beverly Hills Formula, Wilkinson Sword, DenTek, St Moriz, HumbleBrush | Lovelaughslipstick Blog

I've watched millions of Advent Calendar unboxings this year [& I'm still very much living for all the Eltoria tea being spilled tbh.] I've wept over the beauty of some of them, gasped at some of the names getting involved in the countdown to Christmas and wept genuine tears over the prices of some of them. Sweet lord.  

But one I haven't seen like, any coverage on, is the 12 Days of Ciaté London* beauty advent calendar. And this isn't okay, huns. Firstly - because it's a thing of actual beauty,  secondly - because the products inside are frigging awesome & its beautiful design makes it a dream to unbox and finally; because it's just £28 to order from Perfume Click and is actually worth over £50 to buy elsewhere. It's also cruelty free ðŸ™Œ

If you don't wanna see what's inside but do wanna order this fab beauty advent calendar [Ciaté don't just do nail polishes, yeno] then make sure you whack the links above to order yours & probs don't read any further. But if you love a good spoiler [me, I ruin everything for myself xox] then grab a brew & get ya scroll on, hun.

Beauty Advent Calendars at Perfume Click - The Ciaté 12 Days of Ciaté London Edit | Lovelaughslipstick BlogBeauty Advent Calendars at Perfume Click - The Ciaté 12 Days of Ciaté London Edit | Lovelaughslipstick Blog

Some people are ded 'ard to buy for at Christmas. They either hate everything, own everything or are super anal about Xmas & what you can & can't give as gifts... to the point you have no idea whether that aubergine emoji cushion you picked out for them will push them over the proverbial edge. Like I thought I'd accidentally done to my little Mum when I asked her for printer paper and a new frying pan that year

A really good idea, I feel [that's perfect to counteract these sorta situations] is giving the gift of an experience or day out; rather than a commodity or pure wrapped up thing. And of course, my abso BABES at Find Me A Gift HQ are on hand to deliver the goods. They not only have a bangin' range of unique gifts to suit all budgets this Christmas; but they also have a whole host of different Gift Experience Vouchers you can spoil ya loved ones with too. 

They very kindly gave me & me mate Chloe vouchers to cover an Experience Day of Afternoon Tea* which we chose to redeem at a cute little hotel & spa in Chester. Want me to spill the tea? Cos I totally did already - at the venue, all over the crisp white tablecloth. But that's a story for another day. Here's how we got on

And yes, I should have brushed my hair on this day, so I do apologise [sort of] about the raging blonde birds' nest situ. Also soz abar my roots, this was pre my day of bleaching my locks to buggery & going in with that bloody brilliant Lilac Toner which has changed my life.

Find Me A Gift Christmas Experience Vouchers, Afternoon Tea at Mollington Banastre Hotel & Spa - Chester | Lovelaughslipstick Blog

Although I'm about as likely to get engaged this year as pigs learning to fly, buying their first family home & securing a place on the property ladder [out of my own choice too, like, I have said on multiple occasions if sort-of-bae asked me to marry him I'd say no] there's undeniably something a bit magical and romantic about being wooed in winter. Albeit bloody cold.

In a survey undertaken in 2016, which was put to a panel of 10,000 people, it was revealed that Christmas Eve is actually the most popular day of the year to be proposed to on. Which is sorta cute, like, even I can admit that. People voted for this day of the year because they felt it's 'magical', 'memorable' and a time of family; when everyone's all together. They also voted in favour of being proposed to in the weekends in the run up to Christmas

Lovelaughslipstick Blog

Stunning beauty brand Prima Makeup are capturing the essence of this year’s Autumn / Winter runway beauties & transforming this into what it means to ‘illuminate’ this season! 

Not heard of the brand before? CEO Emma Southorn, actually created the idea of Prima Makeup from her hospital bed. WOW

Having been diagnosed with Sepsis, Emma was told she may not survive - after which, she began thinking of all the things she wished she had chance to do. Glitter and sparkle obsessed, Emma realised that she wanted to bring the most beautiful glitters to the market; in an easy to wear & relatable format. As she began to recover, she decided to turn this dream into a reality and in 2016, Prima Makeup was born.

Illuminator Drops by Prima MakeupIlluminator Drops by Prima Makeup

I don't know what it is about the colder months, but I always get pure inspired to get my DIY on & have a proper clear-out around this time of year. There's so much I wanna do to my gaff ahead of Christmas & New Year - in terms of home improvements, lil upgrades, new bits of furniture, painting the walls, sourcing new home fragrance options, new carpets... basically, COLOSSAL urges to do and buy even more things I can't afford. Standard.

Does anybody else get like this? Maybe it's cos when the weather gets grim, the winter sets in & I don't leave the house as much; I see the insides of me gaff more and wanna make it nicer / cosier for nights in. 

Maybe it's cos of all the Black Friday / Cyber Week offers that hit down in end-of-November-town. Maybe it's just because I can't stop shopping and 110% have a problem I'm refusing to address or acknowledge. 

And there's a definite possibility this urge has something to do with the sudden change of colours, trends, materials and accessories in the homeware dept. All those maroons, golds & rich mahogany shades need to get in ma life with immediate effect.

Lovelaughslipstick Blog

I haven't been to London for aaaaaages. A trip down there is definitely overdue - there's a whole host of blogger baes in the UK's southern hemisphere that I wanna meet / squeeze / marry and of course; Peggy Porshen is calling my name with all its Insta aesthetic beauty. 

The last time I was in London was at an event I did with the Kardashians [well, only Khloe turned up like] and all the party shenanigans, dresses and celebs knocking about [big up to Simon from Blue - wot a top lad 😂] didn't even come close to the experience food-wise I had whilst I was there. 

All of those things are merely blurry memories in comparison to the food nostalgia I have of being there. These taste memories are vivid enough & beautiful enough to bring a tear to my eye. Food is everything to me rly - and there are so many places to eat out in our lovely capital city [as well as Nandos & Subway; the only other two places I can really remember eating in whilst there!] 

Dining out in London, SquareMeal | Lovelaughslipstick Blog

Christmas party season is almost upon us…. The perfect excuse to indulge in chocolate, canapés and an endless supply of champagne. 

When it comes to the festive season & overindulgence, we all seem to be pretty clued up on the effects of alcohol on our waistline... but how much do we know about how it can impact on our skin? We spend all year preening, derma-rolling, and peeling our way to the perfect complexion - so we certainly don't want to undo all of our hard work over the festive season! 

Luckily Dr Imogen Bexfield, founder and medical director of White Swan Aesthetics is on hand to give us the low-down & share her expertise on how we can take extra care of our skin during these times of festive indulgence.

Festive Bubbly Anyone? Alcohol and the Skin with Dr Imogen Bexfield of White Swan Aesthetics | Lovelaughslipstick Blog

There are a few babes in Bloggertown who I couldn't cope without. 

During the times when you simply can't cope, the times your [now EX] boss is a total chode, the times you're having an irrational weep and the times when you want to create a plot to rid the earth of all males & replace them with cats... they're always there. Sending memes, screenshots & general bantz in the groupchat - or tagging you in weird pennis / annüs themed videos on Twitter.

This is my first post singing my adoration for dese hotties; in a multiple part series that professes my love. Cos a] there's a lot of proper worldies I class as me mates these days and 2] cos it's nice to be nice. Especially when being nice might lead to being sent a few cheeky nudes... and my gals DELIVER 😍 [pls, males don't read that and think it applies to you. Cos being nice will not get you nudes or in fact anywhere with me. Thnx xox]

My favourite bloggers 2018 part one, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

Where To Get Laser Tattoo Removal in Central London*

by Nikki LLL Blog, November 09, 2018
Let's play a game.

Not like that sinister geezer from Saw wants to - I was thinking more along the lines of a bitta light-hearted fun, in the form of Never Have I Ever. Yeno, the drinking game they always play on Ibiza Weekender? Just without the booze [unless you're already sat with a glass in hand, in which case, I applaud & admire you in equal measure.]

I hate to admit this [think fiery internal hatred & rage] but the weather has defo taken an Autumnal turn... & at some point, I'm going to have to retire my flip flops and admit that it's actually really bloody cold

I am NOT a fan of this time of year [as you may have guessed, judging by the tone & title of this blog post] but I do enjoy some of the smaller fashion and beauty changes this otherwise sick joke of a season brings about. 

Berry lips, cable knits, festive coffee cups

Yeno? Some of the very best basic betch trends that now fill my Pinterest home feed on the daily. I can get onboard with them [just about, if I overlook the crushing disappointment that it's not Summer anymore.] Another aspect I can also totes get onboard with [at any time of year rly, just especially now] are deep berry, oxblood, red and vampy nails. And my gal Roxanne Campbell has smashed these seasonal nail colour trends with her three latest Winter Nail Polish releasesStormy Weather*, Expensive Taste* & Wine and Dine*.

Roxanne Campbell Winter Nails Collection, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

Men are hard to buy for, right? I’ve put together a list of the greatest beard grooming gifts for the man in your life this year!

The time has come to start talking about Christmas [sorry] and let’s be honest; every single year it seems to be your partner, dad or brother that’s the hardest to buy for. Gone are the days where cosy socks and pants would satisfy the males of the world, even though it’s definitely something us girls would love. No word of a lie! 
Men, take note

I love trying out makeup from companies I haven't shopped with before - Misslyn being one of the brands I'd been perving on for quite a while ... until now. Now the dream is a reality, & my face sports their products on most of the days I bother to put makeup on it.

I first noticed their collection on Beauty Bay and was instantly all heart-eyed like the emoji [this fella 😍] at the sight of their unique, cute branding / packaging. Vintage, cutesy and feminine; their collection is everything my Instagram feed could ever dream of ... boasting the pretty products my dresser couldn't function without.

But moving on from the babein' outers of the Misslyn range ... what are the insides like, I hear you ask? How do the products perform, and are they as cute on ya face as they are nestled in their lil pans? Keep scrollin' hun [and reading, obv - help a gal out with her bounce rate & all tha] cos I'm about to tell ya.

Misslyn Cosmetics Makeup Haul and Review | Lovelaughslipstick Blog

After the delivery fella seemingly buggered off with my British Beauty Box* #Bloggermail of DREAMS for a few weeks, I wasn't sure if it would ever grace my life with its beauty. 

Near tears of jealousy & courier betrayal were shed when I saw other people unboxing theirs on the 'Gram - I had to skip so many Insta Stories desperately trying to avoid spoilers until mine decided to resurface.

When it did finally emerge tho... bloody hell... this new on the scene skincare box was worth every minute of the wait, the levels of lost parcel fear & all the associated [and non-associated, trololol] squeaky bum time encountered. Let me show you why, hun.

The first British Beauty Box Edit Review | Lovelaughslipstick Blog
The first British Beauty Box Edit Review | Lovelaughslipstick Blog

Festive Dating*

in , , , , , , , , , by Nikki LLL Blog, November 03, 2018

I firmly believe that a boyfriend is for life [well, at least for a while, before you potentially get sick of them] and not just for Christmas. This time of year is filled with stacks of pressure to be with ya bae; leading to some singletons pure pining for someone to share gifts with, neck under the mistletoe and cuddle up to to keep warm. And I can understand that, yeno.

I rly hate Autumn / Winter in terms of how bloody cold and NOT SUMMER this time of year is [something I raged about in this post] BUT I have to say; this time of year is really special when it comes to dating or meeting someone new

I don't know why - but when I think back to my last long term relationship, or of this boy I started dating around Christmas whilst I was in uni; my memories of these times are just filled with so much nostalgia & specialness. Even though I don't speak to either of them now. It's almost enough to make me wanna pick up dating again, since my slightly turd bae stopped speaking to me and I haven't seen him since May. REAL MATURE, M8.

Lovelaughslipstick Blog

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