I’ve rambled on a fair bit these past few weeks [both on me blog & on Instagram] about how much fun I had recently arranging a stag do for one of my best mates… and all the naughtiness I have planned for a hen do I can’t wait to arrange in July. And then another one I’m planning for next Feb… preferably abroad. PASS ME THE SAMBUCA HUN!

Whilst I’m slightly bitter that none of these festivities are my hen do, I’m literally living my best life attending them all – and have found party planning is pretty much my dream occupation. From drinking games, to cute sentimental details – and from group activities to decoration; planning stag / hen dos is my JAM. 

If you’re planning a hen or stag do, I’m going to list a few ideas for group activities that’ll make the occasion an absolute BALL. And when it comes to having a ball on ya hen – and group activity days that everyone’ll enjoy, Essential Adventure have a whole heap of options. Meaning you can plan something everyone will love – even if the guest-list includes their grumpy great aunt & problematic mother-in-law!

Photo by Isabella Mendes from Pexels
I really needed a new eye makeup remover, as mine all sorta ran out around the same time [including my Charlotte Tilbury sample from last year's Advent Calendar & this one I'd quite enjoyed... typical] - so when I was given the chance to try one from organic huns Natura Siberica, I jumped at the chance.

Natura Siberica are celebrating the launch of 16 of their hero products into Holland & Barrett on May 27th, which is a bit exciting [and good to know, cos I'll definitely be checking out more of the range after my positive experience with the products of theirs I've tried so far!] - and as part of this celebration, sent me their Natura Siberica Moisturising Foam Eye Make Up Remover* [which is just £5.75] to try.

And I love it.

Discovering Natura Siberica - Launching in Holland & Barrett on 27th May | Lovelaughslipstick Blog
I was a nail model at a friend's salon this week; where a girl who was training to become qualified in the art of acrylic nails used my talons to create some of her very first lewks. Although she was a little unsure of her finished result, I properly love my new set of claws & am having a ball tap-tap-tapping away on my keyboard whilst writing up this post.

It is mad how much of a confidence boost little cosmetic additions to ya life can give you isn't it - I'm proper keen to get Russian Volume Lash Extensions next; cos just think of how put together & ready to hit the ground running I'd be with them and my posh new nails?! Not to mention the huge list of aesthetic procedures I want on my face this year - I've written up a manifestation list of all the things I want & stuck it next to my bed to make it happen. Will definitely have to remember to take it down if I ever decide to entertain company again, tho - there's some proper cringe stuff also made the cut [such as new tea towels & a chair 😂] 

With celebrities, influencers & the gorgeous gals you see pretty much everywhere flaunting their aesthetically perfect appearances & on-fleek facial features, it's hard not to feel a little tempted to want to get some work done here or there. 

For me, I don't want to massively alter my appearance; I just wanna make little aesthetic tweaks to make me the best version of me - and improve my wayyyyy low levels of self-worth / esteem. Am I having a mid-life crisis, with tattoos, treatments and posh talons? Probably, hun. But as Alanis Morrisette once sang... 'if it makes you happy...' - and happiness / self acceptance is defo what I'm pursuing RN. It's imperative if you're considering any form of procedure to do your research, and book in at a reputable clinic which is fully insured / qualified for the treatment you're seeking

Somewhere like 23MD

This is a strong statement to make BUT I'd say Too Faced are probably one of all time favourite beauty brands. I just love them, yeno? Their products, their packaging, their quality. Their scent.

Inclusivity is imperatively important - in beauty, and in all aspects of life; so I'm pleased to announce in this cheeky lil post that Too Faced have just added another 10 new shades to their colour range of Too Faced Peach Perfect Foundation* [RRP £27.] So if you've been keen AF to try this gorgeous product but unable to find your perfect colour match in the past - now you can! And just look at her 😍

Too Faced Peach Perfect Foundation - New Shades Now Available | Lovelaughslipstick Blog
Too Faced Peach Perfect Foundation - New Shades Now Available | Lovelaughslipstick Blog
I wrote the other day about the evolving landscape of modern dating and the freedom that this brings about with it. Dedicated apps, niche websites & the use of technology to match people according to their preferences / desires [very literally, in some cases!] is big business - and a huge step forward for those in the dating game.

Similar to social media, modern dating connects likeminded individuals; allowing them to chat and explore shared interests. Whatever these areas of common ground may be! Since the explosion of the Fifty Shades franchise the other year, it seems that even we prudish Brits have become a bit more open to talking about what it is we're looking for in the bedroom department; with millions of women now seeking their very own 'Mr Grey.' 

The fetish dating scene has never been so [openly] popular... I have friends who are very much into it themselves; sharing some pretty raunchy details of their nights at parties, their latest conquests & some of the people they meet! Here's a few top tips on how to successfully locate your Mr Grey using online dating sites, staying safe, putting together your profile & finding the best candidates for the job!

How gorgeous is this fab new collection from PAYOT, pls? 😍 

Thanks to events such as #SunAwarenessWeek last week, protecting our skin is something we're discussing more in conversations about health & wellbeing. It's so important to love & protect the skin you're in from sun damage.

French skincare brand PAYOT understand the struggle between needing to protect your skin from sun damage whilst also wanting a radiant golden glow; which is what spurred them on to design & develop their new, stunning Sunny collection of skincare. Each sun protectant product within this range helps us to maintain youthful, healthy skin whilst still exuding an exotic golden tan; achieved via the following three-step routine designed for men and women.

NEW! PAYOT's Sunny Skincare Collection, Lovelaughslipstick Blog
The weather is warming up and it’s time to start picking out your summer wardrobe. You can get rid of all of those thick coats and jumpers for the year and start getting out the long flowing dresses and add a bit more colour to your life. 

The great thing about summer fashion is that there's more room for accessorising. You can still accessorise during the winter, of course... but most of the time you’re picking things out for practicality over style and half the time, you’re covered up with a thick coat anyway. But in the summer, you don’t need to worry about keeping warm so you have more freedom to mix and match some beautiful outfits - and accessorising is a big part of that. 

If you’re putting your summer wardrobe together right now, make sure that you don’t forget these important accessorising tips. 

Image by Ulrike Mai from Pixabay

With the evolution of mobile dating apps, hook-up websites and other no-strings arrangements; there's no denying that the modern world of dating has changed dramatically in modern times - taking advantage of technology & social channels to evolve with the latest trends. 

What started with Lonely Hearts adverts in the back of the paper evolved to dating websites, which have now advanced to become mobile apps; where you can swipe, match, chat & whatever else tickles ya [perhaps literal?] pickle. 

Whatever you're looking for - the one, a new pal, a hook-up or something a bit steamier [no judgement here, huns] the modern world serves it. 

Even though Brits are still notoriously prudish when it comes to talking about sex, topics such as BDSM / subs & doms have become much more mainstream and talked about; thanks to the popularity of things such as the 50 Shades franchise. Which seemed to work to a] somewhat normalise what is [to many] a healthy way to explore their sexual fantasies with a consenting partner and b] unleash desires a lot of people didn't perhaps realise they had... the number of girls now openly seeking their 'Mr Grey' is a real testament to how popular these books & films have been.

With this new found freedom within what is a very new & constantly evolving digital dating environment though, it's just as important to talk about how to stay safe bdsm dating as it is about how much you're seeking your Christian Grey & his room of whips and chains 😂 So let's talk about that in this post. Here's just a few ideas on how you can stay safe in the modern world of adult dating, when using sites such as mybdsmhookups.com.

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Okay. I'm a self-proclaimed terrible blogger; as I've had these tanning goodies for pure ages & have only just got round to sorting this write-up now. SORRYYYYYYYY huns.

However - I do like to ensure that with any product I try out for a review, that I give it a thorough trial before writing up my conclusions. And I firstly got a tattoo [where I was advised not to fake tan for 6 weeks afterwards] anddddd had a minor surgical procedure which again delayed things... and then boom. Life just whizzed right by 🙈 

Anyway. I'm here now. Tanned, healed, tattooed & ready to share my honest opinions on this tanning range with you, from a new brand to my life; Ezitan. Now also available to shop via Fragrance Direct

Ezi-tanning With Ezitan - Fake Tan Review, Lovelaughslipstick Blog
I don't think I could function very well as a human without false lashes. Dramatic [and first world problems, I know] but the addiction is strong... and to me, they're one of the most integral additions to my makeup & rancid face. One of the few things that make my giant moonhead slightly more tolerable to the human eye. 

One of my fave websites that I use to locate the most fluttery falsies & a huge selection of brands is, undoubtedly, FalseEyelashes.co.uk; who very kindly sent over some fab new styles for me to try from eyelash veterans Eylure... a brand I've used since I was about 15. So a very long time indeed! [#FossilProbs.]

Here's a lil overview of some of the latest Eylure styles gracing my lash wardrobe & links to where you can get your mitts on your very own. I always like to see independent photos of falsies rather than relying on stock imagery alone when falsie shopping; so hopefully my 234235 pics in this post will be useful to you guys too.

#WeLoveLashes | Must-Have Eylure Lashes From FalseEyelashes.co.uk | Lovelaughslipstick Blog Review
#WeLoveLashes | Must-Have Eylure Lashes From FalseEyelashes.co.uk | Lovelaughslipstick Blog Review
I've got a fab brand to share with you guys today - one you may have previously tried before; under their old name of Optiat. These guys have rebranded, expanded & evolved into something even better than the brand I'd used & enjoyed in the past. Their new packaging is bangin', their ethos is 10/10 & their products are luxurious AF - a big part of my life now. 

UpCircle Beauty (previously Optiat) have grown beyond their original offerings of repurposed coffee-based body scrubs; they now also create natural soaps from brewed chai tea spices & organic face serum; using oil extracted from used coffee grounds. Both their new soaps and serum are certified by Soil Association and COSMOS

The brand's founders have refined & grown their range of natural skincare products as part of the rebrand; transitioning their coffee scrubs from plastic tubes to 100% aluminium ones & eliminating 99% of their plastic packaging [yaaaaaaaas!]

UpCircle create genuinely sustainable, natural and organic skincare that is not only innovative in application and design; but which also delivers consistently fantastic results. 🙌 It's vegan-friendly, cruelty-free and 100% sustainable too. They very kindly sent me a couple of their new products to try out recently - and I'm here today to sing my praises for them. Probably with a fair bit of weeping & overexcited swears.

Upcycle With UpCircle Beauty, Vegan Cruelty-Free Sustainable Skincare Review, Lovelaughslipstick Blog
New month, new treasure trove of goodies from Little Known Box 💗 This month's curation is the 'Floral Fever' April 2019 edit - and she's another lil beaut.

Before I crack firmly on with this review & my undying professions of love, I need to make a quick disclaimer here; as it's really bugging me & I'm pure kicking myself for my ways [y am I like this.] In the main flatlay pics of this month's box, I've accidentally missed a product out & I'm pure ashamed hahahaha. 

You probs / may not notice it, but I have & I need to stick me rancid tanned hands up right now & admit the error of my ways. 

The product in question had hidden itself under my photo-taking-table & I didn't find it till later; when I'd packed everything away and gone full rogue with the other products. You'll see it in the other pics, but just not in the flatlays of all the products together... so soz about this huns, if it bugs you as much as it does me 😂

Let's get down to business.

Little Known Box Floral Fever April 2019 Edit Review & Unboxing, Lovelaughslipstick Blog
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