Well, what a surreal few weeks. Sorry for my silence and lack of content [if anyone's even noticed, aha] - I went into hospital for an operation a couple of weeks ago which should have kept me in for just  a couple of days, but unexpected complications have meant I've pretty much moved in now haha. Except it's not that funny, I'm proper DESP to come home and madly embrace my duvet, a block of cheese [seriously mature, obv] and Clive for a few days. 

I've been able to see the funny side and I've befriended the Kitchen Staff who now sneak me extra toast and grated cheese [a couple of the finer things in life, like] - as well as every other human I've encountered during my time in here. I know about people's pooing problems, the kitchen lady's fella's testicles and the cleaner's haemorrhoids - so overall, it's been pretty funny and definitely not a bad experience, considering how scared I am in reality of hospitals. NHS slaying life, once again. This is going to be slightly less smooth of a transition as I'd planned, as one of the last things I mentioned here was a bumhole inflicted ailment... BUT I'll go with it - as in addition to the NHSsomething else which seriously slays my life is Dollibox - who've won me over month after month with their pink beauty boxes packed full of goodies, unicorns and sparkle. And today's blog post focuses on August 2017's edit, so you can see why*.

Dollibox August 2017 Review

I won't lie, I think I'm addicted to my phone. I'm one of those total bell pieces who has a breakdown several times a day thinking that I've lost it, when it was in my hand or glued to my ear the whole time. But they are useful little buggers aren't they, phones. Mine's my social life, camera, music player, calculator and ulimate blogging assistant in one; to name just a few of its diverse roles.

I've read a few posts recently on useful apps, games people have been playing and the top few things you guys couldn't function as humans without; when it comes to your mobile telecommunications device. So being the firm-jumper-on-bandwagons that I am, I thought I'd share with you guys some of the top activities I get up to on my phone.

Lovelaughslipstick Blog - What I Get Up To On My Phone

1. Obsessively Instagram-stalking
This has become my new go-to habit. Any time I'm at a bit of a loose end, I find myself there; double tapping, wanting to murder those bellend follow-unfollowers and yelling 'You didn't even take that, knobhead!' furiously when I see images people are using which AREN'T THEIRS, without credit.

2. The Morning Scroll
I spend at least ten minutes of a morning not getting ready for work and instead, scrolling aimlessly to see what I've missed, what's trending and catching up on notifications.

3. Watching people's Snapchat stories and wondering why them eating a sandwich was important enough to add to their story AND send to me privately?? Why are these people like this, pls?

4. Whatsapp 
The group chat takes up most of my life, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I spend most of my life rofling, requesting nudes [jokingly] and recording hit singles via voice note through Whatsapp; I frigging love it.

Lovelaughslipstick Blog - What I Get Up To On My Phone

5. Twitter
I'm always on Twitter. Lurking and eating my popcorn, as yet another drama kicks off.

6. Catching up on Soap spoilers also appears to be my bag. I don't know when I got so middle-aged, but finding out the goss from upcoming Eastenders episodes is life.

7. Checking up on who's playing follow / unfollow
I swore I'd never get one of these apps, because it would p*ss me off too much and make me even more of a bitter old hag than I already am, but I downloaded InstaReport and I SEE YOU.

8. Apple Mail / Gmail 
Monitoring the never ending parade of emails from African Princes trying to deposit $3,000,000 into my account, random people sending me sh*te infographics and knobheads trying to sell me bots.

Lovelaughslipstick Blog - What I Get Up To On My Phone

9. Natwest Mobile Banking App
Great for monitoring my current levels of poverty. Also fun to look at for a proper laugh.

10. Notes
I constantly make notes as reminders and list like a mofo. I really need to clear them out, there's all kinds of random sh*te lurking in there. 

11. Trello
Yet another resource I use to make never-ending To Do lists.

12. Depop 
Where I get harrassed by bad cranks over something that cost me £40 but that they want for £1 including postage. Okay hun xox

Lovelaughslipstick Blog - What I Get Up To On My Phone

13. I spend a lot of time snapping stupid sh*t [such as pigeons having a wash, Clive using his balls as a pillow and screenshotting memes] on my phone's camera - my camera roll is a great laugh; with some of the ugliest damn selfies you'll ever see. I enjoy browsing it for light entertainment.

Filters GALORE!

15. eBay
Another channel for people to harrass me with their requests to buy my entire life for £2 inc next day delivery.

16. 4od / ITV Hub / BBC iPlayer
Catching up on aforementioned Eastenders gossip - it's aaaaaall about Dot Cotton's cat, Dave. And Hollyoaks. And MIC. And of course, Family Guy.

Lovelaughslipstick Blog - What I Get Up To On My Phone

17. I like to have a cheeky slut drop and bum wiggle listening to some bangin remixes via the Kiss Radio app.

18. Voice Memos
This sounds boring AF but it turns out, past me has recorded a LOT of sh*te whilst absolutely smashed in here. Including me [absolutely hammered] trying to get some Australian boys to yell 'Poo Bandit' in Heebie Jeebies.

19. Google
I'm a curious person, but just.. about all the stupidest things. I'm forever Googling sh*t like 'Do spiders fart?' 'Do flies have willies?' 'Do spiders have bumholes?'... my browser history is just like a timeline of the weird and wonderful questions that have floated into my head.

20. Buffer
Girl gotta schedule them tweets, y'all. 

... And that's about it. I hope you guys found that remotely interesting, if not - don't worry, I won't do it again [unless I find some really cool-ass apps I feel the need to spend my life on and share with you lot.]

What do you get up to on your phone? Do you spend your time like me, or perhaps use it better / worse than I'm admitting to? Let me know, I love reading stuff like this and being pure nosey.

I felt like I needed to share this impulse buy with you guys, cos it's legit a game changer. It's something that I bought [and most definitely couldn't afford] but is worth every over-priced penny I sacrificed to have it in my life. 

I'm talking about the one and only Tarte Shape Tape Concealer; which I ordered from QVC on Easy Pay; which meant I was able to split the cost [of £28] over a few months, to make it more affordable. To those of you who don't scavenge pennies off the floor and live off a diet of Smart Price 29p pasta, £28 might be nothing and you might do a lol at my peasant-ness. But it's okay, I don't mind. I'm poor and I'm not ashamed - there's faaaaar too much unattainable shiz floating round in the blogosphere these days, and I'm not about that life. As J-Lo once said, I'm real.

Tarte Shape Tape Concealer Review
Tarte Shape Tape Concealer Review
Tarte Shape Tape Concealer Review

The coverage is unreal. Like holy mother of hell, it can cover pretty much any challenge my minging face throws at it. It doesn't crease or fade or betray me in any way - its coverage is so damn good it could totes be used as a foundation. And the tube itself is huge; so although this was a purchase I flat out could not afford, it's going to last me ages, so it makes it much better value. And much more justifiable to the bank, who keep trying to contact me about my expenditure / mammoth overdraft. Loooool.

Tarte Shape Tape Concealer Review

I've been desperate to work some more puns into this post, so I'm going to drop one right now - which is truthful and punny. This product - this guy right here - is shaping up to be my all time favourite concealer and the best beauty purchase I've made in 2017. £28 for a concealer [which does come with a blending sponge, but I'm not really arsed about that... my girl Emily also has major beef with it, hahaha] is so expensive really, considering I've always got by with the LA Girl ones that are about £3 - £4... but it's genuinely worth it. I feel so much better about my face when I'm wearing it, and that's all that matters really. 

Tarte Shape Tape Concealer Review

Tarte are a brand I never even knew existed until pretty recently, as yes; I am a beauty peasant and I've only really dabbled in the drugstore side of town. But they've quickly become one of my faves - I love the fact that they're cruelty free, and their palettes / packaging / use of natural ingredients is insanely beaut. I've ordered a few bits from QVC [side note - Easy Pay is dangerous, though extremely useful] and each of them has been so beautifully designed and high quality that I've hardly been able to cope.

If you have a shopping itch you need to scratch, I cannot recommend getting on the Shape Tape bandwagon enough. It's one of those products worth every single positive review; an absolute staple in every girl's makeup bag. The full range of colours is incredible and a lot more inclusive than other brands... and I just have so much love and respect for Tarte as a brand RN. Whether you're looking to conceal, cover or contour; Shape Tape is the one.

Tarte Shape Tape Concealer Review
Tarte Shape Tape Concealer Review

Have you tried Shape Tape yet? What's your favourite Tarte product? Has QVC's Easy Pay bankrupted you yet?! [pls say I'm not alone??]

I don't know if you've noticed, but I really bloody enjoy beauty subscription boxes. My blog is PACKED full of reviews of some of the best offerings out there - and I've found another BABE of a box to share with you guys today. I get so giddy unwrapping these boxes of triumph each month - especially this one; which impressed and surprised me simultaneously. 

Today's subscription box spotlight is shining brightly on a brand which has only recently launched and is massively underrated - like, they deserve at least a million more followers than they have right now. I'm talking about Glitterbox* - pls, you need to hear about these guys. If there's one to watch in the world of subscription boxes, it's them.

The idea behind Glitterbox itself is pretty cool. You'll get 4-6 full sized makeup products each month [no sample or travel size sachets here!] which can be used together to create a different, on-point look; updating your beauty stash with the latest trends. Each monthly Glitterbox will contain products from makeup brands you know and love, as well as introducing you to new products & companies you'll no doubt fall in love with too. 

Their mission when curating each box is to provide us with a new makeup look each month. There's no foot cream or weird perfume samples, no mish-mash of products - each box you get is packed full of makeup items which, when used together work to create a specific look; inspired by the latest trends, celebrities & seasonal events. 

This month's theme is golden, bronze hued tones to create a Summer Goddess look. It boasts 5 full size products [which makes it super good value] and costs £15.95 + P&P - but you can get 10% off your first order with code NIKKI10, if you wanna get involved for a lower price. Here's what you'll get in August.

Manna Kadar Bronzer and Highlighter Duo, RRP £17.00, Full Size

I've tried this product before and loved it, so it was nice to get a replacement in stock; ready for when mine hits pan & beyond! This beautifully packaged, highly pigmented split pan duo is super versatile; it boasts a shimmery highlighter I like to use on my browbone and a rich, coppery bronzer to add warmth to the face.

I use the coppery side as an eyeshadow - which when used with the Bellapierre Shimmer Powder and Ginger Bread eyeliner pencil, works really really well; getting me my bronzed, golden goddess vibes on; as this box intended.

Bellapierre Shimmer Powder in Bronze, RRP £12.99, Full Size

I was really pleasantly surprised by this Shimmer Powder - it's INSANELY pigmented and sparkly and a stunning, rich colour. The tiniest swatch has the most intense colour pay-off evaaaaaah. Bellapierre are one of those brands I've only recently discovered but the quality of legit everything I've sampled from them so far has been next level.

As I mentioned earlier, this stunning shimmery bronze works really well with the other products in August's box - you can tell how much consideration really has been put into picking out each item to create a look that flows beautifully.

Bellapierre Super Gloss in shade Chocolate Cream, RRP £12.99, Full Size

Another Bellapierre product; another surprising hit for me! The reason behind this surprise is that off first impressions and looking at the colour of the gloss in the tube alone, I wasn't sure it was for me. Paler shades don't really suit me, as I'm quite dark and I worry they make my teeth look yellow. So I approached with caution.

However, I was so wrong. Chocolate Cream is a lovely, shimmery, sparkly gold shade; which will work FANTASTICALLY as a lip topper. As soon as I swatched it, its absolute beauty and potential shone through [literally] and I was sold.

Saturated Colour Multitasker Pencil in shade Ginger Bread, RRP £3.50, Full Size

I love the fact that this natural, pretty pencil can be used on lips and eyes - Glitterbox have legitimately got the majority of my [massive] face covered in just one sub box - and the products all look so well used together!!

Ginger Bread is a super wearable shade; I tried lining my lips with it, then filling them with it and applying the beaut Bellapierre lip shimmer over the top - and it looked gorgeous. I'm just loving how much shimmer Glitterbox has brought into my life! Living right up to their namesake, aren't they?!

Essie Nail Polish in shade Getting Groovy, RRP £7.99, Full Size

I was MADE UP to receive an Essie nail polish in this subscription box - they're one of my top three favourite nail brands ever. And due to their high[er] price tag, aren't a brand I've ever seen included in any other subscription box before [and believe me, I've done my homework. Extensively.] I love the quality and minimal design of their packaging - I've never actually seen an Essie polish not in a pastel shade; I had no idea they did glitters or metallics #ThisChangesEVERYTHING

I adore this nail polish; it's probably my fave piece from this month's Glitterbox because of how unexpected it was - and how sparkly it is when applied! It's a lovely, gold-y colour which adds a splash of glam to any outfit. Made up to be able to welcome it to my Essie gang.

As you can see, there are some amazing products in this month's Glitterbox; and you can really tell how much effort has been invested into it. The products included are gorgeous - like, there's not a single one that I won't use. And they really do work together to create the Summer Goddess vibes the box set out to achieve. I was so impressed to see an Essie nail polish nestled in the pink packaging - they're one of my faves when it comes to painting my own nails.

The Bellapierre products have also really impressed me - the pigmentation of the shimmer pot is next level and the lipgloss makes for a sparkly, subtle splash of glitter; when used as a lip topper. 

What do you think of the Glitterbox concept? What's your favourite item from this month's offering? I'm really taken by it tbh; I think the niche they're addressing [of handpicking solely full sized makeup products that work together to create an on-trend look] is something that'll do really well. Now, I'm off to get my bronze on!

If you wanna find out more about Glitterbox and how to subscribe, click here. Remember, using code NIKKI10 will knock 10% off your first order - thank me later, when you're shimmering with bronzed goodness. 
*This post contains PR samples I was gifted for the purpose of review, but all opinions are totes my own.
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