The struggle is real when it comes to finding a curling wand I get on well with. I'm dead fussy when it comes to the kinda curls & waves I like in ma hair - if the barrel is even a mm too thin, I feel like my curls look too tight & that I resemble either a giant-ass blonde poodle [representing fake tan, most likely; badly] or a really tragic 80s throwback.  My hair holds a curl pretty well too, so on the [potentially life-ruining] off-chance that I end up looking like I've come straight outta the Medieval era [with some pyar mop of tightly formed ringlets] it takes considerable time before they start to drop out & loosen. 

The stunning, rainbow, unicorn-esque wand you see below however; is a babe. Since she arrived in my life the other week, she's blessed my hair with effortless looking bouncy curls, volume and sass. This beaut is one of the latest releases from our boy Lee Stafford; his new Rainbow Shine Curling Wand* And it's as easy to use as it is Instagrammable... which is, of course, extremely. I don't think I've ever owned a prettier, pinker, rainbow-y hair styling implement in my life. Best life achieved.

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Until recently, I was a fool & totes believed that having oily skin [legit, mine is even shinier than Kimmy K's bum cleav in those photos] meant I couldn't use facial oil. After all, if I was trying to reduce my levels of full on gleamingly-bright oil [shout out to ma t-zone] ... then surely applying more oil to it as part of my skincare regime would worsen the problem?

The answer to this question, I have discovered, is a resounding no, you tit - facial oils can actually be an incredibly useful tool in refining, controlling & moisturising your skin; and are actually recommended as part of every shiny sister's beauty regime. To keep our collective sweat in check. Yum

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Self confidence is something a lot of [if not the majority of] people struggle with. I have a wobble sometimes - my new found beer belly, crappy box dyed hair looking a mad shade in the lift lighting or wondering whether the people in my office building even like me... or just think I'm a mad sket constantly trying to scav free pizza [also true.] 

These self doubts can be brought about by a number of reasons - low self esteem, anxiety, depression, shyness, a loss of belief in yourself or just feeling like a proper bad minger; which is how I spend 99% of my time. And that's just a few potential reasons why - I could elaborate [but I won't, cos I know I ramble like a madman sometimes.]

This collaborative post looks at a couple of suggestions that might help you, if you're struggling to break out of your mould / society's moulds [damn preconceived ideas and shiz.] 

Always let yourself smile; it’ll make your brain like the look of you more! [image source]

You'll all know by now I'm a big advocate of So...? fragrance - I love and admire how much the brand has evolved & expanded over recent years; to match the needs of their ever-changing target demographic. Plus their fab floral & fruity scents - accompanied with teeny-tiny price labels, draw me in every time. I'm a sucker for a barg & some sexy packaging.

Gone are the days that teenage-me and me mates would stand in Superdrug in the Arndale; over-enthusiastically spritzing the So...? Kiss Me! testers in the hope to woo boys. Teens today have a massive range of variety of So...? scents - perfumes, cosmetics, sprays, dry shampoos and body mists - to smother themselves in. And will no doubt be 100x more successful in their wooing plans than I ever was! Smooth operator I am not.

I pretty much never leave the house without a So...? body mist these days - they're perf for freshening up on the go; eradicating the smell of farts in an office full of boys, to spritz on post-gym [they also work to cool you down] or just to reapply during the day to keep your signature scent game strong. And when their latest releases landed on my doorstep recently - the Summer Escapes collection, the bar was once again raised.

New So...? Summer Escapes Body Mists Review, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

I'm not that confident when it comes to whacking me bod out in front of other humans. Thankfully though, no males want to bang me & I'm too poor to afford a holiday; so I'm not too much at risk of this right now; hahahahahaa *cries*

Since the accident, all the operations and the year I've spent bedbound; I've gained a load of weight and my body has changed a lot. In some ways this is great - I'm a healthier weight now and as with all weight gain, some of it has gone to my jugs & they've grown at least 2 cup sizes [yassssss to my lil rack finally getting its glow up.] But mostly, I'm a lot more self conscious of how I look now; particularly around the stomach & hips - my problem areas.

A lot of gals rock the plus size life with their cute bellies, stretch marks and glorious chebs - and I envy them and their self confidence. My weight gain has purely gone on my body - causing me to feel really self conscious of my new 'ball on legs' status. This is my second time in 3 years of going through major surgeries & having to learn to walk again [yay life, ur doing gr8 hun xoxo] - so I'm no stranger to the massive downsurge in self confidence and muscle tone cracking ya hip off brings about

One thing I did try a few years ago [before everything went wrong  - AGAIN - and I ended up bedbound, in agonising pain, near death and 3 or 4 operations down - was a course of non-surgical fat freezing treatment on my belly [in a small clinic just outside Liverpool.] I actually found that this - plus the healthier eating & increasing my intake of water each day I was encouraged to partake in,  worked well for me; and I was able to enjoy my holiday & feel more self-confident in my skin post-treatment. Today's post is a lil collaboration with Pulse Light Clinic; who are based in London, focussing on their CoolSculpting non-surgical Fat Freezing treatment* and why they're a great choice of clinic for those around London, interested in the results & some of the benefits [both physically and mentally] this treatment can leave you with.

I'm a big fan of bargains, trawling the world wide web in search of unique bits [with dece price tags] and supporting independent businesses; where I can. And then hiding from Natwest when they  inevitably then try to arrange chats with me about my 'spending.' Oh, adulting. I'm doing you so well [I'm well aware this sounds like cringe-worthy dirty talk - therefore, I'm keeping it in for all the awkward lols.]

SO - moving away from creepy sex chat & back to business, I'm super excited to present to you part 1 of this lil collab with my beautiful girly Hannah's new online business, as this pretty lil site is all of the above & one you totes need to bookmark pretty swiftly. Who? Rubino Roo, that's who, huns! This post features some of their INSANELY cute stationery pieces, lots of declarations of love & over-excited squeals of shopping lust; as I talk to you about the company's newly launched & rebranded online store. Keep reading queens - blogger paradise is within your grasp.

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The other day, a bit of Bloggermail turned up [via Paul the Postman, obv #PostalBae] that made me do an actual SQUEEEE. The three babein' products it contained made my day [if not life & / or existence] - and I'm about to tell you exactly why. If you haven't already gathered, that is; from my over-excitable Instagram Stories & posts about them - and any other rambling professions of love I may have expressed on other social media channels. 

Lovelaughslipstick Blog - HD Beauty Brow Define, Skin Republic Charcoal Bubble Purifying Sheet Mask & Nouveau Lashes Brow & Lash Conditioning Serum Review

Winky Lux, aside from having an insanely brilliant name, are a brand I've perved on for a long time through social media. And of course, via my extensive, online shopping trawls [that I sure as hell can't afford, but also; sure as HELL enjoy] via ASOS and Feel Unique.

Their cute AF packaging and fun designs [as well as the pure plethora of big names who love their products] had my attention from the word go - so my day, year and existence was pretty much made when I got to try some of their products recently; courtesy of Made Management. Baes. You may have already seen sneak previews of these lil beauties over on my Insta; as they were too cute to not immediately share, break down and weep over... but here's a few more pics, a lot more details and swatches galore, so you can fully witness the fitness & understand why Winky Lux are so worth trying.

Winky Lux Charm Highlighter and Mini Lip Pill Kit Review with Swatches, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

Gang, it's time we were all firmly in the Know about these products. I've featured this brand before [here, during the dark times where my photos were considerably more turd than they are in modern times] and used the same puns re: getting to KNOW; but zero regrets are held. Recycled puns for lyf.

Know Cosmetics were initially brought to my attention from their place on the Sephora beauty dept's bestsellers list - but they're now stocked in Superdrug too. Which is super useful / has made my life because I'm probs gonna need to bulk buy all of the No Bare Brows pencils immediately. Keep reading [pls] for a more detailed overview on each product within the range & how it works.

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