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Hey! Welcome to my lifestyle, fashion and beauty blog. View my Media Kit here

Lovelaughslipstick contains an extremely varied blend of content; beauty, health, positivity, lifestyle, fashion and laughs - hopefully finished off with a little sprinkle of inspiration. Another key theme to my blog is BUDGET; I'm definitely more high street than high-end. And there's no shame in that. Happiness is something you can't buy [although a multi-pack of Kinder Buenos is pretty close.]

Lovelaughslipstick blog www.lovelaughslipstick.com Lovelaughslipstick Agate Style Coasters
Lovelaughslipstick blog www.lovelaughslipstick.com
Lovelaughslipstick blog www.lovelaughslipstick.com NYX Ultimate Phoenix 16 Shade Eyeshadow Palette Flatlay

I love writing and photography - and I hope I can make a difference through my contributions to the blogosphere. And I'm not talking world domination; more like knowing that somehow, my words have made someone - somewhere - smile. Or do a big snort of laughter. Either will do, like.

I also love fashion, beauty, pugs, food, false eyelashes, doing some hardcore lolling and evidently I seem to enjoy getting myself in debt, too. #STUDENTLOAN

I'm human, PR and particularly small / fluffy animal friendly - lovelaughslipstick@gmail.com if you fancy a natter.

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