I've felt like I've been hit by a truck this week - specifically in the facial area - as I've come down with an ear and throat infection and am grumpy as hell about it. So apologies for the quietness on the old blogging front; I feel like stripping myself of my Liebster and One Lovely Blog Awards and re-awarding myself with the Bad Blogger trophy instead. And yes, being overdramatic and emotional seems to be a symptom of this infected head situation, soz. So, anyway.

I was compiling a little list of May Favourites before, when I suddenly got into some mad reverse way of thinking and ending up listing products that have failed my expectations over the past few weeks instead. The 'Let Down Larrys' of my beauty world. The 'you just don't do it for me anymore' products. 

I feel I may shock and / or appall some of you with my choices here, as I've read a number of positive posts and tweets about my named and shamed products; but everyone is different and what works for me, might not work for you - and vice versa. So, here they are. 

1. Yankee Candles
Don't get me wrong, I love a good candle. And some of Yankee Candles' scents are gorgeous. The one thing which bothers me about this range [even more than their extortionate prices] however, is the fact that when lit, they billow out a giant plume of black smoke. My walls are stained black from lighting just one of their big glass jar candles and my bathroom tiles look practically chargrilled. 

2. Garnier Micellar Water
As I mentioned in this post; I like this product, don't get me wrong. But it's just not that great. I'd heard reviews about this stuff which made me think it would be like a miracle in a bottle. The label claimed you'd get hundreds of uses out of it too, making it even better value than my Asda Smart Price face wipes [and I LOVE value for money.] But sadly, it's all a lie. My bottle is 60% empty after about 20 uses and it just doesn't shift mascara at all. It also doesn't remove all my makeup either, I have to use another cleanser afterwards to ensure all my foundation is off - which just defies the point.

3. Benefit Roller Lash
There's nothing wrong with this mascara, it works. And I appreciate for some people, it works bloody well, too. But for me, it wasn't a stand out product at all. I thought their 'They're Real' mascara was pretty mint when I owned it a few years ago; before I had one too many Jagerbombs and it rolled off in a toilet cubicle in a club, never to be seen again. But this.. although yeah, it was a mascara - didn't achieve the results I expected, given all the hype surrounding it. Sad face.

4. Soap and Glory Archery Eyebrow Tint and Pencil, in Brownie Points
I was shocked I didn't like this, because the concept is fab. The tint is great and applies like a dream. Hell, even the retractable pencil had a great consistency. It was the colour of this product which really let me down. I have quite dark eyebrows, I always use a dark - medium brown eyebrow pencil to shape them. I thought 'Brownie Points', the colour for brunette eyebrows, would be perfect. And it applied ok at first. However, when I glanced at my brows a few hours later, I was horrified. The colour was just so cold. It made my brows look almost black and contrasted so badly against my blondey hair. For me, this shade just wasn't warm enough; not like my old faithful Rimmel eyebrow pencil - and I don't think the blonde version of this pencil would be dark enough. It only comes in two shades, so that's it for me. Game over.

5. Younique Mascara
I can't believe I was sucked in by all the hype surrounding this product and bought this. Nearly £30 I spent on this, once postage was added on. Instead of giving me 'falsies' - or incredibly long, defined and curly lashes - it instead made me look like a thousand baby spiders had laid down and died on my eyelids. 


What are your thoughts? Have you had any experiences with products you had high expectations for that have let you down? Do you love any of these products, or feel the same way about them that I do? It's okay to be different, I won't be sad if you think I'm chatting out of my arse with these choices haha!

What makes us unique is what makes us different and interesting; so let's chat! You can leave me a comment below using Disqus, Tweet me, connect with me on Instagram or even drop me an email! I'd love to hear from you and connect with more cool bloggers :}

*the images I used in my collage aren't my own in this piece, they are stock imagery - credits can be found here - Yankee Candles, Rollerlash, Garnier Micellar Water, Soap and Glory Archery Brow Pencil, Younique logo.
Follow me on Instagram - I'm over at @lovelaughslipstick and ADDICTED. Here's just a little round-up from the old Insta - it's been a while since I recapped and showed you guys my life and loves in pictures, so here's a little snippet. Please feel free to comment your Instagram links or usernames in my Disqus box below; I'd love to find some more accounts to stalk. Or of course, you can tweet me :}

As you can see, brews, bubbles, baths and pastel colours have reigned supreme in my life the past few weeks. You can see a few of the super cute, girly pieces that Prairie Charms sent me in my Prairie Pizazz box this month featured - plus my super cute earrings from Body Jewellery Shop. And my new Converse sneaks; which I haven't actually worn yet, but perv off all the same.

Although I've been a little quiet recently due to a few things going on in LLL world, I will be back with a raging vengeance and some exciting new posts over the next few days. Don't forget to enter my giveaway if you're reading this - a little way for me to say thank you to every one of you who supports me and my blog; in every way. There's only three days to go till the winner is drawn!

I feel it is important to let you guys know that I am very accident prone. I currently have three metal pins in my body to hold together a fracture from an accident I suffered [hence my life having been on crutches since September 2014] and I also contain a little of someone else's blood from a transfusion. 

Oh - and I scar like crazy. I only have to have a spot once for there to be a lasting remainder of this event on my body forever.

So when InstaNatural sent me some of their Scar Gel* to try; I was game as a heavily scarred badger to get involved - given that I have recent scars from surgery and a mole removal procedure I am very conscious of.

This Advanced Repair Scar Gel* is for new and old scars and contains a blend of natural active ingredients to help diminish the appearance of battle wounds. It contains EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor) - which is a naturally occurring protein that stimulates the healing process - along with a whole host of other natural ingredients [which I won't pretend to be pure knowledgeable about - cos I'm not.]

The important stuff to know about this gel 

1) It is advised you use this product twice a day, massaging it into the affected area, 
2) Continued use is said to cause the scar to soften, flatten and whiten,
3) It comes in a pump top bottle, so you can dispense your daily dose,
4) It's a brown liquid [which I didn't expect] and it smells like .. quite spicy almost? Rich and natural, but absorbs really quickly,
5) This is a cream, not an oil - and this consistency of product is said to be much more effective than that of an oil scar dimishing product [yeah, take that BioOil]
6) It can be used on all skin types [even sensitive]
7) The formula contains no harmful parabens, sulfates or alcohols.

And does it work? 

Well first of all, let me point out [in the nature of a fair review 'n' all] that these things take time to work - so I can't claim that in the week / ten days I've been using this regularly i've seen miracle results and my scars have totes vanished. 

There is no product on God's green earth that can do that - plus my scars are baaaaaad

However, I can safely say that I've definitely noticed an improvement in the appearance of my scars; with regards to the softness of the skin and their size. I have been mostly targeting my most recent scar with this gel - as this is the one which is most obvious on my body; a large circle on my thigh where I had a mole burned off a few weeks ago. And by jove, since I've started using this gel  it seems to be shrinking; fading from the outside in. Plus, the skin is a lot smoother around the scar too; it seems to be changing and healing at a much faster rate than before [I'd show you guys a picture, but it's pretty grim.]

I'll definitely keep using this Scar Gel*- if the results I've seen so far continue, I may even be able to banish my battle wounds in time for bikini season! I have been really impressed with what I've seen so far and will continue to use this product as part of my daily routine.

If you're interested in giving this a try - perhaps if you have acne or surgical scars - check out InstaNatural's Amazon store here.

Are you accident prone? Do you have any scars? What products do you use to improve their appearance? Do you have any tips 'n' tricks for me?

*This product was sent to me for review. Views are all my own and I haven't been told to say any of this - my scars really have looked to improve and I am genuinely very keen on the natural, healthy properties held by this product.
For the past few weeks I've ran a kind of Hot or Not? Fit or Sh*t? feature, looking at products I've either tried out or enjoyed during that week [which you can read about here and here]. So, SPOILER ALERT - I'm going to do just that all over again this week :] Except this is kind of a round-up of the past two weeks as I'll be honest - I haven't bothered with make-up or general social niceities that much for the past week or so, so there was little to report other than that I have looked truly grim

You might have seen some of these products on my Instagram; which I have somewhat abandoned this past week or so - sorry guys [I'd say it's because I was off doing something totally exciting, but it wasn't.] And others may have featured in past posts, before I'd had chance to give them a fair trial. 

L-R: NYX's Baked Blush - Illuminator + Bronzer in BBL10 Ladylike / DeMoiselle / MUA Pro Base Prime and Conceal Palette | Lip Enhancer | Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker XL Lip Plumping Gloss | NYX Lip Liner in SPL 835, Pinky | Nivea In Shower Body Moisturiser |

Also, probs important to add before I crack on - I haven't really tried many new products these past few weeks because I'm astoundingly poor; but I have repurchased a few of my faves. So this post is more of a run down on the products that have made the cut this week - be they new things I've tried or repurchases. So without further ado...

NYX's Baked Blush - Illuminator + Bronzer in BBL10 Ladylike / DeMoiselle - Repurchase, £7 from Very

I bloody love this blusher - hence why I repurchased it last week. I used to be 110% loyal to Bourjois Little Round Pot blushers; but given the price tags are very similar [and also Very let me buy this one on credit] I dabbled and fell in love. 

Aside from the insanely cute packaging [check out an old school review I did here for more deets] this blusher is fab. I love the way it both adds colour to and highlights my cheeks - and it lasts forever. You can use it as a blusher, bronzer or illuminator - wet or dry - and I feel like a proper functioning adult when I wear it. 

MUA Pro Base Prime and Conceal Palette - Repurchase, £4.00 from Superdrug

I think I touched on the MUA Pro Base Powder in a previous Hot or Not? post [in fact I know I did, you can read about it here.] So this is the complementary product in the range; the concealer! I proper love this, yeno - and I never thought I would. I'm very fussy with concealers and get set in my ways - I'm like an old lady, don't trust these new 'fads'. I should have trusted this earlier however, as it's fab - and for £4, who can even complain?!

Its an amazing creamy consistency - just look at these swatches. I've found that the top left beige and the yellow are actually very effective at hiding my under-eye circles and I use the highlighter from the centre to run down the bridge of my nose during contouring with my £2.89 contouring palette. I will repurchase this forever and a day.

Lip Enhancer, £8.99 inc Postage from my beloved eBay

I reviewed this budget beauty here a couple of weeks ago - and I had some great feedback off you guys at how this £8.99 knock-off was highly preferential to the Fullips or Candy Lips prices [which are insane, btw.] So I've been using it a bit more these past couple of weeks to give it a fair trial and see what kinda looks it can achieve. Also, because I'm somewhat housebound at the moment - if a Pete Burns trout pout situation occurs, noone other than the postman has to know.

Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker XL Lip Plumping Gloss - Repurchase, £10 from Boots

Yeah, so evidently I've become a little lip plumping obsessed of late haha. I love this stuff - I love the taste, the fact that it definitely works, the mad tingling / buzzing feeling on your lips while it's doing its thaaaaang and the fact it was on offer in Boots, also! I purchased the Soap and Glory Archery 2 in 1 Eyebrow Tint and Pencil at the time as well, due to the fab little 3 for 2 situation Boots had going on - but I didn't really like it, as the shade was a little too dark for me :{ I now have a BRAND NEW, never been opened Brownie Points Soap and Glory eyebrow pencil for sale on my Depop if you fancy upping your brow game [I ended up getting two.]

NYX Lip Liner in SPL 835, Pinky - I got this for £3 inc Postage from eBay [standard] but you can shop them here

NYX lip liners are cheap, man. Like proper cheap. And they're amazing dupes for more expensive products, like Mac. Oh, and they're also really good. 

I've been enjoying this one this week - I've had a couple of trips to the dentist, so its matte and long lasting finish means that there is less product smeared all over the dentist's gloves and my chin in the meantime. 

Nivea In Shower Body Moisturiser,  250ml - £3.75 on offer at Boots

I got this cos I'm lazy. If it does two things at once, I'm sold. Thing is, I'm not convinced it does anything for my skin really; which disappoints me. My skin is quite soft anyway I suppose, but after I use this, I still feel the need to moisturise my body afterwards; making it pretty useless. Also, my skin has broken out into some mad anxiety rash and this certainly doesn't seem to help matters, which saddens me. I had really high hopes for this, but I don't think I'll bother repurchasing.


Have you tried anything new this month?  Or made any repurchases of products you'll remain loyal to, time after time? Have you tried any of these products before? I'm well nosey and would love to find out.

As ever, chat with me using my comments box powered by Disqus below, via Twitteremail or on Instagram :} 

I have loads of friends who are a lot more daring than me and have a multitude of piercings - and I have, throughout the years, struggled to find them cute or statement jewellery for their piercings. Septums, auticles, daiths, belly buttons, tongues ... I wish I'd have known - as I confusedly gazed through rows and rows of body jewellery with no clue as to where it should be inserted on the body - about Body Jewellery Shop. They have a fab online store and a great range of really unusual, stylish pieces - alongside illustrations of what each particular body piercing is called and where the body jewellery goes! RESULT!

I personally only have my ears pierced, which I would love to change one day. I am quite choosy with the jewellery I wear; I love quirky, talking point or statement pieces, often which have personal significance to me on some level. So, when I was very kindly gifted two sets of these adorable dice studs by Body Jewellery Shop - these white dice stud earrings* and these super cute purple dice stud earrings* - I was made up, as they fit this exact criteria. Just look how cute and dainty they are.

I love these earrings as they are cute, quirky and also hold personal significance to me. I am admittedly a little bit of a gambler on the sly - I always take risks - and I also have a long-seated history losing at with Monopoly [I also have a Scrabble necklace!] - so they not only brighten up my lobes, but tell a little story too. I also love the girly twist on the dice on the pinky-purple pair. The earrings are cute, compact but still catch people's attention when worn - especially with an up-do or messy bun. If you love these earrings, Body Jewellery Shop have tons more cute designs just like these too - they have a hugeeeee range of jewellery for those of you with an ear piercing, so you'll be spoilt for choice.

I rolled the dice here, but [unlike my hit and miss history with scratchcards] this certainly wasn't a gamble. What do you think? Have you checked out Body Jewellery Shop? Do you have any unusual body piercings you can educate me on?

*I was sent these products to review, but all opinions are my own - how could I not love such cute little earrings? :}
Welcome to my second subscription box of the month review [hashtag obsessed.] This time, as part of my uncontrollable addiction to subscribing to monthly surprise parcels, I'm taking on Glossybox. I had a bit of a mixed experience last month with the old GB [and you can read about it here] so I'm hoping this time I'll be a little more impressed. Without further ado, let's get crackin' and start unwrappin'.

I just need to say [swiftly breezing over that totally cringeworthy little rhyme I just made] how cute is this box please? In the limited experiences I've had with Glossybox, their beautiful packaging and cute ribbons have blown me away every time [twice.] This box will be perfect for organising my ever growing make-up collection and the disorganised clutter of madness which I call my bedroom. I'm a true sucker for a pastel pink. Now, onto the products.

MeMeMe Full Size Enchanted Eyes Dual Ended Eye Wand, worth £6.95

I was JUST saying the other day [think it was on a comment on the beautiful Miss Makeup Magpie's blog that I really wanted to try an eyepencil. Like a chunky, colour one like this; rather than having an ongoing war of my eyeshadow powders / loose pigments vs the carpet. 

Check out my swatches; this applies beautifully. It melts into and glides over the skin on application and the colour pay-off / pigmentation is INCRED. My only beef with these two shades is that when I wear blue eye makeup, I kinda feel like I'm in the 80s. Or it reverts me back to my troubled late teens, where I wore Barry M blue liquid eyeliner every. single. damn. day. But blue eyeliner is a key trend for Spring / Summer, so maybe I'll embrace it again yet.

Etre Belle Full Size Aloe Vera Ultra Moisturising Gel, worth £15.93

First of all... who would pay £15.93 for such a small tube? I legit thought this was a sample. It looks pretty lux and it smells like hotels and posh spas, but I'll admit I am not massively enthralled by this product. Apparently this cooling gel moisturises deep below the surface and revitalises your complexion; with aloe vera making for a great post-sun soother. So maybe [if I can ever cast down these sodding crutches and afford a holiday again] this'll be useful on holiday. But it's not something that's got me pure giddy and that I'm desperate to try. Although it's nice to have.

Zerreau Towel Off Shampoo Foam Sample, worth £7.95 full size

This is a great idea. Ideal for festivals, or for the lazy girl who doesn't like to wash her hair that often [ME.] I'll be honest, the packaging made me think it was a shower gel for a long time though, so until reading more about it, I wasn't very impressed at all. But now, I am excited to try this. It's towel off, foam shampoo which doesn't require any water. Which is mega cool. This will be perfect for those days when I just sleep in forever and have no chance to wash my hair, or as a pick-me-up for holiday hair. Definitely useful to have.

SASS Intimate Perfect Skin Concentrate Sample, worth £12 full size

I not so long ago bought some INHIBTIF serum, which you apply to your legs after shaving to minimalise regrowth, bumps and stubble. So I thought 'Wow, this is a great idea. I'll have the smoothest legs ever.' It wasn't until a bit later, I clocked onto the word 'intimate' - and although the packaging and the Glossybox description both tiptoe around the subject and don't say it directly, turns out this stuff is for your bikini line and general feminine area. 

So SASS make products for your intimate area. Lots of products. Which is cool, as I think there's probs a bit of a gap in the market for stuff like this or stuff that isn't medicated or ragingly obvious what it is. This concentrate works to soothe post-shave / wax, prevent ingrown hairs and reduce hair re-growth; which is great if you've had a bikini wax for holiday and want to maintain smooth skin. Or if you've had a wax or shave in general life and want to pop some on. I'm not going to launch off on some mad tangent about body hair. It's your hair and your choice. But this is a cool product and I can see why it has been included in a preparing for summer box.

Collection Cosmetics Full Size Field Day Lipstick in Tulip, worth £2.99

I HAD NO IDEA OFF FIRST IMPRESSIONS THAT THIS WAS A COLLECTION LIPSTICK. Fair play, guys - this new packaging is sick and makes it look really expensive. First things first, it smells lovely. I know it's not a perfume, I know it's not [supposed to be] edible ... but it smells so nice. Like, the smell of lipsticks and sample lipsticks and toy lipsticks I used to have as a kid. Waves of nostalgia wafted over me. It applies really beautifully, with an instant pop of colour. I'm not 100% sure that this colour suits me however, my natural lips are quite dark in colour and applying paler shades makes me look insipid. So we'll see 


Overall .. it's a very mixed bag again for me from Glossybox. Although I think the SASS INTIMATE Perfect Skin Concentrate is a great idea for maintaining a smooth bikini wax on holiday and I love that one of my favourites Collection made it into this month's offerings, I'm just not buzzing about the products.

Yeah, they're cool - the foam shampoo is such a great idea - but the Collection lippy isn't a shade which I think will suit me, although the MeMeMe eye pencil applies amazingly and is really highly pigmented -  I don't wear blue products on my eyes as I feel like I'm in the 80s and although I'll try the Aloe Vera stuff, it's not one I'm rushing straight to the bathroom to test out RIGHT NOW. They're nice products and a great choice in preparing for Summer - and they are 100% out of my price range; but I'm just not buzzing. Which makes me sad. But also, makes me feel wise that I have cancelled my subscription.


What did you think of this month's Glossybox? Was yours different to mine? Have you tried / want to try any of the products in this month's offerings? Have you had better experiences with Glossybox than me?

As ever, I'd love to chat more - leave me a comment in my Disqus box below, tweet me, connect with me via Instagram or drop me an email - let's get social! You can also follow me on Bloglovin' [if you like what you see] to keep up to date with all the lols, makeup, beauty, lifestyle and fashion posts I throw out each week. Plus, did you see I have a giveaway on?

Welcome to my very first LoveLaughsLipstick GIVEAWAY!

Recently, I hit a few little milestones - 1000 followers on Twitter, 100 followers on Bloglovin' and 200 followers on Instagram. Sounds like I'm pure bragging here, but I'm not. I'm in shock and so so grateful to each and every one of you - I've chatted with, laughed with and stalked the blogs of some of the most beautiful and nicest people in these past 5 months while I've been blogging regularly. SO I wanted to give something back.

I present to you ... The LLL box <3 If you read my blog, you'll already know I have a huge amount of love for subscription boxes, so I thought I'd put together one of my own. Shipped in a beautiful GlossyBox, the LLL box contains samples, full size goodies and some of my favourite things / brands - as well as some sampley sachets / leaflets, to make it feel authentic.

Some of the box's contents are samples I've had and reviewed myself from Glossybox or Birchbox, which you may have seen in old blog posts but which I've never got round to using and figured that you guys might do. They're gorgeous bits but just not 100% my personal tastes. The rest are all brand spanking new, never seen on the blog before - but all things I love - such as cat eyes, pastel nails, chocolate and Makeup Revolution products

Some of the highlights (amongst other products and samples) of this very unique subscription box are:

The gorgeous straws you see here were given to me by Prairie Charms to giveaway to one of my lovely readers. They're so artsy and cute - they look amazing used in glass jars to drink cocktails or smoothies with friends. And they don't go soggy either! They're a lovely, limited edition set - so if you like what you see why not check out Prairie Charms' website or Twitter account to see more and see how other bloggers have enjoyed using their straws :}

Terms and Conditions

No purchase necessary. This Giveaway is powered by Rafflecopter and will end on the 31st May 2015 at 12am. This giveaway is open to UK residents only (sorry International readers - I can't post nail polishes, liquids etc overseas due to Postal Restrictions. But I will hold more Giveaways in the future to include you guys :} ) Any overseas entries, spam entries or those who FOLLOW TO UNFOLLOW (my ultimate pet peeve) will be disqualified. Once the competition is closed, all entries will be checked to make sure everyone has entered correctly and hasn't broken the rules. Anyone who hasn't will be removed from the draw. I will post out your prize as soon as I can (I'm on crutches) and will use a Royal Mail Recorded Delivery Service to ensure your Goodie Box reaches you safely. Complete the Mandatory Options with extra Options available to increase your chances of winning. The winner will be picked at random using random.org.  Good luck everybody x 


It's no secret that I start counting down the days until my next Birchbox arrives; from the moment the current month's edition comes through the letterbox. This was all the more prevalent in the wait for this month's box - genuinely, after the little announcement from Birchbox HQ that May's box would be one you can COLOUR IN, I was buzzing. I sound like a child - and there's definitely a meme of this somewhere - but I F*CKING LOVE COLOURING. 

I won't bore you or go off on some mad tangent - so if you want more information about the concept of a Birchbox, how much it costs and what it's all about, click here. And if you fancy a nose through my experiences of Birchboxes past - click here and here. And on that note, let's get unwrapping.


RMK Point Make-up Remover Sample (worth £20 full size)

Now, to say I've only just stopped using Asda's face wipes, I have been laden with lux skin cleansing products these past few weeks. My skin is living it's dream. My favourite thing about this product, no matter how good it turns out to be, is it's packaging and the use of such a minimal silver font on the front. Excited to try this out in my quest for gentle yet effective make-up removal.

Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Tinted Moisturiser Sample in Light (worth £27 full size)

This looks divine, the packaging is fab. This is the perfect product to have when you're on holiday - when you just want a little coverage on your face [plus, it also has SPF20.] I can't wait to try this - it's also quite a decent sized sample which will last me a while. 

Mirenesse Mattfinity Lip Rouge Sample in 04 - Angel Kiss (worth £21 full size)

From the packaging, I had no clue what this was. I should have known; the clue was in the name emblazoned across the cover. But I didn't - the packaging made me think perfume sample in all honesty. ANYWAY it was a very nice surprise to find a retractable glossy lip pencil in the middle of this! It's a GORGEOUS colour and applies so nicely, really glossy and fab. I am totally sold on this, I can't wait to wear it out. I normally go for bright pink, fuschia lipsticks but I've been getting quite into more neutral tones recently, so this was right up my proverbial street. AND AND AND - it doubles up as a cheek stain. How clever is that?!

Wah London Full Size Nail Art Pen in Shade 09 [from £7]

I was really excited to hear about Birchbox's brand of the month - Wah London - and dead excited to pick out my sample from a choice of Nail Art Stickers, a Nail Polish or a Nail Art Pen. Although I love nail stickers, I'm an impatient barsteward and I quite often mess fiddly tasks like that up and my rage gets the better of me. I also possess about 231 nail polishes [think obsessive compulsive hoarder levels of nail polishes.] So I decided to opt for the Nail Art pen. I'll be honest, I'm not thrilled with the shade I've received here. Like, a dark navy. I don't know if I have that many shades that would suit some navy art on the top of them. But I'm excited to find out! It's quite easy to use ... but quite watery too, so apply with caution or face the consequences [learn from my mistakes.]

Parlor by Jeff Chastain, Birchbox Exclusive, Moisturising Sea Salt Spray Sample [worth £17 full size]

I AM SO EXCITED TO TRY THIS! Boho, beachy waves here I come. I'll be honest, I quite often don't brush my hair. Just putting that out there. But this little beaut will make my statement, 'bed head' look acceptable! I can spritz and bohemify my tresses with this spray to achieve long lasting texture to give my somewhat flat hair a little oomph. Hopefully. 

Number 4 Lumiere d'Hiver Reconstructing Masque [worth £36 full price]

I'll be honest, I had NO idea what this was whilst I was unwrapping my Birchbox. First thoughts were moisturiser, then I thought it looked like a sachet of like whitening powder for your teeth or something... but turns out it's a nice hair mask. Or a masque - if you wanna embrace the sophisticated French vibes this bad boy gives off. I'll definitely use this, my hair totally needs some TLC and in all honesty, it's another excuse to sit in the bath a while longer.


For all the funsies. These are so cute and such a nice little extra from Birchbox. You can use these to personalise and colour in the lid of your Birchbox [or whatever you want!] 

You can also choose whether you colour to relax or to compete, as BB have a competition on this month where if you share the finished result of your personalised, coloured in box with them online at blog.birchbox.co.uk/colour you could potench win a prize!

What do you think? Do you love, hate or recommend any of the products I received this month? Would you buy any of them from the Birchbox online store? What was in YOUR Birchbox for May?

Let me know what you think using my Disqus comment box below, tweet me, connect with me via Instagram or drop me an email - let's get social! You can also follow me on Bloglovin' [if you like what you see] to keep up to date with all the lols, makeup, beauty, lifestyle and fashion posts I throw out each week.

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