With Father’s Day just around the corner, you may be struggling with what to purchase for your loved one. Whether he is a fan of music, beer, or takes pride in his car, there are lots of great gift ideas which can add a personal touch. To give you some inspiration and guidance, here are 5 of some of the top Father’s Day gifts to consider.

5 Cool Fathers Day Gift Ideas for Every Dad*
Nobody could have predicted that 2020 would turn out the way it has. The truth is that none of us were expecting to have so much time at home, but there are silver linings. While it might not be ideal to be separated from loved ones and to have plans put on hold, it’s beneficial to focus on the positives. Here are some fun ways to spend your time to make the most of staying at home. 

Making The Most Of Staying At Home: Fun Ways To Spend Your Time
Natural hair protection can spur an entire day conversation in a hair salon. Growing curls need to be taken care of lest you risk breakage, thinning hair, or any other catastrophe that can befall your mane.

But does that mean I have to be heavily invested in hair products?

Not really.

Protective natural hairstyles are the easiest way to go when it comes to taking care of the texture, curl, and shine of your hair. But by mentioning the word protective, a large number of lasses may be inclined to think boring, expensive, and time-consuming styles.

Let’s burst that bubble.

In this piece, you’ll learn how you can put on protective natural hairstyles, look funky, and still have a bank account to pay bills with. So read on.

Simple and Funky Hairstyles for a High-Street Budget*
When it comes to life, we can all be guilty of feeling a little down and out at times. Especially with what is going on in the world right now, and so it might be hard to bring yourself out of a funk or a mood at times. Of course, we all need to think about our mental health, and now more than ever we can’t keep down and need to lift our priority. However, there will be occasions that will affect us in more ways than one, and they can be detrimental to our lifestyles moving forward. But don’t let them keep you down for long. Here are some of the common things that you may need to overcome in your life and some tips on how you can do it successfully. 

Living Your Best Life: Don’t Let These Things Bring You Down
If you follow a good oral hygiene routine, your mouth will look and smell healthy. You won’t have to deal with bad breath, nor will you have any pain or blood when you brush your teeth. And, of course, your smile will look amazing too! After all, most people would agree that there is nothing more attractive than a healthy smile. On the flip side, though, a lack of oral care can result in tooth decay, gum disease, and plaque. Read on to discover more.

When you first sit behind the wheel, you’ll note how much larger the wheel looks and feels. The bonnet looks so long and far away from you. You’re tempted to scoot up your chair as close to the wheel as possible, so you can judge the distance between the front bumper and everything else. You may be short so your feet don’t fully reach the pedals and you’ll want to move them up. This is all normal and millions of people just like you, feel the same way. However, the trick to becoming confident isn’t to mush your face up against the screen. It's not helpful to be so close to the wheel. It's better to sit back, relax, and follow these tips.

Life is weird right now. Life is hard AF right now. And that's putting it lightly. I tell you what, when I made my 2020 New Year's Resolutions, locking myself down in the house for months on end did not make the cut. And Ms Rona certainly didn't.

It's so hard to know what to say, what to advise to those struggling and what to do at the moment. Does anyone know what to do right now?! Not even the fella supposed to be running the country has a clue, so 🙈

One thing I do know, though, is how important it is to not sweat the small stuff and to try to focus on the positives life brings us right now; pandemic or no pandemic. Yeah we're banished to our homes, but open the window. Smell that warm, summer-is-coming, leafy air... watch the pigeons frolicking, smile as you hear everyone clapping for the NHS on a Thursday evening. Call a family member, video chat with your pals, give your pets extra boops. Lie in, binge watch Netflix, start a TikTok account for the lols. Sleep for the foreseeable or start a side hustle. It's your call and there's no right or wrong way to spend lockdown.

As much as this is a horrible time, there are definitely positives to take from our current situation. We're being told we HAVE to stay at home in our duvets eating takeaway watching TV every day (or something like that)... and like... how often is that the only thing we wanna do, instead of getting the 86A to work at 6:58am after standing in the rain for 20 minutes? And now it's acceptable & we're praised for doing it, instead of being labelled as 'lazy'?!

There are so many good things in the world despite all the sh*t...  so much beauty, so many little things (we often take for granted) which make us smile. So many things for us to enjoy - and to share with others during these difficult times; making them smile when they might need it the most. A huge one of these things for me (as well as fluffy pets & red wine) is fresh flowers - I adore having them around the home, they instantly brighten my mood. I've teamed up with my huns at Moonpig for this post today - who are spreading joy with their beautiful home deliveries of flowers during the pandemic, to talk about exactly this.

Let Happiness Bloom 💐 | Spreading Joy During Difficult Times, With Moonpig
Hiya hunsssss. Today we're unboxing a new beauty box in my life... and yous know how much I love monthly deliveries of surprise beauty goodies plopping through me letterbox. Like, I properly LOVE a good beauty box - I've discovered some products I literally swear by and use daily via subscription services. Monthly deliveries of new brands & products I otherwise may not have tried / have heard of actually really help me when it comes to attempting to look my best and better enhancing the chronic sh*t show that is otherwise my face and general being. 

This month, I've been lucky enough to receive LookFantastic's Botanical Edit* to review & weep over with you guys. And she's a fittie. From the curation of products inside down to the branding & presentation, LookFantastic have nailed it with this edit.

Specially curated with a focus on natural, sustainable products that are free from toxins, May's LF Beauty Box is filled with 6 fab beauty treats, suitable for even the most sensitive of skin types. AND this month’s box is worth over an incredible £142

Sign up with them to get today from just £13 - AND (I'm putting this here in case you can't wait till the end of this post to order yours) if you use code NIKKIABB at the checkout you'll get 10% off the price of 6 and 12 month subscriptions.

May 2020's LookFantastic Box - 'The Botanical Edit Lovelaughslipstick Blog
May 2020's LookFantastic Box - 'The Botanical Edit Lovelaughslipstick Blog
You don’t have to be a pure fitness junkie to be missing the gym right now. Under the current lockdown, we’re all starting to get itchy feet and our increasingly sedentary lifestyles stopped being fun weeks ago. While we can still go out for a jog, a bike ride or a long walk to get our daily dose of exercise, many of us are starting to pine for a challenge. An opportunity to push ourselves, learn new skills and achieve our fitness goals so we can emerge from the lockdown transformed, toned and gorgeous. 

When it comes to travelling, there are two types of travellers. There are the “tourist” travellers… and then there are the travellers who LIVE to travel…

If you think about people who travel, it’s pretty fair to put them on a spectrum that identifies their true level of wanderlust. The spectrum would be on a ranging scale of “homebody” all the way up to “digital nomad”... Homebodies are the individuals who could care less about traveling, while digital nomads are the ones who have turned traveling into a complete lifestyle!

There, of course, isn’t a real “spectrum” that categorises travellers based on their level of wanderlust but if you consider yourself as one who would love the opportunity to turn travel into a lifestyle, then you are someone who would fall in love with the digital nomad lifestyle.
What is a Digital Nomad?

Well, there’s no “true” definition of what a digital nomad is but a better way to explain it would be to break down the name itself.

Digital: The digital part of digital nomads means that these individuals have location independent jobs. They earn most, if not all, of their income online, so as long as they have access to the internet, they have the ability to earn income, through any mobile devices.

Nomad: The nomad part of digital nomads means they’re not tied down to any single destination or location… they’re constantly on the move.

Once you put the two terms together, you’ll see that a digital nomad is someone who travels the world earning an income on a mobile device, such as a laptop, with an internet connection.

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