With it being the first week of #TMIFridays, figured I'd do a double post to get things off to a flying start.

SO, without further ado; let's discuss dangerous UK Hotspots.

Well. When I say hotspots I mean just one specific area of the UK. And also, when I say hotspot, I also mean it literally.

For the past two years, I have voyaged down south to Cornwall / Devon, as a sneaky little staycation. Both times, I have left with third degree burns.

The first of these annual traditions occurred when I voyaged down to Cornwall with my complicated-as-sin-situation male friend and his family. Whilst there, as well as being accompanied by several fights and an intense lack of physical contact, I sat on my straighteners whilst they were on and my pants were not.

To this day, I have the most angriest of scars in a perfect line across my right bum cheek, which even copious amounts of Bio Oil will not make disappear. That's my career as a bum model over - before it even began / had even crossed my mind to do so.

This year, whilst 150% sober, I stood INSIDE the same said straighteners, and burned a similar line on my right foot.

Cornwall also bode badly for me this year in other ways. My friend and I decided to fly there rather than endure a 6 hour car journey. As we were going through customs, I bumped into a classic weirdo [a bird who I used to serve and have AWKWARD conversations with in one of my old retail stores] who naturally had missed me and wondered "WHY WOULD YOU EVER LEAVE?!". As per her old ways, she also spent about 75% of this convo with her eyes darting to my breasticle area.

This seemed to arouse, not only her, but the suspicions of security team. Blates, instead of simply disguising a bit of padding in my bra, I was then suspected of carrying either weapons of mass destruction or drugs in there. I was frisked to hell and back, by an angry lithuanian woman who barked things out like 'I TOUCH YOUR BRA NOW!!!!!!!'

Erm, Ok then... and the classic "SHOW ME YOUR VEET!!!!!"



For a half an hour flight, within the UK, wearing a maxi dress and flip flops, I was vigorously frisked. Whereas, when I'm about to leave the country and head off to Turkey or Greece, noone bats an eyelid. Though having said that, I couldn't complain too much; it was the most action I'd received in WEEKS.

Anyone else had any secret burns or injuries they'd care to admit, other than my branded bottom?

I've been me, this has been a case of #TMI and this is #TMIFriday!! Check out my blog next week for #TMIFridays - My five most memorable dates #JUICY!

SO guys and dolls. It's #TMIFriday. An opportunity / raging excuse to get up close and personal with other bloggers. I personally believe that the best blogs are the ones that are real and show you a snapshot of the person behind the keyboard... no-one likes a keyboard warrior

Or worst still: a troll.

I'm not perfect. I laugh at myself about 12 times a day; usually for being a total IDIOT or for making myself laugh at my own jokes (I like to think I'm the most hilarious person I know.) And I'd never want to pretend to be perfect. I want to balance my blog between beauty and fashion ... and LIFE
I can't be one of these people who adopts a different persona online and makes out like their life is perfect. Cos mine, in all honesty, is a bit of a joke (hence why I'm always laughing!)

I strongly believe that you don't just post the good in a blog; you should post the bad too. EVERYONE just uses social media as a way to make themselves look perfect, don't they. Posting selfies of them at their best, posting how happy they are, about how great their relationship is, how beautiful their new coat is, how stable they are financially....

Don't get me wrong, I've done all of the above too (well... apart from I can't pout for shit & look deranged in most selfie efforts, my relationship is a sham, I can't wear my new coat cos I'm bedridden and my finances are more laughable than my jokes...) but I don't want to pretend I'm perfect. And that's why the #TMI tag is perfect; I can be ME

So until this gets going a bit and we can perhaps host #TMI chats on #TMIFridays and suggest topics for this week's #TMI, then I'm going to launch into this whole heartedly with a good old quiz, copied from FaceyB. I used to LOVE doing these on the 'Notes' application (remember old FaceBook when you genuinely had a 'wall' and your entire page was just filled with apps?) back when I was in Uni; they wasted so much time and I LOVED reading other people's cos they were so NOSEY and often filthy. So thought this would be a great place to start.

If anyone wants me to send them a quiz, I literally filled in about 25 over my time in Uni; so drop me an email or comment on this post with your deets and I'll send one your way. And before you start, check out my post here if you want to know about how #TMIFridays came about - there's some links to some great blogs in there - all of whom are also taking part in this festive friday fun this week!


1. Let's start out blunt, have you had sex in the last 12 hours?
THIS IS RUDE!!! But, as you will soon learn through my general ranting AND #TMIFridays posts, I have recently broken my hip (a whoooooooole other story) which means everything - let alone a dance with no pants - is off the table. PLUS my 'relationship' is a facsimile of a sham (shit) so chance would have been a fine thing. 3 months and counting. Not bitter. AT ALL. Honest.

2. Are you currently looking forward to tomorrow?
Yeah, why not hey. Another day, another dollar.

3. Are you wearing something that belongs to someone else?
Nope. I am wearing men's joggers. But they don't belong to a man; just the men's loungewear collection at Next. Bought these babies with my own store credit, taa very much #PoorPeoplesProblems

4. Where is your cell phone?
Sat next to me, why - you want to steal it?

5. Are your toes painted pink?
Nope and my toenails aren't either; they are currently modelling Rimmel London Velvet Matte in 013 Velvet Touch (which is just a dead posh way of saying 'Nah, they're grey lad.')

6. Would you rather have long or short hair?
Long. Here's a good #TMI overshare for you .. I haven't had a haircut in three years. It's in pretty good nick though ... if you wake up late EVERYDAY and don't have time to style it, the ends NEVER. DIE.  I'm like the Peter Pan of hair, living in neverland. Never, ever can I afford to get my haircut again, on this wage.

7. Would you rather break your arm or your leg?
BIT of an insensitive question after what's happened to me, FaceBook. But I can answer with 100% certainty that I would have taken an arm over this leg situation anyday. I CAN'T WALK, guys. I've not been allowed to shower for THREE MONTHS and I can't get in a bath tub. I have to wash with a flannel and hot water. It's like I'm living in the 1800s.

8. Are you tired right now?
Shattered mate.

9. Do you know anyone that smokes pot?
Yep, I know of quite a few raging stoners.
*LoveLaughsLipstick does NOT condone drug use. Unless they're prescription. In which case - guillltyyyyyyyy #PainkillerPete

10. Would you go out in public, looking like you do now?
YEAH. I've lost all my dignity these days; I used to have so much pride but then I broke a hip in a foreign country and within minutes was non-consensually naked in a room of Turkish (male) medics while I was prodded in all kinds of departments - so not one solitary shit is given these days!

11. Are your friends just like you?
Friends? What are these things? Food?

12. How are you feeling right now?
Tired, hungry, hurty, anxious ... yeno, a mix of all the most desirable emotions :|

13. Your phone is ringing. It's the person you fell hardest for, what do you say?
I'd only pick up if it was on withheld and I didn't know who it was. Those northern tones would soon give that fiend away. In which case I'd manage a 'Hello' and a '0-1-2-1-DO-ONE MATE!'

14. How many people do you trust with everything?

15. What was the last thing you drank?
I'm just slurping on a brew at the moment

16. Does anyone call you babe or baby?
Just mates, sarcastically. IMAGINE having someone who thought I was a babe haha.

17. Would you rather date someone older than you or younger?
TBH, both categories are dipshits so who cares. Younger fellas are clueless and the last 'older' boyfriend I had was so patronising; like I was some clueless little egg, that he got BINNED OFF. And the only other like markedly older romantic interest I had was this PYARRRRRR old man (40s) who managed a shop opposite one of my old works and on our joint Christmas Staff Night out we ended up club neckin' and then I ran off texting my mates about fossils. Hahahahahaah #SHAME #JagermeisterMadeMeDoIt

18. Has anyone upset you in the last week?
Yeah, I'm like a tap of emotions these days. I have so many feelings...*cries*

19. Have you ever suspected anyone of cheating on you?
Yeah, I'm para as SIN. Probably nothing to do with the fact that some douche bag I was with kissed someone else right next to me that time. Probs.

20. Ever been caught doing something illegal?
Never properly illegal like; more like sincerely frowned upon.

21. Relationships or one night stands? Relationships. Ones that aren't turd, please.

22. Are you currently wanting any piercings or tattoos?
YES. I've wanted a little star tattoo on my wrist for approximately 7 years. However, I'm too much of a chicken to get it done. Even after breaking a hip and having surgery and needles galore, I still well up in fear. Need to sort my life out, me haha. Though having said that, if I won't shell out £30 for a haircut and it's been three years, the likelihood of me encountering a spare £30 for a tattoo is as rare as ... well... a really endangered species.

23. How would you look with black hair?
Even worse than I do now. Partially dead probably, what with my complexion.

24. Are you stubborn?
.... as a MULE my dear friends: I am an arse. Or maybe I should say ass here and keep my donkey jokes going.

25. Are you waiting for anything?
A miracle, my friends.

26. What do you usually do right when you wake up?Mourn the end of my sleep and read my phone like I read the morning newspaper.

27. Do you find the opposite sex to be confusing?
Yes. And stupid.

28. Are you afraid of needles?

29. Do you mind sleeping on the floor?
Nah, I'm not fussy; just a massive sleep enthusiast.

30. Have you ever made someone so mad that they broke something?
Yeah, all the time. Probably not that normal either, on the whole.

31. In the past 24 hours, have you done something that you regret?
I haven't done anything FULL STOP. And anyway; no regrets, people. You should never regret something that once made you smile, even if it was ridiculous.

32. Have you ever been lied to by someone who you thought would never lie to you?
DAILY #LetDownLarry

33. Do you think a marriage can last forever?
I used to, when I wasn't so cynical. Now I can barely make a relationship last without some majorly dysfunctional breakdown and hatred all round, so starting to lose hope. I think when it's done for the right reasons, yes.

34. Do you get shy around people you're crushing on?
Not so much shy, more like THE BIGGEST GIMP EVER. Verbal diarrhoea... and then some.

35. Do you think that you have changed?
Er yeah. I never thought or imagined I'd be the person I am today, or be strong enough to get through all that I have. When I was in High School getting put down on the daily, I never thought I'd come to terms with my body and who I am. I still get hurtful remarks off random members of the public today, and MAAAAAN that hurts. But my self confidence and my comfort in my own skin has come on leaps and bounds since going to Uni; seriously, screw the debt and just go guys. Best thing that ever happened to me.

There you go. My first #TMI.

What would you like next week's topic to be? Is there a topic of #TMI you'd like to see either myself, or other bloggers cover?

Because this is the first week of #TMI and I've also not blogged as much as I'd like to recently... tonight, as the launch night will see a SECOND post follow shortly... involving third degree burns, my arse and getting frisked. Keep your eyes peeled, or follow me to keep up to speed ;}

As ever, leave your comments in the box below or tweet me.

Can't wait to read your posts ... tag me or tweet using the tag #TMIFridays!

So yesterday, I was thinking about my life and my blog and wondering if my blog truly reflects my personality.  

I mean, it does in that I waffle on (and on) and openly discuss how much of a cheapskate I am, but there's other areas of my life I'm unsure whether I should write about. 

For example, things like the fact that whilst I was in Uni, I was late for class three times as I'd stood in dog poo and had to go home and change my shoes... and that the same thing happened to all my housemates a number of times too; so we'd have to text each other warnings in a morning... and sometimes I'd return home to a line of shoes outside the door which were contaminated. I mean, that's a random example, but you get my drift.

So I posed the question to my amazing Twitter followers: "is there such a thing as 'too much information' when it comes to a lifestyle / social blog?"

The general consensus was NO. We're a nosey lot and the more TMI, the better! The lovely ladies behind these FAB blogs: PaisleyMaySays, DustyPearle, EssaysandWine and RoBoweCop were all very much of the opinion that as long as a blog is true to you (and provided the content posted isn't like pyarrrrr inappropriate) then in fact, the more juicy personal info, the better! 

And I LOVE this. 

As a fairly new blogger, I sometimes worry that the stuff I think I might include in a post might be a litttttle too much, so it was great to hear that a little TMI might actually be really enjoyable to others, as well as a great way of getting things off your chest and truly expressing yourself in your blog. So many times I've gone off on mad tangents and had to repeatedly hammer the backspace button to save my dignity (well, what's left of it!)

So myself and Emma of EssaysandWine (check her Twitter out here) got chatting about this and we (through our utter genius-ness and my love of food) came up with the idea of #TMIFridays (Like TGI Fridays, home of the FITTEST burgers in the world; get it? So punny haha!) 

#TMIFridays would basically work in the way that every week, bloggers can get involved with the #TMI tag and share a little personal information  about themselves which they perhaps would feel judged for if they did so normally; a real chance to be ourselves.

I know that I personally would LOVE to read a little bit of goss about other bloggers' lives and I think that #TMI-ing will also allow bloggers to meet new friends and get to know others better. Cos our quirks, imperfections and the random facts about our lives are what makes us each unique and beautiful <3 Rihanna of RoBoweCop (check her out on Twitter) also declared her love for this idea.. and with this #TMIFridays was born!!

So, this upcoming Friday I dare you to write a post that's a little more about YOU than you normally would. Use the tag #TMIFridays so we can have a good old stalk / read and connect across Twitter

We were thinking of maybe having a different topic of #TMI every week / every other week to perhaps read people's different experiences / opinions on the same thing... or for bloggers to simply have the freedom to use the #TMIFridays tag to write about whatever it is that they want. What do you guys think? I'd love to hear some more opinions and make this crazy thang happen!! 

Leave your comments in the box below or tweet me @love_lippy... let's break the taboo of an overshare and make our connections stronger <3

My face.
It loves to shine like a beacon; my fod practically gleams in the light. Swear I never used to be so oily. My fod looks like Kimmy K's #BreakTheInternet shiny bum if not cared for properly. 

So, so shiny. 

But other than that I'm happy overall with my skin. It's pretty clear and I've had comments off a few nice people about my complexion, so here's how I keep my face respectable and combat T-Zone shine / oil slicks. On a budget, obv

My face. Sponsored by .. all of the above (plus Nivea Hydration Cream for the old bod [and when I say old I mean it literally too I guess... I'm pretty much fossilised I'm that old now])

So, of a night these key products get whapped out and smother my face. We have Johnson's Baby Wipes (£1 from Poundland), big blue pot of Nivea Creme (about £3.99 I think from Boots) and my Simple Eye Make-Up Remover, Cleanser & Toner (I got these in a set with another moisturiser from Very for £16.) Nothing too posh - I have to admit, forking out for the Simple stuff was a little unheard of for me, but for 4 products they pretty much work out as £4 each, which isn't too bad. Plus, the BEAUTS at Very allowed me to add this bundle to my Buy Now, Pay Later set up we've got going on; hashtag AMAZING! 

Oh and also, there's the addition of the Nivea Express Hydration Body Lotion lurking there in my photo too, which was on offer for like £3 or something of the like in Tesco.

Johnson's Baby Wipes are just an all round classic. For quick and easy make-up removal at any time of day and for knowing that your face smells like a (gloriously clean) baby's bum. I rely heavily on these bad boys and for one solitary quid, you can't go wrong. 

Pure 'N Simple

So these are my bottles of Simple goodness. Obv complement these with the use of cotton wool (I've got a giant sack [oh-er] of cotton wool from good old Wilko's that was about a quid) and you're onto a winner. I normally start with the Eye Make-Up remover, as I am horrend at being arsed to take my mascara off at night and a) as a contact lense wearer and b) as a survivor of the great eyelash massacre of 2003 I need to take care of my eyelashes. Apparently eyelashes and mascara combs are like the number one spot for rank bacteria to procreate and I don't want no mites bonking in my eyeline. So yeah, that first, followed by the Cleansing Lotion and Toner across all areas of my face. The Toner especially in my (Mr) T-Zone, to try and eliminate said shininess I keep ranting on about.

Old faithful

Oh, this guy. Nivea Creme and I have shared a delightful relationship for the past like, 14 years minimum. A bit like me and my old hairdryer. The stuff I found worked as a teen, I've never stopped using - and why should I? Nivea Creme has kept my face feeling as smooth and soft as a baby's bum, working perfectly with Johnsons, who makes it smell like a newborn's arse as well. It helps scars to fade, smothers spots in love so they vacate, it goes on lovely and thick and a big pot like this lasts me for MONTHS! I normally buy one pot in winter, one pot in summer and a small travel pot to take with me on holiday; meaning that my one MUST HAVE, ultimate number one out of all the products detailed above costs me like, less than £10 a year. I love the smell, I love the consistency... He's like a husband to me. Definitely the longest (and most satisfying) relationship I've ever had. BUY SOME.

Express yourself

Finally, the newest product to the skincare family - Nivea's Body Lotion Express Hydration. This isn't for my face, but it may as well get lumped in this post as it leads on so well from my Nivea appreciation above. I love this stuff, yano. It's a fairly new product and a fairly new discovery from me; I picked it up when I'd finally got back to the UK after three heavy weeks in Turkey and my skin was peeling off like that geezer from Austin Powers, Goldmember. It's fab - lovely and light and not too oily or shiny (soz Kim) on your skin at all. It smells lovely too - not too overpowering, it reminds me of like spa products and things that genuine professional people rather than those who worship PoundLand like me have. You instantly do feel the difference in your skin - it goes lovely and soft and dewy. And because of that, you don't need to pyarr smother yourself in it either, meaning it lasts that little longer. So me and my collection of battered credit cards can breathe a sigh of relief.

What do you reck? Have you used any of the above products, or can recommend something that might work better in keeping the oil rig on my forehead under control?

As ever, stick your comments in the box below and thanks for reading, you sexy lot

Although I started this blog a few weeks ago, other than the occasional wise-guy remark, I haven't really given you many juicy details about my life.

One of the main things I wanted to achieve in starting this blog is not pretending to be something I'm not. Yeah I like pretty things and dressing well(ish), but I'm nowhere near the level of a MUA (in fact it took about 3 months and an Urban Dictionary look-up to even know what that meant.. I thought it was like a kiss noise 'Mwah' haha #ShowingMyAge), nor am I out there or particularly inspirational in what I wear.
Like, I wouldn't call myself an icon.
But I do have an appreciation of style, fashion and beauty.
TBH, most of the time, I'm also knocking on poverty's door, so it's not like I buy myself pyarr amazing products or designer brands; I'm definitely a best basics kinda girl. BEAUTY ON A BUDGET is a recurring tag you'll notice from my posts.

But what I do have is my three L philosophy: Love, Laughs & Lipstick. And what I'd consider a pretty well-grounded outlook on life.

And that's what this blog is all about. Love - of life, pretty things, yourself and those around you, Laughs - finding the joy in all of the above and Lipstick - do it with a well coated lippy smile (with none on your teeth.)

So, for us to get better acquainted, I've done the 25 Questions tag, aaaaaall about me. Then, if you want to get involved, give your answers in the comment box below or tag me in your 25 Questions tag, so I can get to know aaaaaall about you too. Even if you don't; I know I love reading juicy deets about other people, so enjoy mine.


What is your middle name? Louise

What was your favourite subject at school? See in my school... the main aim of the game was purely to stay alive. 'Dodge the falling shoe', 'Spot the burnt-out car' and 'Hey! There's a stray dog, let's let it in school and let it run round' were some of the top picks of my school life. As well as trying to avoid sitting on the chairs with insults like 'gay' written in Tippex on the back.

Probably English... or I was quite partial to Maths... I mean I was terrible at Maths, but I got to sit next to the lad I was obsessing over. Oh, the days of having the teenage horn.

What is your favourite drink? I'd be a mere shadow of a human being without my daily cup of coffee. Fact.

What is your favourite song at the moment? I'm so behind the times I don't even know. I like such a wide range of music too... I've been getting some extreme enjoyment from Disclosure's album recently, if that's a decent enough answer.

What is your favourite food? ALL OF THE FOODS.

What is the last thing you bought?Collection liquid eyeliner

Favourite book of all time? Probs Harry Potter, although I've enjoyed a few series' over my years #elderly

Favourite colour? Probs blue, although pink still very much floats my proverbial boat; despite being in my mid-twenties.

Favourite Perfume? Britney Spears - Fantasy. Or, for when I'm on less of a budget, Chloé.

Favourite Holiday? RHODES. I heart Rhodes. I really want to move there.

Are you married? Ahahahaaaaaaaa... NOPE. Imaj. I had enough issues even trying to ask my boyfriend to move in with me (he said no over a blueberry muffin, after 2 years of being together and with the promise of the cheapest rent package EVAH.)

Have you ever been out of the country, if so how many times? Three times ... I've only recently lost my plane v-plates.

Do you speak any other language? I know a bit of French and some key words of Spanish thanks to the cassettes with robots and aliens on in High School.

How many siblings do you have? One sister.

What is your favourite shop? TOUGHEST QUESTION EVER ... as a general rule I always find something beaut in TopShop, New Look, ASOS or Forever21.

Favourite restaurant? Miller & Carter Steakhouse. That onion loaf tho ... <3

When was the last time you cried? Today. Emotional wreck me like. Well up over good food sometimes #softlad

Favourite Blog? 100% TBC... I've caught up with some amazing blogs today... lifestyle, beauty and fashion... learnt lots about breast augmentation off one too which was really insightful and well-written (and tempting!) I'm too new to this game to have an ultimate fave, but check out my Bloglovin' and Twitter... if I follow you on there, you're doing something right ;]

Favourite Movie? EITHER Not Another Teen Movie or Deuce Bigalo: European Gigalo (I have the film tastes of a 14 year old boy.)

Favourite TV show? Family Guy, American Dad, Peep Show, The IT Crowd, Drifters, The Mindy Project, New Girl, The Inbetweeners, South Park... again I have the taste of a teen male but I love boarding the roflcopter, immature humour all the way

PC or Mac? BOTH ... although how turd Windows 8 is means I'm favouring my baby MacBook Air at the moment (I'm not pyarrrr spoilt or rich btw haha - quite the opposite - Mr Mackey [kudos if you got the South Park link there] is my loaned work computer.)

What phone do you have? Pink iPhone 5C

How tall are you? 5ft 10 (i'm a whopper)

Can you cook? I have been known to set fire to ready meals.... what do you think?!

You may detect a slight theme running through my posts, one which points me out as being a bit of a cheapskate. A skinflint, a tramps' arse or a tightwad.

And you'd be entirely correct, I am. AND PROUD. 

I do firmly believe that you don't have to spend a fortune to look great. Well, I don't want to sound pyarrr vain. I personally still look well... mediocre. But the beauty on a budget stuff still stands. You can achieve the same results (if not better sometimes) with cheaper products and not break the bank. Although I think I might (Kimmy K style) have #BrokenTheBank with my giant frigger of an overdraft. Apologies NatWest.

Anyway. As this blog progresses and I get going a bit, I'll divulge my beauty on a budget routines, tips and best buys. For now, enjoy the chains of emojis and mad tangents about poverty.

AND ON THAT NOTE... here's a round up of this week's news.

1. I was discharged from the dressing clinic at hospital this week. FINALLY my operation wound (the word wound makes me cringe so much) has healed and although I'm likely to be a member of scar city / like Scar from The Lion King now, at least this will be a good test for the massive bottle of Bio Oil I liberated from my younger, richer sister. Probably a little soon to start putting it on yet, but I will defo be blogging the results; Bio Oil - yay or nay? Does it work for you? Will it work for Scar? I have doubts on whether it actually works if truth be told, so this will be a true test.

To be continued...

2. I've been having some maje issues with my hair getting knotted as sin recently. In fact, I think knotty is too kind. MATTED sums it up. I know it's because it's got a bit long now, I haven't really been giving it that much TLC of late and the pineapple do that I know, love and endorse heavily (everyone should get their pineapple head on) doesn't half scalp me. So when I was cruising round PoundLand (rock and or roll) i saw this little tangle tamer (a clue to the pricetag is in the name) and thought hey - why not.

Did it work? Did it work miracles? NO. Would I recommend this to anyone, including horses who need their manes and coats brushing? NO. Would I use it again? Yes, because I'm too poor to have a choice.

The moral of the story folks is that when buying a tangle tamer, the £1 option isn't always the best pathway to take. Neither is the £15 route either like, but my mate Hannah got one for about £3 and it was a super mega babe. So pick one that has thicker and stronger looking bristles than this and one which carries a little weight and all will be well.

Making the mistakes here, so you don't have to. 

Taking one for the team.

3. Look at these babies. I've never had an Essie nail polish before, and I got these for like £2 or £3 each off eBay with free postage so I could lose my Essie v-plates.

Lace Me Up is a dark pink-maroon colour with subtle metallic tones through it and Hide and Go Chic is a fabulous rich blue colour.

I'm diggin' dark nails at the mo and I saw some amazing Essie electric blue nails on Twitter the other day which became the inspo for this purchase in the first place, so I indeed Hid and went Chic.

The end result is that I LOVE it. The small brush gives total control of the nail polish, the consistency of the polish is lovely and fluid so it just glides on and I have never had shine like this without sticking on a layer of clear, glossy top coat before. Officially a convert. These photos are of two coats of Essie, so we'll see how it lasts. I do have a nasty tendancy to chisel off my polish, leaving patches of (usually red) lacquer behind me like tiny tiny confetti.
But I'll try and refrain.

4. I love this stuff. If you haven't tried it before, this is St Moriz. It's like knock- off St Tropez and I swear by it. It comes in a foam or a cream and in light, medium and dark. You can pick it up in Tesco, Home Bargains and recently - in Boots too. I always ALWAYS go for the foam and because naturally I'm quite dark anyway I stick with medium when i take a holiday to St Moriz.

Applied with plazzy gloves, this tan applies like a DREAM for me. No more orange elbows or knees; the foam is dark so you can see exactly where it is and exactly where you've missed. The foam applies easily and yeah it has a slight aroma to it, a bit biscuitty, but it's nothing compared to how fake tans used to whiff back in the day. 15 year old me must have STUNK.

When applied, St Moriz gives you an instant tan with the 'stain'. Leave it on for as long as possible e.g. overnight for it to develop and wash as normal the following day. Job's a good 'un. Even if it looks a bit dark or mad, when you wash it all comes off and leaves a fab base. I'm an honorary scouse bird these days, so my tan has to look fierce. Wouldn't recommend anything but the best with quite so much passion as I have for St Moriz. The best holiday I've been on in TIME.

What've you bought this week? Had any news you want to share? Post your comments below.
It's getting to that time of year again. Where it's nearly New Year and we all pretty much want to reinvent ourselves, falling victim to the annual 'New Year, New Me' facey b status update. But instead of focussing on all the things we want our new 2015 selves to be, just take a second to realise how amazing 2014 you was, too.

You made it through the year. You might have suffered ill health, you might have had a terrible year and you might have suffered bad news. 

I've had all of the above this year. 

But you made it. And that's credit to yourself - no matter what shit life threw at you, you deployed a metaphorical poo bag and cleaned up as best you could.

There is no greater gift than the gift of life. I don't want to sound like a massive hippy or like I've just done acid here, but really. Appreciate what you have. Appreciate you. And fight for you. Because if you don't, noone else will.

I've spent most of my 2014 miserable, stressed and focussing on stupid things in the grand scheme of life. It's been a shocker. Then I broke my hip and lost my independence and haven't been able to go home to my home or my normal life, where I live and support myself alone.

For the first time in nearly 3 months, I managed to visit my home today. I just lay back on my bed and enjoyed the silence and the atmosphere of my serene little gaff.

Pre-accident, I was that miserable I took all of that for granted. And the one thing that really made me think today, how much I missed my old life that I complained about so much at the time, was a little coaster and a watermelon candle on the unit at the side of my bed. I never appreciated these little details I'd bought myself before. But what I'd give to light a candle, get in my bed with the heater on, place my brew down on my coaster and watch TV on my laptop.

Always appreciate what you have. And be proud of your accomplishments, no matter how day-to-day they seem at the time.

Maybe you broke your 2014 resolutions, maybe you didn't. Maybe you messed up, maybe you didn't. Maybe you didn't get the job of your dreams, but your menial one paid all the bills on time and kept you in a home you love. Maybe you didn't find the man of your dreams, but the bad experiences made you know yourself better for when you do. Maybe you suffered bad health, but it taught you the value of life. Maybe you had bad news, but it put into perspective the stupid stuff you used to worry about.

You're you, you're now and you're mint. So instead of focussing on what you could do better, focus on what you did and what you have.


I have been rushed off my week this week, so I apologise for my lack of posting. Well, I say rushed off my feet; it's very much a case of rushed of my FOOT (singular) due to the fact I'm on crutches and can't walk (still) post accident. For those of you who don't know, I slipped on a boat trip on holiday in Turkey and fractured my actual hip.

Hell on earth.

It's all a bit grim, so I'll save this post until we're better acquainted, as my tale involves non-consensual nudity, accidental urination plus plenty of blood and gore. Look out for those delightful topics as tags in the future guys haha!

So this is just a little post of my week, in pictures.

1. Blow me away...


Look at this little beaut. 

Grandma called and asked what I wanted for Christmas, and it was then I realised. My hairdryer I'd been using up until this point, was the same one she had bought me when I was 12. I've had it for 14 years guys. My hairdryer is a teenager. It's as moody and temperamental as a teenager too; it cuts out and won't switch back on until it feels like it either. Stroppy.

So I went on Argos and found this BEAUTY. The Remington YourStyle Hairdryer. It retailed at £29.99, which is a very reasonable price for such a fab styler. Purple in colour, with gold grills and trims, this hairdryer has a vintage, lux look to it. PLUS, the feature which sealed the deal for me in picking it: THE ATTACHMENTS! This dryer comes with three attachments; a diffuser for curling, a concentrator for styling and straightening and my favourite attachment of all - the above pictured, bong-resembling, soft wave attachment! 

I watched a tutorial on YouTube about how to use the soft waves attachment - and I am TOO EXCITED to try it out. Watch this space - I will defo be posting about how I get on with this mad contraption - the results look great. I love a good messy wave. And don't necessarily love hairbrushes. SO this idea works, works and works for me! I normally use heated rollers to get a loose curl through my mane (literally, it's a mane) and I'm always looking for quicker and longer-lasting ways of achieving this effect. 

2. 'Keep Calm & Shop' ... well I don't mind if I do, ta Rimmel


Didn't even make that name up. With it's long lasting finish, fab bright colour and a name like that, 'Keep Calm & Shop' is a firm favourite and has remained on my nails - without chipping - all week. Buzzing. Lazy me. But then again, there's so many more things to be up to than having to constantly top up chips in your polish. 

3. Toffee Lattés


Greedy and proud - I love a good Maccy D's brew and this festive delicacy is de-vine. Espesh with these fab little chrimboli cups.

4. Super Cute Storage

I love eBay. No secrets there. And then I saw this little beaut. 

It's coming from China like, so it will take about 12 years to come. BUT WHEN IT DOES... think of the organisation. No more shall my eyelashes of days gone-by clump together in graveyards around my room. They can live as triplets, in this gorgeous little case. Forever and ever.

5. New armour, mon amore (is that the right French? My french speaking has defo got worse since Year 11, post eyelash scalping incident. It might even be Latin?)



Hand chain, £5.99 from New Look, Midi Ring, £2.00 from Forever21, Envelope Necklace. £3.00 from Forever 21

I LOVE envelope necklaces. I used to have one from Urban Outfitters that opened up and had a little letter inside it. But that 1) went rusty after I was coated in several splashes of Jágermeister and 2) originally cost like £20, which I don't have anymore. So here's the next best thing. 

What've you been spending your hard-earned pennies on this week?

As part of my life as a raging pauper, I spend most of my time and most of my minimal disposable income online. eBay is like some sick obsession of mine. Except, well really it's not sick (unless you mean sick in the way the youth of today mean sick) - although it definitely is an obsession.

When you're extremely poor but also extremely addicted to shopping, you've got to find a way around it. I want to pay the electricity bill (well, more like I have to than want to) but also look good doing so. I don't want to be seen stumbling out of the electricity meter room in my block of flats after taking my latest reading  (as the eternal slave I am to Scottish Power) looking like a tramp, or people might think I live in there. And you know what; it'd be a darn sight cheaper.

You can buy ANYTHING on eBay. Make-up, accessories, bags, shoes, clothes, perfume... mad little trinkets you'd never even knew existed. I mean if you've got a bit of cash - eBay is like Narnia for you - you never know what you're going to find. You can buy a car if you want to! Or a kidney.  But sticking on the right side of the law: you can get some seriously amazing stuff if you know what to look out for.

I buy and sell on good old eebs. Although I hoard like the most pointless stuff ever and have a graveyard to fake eyelashes past (RIP) my attitude to clothing has changed dramatically post University.

Once I've worn it - I sell it. 

Or sometimes, if I don't get round to wearing it - I'll sell it too. I obv keep my faves and my wardrobe staples - but trends come and go and once you've been tagged in that statement sequinned dress, you ain't going to be wearing it again. So (if you can bring yourself to) SELL IT!

Here's a few handy pointers about eBay and getting a serious bargain.

1. If you know your stock or are passionate about a brand - you can quite easily pick up on items that other people don't see the potential in. 

Some people just don't take a good photo of what it is they're selling. The angle, blurriness and lack of contrast in some images could make a pair of Louboutins look like a pair of Crocs. Not even messing. I've seen photos people must have uploaded by mistake of their dogs, when it's supposed to be an ASOS coat. Either truly hilar or a serious case for the RSPCA.

So if you see a truly horrend photo - take a look at it. If you know what you're after and can decode the blur - you're onto a winner. Provided that other people just skipped over the listing. And didn't read this blog post.

2. Search for misspellings and typos. There's even a website for this, called 'FatFingers' which basically cashes in on seller's typos, misspellings and mistakes - mostly on electronics like iPads etc.

If someone's listed something with a title which doesn't accurately describe what it is, you can walk away with the ULTIMATE bargain. Think Kath Kidston instead of Cath Kidston. Lypsy or Lipsey or LISPY instead of Lipsy. Kert Giger instead of our mate Kurt Geiger. There'll always be at least one. And it could be yours for a fraction of what it's worth.

3. Times of the day are dead important. 

Think of when you've got free time to sit and browse the web. It's normally on your lunch hour, or when you get home from work after dinner, right? Well yeah, everyone else does that too.

So chances are, the bids are going to get pushed higher than what they'd do during other times of the day. What I'm talking about is listings that end early Monday afternoon. The first thing in the morning. Late on at night. Sunday morning, 8am, while most of us are lying in a pit of vodka and shame. Get a cheeky bid in before the rest of us have even achieved consciousness. And that Celeb Boutique dress could be yours.

4. Watching. 

Unless you want to get bidders in a frenzy and push the bids up too soon, if you see something you like - watch it. If possible, bid right towards the end and sneak that YSL out from under the other bidders nose with 2 seconds to spare...

And if you're selling on eBay, follow these steps in reverse


A little attention to detail can make you £££! And a slight unnoticed slip of that perfect acrylic nail can cause a typo which could cost you £££! So spend five minutes checking over what you've written.

2. Pictures are SO IMPORTANT. 

You wouldn't go on a date with someone you met online who had no pictures / whose photos were an undecipherable blur, so your buyers wouldn't buy a dress they couldn't see properly either.

If it's got embellishment or a special feature, take a nice close up photo that does it justice. Always do a full length shot so your buyer can see what it actually is you're selling - and quickly - as they trawl through the masses of listings.

3. Even if you're up and writing your listings at 4am (whatever floats your boat) you can schedule your listings so that they end at better times. Would you be up and shopping at 7am on a Sunday morning? No. So neither would your target audience. Set it so that your listing goes live at a more sociable hour.

What's the best thing you've ever bought off eBay? Your BIGGEST bargain? Ultimate find? Best eBay sale price? Leave your comments in the box below. And most of all, enjoy penny pinching you gorgeous lot

Since becoming gradually more make-up obsessed and as part of the natural ageing process (where my once long and thick 'lashes have become a lot more sparse and mascara doesn't quite cut it anymore ... probably nothing to do with that unfortunate eyelash curler incident I had during my awkward teen years... probably) false eyelashes have become part of my daily life.

As I'm exceptionally skint, I like to make my falsies last. I have several graveyards of them on surfaces in my bedroom - they sometimes terrify me in how they cleverly resemble spiders, but in the desperate battle of making £5.29 last as long as possible, I continue. And succeed!

Still going strong at three weeks old... like a proud parent me

I have got to be quite a dab hand at lashes; I was always the designated 'Lash Technician whenever I used to go out with the girls and we did our make-up together. I can stick them on without a mirror and quite often used to do my entire face of make-up, including 'lashes and eyeliner, in the back of a taxi, in a mad dash to work (my love affair with my bed is even more so than the one I have with eyelashes.) I've experimented with all brands of 'lashes; premium brands, 'lashes made of human hair and even trialled trays of 10 pairs of 'lashes for a quid off Chinese eBay. But the brand I have remained loyal to for the past seven years is Eylure.

You might have seen on my Twitter page (@love_lippy) or even in my earlier blog post about my recent splurge in Boots a little about my adoration for Eylure. If not, beware, you're about to.

My favourite of all of Eylure's 'lashes, even above 110s and 140s, is a solid pair of Eylure 107s. I love the shape, the angle of them and the way they fan out above your eyes without being too heavy. Although I appreciate a good set of falsies, sometimes I can't help but think less is more. There's a very fine line to cross between temptress and tranny, between cute and cows eye; and I hope that my wear of a 107 'lash strikes that balance.

I wear 107s during the day and I would also wear them on a night out. With or without a ravishing smoky eye, they look gorgeous. In fact, up until recently I hadn't even touched an eyeshadow as a lashing of mascara, bitta eyeliner and a solid alignment of a 107 to 'lashline was all I needed to dress up my face. Rediscovering eyeshadow felt so old-school, so retro. Reminded me of stealing my Mum's make-up (once again, during my awkward teen years) and rubbing on as much pink glitter round my eyes as I could *shudders*.

ANYWAY. Here's a few tips on how to successfully execute a set of 107s as part of a daytime look.

Alluring Eylure

1. During the day, I never wear eyeshadow. I mean, I've worn a bitta nude with a darker crease for a treat before, but I always feel overdressed with eyeshadow during the day, and a bit like a raging tranny even when I wear it at night.

So, my debatable manly height aside, I normally rely on a flick of eyeliner on my eyes during the day to blend the 'lashes and my natural 'lashline seamlessly. If you are one of those fabulous ladies who reps a mean made-up eye during the day, then fair play to you. These tips still apply. In your case, do your eyeshadow first k, then meet us at step 2.

2. Make sure, before you do your eyelashes, to put on lashings of mascara first. If you have brown eyelashes (Eylure do a tremendous variety of 'lashes to cater for all skin tones and colourings) use brown mascara. If you're going for jet black, like me, make sure you use a decent black mascara beforehand. There is nothing worse than a pretty convincing pair of 'lashes, with some straggly, lighter coloured eyelashes protruding from underneath. You ain't fooling no-one that those 'lashes are your own that way, girl.

Are those eyelashes, or spider's legs?

Curl your eyelashes, if you want. My eyelashes, although few and far between these days, are quite long so they blend into the falsies pretty well. But, if like me ma, you've got short, straight lashes, you'll probably achieve a better effect if you curl 'em. Remember to ALWAYS curl your eyelashes before applying mascara, as mascara makes the 'lashes brittle and an eyelash curler CAN AND WILL cause real damage. Think school photo day, Year 10. Got up, ironed my hair and then in an unfortunate series of events, snapped half my eyelashes off on my right eye. This is not an idle threat: it's a very real and terrifying reality.

Eyelash curlers - friend or foe?

3. Next: eyeliner. I like a good liquid liner, like those from Barry M or Collection - nothing too swish - as these draw a darker and longer-lasting line on your lid than kohl. Here, you're looking to draw a line on the top lid of your eye, as close to your 'lashline as possible. Do a flick at the end or just finish in whichever way you want. It's your eye, queen, you do whatever you flipping well choose and rock that look HARD.

Walk the line

A little like Cleopatra, I normally do a bit of a winged eye. Well, not to the same level as our Cleo. But a bit elongated at the corners like.

Eye, eye captain

4. Now you're ready to fake it. Take one of your 107s carefully from its plastic tray and apply a liberal layer of glue (provided with all Eylure 'lashes) to the edge. Eylure glue is THE best of all the false eyelash glue I've tried and I carry about 3 tubes around with me at all times.

Get glued up

Wait a few seconds so the glue has chance to go slightly tacky... and then you're ready for step 5.

5. Carefully, apply the 107 to your 'lashline. Be careful when choosing location - too far to the outside of your eye and you look lopsided and possibly a bit mad in the eyes. Too close to the bridge of your nose and the corner of your 107 can irritate your eyelid like a be-atch. Apply it and push it down as close to your natural 'lashline as possible, secure each area of the 'lash, press it down and when it's stuck and in a good position: step back.

I'm not actually poking myself in the eye here. Sitch is under control, guys

6. If there's any areas where the strip 'lash doesn't feel secure, you can always apply more glue at this stage.

7. Let the 'lash dry into place. You will have teensy exerts of glue on your eyelid, which will show up against your black eyeliner. That's all gravy baby: once the glue has dried, simply take your liquid eyeliner and colour over the top of it. SEAMLESS. Your newly applied 107 looks like it's actually your own 'lashes. And they're fit.

Cover up

8. You have faked it. Bloody well. Congrats. Now repeat on your other eye.

Wohoo ... no-one knows of my secret Year 10 peril

What's your favourite number in the Eylure range? Have you tried Cheryl's new range of 'lashes yet? Have you got any top tips on faking it? Leave all your eyelashy goodness in the comments box below. And enjoy

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