I NEED TO BOOK A HOLIDAY SO BADLY, IT HURTS. Pls Lottery Jesus, hear my prayers & desperation and let me win! Equally, debt collectors of the North West, pls also hear my poverty stricken pleas & at least let me dip a toe in the sea before you swoop in & reclaim every penny I owe. Thx.

It's Summer, finally, the sun's out & all I wanna do is lie on a beach somewhere hot; listening to Calvin Harris in my bikini. Maybe even hanging out with our Calv in my bikini, if I was super lucky [pls take note, God & co.] At this stage, I'm just daydreaming - a lot - about vacays... but I'm really hoping the stars align & I can get away in the next 3 months. Travel, sunbathing & stroking as many feral foreign cats as possible are pretty much all my life goals summed up

Lovelaughslipstick Holiday Essentials with Bupa Global Travel Insurance
Lovelaughslipstick Holiday Essentials with Bupa Global Travel Insurance

I didn't realise how many primers I was hoarding in me makeup drawer until recently, tbh. There's frigging loads of them. Some of them are pretty turd and I never really touch them... those are the ones found festering right at the back, fully embracing the whole 'out of sight, out of mind' thang. And then, on the flip side, there's the absolute primer prinnys I reach for on the daily / which are regularly slopped all over my massive face

I've never really done a pure primer round-up before - in fact, I hardly ever sh*tting post at all these days; because I'm a terrible excuse for a human who binges on Galaxy Crispy bars rather than blog content. But anyway - that's why I'm here today; to talk about my pre-foundation prepping must haves... it's about prime, after all. Hahahahaha pun city, population me [and lovin' it, 2k18.]

Lovelaughslipstick Blog 7 Favourite Primers - Touch in Sol, NYX, Laura Mercier, Milani, Wonderland Makeup, Lisa Blur

Has there ever been a greater email received in LIFE than one offering you the chance to review Prosecco? I'll answer that for you huns - NO. I'd pop the experience of Prosecco PR right up there in the top ten #Bloggermail parcels to ever bless my life; in the four-ish [lol, where has the time gone?!] years I've renewed this domain & beasted out the occasional blogpost. 

In it's lux AF pink packaging & trademark sleek glass bottle, Petite Prosecco* had me drooling from the get-go. It's Instagrammable AF, defo my tipple of choice these days [this or a glass / bottle of red] and low in calories & sugar. Oh - and vegan friendly! Bottoms up!

Petite Prosecco Lower Calorie & Sugar Bubbles, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

Being a massive advocate of bargains, living life on a budget and a regular representative of poverty; I'm always looking for cheap & cheerful products that'll do me proud... & not bum me for every last penny I have. Or cost me my entire life savings [about £20] and be sh*te

Revolution Pro have provided me with everything I was searching for, with their new Foundation Drops; swear down, not even messin'. I've sung their praises in this post previously - and pretty much non-stop over on Insta; but I've legit been that impressed with these bad lads that I thought they deserved a feature all of their own. As a few people have asked me for one. And I probably should post on me blog more regularly and stop taking massive naps, like. So here we are! Oh and as a side note; you can stalk the whole range in Superdrug stores too. Even though I typically buy all my bits online.

Revolution Pro Foundation Drops Review, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

Things life is better with:

1. A tan
2. Dogs
3. A proper beaut watch; that looks stylish AF, hides a multitude of blotchy fake tan sins around the hand / wrist divide [gals, you know how badly this area can betray us!] and gives you a subtle escape route when in that boring meeting... simply look at ya wrist & universally it'll be understood that you're bored out ya skull & things should be wrapped up pretty swiftly. 

They're a bit of a statement, must-have accessory at the moment, timepieces; the watch you wear says a lot about you - and [in the case of pyar rappers] is often a status symbol. So we're faced with the quandary of looking stylish & advertising our wealthy AF status [even if you're a tramps arse like me and blates just faking it till you make it] vs not having to remortgage your house to afford to buy what stylish looks like. And brand name watches aren't always cheap, frens. The age old dilemma.

The Watch Company Japan, Lovelaughslipstick Blog
[image source : The Watch Company]

You know when a brand absolutely nails [all the puns intended] the PR game perfectly? Well, Kiss certainly do. I just happened, by chance, to ask at the little shop by mine if they'd taken any parcels in off couriers for me recently... only for him to emerge with this WHOPPING HUGE BOX, doing a massive lol at the thought of me carrying it back to mine on my crutches. [I did it tho. Even though I got stuck in 2 doorways, was staggering like I'd shat me pants & tripped up the stairs like 4 times. AV THAT, logic and physical limitations!]

You may have seen on my Insta stories the end result of me ferociously opening this raaaaaging great box. And the end result of this massive cardboard monstrosity, is that it's become a hamster playbox for Clive Balls. But back to the good stuff [soz CB] - inside the box pre-hamster-times, was the most incredible helium filled balloon, full of nails from the brand new Kiss Gel Fantasy Nails collection... and a few packs of these new baes to try out for myself. 

I won't even lie, I nearly shed a tear when this glorious great balloon came floating up out of the box & smacked me right in my massive face. HOW BLOODY NICE?! It was one of them Am I Zoella now? moments. Even though the answer is still very much a resounding no.

The KISS Gel Fantasy Nails Collection, Lovelaughslipstick BlogThe KISS Gel Fantasy Nails Collection, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

I'm one of those people who constantly worry about smelling like hell on earth. As soon as I catch a whiff of something remotely putrid, I automatically assume it's me. Is anyone else like this? The fear is real

Sort of stemming from this very real phobia... one of my fav hobbies currently is sampling & basking in the glory of perfume and scent. I'm obsessed with the idea of having that signature scent which reminds everyone of you, represents your personality & which, when you catch a waft of it, brings happy memories of Summers past flooding back. I love how perfumes have a range of notes, different bases, and how the smell of certain ingredients can make me go a bit wild. You know what I'm talking about gang; when you smell an aftershave on that proper hotty in the grey suit and it makes you want to mount him. That.

There's something just so special, enjoyable - so luxurious about choosing a new fragrance. And having those beautiful glass bottles lined up on ya dresser. But what I don't enjoy - at all - about this experience are the HUGE price tags often associated with this new found perfumery love. As a tramp's arse, I'm regularly thwarted in my quest to seek out new scents; merely because of the cost. And those sh*tty samples in magazines don't really cut it in gauging whether a perfume is for you or not. So what's a gal to do?!

Secret Scent Box Review and 15% Off | Lovelaughslipstick Blog

Sad but true - my life is pretty governed by the 'Gram these days. I'm never without my phone in my hand [and when I am, it's the most unspeakable panic of all time until I find it] ... just in case the perfect photo op crops up in front of me. I try and justify it as being my hobby - I did do photography as part of my degree [ooh-err, pure posh sounding that, innit?] dontcha know... but I think realistically, capturing my life and sticking a filter on it has become an integral part of my existance. And I daresay this has become the case for the majority of bloggers & instabloggers, too.

Printiki make printing from your phone - and Instagram - simple AF; their high quality prints, speedy delivery & slick website have revolutionised my entire life and have brought my memoriestheme / stylised grid off of my profile and into my home. Just look how amazing some of my fav snaps look, printed off with a matte finish & white border. And think how amazing your memories would look printed off as a gift for a loved one, scrapbook or feature wall in ya gaff. Father's Day a go-go!

Printiki Review, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

I'm still no closer to walking down the aisle, let's face it. I've gone from wanting to be married with kids by my mid-twenties to  [once I hit and passed that milestone, with nothing but cheese in the fridge & a coffee in hand] wondering whether there's any human on this planet I could tolerate full time, for the rest of my life

That doesn't stop me dreaming & planning though - Pinterest boards, magazines, living vicariously through friends... the Wedding fever can sometimes get pretty full-on. Especially when it comes to looking at hair, makeup and dresses for the big day. And, of course, further encouraged by how stunning Meghan Markle looked on her Wedding Day recently.

Confetti Shop, Lovelaughslipstick Blog
[Image source - Confetti Shop]

GWA products are always as beaut on the outside as they are on the inside. I love how much the brand has evolved, adapted and grown over recent years - you'd barely recognise them from the days where I was first used to buy their false lashes. But then again, I am a pure fossil... so not much is that recognisable these days #OldHagProbs

GWA as a brand are as beaut on the inside as they are on the outside... their range is cruelty free and ded ethical [as well as affordable, even for tramps like me] - so they totes get top marks. Just look at their newly released, STUNNER of a blush palette and tell me it doesn't make you weep a bit at its intense beauty? It's also my go-to gal in the blush department these days. 

GWA London Boujee Blush Palette Review, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

Ah, Mr Bublé. That smooth, sexy beast of a man with the voice of an angel. A fit one, at that. The man who brings us Christmas every year, with his festive album releases & soulful crooning. The multi award-winning artist. Him.

Did you know, he's just launched MB Pour Homme* – his first signature fragrance for men [exciting!] - in time for Father's Day 2018? It's the perfect gift idea for Dads all over the country... and for those of us who can only dream of imagining what this perfect angel smells like in the flesh.

His Fifi award-winning first fragrance for women, ‘By Invitation’ absolutely smashed it ... as has his second female fragrance ‘Rose Gold’ which was released earlier this year. So it simply makes sense that Bublé wants to now dip his toes [I swear, I bet even his trotters are attractive] into the male fragrance pool & introduce his own Eau de Parfum for the modern man. And I've been lucky enough to get my mitts on a bottle of MB Pour Homme - 120ml RRP £55, to sniff, test and bask in the glory of; so I can share my honest opinion with you guys.

Michael Bublé MB Pour Homme First Male Fragrance Release For Fathers Day 2018 Review, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

I've gone from being a total skincare / life novice; quickly wiping off my #MOTD with a pack of baby wipes from the Offy [Off Licence Corner Shop, in case this casual slang is too historical / Northern to be deciphered on a Saturday morning]... to somewhat of a skincare enthusiast, recently. 

My oh so blogger bath rack is full to bursting with cleansers, serums, masks, oils, toners etc... and my skin has legit never looked so good. Breakouts are at an all time low AND my oil slick of a forehead has actually been [slightly] reigned in too; meaning my makeup lasts for longer and I don't reflect beams of light off it like some sweaty-ass headlight.

One vegan brand I've properly been enjoying recently is Sister & Co. You may have seen me professing my love for their collection on Instagram - so obv; I thought I'd bash out a cheeky post with a few more [detailed] reasons why I heart them big time. I've just not been arsed with my Insta captions lately - some days they've just been emojis or swear words [pretty much my life summed up] so a lil more detail is [probably] preferable.

Sister & Co Skin Food Review, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

Okay somehow, at some point, it became June. I'm not sure when, - or where the beginning of 2018 buggered off to, but [oddly] I have remembered that it's Father's Day soon [after I epically forgot Mother's Day - sorry Ma!] & have even got a bit organised in anticipation. Wot & who am I

Whatever the occasion - Birthdays, Valentines, Anniversaries, Seasonal Celebrations, Steak & Blowjob day etc, Love Layla have my back.  Best friend turned 30? Offensive badge and card, check! Blogger bae had a baby? RIP to your fanny card, firmly bashed in ma basket! Want to really p*ss someone off? Glitter Sh*tter cards at your service

I think you might have guessed where I'm going with this; by now like. When it comes to smashing Father's Day 2018, I've headed straight to Love Layla's site to seek out the best lols, swear words, cards, badges & wrapping paper. Click here to browse the range - and get ya scroll on to see my top picks from this year's designs!

Love Layla Father's Day, Lovelaughslipstick Blog
Love Layla Father's Day, Lovelaughslipstick Blog
Love Layla Father's Day, Lovelaughslipstick Blog
Love Layla Father's Day, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

Manuka honey, amiright? There's seemingly nothing this bad lad can't achieve - I once had a literal chunk of it strapped to an operation wound [that got a bit infected & massively grim] which totes saved the day ... it turns out that this bee-fuelled-bae is pretty darn popular in the medical profession - as well as a staple in modern day skincare regimes across the globe! It literally made my gaping open surgery wound - that looked like Halloween on steroids, heal up quicker than I'd seen it do in weeks. And for that, I'll forever be grateful & loyal to it. If it's good enough for the NHS, it's good enough for me; queens

Manuka Doctor Manuka Honey, 24k Gold and Purified Bee Venom Collection Review | Lovelaughslipstick Blog
Manuka Doctor Manuka Honey, 24k Gold and Purified Bee Venom Collection Review | Lovelaughslipstick Blog
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