SPOILER ALERT - you may have already seen me share photos of these products on Instagram. And Twitter. And possibly Snapchat too. Soz, but they're just too pretty to keep a secret #StraightUpFact 

If you're anything like me and obsessed with summer, basking in the sun, strolling down sandy beaches and snapping as many shots of palm trees as you can; the packaging of these beautiful Sugar Baby products will make you gasp, get little hearts in your eyes like that emoji fella and maybe weep a bit in joy. I think I did all three when Sugar Baby very kindly sent me some goodies to try recently. 

Sugar Baby are an Australian beauty company - and now, also one of my top ten all time favourite brands. Their beauty and body care products [as well as its beyond goals packaging] are created to be naturally good for you, too; made from natural, organic ingredients which involve absolutely no animal testing and are suitable for vegans. I'm proper into the idea that what I put on my body [as well as in it] should be good for me at the moment, so this brand and their ethos sit perfectly with me. Also, to say these items were sent to me from the other side of the world, they arrived super, super fast. Like, I was really impressed. But the most exciting [and  potentially dangerous] thing about these products, is that you can also now buy them from Superdrug too!! 

The products I was gifted are from Sugar Baby's all new Vita+Skin collection; which are made of 100% organic coconut water and oil and are naturally rich in electrolytes - making them fab for hydrating your skin. And now, after spending some time stalking their site, I'm game as a badger to try out their self tanning range, too [yous all know I love a good tan #Life'sBetterWithATan]

Second SPOILER ALERT - this post is going to be pretty photo heavy. I can't lie. But when you see a bit more of the insanely beautiful packaging these insanely brilliant products come in, you'll understand why. They are every Instagram flatlay goal I've ever had.

Vita Skin Slim-Ulate*, £10.00

This flipping amazing coffee scrub combines the stimulating benefits of Coffee with Natural Oils; providing an ideal natural exfoliator, which leaves your skin feeling clean, smooth and soft. Caffeine applied topically to skin stimulates blood-flow and circulation and reduces the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks. This stuff is also great to use in cases of eczema and psoriasis. 

It comes in a big bag [which you'll get a fair few scrubs out of], smells lovely and sweet [like coffee cake] and leaves your skin feeling absolutely amazing. Soft, pampered and relaxed. For me, I feel this stuff definitely stimulates blood circulation and it feels so nice against my skin. I adore this scrub and would legit recommend it to anyone. My whole body feels more revitalised and awake after using it.

This has to be one of my favourite Sugar Baby products so far. My hair is that long and dry, that it usually needs the full packet of hair treatment all in one go; just to get it looking anything like a normal person's do. However, a little goes a [really] long way with this hair treatment, and I was really pleasantly surprised that I'll be able to get a few applications out of this sachet [I've had two already!] The Vita Skin Hair Affair product itself is thick, lux and smells lovely; even the next day.

This stuff worked
absolute wonders for my hair. It's usually very knotty and gets tangled very easily, but since using this product, I've not had this problem again - which is mad! It's made my hair so much sleeker and more manageable. Even a few days later, I can still feel the benefit. I'm a total convert.

This deluxe beauty bar is made from Coconut Oil and Coconut Milk; which are high in fatty acids and Vitamin E, providing both cleansing and healing properties. Shea Butter and Aloe Vera combine with glycerine, making the cleansing bar incredibly gentle and ideal for those with dry sensitive skin, eczema or psoriasis. As an occasional sufferer with eczema [and I had a mad outbreak of psoriasis once, too] this is ideal. The bar lathers up nicely and left my skin feeling lovely.

Again, similar to the
Slim-Ulate scrub, this stuff comes in a big bag which you'll get a fair few uses out of [and I'm aaaaallll about that value for money, me!] This scrub is a slightly different consistency to the coffee one [a bit like a cake somehow, rather than grains - and it smells totally like donuts] but results wise, once again I was blown away by how great my skin felt afterwards - and how nice the actual feeling of the scrub exfoliating my skin was. Both the Sugar Baby scrubs I tried left me feeling refreshed and my skin felt really alive afterwards. I legit can't recommend them enough.


Have you heard of Sugar Baby before, or tried any of their range? Can we take a minute here to appreciate their packaging together?! Are you as excited to get as many Christmas pressies as possible from these guys as I am?! [Sorry, I dropped the C bomb there, didn't I. Guess we're going to have to think about it sometime!!]

You can check out Sugar Baby's website here. Also check their Instagram out - their feed is as beaut as their products. #CantCope

 And for shopping purposes here in the UK - click here for a slice of Superdrug action.

*This post contains products I was gifted for review. However, as always; all opinions are very much my own

I've been trying to eat a bit healthier recently. My lifestyle of duvet days and Bourbon biscuits was [when I think about it] probably not the one; I have expanded massively around the hip / stomach region and become some kind of mad, chocolate guzzling beast.

I guess a part of this healthy[ish] new attitude I'm trying to embrace is ensuring that what I put on my body [as well as in it] is good for me  - and not packed full of chemicals that will soak into my system and eff me up in years to come. So when Dr Organic full on spoilt me and sent me some products to try from their totally natural, argan oil infused range, it definitely fell at the perfect time. 

Dr Organic are an award winning company who use only natural ingredients in their range [which cover hair, body and oral care products] which are both skin and environmentally friendly. All their products boast organic & naturally sourced bioactive ingredients and no harsh chemicals, animal ingredients, animal testing, mineral oils or genetically modified are used in any of their ranges. 

The products I was sent are from their Organic Argan Oil collection; Moroccan Argan Oil being a natural solution for preserving the skin against premature aging - as well as a rich source of vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids. Argan Oil helps nourish skin, hair and nails. Each product in the range has a natural, refreshing fragrance; a bit peppery and with a note of pine, I think. It reminds me of days at the Spa and some of the relaxing fragrances you come across whilst having a massage. Talking of the range - let's see some!

Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Bath & Massage Body Oil*, £10.29

I can't even imagine how lux this is going to be - I'm so excited to try this out. I've actually already packed it in my suitcase, ready for when I go away soon - as I figured it would be super relaxing to massage a bit of this in after a lovely day in the sun  [and that it will nourish and rehydrate my sunkissed skin.] I'll let you know how I find it, but if it's anywhere near as good as the other products I've tried from Dr Organic so far, I'll no doubt love it.

I love the fragrance of these products - I think it's really relaxing and awakening; so this is the perfect oil to be massaged with. It feels good, it smells good and it does your skin good at the same time. #Win 

Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo*, £6.29 and Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Conditioner*, £6.29

I love this duo. It's a tough job keeping my hair under control, but it felt soft and considerably more manageable after using these products for very first time. It takes a lot to detangle my birds' nest of hair. Like, a lot. But this Conditioner got straight in there and sorted me out; I was really impressed with it. My scalp felt super refreshed after I used these products and my hair stayed squeaky clean and soft for longer than normal, too.  Yay!

Organic Moroccan Argan Lip Balm*, £3.49

I love this stuff. It makes your lips feel so soft, smells lovely and has a cheeky SPF15 side to it too - meaning it's perfect for taking away with you [and I've definitely packed this in my suitcase already.] This balm also contains an infusion of Avocado and Almond to hydrate your lips - and I frigging love a good Avocado, me like. #Basic

Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Body Wash*, £5.99

This stuff is that good, it's won awards. I loved it too - it smells lovely, feels luxurious & thick on application and it left my tired, dull skin feeling soft and reinvigorated.  A little goes a long way too when you're lathering up. This product has definitely worked its way into my daily routine.

Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Skin Lotion*, £7.59

I can't wait to try this out on holiday. Yes, that's right - I've packed this bad boy to take on my travels, too. The revitalising, hydrating and nourishing ingredients in this lotion will be perfect for moisturising after a long day in the sun on my upcoming vacay; breathing moisture and life back into my potentially sizzled skin. I'll let you know how it goes.

Next up are the big three for me... The Tanning Trio

First step - exfoliate

Moroccan Glow Body Polish*, £8.99

I always slack on exfoliating before I apply my tan. I don't know why - it always just seems like pure effort. This Body Polish however, has changed that; as it's so quick and easy to apply in the shower and defo works wonders shifting dried up fake tan from nights out past. Instead of containing those tiny beads like other scrubs do [you know, the ones that end up on the bottom of the ocean and harm the fish] this scrub contains microparticles of pure volcanic lava. How cool is that?! It really works as well; it managed to blitz some dodgy old fake tan stains I'd been left with from a while back, and which nothing else would shift. Traa dry skin.

Second step - tan

Moroccan Glow Medium Self Tan Mousse*, £14.99

If there's one thing I love, it's being tanned. I'm a firm believer that life is better with a tan. I've tried numerous different tans over the years; the good, the bad and the downright ugly - you know the ones, those that leave you with brown hands, streaks galore and an overwhelming aroma of biscuits. During this time, I've found that for me, mousse formula products definitely work best. I also usually opt for a medium shade. So I was dead excited to try this Self Tan Mousse from Dr Organic, as it ticked aaaaaallll the right boxes for me.

The Dr Organic fake tan experience was totally unique and unlike any product I'd used before. First off, the smell when you're applying it. None of this biscuits malarky - this product smells like all the others in this range; peppery fresh spa days. This is the only fake tan I have ever used [to date] which neither starts or end smelling of digestives. 

The mousse itself comes out as a thick, white foam and applies clear. A little also seems to go a long way [meaning the bottle will last me a while] and my skin actually felt pretty smooth and refreshed after application. Sometimes with fake tan, I feel pure desperate to wash after I've applied it; as it feels a bit heavy and dry on my skin somehow. Not this stuff - it's light and feels fresh on your skin; like you've just moisturised.

I'm really impressed with this tan. Everytime I've used it, I've never had any streaks or dark patches, it seems to nicely avoid any potential dry areas of skin [something which I've struggled with with other brands] and the colour of the tan itself is very natural; not orangey or excessively dark. The colour definitely started to develop more as the day went on and I'd say it takes slightly longer to darken than other tans I've tried, but  even as it develops, it remains natural looking and doesn't streak at all. I'm always a bit wary when trying a new fake tan, but I had such a good experience with this tan that I'd recommend it to anyone. I'm going to pop some of this on before I go away; so that I have a subtle, natural tan and don't look like a pure pear shaped milkbottle by the pool on my first day. Potential for my new favourite fake tan this, in all honesty.

Third step - maintain

Moroccan Glow Tan Extender*, £11.99

The idea behind this stuff is genius - it basically helps extend the lifespan of your tan to make it last longer. I always feel pale a day or so after rinsing my fake tan off, so this lotion will help me keep my preferred terracotta tones intact. It smells lovely and hydrates your skin as it protects your tan. Genius. I haven't tried this that much yet to give you a pure [or accurate] opinion, but I'll certainly report back to you guys after I've tried it over a few more days. And as I've got on so well with all the other products from the Organic Moroccan Argan Oil range, I have no doubts that this will be amazeballs too!


I have loved trying out these bits from Dr Organic - they look good, smell good and do your skin / nails / hair good too; winner! If you're looking for some au natural products without a nasty chemical kick or involving any animal cruelty, Dr O is the place to go!

You can check out their website here. All products are available to purchase at at Holland and Barrett [plus H&B have an offer on at the moment for buy one, get one free on all Dr Organic products!]

Have you tried anything from the Dr Organic collection before? Do you love their ethos as much as I do? Is there anything you have your eye on?

*This post contains items I was gifted by Dr O for review. However, all opinions are firmly my own - as always.
Makeup brushes are big business at the moment. Brands seem to try to outdo themselves with each new release; beasting out brushes that get more & more Instagrammable over time, but which would also require me to sell all my possessions and re-mortgage my home to be able to afford the full set [maaaaaybe I'm being slightly dramatic here - as if I'd get accepted for a mortgage haha... But you get my drift. Price-ayyy.] 

I've been trying to be a better girl / blogger / human recently, actually using makeup brushes a] to apply my face [rather than just frantically rubbing it all into my face in no particular style] and b] in the way they should be used [I seem to use brushes intended for one purpose, for something totally different. Soz angled brow brushes past.] And of course, you'll know from my mad rampages on Twitter, SnapChat [@love_lippy] and my Expectation vs Reality series that I'm a raging pauper; always looking to seek a bargain in terms of price and quality. So blend [wheyyy, you 'avin that blending brush pun, guys?!] these two facts together and mix them with the fact that Crown Brush sent me some lovely pieces from their collection to try recently, and you have the basis for this post.

In case you haven't heard of Crown Brush before - they sell professional quality makeup brushes [and a whoooooole host of other beauty related bits] which come in both synthetic and natural designs. Each product comes with a guarantee of quality and their website boasts everything from single brushes designed to replace worn accessories in makeup kits, to full makeup brush sets, eyeshadow sponges, blending tools and more. I also heard a cheeky rumour that other, pricier brands source their products from Crown Brush and then stamp them with their logos and extortionate pricing guidelines. ALLEDGEDLY

So anyway, all this considered; I was well excited to try their brushes out for myself, to see if they live up to the hype that surrounds them.

Crown Brush very kindly sent me [from L-R] their C433 Pro Blending Fluff Brush*, the C468 Smokey Eyeliner Brush*the SS003 Oval Foundation Brush*, the C436 Duo Fiber Blender Brush* and the C104 Angle Brush*. Each of the brushes is super soft with a sturdy handle; each with a different texture to perfectly suit their purpose.

Bring on the brushes!

C436 Duo Fiber Blender Brush, £7.94

What a bloody useful little brush this is! Soft and a little more dense than a pure stippling brush, this bad boy works a treat blending in your cream contour, and doesn't feel rough against your skin at all. Contouring and strobing has taken over in a big way at the moment - and this is the perfect tool for the job. Much better than blending with one of those sponges in my opinion - I don't even know how you guys manage with those! I just end up pure punching myself in the face with them and smudging my hard work right off.

 C468 Smokey Eyeliner Brush, £4.29

I adore this brush, it's definitely one of my favourite brushes from the selection I was sent. It's soft, delicate and the perfect size for smudging a little eyeliner / eyeshadow under your lower lash line; for a smokey, smouldering look. It's also great for working deeper tones into the outer crease of your eye and to add a delicate splash of colour or highlighter by your tear duct.

C433 Pro Blending Fluff Brush, £6.55

This little beaut is a bestseller - and you can see why. It's a lovely, soft brush - a little like a fluffy cloud, the perfect shape to blend and soften any harsh lines in your eyeshadow. It's professional and effective - and works as a mean, dream team with the

SS003 Oval Foundation Brush, £7.73

This lux brush is actually one of my favourites from the selection Crown Brush sent me. It's the perfect shape, texture and size to apply my foundation with; for a more professional look. I actually really needed a brush like this, and I couldn't have asked for a better product to replace my old Models Own one. It's fab. The best foundation brush I've tried to date, in fact.

C104 Angle Brush, £6.22

As soon as I unwrapped this brush, all I could think was contouring, contouring, CONTOURING!! The soft bristles and perfectly angled shape of the brush will be ideal for contouring my cheekbones; whether it be a light dusting of  bronzer or a more dramatic look. A super useful little brush - especially relevant with how popular contouring [still] is at the moment!

Have you tried Crown Brushes before? Which one's your fave? What are your go-to makeup brushes?

*Crownbrush very kindly sent me these brushes to try, in return for this review. As ever though, rest assured that all opinions are very much my own - I wouldn't lie to you guys as it's not big and it's not clever.
I wasn't planning on writing this post, so apologies if it's a bit over-excitable - but I literally darted out of the shower and straight to my laptop [like the massive keyboard warrior that I am] after using Grounded Coffee Scrub for the first time. I was that desp to share my findings with you guys.

I frigging love coffee, man - but I wasn't expecting smothering my body in it to be as good an experience as drinking it is. I was so wrong. I'm lying here now [post-scrub], basking in the fragrance of chocolate orange and brews, with skin so soft that I can't even cope. If I'd have known coffee scrubs were this bloody brilliant, I'd have been bathing in Douwe Egberts long, long ago!

I'd already heard really great things about this stuff, since I unveiled it from my Latest in Beauty Glamour Summer Edition box and later went on a mad stalking rampage on Instagram, but you know when you're not expecting to love something as much as you do and you go a bit temporarily mad? That's the place I'm in right now. I'll admit, it takes a pretty special review of a beauty product for me to get pure hyped up about it; as I'm grumpy, cynical and poor. So the words of praise I read for this stuff online didn't really sink in at the time, before I tried it for myself. But now, I so get it.

I won't lie, using this stuff proved to be one of the top ten messiest experiences of my life. I fear I'll be finding coffee grains in the bathroom possibly forever. But it was so, so worth it. To #GetGrounded you simply rub the coffee granules on your problem areas [my whole body... lol, but this stuff on a serious note is good for stretchmarks, cellulite etc] for a few minutes and then leave it on for ten before washing it off. Here's my mug mid-scrub - brace yourself and possibly avert your eyes for this make-up free shower selfie.

Once I'd washed it all off and basked a bit more in its beautiful fragrance [like, I'd marry a Terry's Chocolate Orange in a heartbeat, tbh - so this product was legit perfect for me] I touched my arm and literally did a little gasp. 

My skin was, no word of a lie, the softest I think I'd ever, ever felt it. And it still is. I feel pampered, moisturised, smooth and relaxed after my Grounded Coffee Scrub experience - which is a turn up for the books, as I'm normally a somewhat trampy, skincare deprived, scaly ball of stress. Grounded - what kind of sorcery is in your products?! Teach me all you know!!

After a bit more furious stalking, I discovered that you can buy these scrubs at Boots and they retail at [an affordable-ish] price of £15.00, so I know what I'm doing now. Hello smooth skin, goodbye available funds!! #YOLO


Have you ever #GotGrounded or used a similar coffee scrub product before? How did you find it? 

The thought of going to the gym alone scares me. To be surrounded by pure hotties and fitness bunnies barely breaking a sweat; whereas I'm that fat wap in the corner who's never used the phrase 'fit fam' in my life and has no clue what any of the equipment does, let alone how to use it. 

Having a Personal Trainer yell home truths at me about how out of shape I've got would probably reduce me to genuine tears and showering with strangers terrifies me. So I've been putting it off. For about 3 years now. To be totally frank - the only gym I'd been to up until recently was the Pokémon Gym a few steps away from my gaff. And with that, I think I've summed up my fitness levels.

When Rachel from the world's leading online gym [OnlineGym4Me] approached me and offered me a 6 month membership with them, it was literally like a dream come true. I can be as sweaty, stupid and uncoordinated as I want - and noone apart from the fish I'm pet-sitting has to know. Great success.

Intrigued? Keep reading guys; I honestly believe this is such a great, niche idea - which might help even me shift a few of the excess pounds I've achieved, by eating multiple packs of Bourbon biscuits this year [and all the other years, let's not lie.]

To start off with, I selected my goal and what I wanted to use OnlineGym4Me for. There were several options - including Pilates / Yoga, which I was super interested in. But in the end, given that I've expanded by 2.5 stones in the past year or so and look a bit like the Michellin Man, I opted for Tone and Tighten. From your selection, OnlineGym4Me then recommend 5 classes you should take each week, in order to achieve your goal.

In the MyGym4me section of the site, you’ll find a new customised workout plan with 5 suggested classes every week. All the proposed classes are designed to match your goal: mine being to Tone & Tighten. OnlineGym4Me recommend that if you want to achieve your exercise goals, it's important to do online workouts at least 3 times per week [which I have totally slacked with recently, but really aim to get back into over the next couple of weeks, honest!] You can also explore other workouts by navigating to Classes and searching the daily live classes available, or watching any of their pre-recorded workouts. 

It's convenient as hell, which I love - you don't need to waste time travelling back and forth to the gym and you can use your own shower [big deal breaker for me!] once you're done. All you need is a bit of space to bust a few moves in, a laptop / iPad and an internet connection - and you're good to go.

And here's the best bit. If you'd like to join an Online Gym with a customised workout plan and new classes each week, you can  do by clicking here - for free, for a whole month

Whether you want to get in shape for a special occasion, an upcoming holiday or just to feel better in yourself, OnlineGym4Me have totes got your back - and I've got yours, with one month's free access! Sign up today and join me in the fight against flab. You honestly won't regret it; it's been the kick up the bum I've needed recently.

*I was gifted a 6 month membership to OnlineGym4Me in exchange for this post, but as ever, all opinions are my own

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