It's no secret that I can't be arsed with a large percentage of life's tasks. Keeping on top of my nails being one of these godforsaken chores. I've mentioned before [here, in fact] about how crappy my nails are - they're flakey and brittle as hell, so I pretty much permanently reside in chip city when I can be arsed to paint them [and not the good, edible kind of chip, either.] And just to throw an additional spanner in the works, I'm way too poor to get my nails done by actual professionals. LOLZ.

The future looked pretty bleak for my nails. HOWEVER, I recently made a bargain discovery whilst traipsing through Primark which has somewhat revolutionised my nail game - and transformed my nails from looking like schoolboys' to full on temptress talons. For just £1. Yaaaaas.

See why I'm impressed now? They come in different shapes, textures, colours, designs... there's a whole stand in Primark dedicated to these bad boys. I personally go for quite short, square talons as opposed to the more 'claw' looking nail; as as a contact lense wearer, I have very real fears about accidentally removing one of my retinas. But they have a proper beautiful selection of clawz too; perfect for all you ladies who slay long nails everyday.

Granted, the glue that they come with is a bit sh*t - but for just one english pound, I'm not complaining. Just use your own nail glue, like I do. I love Elegant Touch's glue; I picked some of this up in Tesco one time whilst doing the weekly shop and it's lasted me ever since #valueformonaaaay. You can also pick it up dirt cheap on good old eBay.

I can't lie, I've bought so many of the colours of these. They're just so quick and easy - and if you break one, they're that cheap that you honestly don't give a sh*t. If you look after them, even after they've come off, you can glue them back on and reuse them too - making this the £1 manicure that will just keep on giving [until you run out of glue / break one / can't physically reattach them to your nail anymore, that is.] And there's that many nails in the box that you're pretty much set up for life. Winner winner chicken dinner.


Have you tried any of Primark's false nails? Do you use stick on nails? Do you have any product recommendations for me?

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