Being a massive advocate of bargains, living life on a budget and a regular representative of poverty; I'm always looking for cheap & cheerful products that'll do me proud... & not bum me for every last penny I have. Or cost me my entire life savings [about £20] and be sh*te

Revolution Pro have provided me with everything I was searching for, with their new Foundation Drops; swear down, not even messin'. I've sung their praises in this post previously - and pretty much non-stop over on Insta; but I've legit been that impressed with these bad lads that I thought they deserved a feature all of their own. As a few people have asked me for one. And I probably should post on me blog more regularly and stop taking massive naps, like. So here we are! Oh and as a side note; you can stalk the whole range in Superdrug stores too. Even though I typically buy all my bits online.

Revolution Pro Foundation Drops Review, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

Reasons why it's Fit AF

- Although it's not full coverage [it's more of a medium finish I'd say], this foundation is insanely buildable and blends flawlessly. It also lasts all day and doesn't do any weird patchy sh*t or oxidise like a lil bitch.

- It comes in 18 different shades, and I'm all about inclusivity.

- It's £7, which needs no further explanation as to why it's such bloody good value.

- Everyone who I've recommended it to has loved it just as much as me. 100% success rate.

- I found it, even online, pretty easy to pick my shade & have it match perfectly to the skintone of my massive face. The system works in that odd numbers [e.g. shades like F1, F9] are for those with neutral / pink undertones and the even numbers best suit those with yellow undertones [like me - I have F6 and F8; for example.] 

- I use F6 [pictured below] for my regular, pale days and F8 on the days I've bothered to fake tan. I apply mine with a Beauty Blender and then apply translucent setting powder over the top, to hold it in place. With a liberal spritz of setting spray too - some of my current favs being Gerard Cosmetics' Slay All Day or the TooFaced Hangover 2-in-1 Setting Spray

Revolution Pro Foundation Drops Review, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

If you're in the market for a new foundation or just wanna experiment with the new Revolution Pro range, I cannot recommend this foundation enough. It's all I've used on my face foundation wise since like, April - nothing else feels like it comes close anymore! And for just £7 a bottle [which last pure ages too, may I add] it's not too painful to reorder when you're starting to run low. Yaaaaaaas

All my fellow broke betches, let's raise a glass to Adam Minto and his brands; saving our bacon once again! Just because our bank balances & credit ratings look like sh*t, doesn't mean our faces have to!
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