Excess body hair can trap dirt and sweat... which can make body hair laden skin surfaces becomes the breeding ground for microbes - and can leads to excessive body odour and whatnot!  This is one of the main reasons some women prefer body hair removal regimes like tweezing, waxing, shaving and more recently, LASER body hair removal treatment.

LASER body hair removal treatment is the most sought-after body hair banishing solution, as it keeps hair from growing back in the treated areas for about three weeks. But there is a catch.

Subjecting your delicate skin to LASER beams does come with some minor side-effects. With that stated, those side-effects can be mitigated easily when one keeps the following post-LASER body hair removal treatment skincare tips in mind.

Skincare Tips Post Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Apply ice packs on the treated area as soon as the treatment concludes

After you have received LASER hair removal treatment, it's best to head home and apply ice packs on the treated areas. Post-treatment, your skin may show signs that are similar to a mild sunburn.

And you know that applying ice packs is the best solution to a sunburn, right!?

Ice packs are great to reduce swelling, irritation and redness in your skin – remember this!

You can also use aloe vera gel to soothe swelling or redness

LASER body hair removal treatment is pretty effective, but after receiving the treatment, it is natural and quite common for people to experience discomfort - which can come in the form of a burning sensation.

Furthermore, you may also notice in some cases that the treated areas develop red patches and noticeable swelling.

So what can you do to mitigate these common but irritating side-effects?

Well, it's a good idea to readily apply aloe vera gel on the treated areas. Be sure to refrigerate the gel before applying it, for maximum comfort. If you do not want to use aloe vera gel bought from a store then use the gel from a real aloe vera plant. It's more effective!

Apply the gel on the treated area, do not rub it. Allow your skin to naturally absorb the gel. If you want to remove the excess gel then use a soft, damp cloth to do so.

Avoid stepping out in the sun for at least a day!

Sunlight is packed full of UV rays. Sure the ozone layer filters out most of it... but since you won’t be able to wear sunscreen on the treated areas of your body, UV ray exposure could lead to discomfort or worse, it can increase the swelling in the treated areas!

If you need to step outside then be sure to wear full-sleeved clothes and a pair of jeans to ensure that you LASER body hair removal treatment subjected skin is not exposed to sunlight.

If you received the treatment in your face then be sure to cover your face with a scarf, wear a hat and big retro cat-eyed wayfarers. All of these will offer your skin maximum protection from the sun’s UV rays!


As well as following the tips mentioned above, you should also remember that taking a hot shower or hitting the sauna is a bad idea after LASER body hair removal treatment. You can take a shower but be sure to use cold water to avoid skin irritation or even burning sensation. Remember to stick to these post LASER hair removing treatment and your skin will thank you!

*Post contributed by Austin K
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