I never thought my number one must-have product in 2020 would be hand sanitiser (I've carried a bottle round in my bag with me since... I dunno, at least 2014 regardless, like!) but here we are. This is the mad modern world we live in. Gone are the days where my #1 must-have would be a new mascara or a full coverage concealer - I don't even go outside these days. Swerve that. 

My number one must-have product of 2020 - and probably for all of time now, is hand sanitiser. And FulviSafe have very kindly sent me some of their new, 0% alcohol collection to try; in the constant battle against Ms Rona.

Fulvisafe Hand Sanitiser & Barrier Cream Lovelaughslipstick Blog

Fulvisafe Hand Sanitiser & Barrier Cream Lovelaughslipstick Blog
Fulvisafe Hand Sanitiser & Barrier Cream Lovelaughslipstick Blog
Fulvisafe Hand Sanitiser & Barrier Cream Lovelaughslipstick Blog

FulviSafe sent me their 50ml Hand Sanitiser* and their 50ml Barrier Cream* - two goodies I'm very grateful for in these 'germs are everywhere and you might die' times. 

I know hand sanitiser is hand sanitiser - we're all pretty familiar with it these days and it's not a madly glam topic to talk about, but it's so important in keeping ourselves and others safe from Ms Rona. So I'm gonna. Especially as FulviSafe are a new brand, whose products have some really great USP's (unlike other brands on the market - oh also that means 'unique selling points' if you aren't familiar with the phrase 😎) - perf for those who have kids, want organic protection from germs / the guarantee of no harmful ingredients in their hand san and want to kill off 99.99% of germs.

Why's it different?

So huns. Firstly, FulviSafe contains zero alcohol yet is clinically proven to take down influenzas and stamp out 99.9% of germs including SARS related viruses. It does this via the patented, active ingredient in its formula; Carbohydrate Derived Fulvic Acid (CHD-FA) - which is clinically proven to batter germs and possesses antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties.

This super ingredient kills germs as effectively as sanitisers containing alcohol do - but without damaging and drying the skin. Its content means it's kind to ya hands, and can even be used on babies under 1 year old due to its zero alcohol content. Zero alcohol, 99.99% effective at killing germs. ✅✅✅

• Alcohol free
• Clinically proven antibacterial
• Contains internationally patented, active ingredient CHD-FA™
• Contains no harmful ingredients such as chlorine compounds (bleach)
• Safe for use on children, including babies
• Organic
• Provides long-lasting protection
• Deeply moisturising and skin friendly

Ticking so many boxes for me!

Fulvisafe Hand Sanitiser & Barrier Cream Lovelaughslipstick Blog

So as touched upon above, this lil hand sanitiser kicks germs asses; whilst in a handy, portable container with a flip top lid. Great to pop in your handbag - and small enough to fit into a clutch bag, for extra hygiene on a night out. A little really does go a long way with this stuff - so you'll get plenty of uses out of it. The gel gets to work in as little as 30 seconds, giving Ms Rona her marching orders. It's alcohol-free, kind to skin and baby safe. Winning.

The scent of this hand san (and the barrier cream) is - as you'll find with many hand sanitising options - quite strong initially. But it's not unpleasant - it's described as "a clean, rose geranium fragrance" on the website. And it's much, much nicer than some of the gels with alcohol in them *shudders* - there was this one I used in Spoons the other week and it smelled like pure rum, it was DISGUSTENG and we were all sniffing our hands and trying not to vom as like... some sick kind of drinking game challenge 😂😂😂

Fulvisafe Hand Sanitiser & Barrier Cream Lovelaughslipstick Blog
Fulvisafe Hand Sanitiser & Barrier Cream Lovelaughslipstick Blog

The barrier cream is very similar to the hand sanitiser in terms of its properties, germ bashing power and benefits. It's a multi-purpose little hun perfect for those of you who have dry skin, or damaged hands from more abrasive, harsh sanitisers of the past (or as a result of all the extra hand-washing.) As well as killing off germs and being all anti-viral and that, this barrier cream helps bolster the skin's natural defence barriers; keeping infection out whilst delivering moisture to parched hands. 

A barrier cream wasn't something something I'd considered before, but it makes total sense to use one to stop infection crossing the skin's natural defence barriers when our hands are dry, damaged and praying that Ms Rona buggers firmly off as much as we all are!

Fulvisafe Hand Sanitiser & Barrier Cream Lovelaughslipstick Blog

I'll definitely be using every last drop of both these products... if you're looking for a clinically proven, alcohol-free alternative when it comes to hand sanitiser, FulviSafe are the name you need on ya radar! Especially if you have small kids or babies that you're worried about. Big fan.
*Sponsored post with gifted items, but all opinions expressed and review wording is 100% truthful & my own. xo
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