If you do a lot of your work in a home office, like many of us, then you can find that any working environment, even one custom-made to suit your needs, can feel frustrating and constraining after a while. For that reason, it’s worth taking the time to update it and re-invigorate it from time to time. Here's a few tips on how you can do exactly that!

Home Office Tips

Cut the clutter

It’s all too easy for things to gather up on our desk throughout the day. A coffee cup or two. An empty pack of gum. Some loose notes. A million pen caps. Remember to take the time to tidy away the clutter on the desk. A desk tidy can help you organise a bunch of it, but keeping a wastebasket nearby is handy, too. It will only take five minutes at the end of the lunch break and you’ll feel much better about working at a neat, well-kept space.

Freshen it up

A little green in the office can do a lot of good. One way is to get yourself a houseplant but if you’re not the kind of person who likes to have to take care of living things in the home, then you can just as easily send flowers to yourself occasionally. This can help you switch up both the scent and the look of the place, making it feel a little different from week to week.

Work on those walls

When you’re not looking at your screen, where do your eyes go? It might be to the knick-knacks on your desk or you might find your eyes wandering to the walls while you think. To that end, finding the right art to go on your walls can be a big bonus. You can choose pieces that are interesting to get you thinking creatively, relaxing scenes to help you keep an even keel, or simple motivational messages and pictures to get you back in the game.

A place to relax

It might not be that the work or the environment itself is causing you stress. It might be that you’re sat in an uncomfortable position for too long. If you do the majority of your earning from your desk chair, then you should invest in an ergonomic one that makes it easier to do so. Otherwise, you might want to add a lie-down couch or beanbag to the corner of the room so that you can take breaks somewhere a little more comfortable.

The blue light blues

Another stressful factor of office work is that we do most of it while facing a screen projecting blue light that can keep our mind a little too active, especially at night. There are blue light glasses, screen covers, and light dimming apps that can help you manage how much of this light you expose your eyes to.

We humans don’t do well with stagnating, and neither are we well suited to environments that feel like they’re stagnating around us, too. The tips above can help you refresh the office and keep things creative, organised and productive in there.
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