Top Tips For Shaving With Sensitive Skin*

by Nikki LLL Blog, January 02, 2022
Sensitive skin is a problem most of us have faced at some point, either through shaving or general skincare routines - We put our bodies through a lot to look good! Unfortunately, shaving is one of those repeat stresses for those of us with sensitive skin, so here are a few tips to reduce any discomfort the next time you shave your legs.

Top Tips For Shaving With Sensitive Skin

#1 Always use fresh blades

There are plenty of cheap disposable razors that are available these days, but they are hit and miss. The best way to cut oneself whilst shaving is to use a dull blade - it doesn't have the same level of sharpness so you're not likely to get as many nicks. As soon as your blade starts to dull, it's time for a new one. Or invest in a higher quality electric leg shaver to help reduce waste.

#2 Use plenty of shaving cream

Some people apply too little shaving cream, usually because they can't be bothered to wait for it to set in. For those of us who shave with sensitive skin and would like a nice close shave, we need to make sure we don't skimp on the shaving cream: It'll stop you from cutting yourself and will offer plenty of lubrication so your razor glides smoothly across your legs.

#3 Exfoliate before you shave

This is really important! When the skin isn't dry or dead skin cells aren't removed before shaving, it can lead to ingrown hairs and other skin irritations which are absolutely no fun.

#4 Try waxing instead of shaving

It's not for everyone, but if you're sick of the daily trouble that is shaving your legs - waxing is a great option. You can grab it done at your local salon or buy an affordable kit to use at home - either way, the results are fantastic and last longer than shaving.

#5 Finish off with a soothing toner

If you've got particularly sensitive skin that goes red quite easily then it might be worth finishing off with a nice cooling toner to reduce any inflammation and soothe any irritation. This should help calm and clean your skin ready for moisturising! The BioEffect Soothing Facial Toner is perfect for this job as it has a tea tree base which is great for fighting off any bacteria that could cause your skin problems.

#6 Moisturise with a good quality moisturiser

Moisturising is important, whether you're shaving or not - if you want to avoid dry skin all year round make sure you are moisturising every single day. If your legs are particularly sensitive after shaving then it might be worth using a rich formula like the Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Therapy Oil which has Vitamin E and Shea Butter in it, these ingredients help to protect the skin on your legs by providing insight against harsh weather conditions and keep them nice and smooth at the same time!

Did any of these tips help you?
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