How To Plan The Perfect Girls' Night Out*

by Nikki LLL Blog, February 12, 2022

How To Plan The Perfect Girls' Night Out

A girls' night out always produces memories to last a lifetime. Whether it’s for someone’s birthday, a hen do, or just a random night out - girls’ nights are often the best nights of the year! There are a variety of reasons why you might hit the town with your best friends, so make sure you plan it perfectly.

How To Plan The Perfect Girls' Night Out

Get your hair and make-up done

First things first - doll up! Before going out with your friends, head down to the hairdressers, splash out and get your hair done. Colour it, curl it - you do you! This is a big night and you’ve got to look your best so when you’ve finished at the hairdressers, why not go all out and get your makeup done too? 

Make this a full pamper day in preparation for the night ahead. Do you have your outfit picked out yet? If not, hurry out to the shops where you’ll be spoilt for choice with dresses for women. What sort of places are you headed out to? Cocktail bars, gin bars, the local pub or the town’s trending club for a night of dancing? When considering your outfit, make an informed choice based on where you’ll be going in that dress!

Consider a theme

Are you going out on the town for a special occasion? Has one of your friends recently gotten engaged, moved house or got a new job? There’s nothing better than celebrating with your BFFs. If it’s a celebratory night out, choose a theme for you all to follow. This could be one colour you all match with. It doesn’t matter what you wear, just make sure it matches the chosen theme! Women’s clothing has so many variations, categories and styles, so pick something that suits you and makes you feel comfortable.

Head out early

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Why go out early when the clubs and bars aren’t as busy? This is exactly why! It also means you can make the night last longer, rather than heading out late and time somehow slips away into the early hours so quickly.

It’s also a blessing for any mums in your friend group, who may need to be up early in the morning and won’t want to pull an all-nighter!

Travel in style

Make the most of your girls' night out by travelling to your destination in style. Hire out a private vehicle - maybe a limousine or a party taxi and bring plenty of drinks for the journey! 

Make a day of it

It’s called a ‘girls night out’ but you don’t have to wait till dark for the antics to begin. Make a whole day of it with a pamper session at the spa (with a tipple of course!)

Girls night in?

If a night on the town in jam-packed bars and clubs, shouting over the music to hear each other is not your idea of fun, consider a night in with the girls.

A night of laughter, wine, some sweet snack and your favourite film is just what the soul needs. Order a massive takeaway, stuff your face and enjoy a night of non-stop laughing (or crying depending on your film of choice!) with your best friends.

Films not your thing? What about a game night with different board games, card games, or even drinking games? A night in can be whatever you want to make of it - always something to consider when organising your next get-together with the girls! 

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