In amongst the elderly madmen who think it's acceptable to either touch me [or that it's okay to just full-on stink], smackheads and general nutjobs who lurk within my local B&M Bargains store, you can find a well-hidden, well-stocked beauty aisle of glory. 

I haven't bought anything for a while as I am possibly the poorest person in the land, but after an old man wearing a trenchcoat and paint [deliberately] applied all over his face wafted his horrendous smell past me in the Post Office before yelling 'LOVE YOU, BYE' to the startled member of staff behind the counter, I felt I needed to splurge a little bit in order to replace such mental memories with nice ones. This really happened, guys. It's not even an exaggeration.  

Here's what I bought and my first impressions. And the less we speak of that man, the better, k? *does a sick in mouth*


Rimmel Vinyl Gloss Lipgloss in shade 730 Cosmic, £3.49

I went through a proper mixed experience with this product. I bought it thinking it was a pure nude colour - a bit like the Velvet Teddy shade. But then once I got it home and into natural light, I noticed it was proper metallic looking. 

'Bloody hell,' I grumbled to myself, 'I'm going to look like a sh*tting robot.' I wasn't too impressed at all, I didn't fancy channelling my inner cyborg / looking like that C3PO fella.

But once I gave it a chance and cracked it out of its plastic, my feelings changed once more - for the better. It actually applies really nicely and not like metal. It's the old cliche 'my lip colour, but better'; - a proper nice, subtle shade that's perfect for Autumn. 

It also smells lovely - it reminds me of being a teenager and some of the [shockingly sh*t, but nice smelling] products I used to use. It also tastes / smells a bit like those sugar cigarette sweets you used to be able to buy for about 15p a pack when I was a kid and me Ma would shout at me for pretending to smoke them and I'd be like 'Chill out Ma, I'm not honking on a crack pipe or anything, I'm only 6.'

Ah, memories.


W7 In The Buff Natural Nudes 12 Eyeshadow Palette, £4

I've seen about 232 posts on this palette [so I won't bore you with pure loads of waffle about it] but thanks to all you beautiful blogger-enablers of the internet, I really wanted to try it out. The first thing that strikes me about it, is that for £4, this actually looks incredibly bloody high-end. It really does look like the Urban Decay palettes [or what I've seen of them, in photos #poorpeopleproblems.]

The inner within the tin has a lovely faux leather look to it and it comes with a pretty alright brush / applicator, as well. The eyeshadows themselves are fab; a truly gorgeous range of shades that are proper pigmented with a great colour pay-off.  I'm so impressed with this, I'm definitely going to invest in the other two palettes next time I brave B&M. And if you can swerve the raging weirdos and village perverts standing near the medicine section of B&M's beauty aisle, I strongly suggest you invest, too.


Chapstick 'MixStix' in Strawberry Banana Smoothie [think this was about £1.29]

This was a proper random purchase; my trusty Carmex has nearly ran out [and is plastered with sand from the beach on holiday] so I was looking for a replacement to keep my lips in shape, when I spotted this. 

It's basically a dual-sided lip balm; one end being a yellow banana flavour balm and the other, a cute pink strawberry. You can use each side separately or mix them together for the smoothie effect. I won't lie, right - these smell and taste SO GOOD that it actually makes me a bit emotional. Legitimate tears prick my eyes when I smell the strawberry one [yeah, I'm a loser - I don't even care haha.]

Hydration wise, it's alright like; nothing to write home about - but the smell of this alone makes me happier than I am when I find a coin on the floor. And I mean, I truly buzz off that experience, so you can judge how much I enjoy this.


Have you tried any of these products? Have you stumbled across any amazing beauty buys - or local lunatics - in your local B&M store?

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