A few weeks ago, the gorgeous Emmy from Emmysbeautycave sent me a cheeky invite on Twitter, which allowed me to get my mitts on a sample of the newly released Benefit Air Patrol BB Cream Eyelid Primer. And am I one to turn down a freebie? Haaaaa, as if. 

Tbh, I completely forgot about it until today - and nearly weed myself in excitement upon realising I had unexpected mail [yes, my life is that supremely tragic.] 

Just look how cute this is though - the sample I was sent comes with its very own boarding pass and everything. 

Due to living full-time within poverty town - with regular visits to debt city, I'm not too clued up on high-end brands. So if [like me] you're not totes sure what Air Patrol is or does, here's a cheeky little run down.

  • Air Patrol is a BB Cream Eyelid Primer. 93% said it feels calming and soothing and 94% said it relieves dryness.
  • Air Patrol helps protect against Environmental Stress [such as pollutants, sun and smoke] with its SPF20 and Shea extract.
  • Air Patrol can be used as a primer to lock your eyeshadow in place.
  • The special shade of Air Patrol gives natural-looking colour correction on all skin-tones.*
*paraphrased from the promotional materials I received with my Air Patrol sample

So, what's it like?

First things first, it smells nice. That is a major criteria in my books - especially if I'm going to be rubbing a product into my eyelids! It's a lovely, light consistency; it applied really nicely and blended really well. It felt almost cooling on my eyelid; it felt like the way Garnier BB Cream does on my face - like it really woke me up. I agree with the 93% of people surveyed - Air Patrol definitely felt soothing and calming on my skin. Win.

Does it work?

I love a good experiment - so, all in the name of blogging, I applied a little Air Patrol and bashed out a cheeky smokey eye look onto my right peeper and left it there, all day. I 100% forgot about this one-eye-wayne situation and went down to the communal area in my flat and evs - definitely looked like a loon. Or maybe the trend will catch on?

Anyway, I worked ferociously slaving over my Macbook all day, scrambled some eggs, took some rubbish out , drank copious amounts of tea and forgot [AGAIN!] I was testing this out and rubbed my eye pretty hard - and even after all that, my makeshift smokey eye (courtesy of one of my favourite MUA palettes) is still going st-rong.

Does it have a space in my life?

This sample has flown into my life at just the right time - pre-festive, party season. I can't wait to give it a whirl over Xmas, as the real test of time will be going for meals and pulling all nighters after festivities. If this little beaut holds up in the same way it's done so far, I'll be purchasing a full size tube for sure. No doubt this product will really take off now it's been released.... I predict that Air Patrol will definitely fly off the shelves... PAAahahaa I love a good pun, me. Sorry, guys. I've done well holding them in for that long though, right?


Have you tried Air Patrol, or got any plans to? Or do you have any other must-have eyeshadow primers you recommend?

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