You may have seen my post last week featuring the fabulous Zara Snake Print Dress from Luxemme [and if you didn't, it's well worth a read - though I am slightly bias, like.] Well, I was that impressed with the item itself, I only went back for more, didn't I? 

You know when you have one of those days when you're feeling pure miserable and even a brew and a whole packet of Bourbon biscuits later, you're still not smiling? Well yeah, that happened - and old Mr Credit Card took the brunt of dem feelz. Soz lad. 

Since my accident last year [accident as in I injured myself, not like 'I had an accident' in the sense of publicly weeing myself or anything...] I've felt a bit on the turd side of life. So I wanted to treat myself to something a bit fit for over the Christmas Party Season; just on the off-chance a miracle happens and I start to actually have a life and leave the house to converse with actual human beings. 

The more I browsed Luxemme's website, the more bits I started to eye up - when I suddenly clapped eyes on this little beauty and it was love at first sight [I wanted to make some pure pun there, like love at first website or something but I'm too tired to make that work - so I'm just gonna leave that hanging.]

Meet the Paris Ruched Side Wrap Dress, £28.00. 

I don't really even have many more words to say here [and that's unusual for me.] Just that I absolutely love it. 

I don't really own any nude, beige or camel clothing - so I feel proper sophisticated and [dare I say it] like I'm channelling some Kardashian vibes in this. Minus the figure, lips or boot-ay like; but almost like an actual, functioning human being.

I love the colour, I love the shape [and how flattering it is] and I love the slinky, soft material. Until now, I've never really owned anything else quite like this; but I'll never be without a dress of this style again! It's a fab shape and colour - and a style which you can really dress up; for almost any occasion. I'm super excited to try a few different looks out pre-party season :}


What do you think? Are you a fan? Have you ordered from Luxemme before?

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