'Iya bbz. First things first, I'm not dead - I've just had a pretty crappy couple of weeks, packed full of pain and anxiety; so I've spent my time eating bourbon biscuits and taking copious amounts of bubble baths, whilst not blogging or being remotely social. Soz about me. Normal service will resume soon - especially while I'm off work over Christmas; I'll have plenty of time on my hands to harass you all, retweet pug dogs on Twitter and stalk everyone's Blogmas efforts :}

Right, now that obligatory explanatory paragraph is out of the way, let's jump right in.

I was lucky enough to be contacted recently by Born Pretty; an online Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle store. Born Pretty is one of those sites where there's that much stuff and that many mad [yet insanely useful] little contraptions for so cheap, that before you know it, you've lost about 12 hours of your life browsing their stock. You can also add about 4,532 items to your basket and as Born Pretty charge such tiny prices [with FREE SHIPPING] in dollars, it still only comes to about a tenner [slight exaggeration, but you get my drift - if you're into bargains, this place is like a treasure trove.] They literally sell everything in the world ever. It's definitely worth a browse; they do such great deals that you could easily set up your own business buying and selling - like all the cool kids do on Depop [and something which I often discover during my Expectation vs Reality series!]

[l-r Curly crisscross false eyelashes | Natural look waterproof smudge proof eyebrow cream in '#2' | Fluorescent liquid moisturising lasting stick paint in '#4']

Anyway, the lovely people at Born Pretty let me choose some items from their Makeup Range online to try out. So before I start waffling on about something totes off topic, let's crack on so I can show you what I got in more detail!

From the moment I unwrapped this lipgloss, I immediately fell in love with the packaging. It smells lovely, looks an amazing, lilacy-pink shade and [fun fact for you] the head of the lipgloss applicator rolls as you apply the gloss, which was unexpected, but pretty cool in helping spread the product evenly on application. Colour wise, how did it look on the lips?

As you can see, it actually applies pretty much the colour it looks like in the tube. It's a little less bright / lilac looking on the lips than it is in it's packaging, but after a couple of applications, the colour definitely began to build up. It lasted for a while on the lips and it's not super mega sticky either; it's actually quite a nice feel on the lips.

I'm a bit obsessed with brow kits and getting my somewhat wispy brows to look more Delevingne, so I couldn't not pick one of Born Pretty's brow products to try. I'm notoriously bad at picking the correct coloured eyebrow products for my skin, I always go too dark. So after reading this review on a similar Born Pretty product from the amazing Jemma @ Dorkface Blog, I decided to play it safe and order shade 02, rather than going for the darker shade.

Before & After

Here's my before and after shots, please excuse my feeble excuse for eyebrows pre-product. This cream definitely plumps and instantly bushes up your eyebrows a la Delevingne, but I did find it a bit messy and not the easiest to apply; especially as I am used to using an eyebrow pencil, rather than a liquid product. It also seemed to like, clump up a bit in my eyebrow hair - but I think it's something I could definitely improve my skills with, with practice. Maybe I've just got a bit stuck in my ways - what do you guys think of the look?

Well... I ordered this set of eyelashes which [when you clink the link above] look a little different than the ones I was sent... but luckily, I like the ones I received just as much. They're quite lightweight and wispy, but I've been getting quite into lighter lashes atm; so these arrived at just the right time of my life.

Et voila! The lashes don't come with glue, but as an eyelash obsesso - I have about 232 tubes of the stuff in every bag I own, so that's not a problem for me. I found these lashes quite easy to apply and very natural looking; great for wear during the day. They're also quite long on the strip, ideal for you to trim down and customise to being the shape and length you want on your eyelid. They add a little extra flutter and length to your natural eyelashes - and I'd definitely be interested to try out more from Born Pretty's range.


If you fancy a cheeky 10% off at the treasure trove of trinkets that is Born Pretty [there's so much to try]  enter my code AINH10 at the checkout ... making the incredibly cheap even cheaper :}

Have you ever tried anything from Born Pretty? Have you clocked anything on their site you'd like to try? I reckon my next two purchases will be this and this - potential game changers for me!! What do you think?

*this post contains items that Born Pretty sent me for review. In the interest of full disclosure, I wanted to make you guys aware of that. As ever, all opinions are my own - I wouldn't lie to you guys, as it's not big and it's not clever!

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