It's no secret that I'm a cheapskate / right tight-arse when it comes to coin. I'd love to flash the cash like a bad-ass pimp, but I don't really have any [and I'm like the complete opposite of a pimp.] Money is particularly thin on the ground for me at the moment - so if I pass by a penny literally lying on the ground, I'm on it like a car bonnet; regardless of the high chance that said penny has been urinated on by the local scallys, so that they can observe me picking it up from a distance and lol. Lads, there was a time in my life where I couldn't go outside without being viciously pooed on by a seagull [and don't even mention those weeks of dog poo doom] - do you think a tiny bit of wee is going to put me off?

For someone who drops their phone as regularly as I do, it has become evident that some kind of protective shell is a must. And obv, the best protective shells are those that ooze glitter, hearts and pink unicorn vibes. I started phonecase shopping at Christmas [after a spate of dropping my phone quite aggressively on laminate flooring] and found some absolute beauts; such as pretty much the entirety of Skinny Dip's collection.

Skinny Dip's range of cases cause little pink hearts to appear in my eyes, like the emoji. However, their price tags make my actual heart sink pretty quickly. I can't justify spending a week's food budget on one luxury item [no matter how glittery and triumphant this item would be.] Fear not however - as I've found an el cheapo alternative / imitation / knock off of Skinny Dip's glitter cases on eBay, for just £3.75 including postage, that's truly rocked my [thermal] socks. And I want to share the joy with you.

How pretty is this, please?! 

These cases come in other colours - with different glitter options available, too - and are made to fit most of today's smartphones. Did I mention that they also come with free flipping delivery - and that this free postal service was that rapid, that my glittery case of triumph and pink arrived in just two days, despite me ordering it over Christmas and during the time that Royal Mail were more erratic with their deliveries than Britain's weather is at the moment!! The glitter swishes about as you move your phone; it's oddly mesmerising. I've lost many a minute sitting staring at it, like the loser I am hahaha.

I wanted to share this discovery with you, so that your phone too can be pretty, glittery and a right diva - for a fraction of the price you'd have to pay on the high street! And the money this'll save you can go towards much more important stuff; such as bourbon biscuits and chocolate oranges [just like mine did]. #Priorities. Thanks eBay, you little babe. 

Click HERE if you want to order one of these babies / find out more 

What kind of case do you dress your phone in? Where do you get your tech accessories from?

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