I'm obsessed with false eyelashes. I wear a pair every single day of my life - even though my natural eyelashes aren't too shabby with a decent mascara, so I could probably get away with not bothering [if I could afford good makeup, ever, that is.] 

Popping on a pair of falsies just makes me feel so much better about my life and overall face. Even if the rest of my makeup is nonexistent and my general facial area resembles a sick joke, I'll pop some lashes on and instantly feel a lot more like I have my life in order - and less like a massive wrong-un.

My obsession has resulted in me having gone through a lot of lashes over the past few years [the eyelash graveyards lurking around my room are testament to that!!] and has also meant that I've tried and tested a fair few brands, from all different parts of the world. Some have been well fit, and others - shockingly sh*t. That's all part and parcel of finding a brand and shape of lash that works for you, I guess, but has meant that I'm now pretty passionate about sourcing lashes that truly have the wow factor. And, of course [if you've not already gathered by my constant references to poverty and bargain euphoria plastered throughout my blog] I'm even more passionate about a good old bargain

Lashunlimited* are a brand I noticed on Twitter recently, who instantly grabbed my attention. I'm forever Twitter creepin' to find bargain brands and stuff I want to try out [I have sooooooo many screenshots of stuff I want to buy in my camera roll, for the attention of future me who will hopefully be less of a pauper than present tense me, who picks pennies off the floor with pride.] Their prices are unbelievably cheap and caught my eye straight away - 1 pair of lashes = £2.50, 3 pairs = £6 and 5 pairs of lashes = just £9. FYI, they also offer wholesale prices for bulk orders, for any of you muas out there. 

Anyway, Lashunlimited very kindly sent me a package of lashes and triumph to try out. Prepare yourselves to witness the fitness. Oh and before I go full steam ahead, I just want to add - you don't get glue with these lashes, but to be fair, you don't get glue with most falsies these days and it's not a problem in the slightest for me; I have about 15,000 tubes of eyelash glue in my handbag alone. You can pick up tubes of eyelash glue on Amazon as well, which are super effective and super cheap. My younger, much more makeup savvy, babe of a little sister gets her glue from there - and her makeup game is permanently strong. 

#4 Lashes 

These are my personal favourite. "Medium dense wispy lashes that increase in length towards the outer corners. Perfect for a natural cat eye."

#6 Lashes

I really love the shape and the graduation of these lashes. "These lashes add a medium thickness to your own. The spikes add a little length too."

#1 Lashes

Lightweight, subtle lashes to add a little length and flutter. "Light and natural looking lashes that can be worn in the day or at night-time for a hint of glam."

Wow. Just wow. I'm so impressed with these lashes - they're cheap [get in], great quality and arrived super, super fast. What do you think of them? I'll definitely post some looks with these lashes on over the next few days, so you guys can get an idea of how they look in real life, too. Plus, I'm getting right into selfies these days. 

Amid all this lash excitement, I've been ferociously stalking Lashunlimited's Instagram to see what else they have to offer - and have fallen madly in love with their #9 lashes; so I'll defo be making an order with them soon. Their #8 and #7 lashes also massively entice me - so watch this space to hear my thoughts on them once I've placed my order. The best part of all of this is that I don't even have to feel guilty about spending, with prices this reasonable! Screw you, January!! 


What do you think about the range? Have you tried anything from Lashunlimited's collection before? What are your go-to lashes?

*I was very kindly gifted these lashes from Lashunlimited, but all opinions are well honest and all my own. 
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