I am a miserable, cantankerous old bag; let's face it. And sometimes, I like to express this firey, internalised rage / soul-crushing cynicism on the internet. So with that in mind, here's a post of just a few of my unpopular opinions on life. Probs best to take them all with a pinch of salt, a bag of popcorn and a sprinkling of lols, tbh - yous should know by now that I don't take myself or life too seriously! Let me know what grinds your gears in the comments below, or if you agree with me on any of these points!

1. I think Ed Sheeran is massively overrated and a bit of a bellend. Soz.

2. I've never watched Broadchurch, Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead. And I really can't be arsed to. I'm okay with that.

3. I love dupes. I'm pretty much the poster child for poverty, so it's the dupe life for me all the way.

4. I don't like wearing much highlighter. I just think it makes me look like Sweaty Susan / Oil Slick Olive; which I spend most of my life trying to counteract with matte setting powder.

5. I have about 2342342 unread email notifications on my phone and that's okay with me. Whereas most people are violently sick when they look at my phone, and question my life choices. But that's fine, because I ask 'What is my life?' approximately ten times an hour, too.

6. Although I love them on other people, I don't like claw / long nails. I just feel like a giant chicken, clawing at my eyes.

7. Lush is overpriced and overrated.

8. The people who follow / unfollow me regularly and think I don't notice are prime bell pieces. Plz stop.  I'm not about that bot life.

9. All male feet are VILE.

10. I don't like peppermint tea.

11. I LOVE trashy TV like Geordie Shore and Ibiza Weekender. Everyone seems to judge me for this admission, but I'd love to be on these shows. They have a legit ball. But in my life, I don't.

12. Beyonce's alright, like. Good voice, bangin body. But I don't get the obsession.

13. I also don't get celeb crushes. Like yeah, I'd bang Ryan Gosling if he offered, but people go a bit batsh*t crazy with their fandoms and fan accounts don't they? Or making things up, like they banged Zayn from 1D. No you didn't, queen.

14. I really don't like those bags where people draw those caricatures of you on the side with massive eyelashes. Like, this unpopular opinion borders on hatred, tbh.

15. I MUCH prefer Asda to Tesco. Dat 'Whoops!' shelf, tho.

16. I'm in no rush to have kids, at all. Or get married. I'd much rather hoard cats.

17. I hate it when people / brands post other people's images on Instagram without credit. This isn't alright.

18. Brushing your hair is overrated.

19. Copying is NOT a form of flattery - it's really annoying.

20. Indirects are so 2013. Come on queens, let's just be honest and open with each other; and not outright keyboard warriors. K?

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