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Yous know the drill by now. More often than not, when it comes to getting a phone case on the cheap; you pay about 12p in proper good faith... only to find out it's being shipped to you from the depths of China and more often than not, when it FINALLY ARRIVES, looks sh*t all like it did in the photos. This is what they call the good old Expectation vs Reality effect... a series I'm actually hoping to relaunch this year. Anyway.

On the flipside, you might not be as much of a tramp's arse as me and actually splash a bitta cash out on ya new case; spending about £20 on it [again, in good faith] ... only for it to turn up looking like fried sh*te because in reality, it's stock which has been bought in from China & subjected to a massive mark up in price. The struggle is so real. That's why I wanted to drop by today and tell you about the pretty damn sexual phone case I picked off from eBay recently - which was under a fiver inc shipping, turned up in 2 days and of an actual decent quality. Cos I'm ALL ABOUT saving you guys money, as well as adhering to my strict, super-trampy budget.

eBay Marble iPhone Case Lovelaughslipstick Blog

eBay Marble iPhone Case Lovelaughslipstick Blog

I mean, that ain't too shabby is it?! I was pretty frigging impressed with it to be honest - this is one of the few times I've ordered something on the cheap via eBay and it's not turned up with some major defect or subject to a 32 week delivery time. It's one of those rubber cases; so it's soft to touch and doesn't come with the risk of me dropping it & smashing it to sh*t. It also doesn't pure bulk out ya phone like some of the solid cases too - this phone is frigging big enough as it is, it doesn't need any help on that front.

On a somewhat related side note - whatever happened to the good old days, where the smaller your phone was was proportionate to how cool you are? I feel like a proper loser with this raging great whopper - I don't feel like I'll ever break out of that High School mindset tbh. The perils of the memories of my BRICK of a first mobile will remain with me for all time.

eBay Marble iPhone Case Lovelaughslipstick Blog

Yes, I ordered geometric marble and yes, I am a cliche, basic-as-f*ck blogger - but I honestly don't even care. I love this minimal design with its cheeky fleck of baby pink; so fight me if you have an issue with my 'so-blogger' choices. But if it's not to your taste [which, fair enough, some of you may look at this and vom in your mouths] the same seller does a load more designs, all for the same [ish] price.

You can grab this case for £4.85 inc postage - or scroll the available designs on the listing to choose a different design. I'm made up with this purchase and highly recommend this seller tbh. And that's saying something - as there's a load of shady AF characters on eBay I wouldn't touch with a bargepole. 

eBay Marble iPhone Case Lovelaughslipstick Blog

Where do you typically get your phone cases or accessories from? On that note, I've also ordered a pop-socket to go on this case [again, from eBay] as I just find these handy little inventions game changing tbh. So I'll be sure to let you know how that is ... that was under £2!
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