Whether you’re studying, working every hour under the sun like me or right into blogging; considering and optimising the surroundings in the workspace you have around you can be crucial in smashing your to-do list [and not driving yourself slowly insane / getting distracted AF by Cooking Fever like me.] 

Procrastination - a familiar, lifelong friend of mine, costs businesses approximately 76 billion quid each year... which is just cray-cray; isn't it?! As well as the obvious - that procrastination is a HUGE reason why we don't always learn or perform to the best of our abilities as well as we could.

One great way to better focus our minds on the task at hand is, as mentioned, by optimising our space. Regardless of whether you're trying to learn new skills or put old ones to good use, being in the right environment can make the world of difference in what you can achieve; and go a long way in helping you successfully complete your objective. Here's a few of the best ways to optimise ya learning / workspace [one for you aspiring full-time bloggers out there.]

Optimise Your Office Space / Blogging Area, Lovelaughslipstick Blog
Make it personal

It may sound obvious, but having few home comforts & lil personal touches dotted about your workstation can go a long way in increasing your productivity levels. Family photos and postcards of your favourite quotes [like my 'Messy Bun, Get Stuff Done' life mantra I have framed] are great visuals that can help get your creative juices flowing & motivate you to SMASH IT.

Add greenery

Studies have shown that having greenery in your workspace can offer you a host of benefits. Little touches of autumn flowering are great ways to increase our concentration levels and lower the sensation of stress. 

The likes of ferns clean our air space, while the snake plant also cleans up toxins. Succulents such as the oh-so-blogger cactus are also a useful addition to your space for  more decorative purposes; as they don’t take a lot of looking after. If you're a bit of a plant murderer, maybe stick to the cactuses, k?

Let there be light

And I don't mean that in a pure Jesus way, though if you wanna pray as you work then totes crack on, hun. In this modern, digital age; a lot of our work / or studying is conducted on a computer. Natural light is an amazing way to counteract the effects of sitting in front of an artificially-lit computer screen. Natural lighting is known to enhance our mood & increase our levels of happiness; as it's a great source of Vitamin D [which I'm legit deficient in.] 

Without enough D [Vitamin or otherwise!] some people can experience SAD [Seasonal Affective Disorder] ... so being exposed to natural sunlight gives you a bangin' source of this crucial vitamin and should cheer you up a bit, if you're having a bit of a turd Monday morning.

It is suggested that a brightly lit room can encourage a more critical and analytical thought process. Probs a good environment for writing essays etc; which alarms me in retrospect when I recall how dark and dingy my room at Uni was 😂

Optimise Your Office Space / Blogging Area, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

Stay organised

Clutter is a major downfall when you’re trying to be productive.  You've no doubt heard the phrase clear desk, clear mind in various forms - and it's totes true. I feel so much better, happier and more accomplished when I'm not surrounded by mounds of paper and biscuit wrappers.

By ensuring that your workspace is free of unnecessary distractions, you're more likely to remain focused on the task at hand. You can do this by having a bin within reach, setting up a physical inbox for your papers & scheduling regular cleaning times.

Be colourful

You may not realise it, but the colour theme of your space can make a big difference. 

Red has been linked to boost how alert we are. It’s also looked upon as the ‘colour of passion’. Elsewhere, blue can help us generate ideas and keeps us focused on the task at hand; whilst our boy green helps us to avoid the dreaded eye fatigue and stay efficient.  If you're looking to keep stress levels to a minimum, you should consider white or beige decor; as these tones can have a calming effect.

Choose sounds to suit you

This point can differ for each person. While some people work best in silence, others prefer a bit of background noise. And for me, this varies depending on what I'm working on

Everyone benefits from sound / lack of whilst working; in their own way. Either way, a good set of headphones could be the ideal solution when focussing ya mind, as they can either block out the tones around you or provide the tunes/podcasts best suited to keeping you productive. Other low-level noise could distract you from your studying or work and have a negative effect... I know a lot of people like ASMR like... the talky stuff, but that distracts me no end as I'm nosy AF and my mind just needs to know what's being said.

Why not try classical music? Italian researchers have found that this genre can significantly enhance your working memory performance, while research in the Journal of Consumer Research also found that a moderate level of ambient noise can benefit our creative senses. On the odd time I've tried this, I have actually found it's helped too.

Of course, there's no definitive, one-size-fits-all solution to achieving an optimum workspace. In the end, each of us learns in a different way; but by following the above steps, you should have enough to consider to set yourself up nicely & smash those goals!
*Collaborative post - for more information on what this means, please see my Disclaimer

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