Oh dating. That old chestnut. On the rare occasion you locate a nice, non-gobsh*te of a fella; dating can be quite sweet. Almost [dare I say it?]... tolerable. I was thinking before about some of my favourite places - those street signs with rude names I've posed next to, the clubs I've stumbled out of - smashed, the pubs I've guzzled out of cider in the Summer... nostalgic AF.

Which then, chronologically, lead me onto thinking about some of the best dates / almost successful romantic interactions with boys I've had in my three decades on this planet. And I decided I'd compile a list - possibly for bae in training's benefit, possibly for future bae's benefit or possibly of no use to anyone at all ever of some of the best places locally I can think of to visit on a date. So here we are. In no particular order.

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1. Big Asda
Honestly, big Asda is one of my favourite places in not just the North West, but the country. Like a day out in itself, everything about big Asda is just triumphant. The caff upstairs. The bangin reduced DVDs, the 'Everything £1' section, the bakery, the home stuff and those glorious 'Whoops!' stickers of joy; making eating that bit easier for proper poor people like me.

2. Anywhere with food. Especially cheese fuelled food
Although you might not get that much chat out of me as I stuff me gob with cheese encrusted foods, know that internally; I'm super appreciative of the gesture & probably planning to whack my marriage sack out at some stage. I'm not fussy - from Maccies to posh-arse faves such as Gusto; I'm just here for the cheeses & garlic hun.

3. Anywhere with Jager
Oh Jagermeister; my sweet salvation & equally sweet downfall. I love you so. I love the taste so much - and - top tip, it's quite nice mixed with coca cola... so order that rather than with Redbull & save them dollarz bby gurl xox

4. The Cat Cafe
This is probably a bad one to include on a list of date places, as I would spend zero time with the person I took with me and all the time weeping over / stalking / stroking the precious fluffy angels who live here. Who I mentioned / shared snaps of in this post. But I just love it so much that it had to make the cut. And one day I might meet someone I love more than cats, I suppose.

5. B&M
TAKE ME TO B&M AND LEND ME UR WALLET. I don't make the rules here, I just enforce them.

6. Bowling
I actually really, really enjoy bowling as a date or social activity. Bar the insanely tragic shoes. I get right into it as I'm competitive AF... but I'm also terrible at it, so have the ramps up & normally get told off for 'throwing' the bowling ball at least 8 or 9 times.

7. The Arcade
Any opportunity for gambling and I'm there. With bells on. I also get quite into those shooter games in the arcade - I'm surprisingly pretty good at them; channeling my inner rage into Time Crisis or the one with the dinosaurs. 

8. The Darts
Another surprising entry on the list is... darts. I never ever thought my life would be this way, but I went to watch the darts in the Echo arena once & I'll be honest; my life changed. It was SUCH a fun night, and we made up our own drinking games based on each score. Would strangely recommend. I also can't get enough of playing darts. But I am still sh*t.

9. The Zoo
An obvious pick for an animal enthusiast like me, but come on. Exotic big pets PLS *heart eyes* Again, my date would always come secondary to the animals, but that's just like a strangely accurate metaphor for my life would be; so it's a good taster of what life would be like thereafter if this was an early date choice. 1% of my attention would be given to a bae; 99% of the rest is dedicated to scouting out cute dogs & weeping.

10. The Beach
Being by the sea / on the beach is my favourite place in the world. Formby is idyllic when the weather's nice; I've spent a few date days there with strawberry cider and naps, and I can 10/10 recommend for a cutesy, outdoorsy day with a picnic [and 10/10 dog spotting opportunities.]

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Are you single, dating or in a relationship at the moment? Where would you pick out for your top ten date locations? Would big Asda make the cut for you?

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