I was a nail model at a friend's salon this week; where a girl who was training to become qualified in the art of acrylic nails used my talons to create some of her very first lewks. Although she was a little unsure of her finished result, I properly love my new set of claws & am having a ball tap-tap-tapping away on my keyboard whilst writing up this post.

It is mad how much of a confidence boost little cosmetic additions to ya life can give you isn't it - I'm proper keen to get Russian Volume Lash Extensions next; cos just think of how put together & ready to hit the ground running I'd be with them and my posh new nails?! Not to mention the huge list of aesthetic procedures I want on my face this year - I've written up a manifestation list of all the things I want & stuck it next to my bed to make it happen. Will definitely have to remember to take it down if I ever decide to entertain company again, tho - there's some proper cringe stuff also made the cut [such as new tea towels & a chair 😂] 

With celebrities, influencers & the gorgeous gals you see pretty much everywhere flaunting their aesthetically perfect appearances & on-fleek facial features, it's hard not to feel a little tempted to want to get some work done here or there. 

For me, I don't want to massively alter my appearance; I just wanna make little aesthetic tweaks to make me the best version of me - and improve my wayyyyy low levels of self-worth / esteem. Am I having a mid-life crisis, with tattoos, treatments and posh talons? Probably, hun. But as Alanis Morrisette once sang... 'if it makes you happy...' - and happiness / self acceptance is defo what I'm pursuing RN. It's imperative if you're considering any form of procedure to do your research, and book in at a reputable clinic which is fully insured / qualified for the treatment you're seeking

Somewhere like 23MD

23MD are a specialised cosmetic & medical boutique clinic in London, who offer a huge range of beauty and wellness treatments. With their ‘Centre of Excellence’ status, the clinic strive to provide both men & women with the chance to explore cutting-edge options; allowing us to maintain our inner and outer beauty. Their team of doctors are leading specialists in their respective fields & work with their patients to deliver dreamy results.

They offer a huge variety of treatments; including Coolsculpting [something I've tried before], dermal filler [something I defo want!], non-surgical facelifts, botox and numerous wellness treatments too; linking back to that inner & outer beauty reference above.

Deciding to go for any form of medical or aesthetic procedure is a big decision - one which you should properly think about & discuss with your practitioner before you go ahead; so you fully understand what to expect, any side-effects and what the end result will look like. The team at 23MD are on-hand to help support you with this; offering an exemplary duty of care, delivered in a convenient, comfortable and private environment. Their expert team strives not only to meet your expectations, but to surpass them. Which sounds pretty good to me!

I am actually going to be experimenting with dermal filler next week [I'm taking a lil trip down to London to learn more!] so watch this space for a lil update on that.

Have you had any aesthetic tweak-ments done before, or would you like to?
*Sponsored post, all opinions my own xo
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