Is there anything better than a stay-over in a hotel [be this a city break, an overnight stay or a week all-inclusive in a 5* resort in Mykonos] with the gals?! The memories, the laughs, the indulgence of staying somewhere away from home; with fluffy towels & sachets of posh tea by the kettle. I always seem to sleep better in hotel beds too - don't know why? πŸ™‹

I'm staying in a hotel with the girls in a few weeks for a wedding we're attending and I can't wait - for all these reasons and more. I've compiled a quick list of some of the essentials needed [and which I will most defo be packing / sourcing during my stay] on every girly hotel break below - which ones do you agree with?

5 Essentials For A Girly Hotel Stay, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

1. Face masks, sheet masks, all the masks

It might be a bit of a clichΓ© [but then again, so am I xox] but face masks, foot masks, under eye patches etc are totally a must when staying away with the girls. I always seem to do better with skincare when I'm living the hotel life - the incentive to look like I've proper got my sh*t together in front of the service staff is [evidently] strong. 

Whether you're on holiday, having a big night out or just a few chilled days away with friends, sheet masks are perfect for a little pamper. It's like, taking it back to school-day sleepovers; with those 7th Heaven heat up face masks [the ones in the sachets you'd always beg ya Ma for in Asda] & attempting wax strips for the first time. Memories. And bangin' skin. What's not to like?

2. Wine! Champagne on Ice. Cider. Prosecco. Martinis in cans.

Hun, I won't judge; only applaud whatever your choice of tipple is. But there's nothing better than a weekend away with the girls, checking into the hotel room and popping open a fresh bottle of bubbles to celebrate, is there? Especially if your stay is ahead of a night out [pre-drinks are a gal on a budget must] or for like, a hen party.

3. Speaking of that champers on ice & beautifully chilled ciders - a mini-fridge [or deluxe commercial drinks fridge if you're lucky!] is such a useful gadget to have access to on a girl's hotel stay.

The number of times I've stayed in cheap hotels without in-room refrigeration... and had to make very primitive wine coolers with cold water in the bathroom sink is not something I wish to disclose [although tbh it's not that many, as I'm too poor to book time away that often.] 

J&M Refrigeration specialise in commercial refrigeration options for hotel rooms & other hospitality sectors [such as in healthcare and pharmaceutical, butchers and bakeries, food retail, hotels, leisure and many more] as well as air conditioning... which is another HUGE must-have when staying away from home for me; I'm always too hot! Their units are available across the UK - delivered alongside a nationwide 24/7 maintenance service [promising to repair your fridge asap should you need it, with a maximum lead-time of 24 hours]... meaning you'll never need be without beautifully chilled wine for too long. No matter what. πŸ‘

In-room refrigeration is a game-changer when it comes to perfectly chilled ciders on a summer's day. To serve you up ice-cold, refreshing bottles of water the morning-after-the-night-before. If there's enough space next to ya chilled beverages, your snacks can also stay fresh in the fridge. Which leads me on nicely to my next point.

5 Essentials For A Girly Hotel Stay, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

4. Chocolate. And plenty of snacks.

In fact, no hotel stay ever regardless of purpose, should be without a well stocked mini fridge and copious amounts of chocolate. It's the law. 

5. Tunes

Every girly hotel stay needs a Spotify playlist crammed with tunes, right? Tunes to chill out to in the morning, tunes to get ready to, tunes to make fresh memories with. I think every girl has that song that when it comes on in the club, sends them & their BFF wild [even if that song is Gangnam Style] - so what better accompaniment to your time away than a musical background you'll both love πŸ’—

What would you say are your 5 essentials when planning a girly hotel stay? Would you agree with my picks?
*Sponsored post, all opinions expressed within it however are all totes my own. I love wine & chocolate 4eva & eva xo
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