Once again; today I'm sat in my pjs looking at cheap holidays & scanning for bargain flights, in the never-ending cycle of wanting to relocate my entire life to Greece & travel the globe.

I love going on holiday, love travelling & love soaking in the sights and ambience of other parts of the world. Especially those around the Mediterranean sea [tell me you didn't sing that in your head as the part in the Vengaboys' 'We're going to Ibiza'?!]

Today I've popped together a list of ten practical [yet less commonly spoken about] items you might consider packing to take on your travels. We're not talking sunglasses, suncream, bikinis - your usual holiday guide stuff. And equally, we're not talking anything pure wild here either [there will be no whips, gimp suits or jelly involved!] Simply a rundown of less conventional travel items you may have not considered, or considered the importance of before. And things that are important to talk about.

10 Practical [Yet Less Commonly Spoken About] Items You Might Consider Taking Abroad With You* | Lovelaughslipstick Blog

Compression Stockings 

Let's be real, there is nothing sexy about these bad boys. BUT what with the rise of blood clots & DVT in younger people, it's just not worth taking the chance of not wearing them. After all the surgeries I've had, I've been told to always wear these sexy, nanna-esque pop socks on every flight I go on - and you bet I'm sticking to these instructions.

I've had a medical emergency & surgery overseas, and I can tell you now, I don't intend to have another one, when wearing something as simple as a pair of socks on a flight could prevent it! Just read Issy's story about her recent stroke & the blood condition she's now been diagnosed with - things like this are hella more complicated than you think. Even in young people.


If you're someone who doesn't have to take any medication daily, lucky you! But for everyone who does; make sure you pack it - and keep it in your hand luggage with a copy of your prescription, so you don't end up getting pyar arrested for drug trafficking offences.

It's also worth taking things like a packet of anti-histamines, antiseptic cream etc... and for many people, Immodium is a travel essential! 💩 Especially if you're going to Egypt; I don't think I've heard a story about a single person not pooing themselves in that glorious holiday destination.

Travel Insurance Print Offs

NEVER, EVER, EVER EVER X 2234234 travel abroad without travel insurance guys. EVER. Do not risk it. Literally, if you're in reasonably good health, a policy can cost as little as £10 and can pretty much save your life should something horrific happen. I highly recommend Coverwise for all travel insurance needs.

Why hun? BECAUSE IT HAPPENED TO ME. I was in an accident in Turkey in 2014; one of those fluke things that I wish hadn't ever happened, but here we are. I ended up in hospital having emergency surgery, missed my flight back, had a blood transfusion, loads of ambulances etc etc... which would have cost me over £30,000 if it wasn't for a £10 annual policy I'd taken out with Coverwise. Which paid it all for me. Upfront. And were really supportive in flying me back to the UK & checking in on me.

Coverwise even sent a nurse over to Turkey to fly back with me, who brought medical supplies to ensure I got back to the UK safely. Which leads me onto my next item...

10 Practical [Yet Less Commonly Spoken About] Items You Might Consider Taking Abroad With You* | Lovelaughslipstick Blog

Travel Oxygen

Yes, my nurse [Harry] came out fully equipped with travel oxygen to help me fly back to the UK safely. For me, I needed it as I was recovering from surgery with limited movement and the hospital were concerned that the oxygen levels in my blood might drop at such a high altitude, making me feel woozy. So Harry was on hand in case this happened. But there are many other reasons why people may need to travel with oxygen.

If you plan to travel with any kind of oxygen, you’ll first need to get clearance from your Doctor or Respiratory Nurse; which - if you're flying, may require a 'fit to fly' assessment & certificate [which I had to get before they'd let me escape!] After you've got the sign-off from your Doctor, you'll need to familiarise yourself with the rules & regulations of travelling with oxygen. Theoxygenstore.com have plenty of advice & options on this, so if you're uncertain, check them out!

Mosquito Plug-Ins / Sprays

URGH those little bitey b*stards. I've been quite lucky re: the places I've stayed not being full of these annoying winged warriors, but ironically; when I was in hospital in Turkey [yes, when I was in the hospital and not the 2* hotel we'd booked!] I got eaten alive by mozzys and it was awful. I was already low on blood & they were just taunting me; taking what I had left.

I would take no chances going away without mozzy defence systems packed in me case; there's nothing more annoying than being bitten and being left itchy, red & swollen AF. Although the mozzy spray stinks, defo blast a covering of that over yourself before heading out [especially during the evening] and get a plug-in in your room. Better to be safe than sorry, itchy & raging!


Yeah, I sound like a pure middle-aged Ma with this one; but plasters are soooo useful to have. If you injure yourself you're covered, if you get a blister off your flip-flops they're BAE and there's loads of DIY life hacks plasters can assist you with too. You know the kinda addictive IGTV video demos I mean.

Padlock & Key

Keep your case safe whilst flying, in the airport and in the hotel room by securing it with a mini padlock & key. Try and always pay for a hotel safe to keep valuables such as your passport, cards, cash etc secure during your stay, but failing that / as well as that; locking your case with a padlock and key is another way of keeping items [especially larger items that might not fit in the safe] secured.

10 Practical [Yet Less Commonly Spoken About] Items You Might Consider Taking Abroad With You* | Lovelaughslipstick Blog

Emergency Travel Cash Card

Just in case the worst happens & your cash is stolen [or if you run out unexpectedly, like what happened to us in Turkey after our stay there went from 10 days to more like 20 days!] a pre-loaded cash card [such as the ones offered by WeSwap or the Post Office] is super handy to have. These can be topped up by anyone, anywhere in the world too - meaning friends & family can sub ya; should you need it.

Chargers, Batteries, SD Cards

Ah, blogger probs. If you're travelling with tech, don't forget spare batteries, SD cards, chargers & all the necessary cables to go with them... as there's nothing worse than missing that perfect shot for the 'gram due to battery failure; right?! Portable chargers & hand-held fans = also bae when you're living your best life overseas.

Emergency Water / Nibbles

On the off-chance there's not much in the way of shops nearby or the hotel food is awful, I always like to sneak a few packets of cookies [hey Maryland] in my suitcase - and stock up on bottles of water at the airport when I land. Would highly recommend.

What unusual yet practical items do you never travel without? Do you pack any of the items on this list?
*This post contains a sponsored link; but all opinions & experiences expressed are totes legit and totes my own 
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