I think I've touched on this before - in this new era of home interior & improvements posts I've been enjoying creating recently... but I properly need new carpets in mine. 

As part of my Home Goals 2019 list [which maybe I'll share at some stage, as part of another post] I've scribbled 'RUGS' and double underlined; mostly because I assumed getting decorative rugs would be the most inconspicuous way of looking stylish AF without people realising my extensive collection is to cover all the drinks stains on the carpet.

But I'm starting to realise now, as I continue spilling, the answer may actually lie elsewhere - in getting new flooring... be this carpet or vinyl. I'm keen AF on the vinyl idea tbh, as this'll be so much easier to clean next time I slop my morning coffee down myself & across the floor. Constantly ordering rugs, I've learned, isn't necessarily a sustainable lifestyle... especially as there's a very real chance I'll spill me brew on them too and end up in the same situation but 2x worse.

I did used to question 'Why am I like dis?' each time I had a carpet crisis with a beverage, but I think I've just accepted it now. Maybe I need to address this issue - as well as new flooring - as part of Home Goals 2019, hey?! Cup Filling Judgement Goals 2019 might be the next list I'll have on the go.

Home Goals 2019 | Fixing Up My Flooring Lovelaughslipstick Blog

I love the aesthetic of laminate, tiled or vinyl flooring in the home; with big, fluffy rugs scattered throughout. I just think it looks so stylish & sleek - and the idea of how satisfying it would be to clean genuinely has me shook. A far cry from the current carpeting situation I have going on - which is a mixture of coffee & red wine splash backs vs shoddy work from the last company I had in to do my re-carpeting. 

It's been during this carpet crisis & part of my new 'I'm in my 30's' home interiors appreciation mindset I've been taking some time to scope out recommended, affordable flooring companies who might be able to help me achieve my home aesthetic goals. I've discovered various businesses, products and brands during this search - and another great shout I discovered during my research are WJD Flooring.

WJD Flooring are specialist flooring contractors based in the North West [fellow Northern gals lemme hear youuuu] who offer commercial and residential flooring options, including carpet, Forbo Tessera carpet tiles & the vinyl of my decor dreams. Some of the laminates they have - OH MY DAYS. They'd be the most gorgeous additions to me home and perfect blog photo backdrops... double whammy, double the value!

Home Goals 2019 | Fixing Up My Flooring Lovelaughslipstick Blog

Does anyone else get these days of just pure mad home inspo, planning out each room & dreaming of a complete interior overhaul? My time on Pinterest & Insta scoping out trends, colour schemes & furniture styles has gone somewhat into overdrive these days... but yeno what? #SozNotSoz

What would be your number one goal when it comes to your home interiors? New flooring, new units, new bathroom? Lemme know in the comments below, I'm living for interior bantz these days.
*Sponsored post, but all opinions and experiences of constantly knocking drinks over are totes legit & my own
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