In this swipey, Tinder-y, world of digital dating we find ourselves in; it's easy to assume that everyone on the lookout for love is a millennial glued to their phone. But although millennials do make up a large percentage of those on the quest for romance, a huge part of the market is dominated by middle-aged-senior singletons... who also use the internet & these modern day advances to find love - and companionship. 

Shows such as First Dates have captured the hearts of the nation with their inclusion of senior singletons looking for potential bae candidates - I can never cope with the more elderly people on there. And it's a reality - much as we don't think of the older generation seeking romance [let alone using dating apps or websites] the truth is that they defo do... and good on them!! 

If you're older - or approaching retirement age, it can be a lonely and scary time; if you're single, widowed or divorced. Whether you have kids or not - or live alone or not... retiring and leaving your workplace full of colleagues behind [as well as your main reason to leave the house each day] can hit older people like a tonne of bricks. I've compiled a few tips in this post; to hopefully help older people combat & beat loneliness in 2020. Whether this applies to you - or to a family member, friend or neighbour; let's spread a little positivity and sense of community today. 

Tips For Older People To Combat Loneliness
Tips For Older People To Combat Loneliness

Take Up A New Hobby

Sounds cliché - but some of the older people I know who have the most bangin' social lives have created these for themselves via different hobbies they've taken up. I'm not saying you have to start knitting or stamp collecting - your hobby could be going to the gym, attending charity events / coffee mornings, volunteering, photography, hiking.... whatever tickles your proverbial pickle. A great way to meet people with similar interests.

Get Online

Much as the internet has its pitfalls, negatives and plain weirdness; I'm a huge advocate of it. Why? Well, as well as the fact my job depends on it, it's a fantastic way of bringing people together & pooling knowledge, resources and memes. Always the memes

Join a social networking site - such as Facebook or Twitter. Facebook is a great place to reconnect with old friends, old flames and meet new mutual friends via groups & shared interests. If you're older - or perhaps struggling with mobility, social networking means you can be a part of what's going on... without having to move. Pop a friend a message, leave them a comment, have a look at their latest pics to see how they're doing. There's always someone online or something happening - videos, games, uploads, groups, giveaways. A great way to feel part of a community, no matter where you are.

Try Online Dating Sites 

Looking to Date Senior Singles - and not sure where to start? Again, the answer is online - times have progressed massively since the olden days of using Lonely Hearts columns in the paper. There's a huge amount of different Senior Dating websites and apps available once you're hooked up to the Wi-Fi - and whether you choose to join a dating site for companionship or friendship, there is no denying that these kinda resources make it incredibly easy to meet a HUGE amount of people very quickly... often ones you wouldn't ordinarily have bumped into in real life, but may click really well with.

Join A Club

Anyone else humming the Club chocolate bar song right now? Similarly / in tandem with the point about taking up a new hobby, joining a club of likeminded people is a fantastic way to combat loneliness and make new connections. And these can be online or in real life - the key thing is that you're meeting new people you have a common interest in, meaning you can chat, debate and laugh about your experiences & thoughts freely.

Reach Out

If someone older you know - perhaps from work, perhaps a friend, neighbour or relative, has just retired [or is someone you know might get lonely due to their health or living situation] reach out. If, that is, it's appropriate for you to. Some people enjoy their own company, so they might not appreciate their space being invaded. Give them a call, invite them to family get togethers or work reunions, drop them the odd email or text [depending on how tech savvy they are!]

What tips would you give to someone of retirement age in how to meet new people & combat loneliness?
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