No matter where in the house it goes, art never looks out of place. It’s the perfect thing to hang on the walls to bring a room together and make the space feel a little more homely.

Of course, certain art styles or colour schemes work better, depending on where you put them. For instance, a cool-coloured landscape tends to suit a bathroom more than a vibrant surrealist piece.

When it comes to the office, abstract art can be a good way to go. Why is that, though, and how do you pick artwork that suits the room and creates a more homely atmosphere?

Choosing The Right Abstract Art To Make Your Office Feel Homely

Abstract Art Unlocks Creative Potential

The office is the place where you want to be both productive and creative. For that reason, abstract art is always an excellent design choice.

By nature, these pieces require imagination to be understood, so it makes sense that they inspire us to unlock our creative potential. It’s believed that abstract art can engage multiple parts of the brain, thereby getting a person more engaged and able to view things from new and exciting perspectives. That can really help you to go above and beyond with your work, and potentially force you out of a creative or productive slump.

Something Colourful Should Do The Trick

So, you understand why abstract art is suitable for offices, but now you need to work out what pieces will and won’t work for your space. If you need help with that, one of the best things to look out for is color.

Offices can typically be quite bland spaces, even in the home. If you’ve got a very organized, clinical area surrounded by pale walls, it’s not going to take much for you to get bored. Luckily, abstract pieces tend to be incredibly colourful, meaning they can add a dash of excitement to the room if you hang one up.

The work of Jessica Hendrickx is an excellent example of this. She creates art that she considers out of this world, as you can see by visiting LittleLeloo. Her work will brighten up any office, yet won’t be so distracting as to stop you from working. That sounds like the best of both worlds.

Throw In A Bit Of Warmth

If you’re really going for that homely atmosphere with your artwork, choosing a piece that gives off a warm vibe is key. Essentially, what this means is going for paintings that employ colours like red, yellow, and orange. Not only can these warm a room up, but it’s also believed they can make you more energetic – which is ideal for avoiding that afternoon slump.

This doesn’t mean that the entire painting needs to use only these colours, though, as cooler tones can also have positive effects. For instance, green can supposedly boost your creativity, while blue is apparently helpful for relaxation. That’s obviously ideal if work tends to stress you out. Just don’t let these cooler tones dominate the painting; otherwise, they might make the office feel a little cold and unwelcoming.

In most cases, the right artwork for your office is whatever speaks most to you. However, if you need an idea of what will make the space feel homelier, these suggestions should help.

Brighten Up Your Room As Well As Your Mood

With what is going on in the world currently, everyone needs a bit of comfort and a mental release. Whether it be fancy wallpaper, colourful paintings or even a family portrait, making your office feel more homely is a great start. This isn’t just limited to office space at work or at home. Think about yourself, your company motto and your employees! 

Do you have much art in your home or office set-up?

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