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by Nikki LLL Blog, August 09, 2021
I dunno why, but for me, the bathroom is my favourite room of the house. I just find it so relaxing and peaceful - this may be down to the ASMR vibes the extractor fan blasts out or how minimalistic & monochrome I have it styled... but regardless. 

If I need to chill out or wind down, the bathroom (in the bath, with a glass of red, candles and a mountain of bubbles) is where you'll find me. Ooft, that or a lovely hot shower to relax me before moisturising / bed. Either of those two... or alternatively, absolutely smashed in Lloyd's bar causing ample levels of destruction. But that's a story for another day

As part of my new found love for home interiors (and spending my hard earned cash on coasters instead of cocktails & club nights) - and due to the fact I'm seemingly on a roll with home inspo posts at the minute (I posted about living room & bedding goals the other day) I've decided to talk bathroom interiors and goals today. Mainly what I'd like to do with mine, if money was no object (and it's more than just an object, but instead a life halting blockade at the moment haahaha.)

Bathroom Home Interior Goals Luxury Steam Showers

For me, when it comes to bathrooms, less is more. My absolute dream is something like the above - airy, bright, minimal, shiny. Empty, as a fella would describe it. 

I read somewhere that Kim K gets ripped for having a really empty house or entrance area or something, and that she clapped back saying she has it like that intentionally; as it's zen and peaceful for her when she returns from a chaotic day. And I felt that. That's how I am with my interior - bathrooms especially. 

I love pure white bathrooms with lots of glass (and perhaps a spot of marble) and shiny silver fixtures, a power shower, bath (an essential) and with towels, mats and toothbrush holders that are a deep grey / charcoal colour. That would be my dream. 

I think I'm just one of those modernists tbh - I like really plain, white, clean interiors with lots of glass and not much clutter - just the odd succulent and posh candle. I'm even more of a modernist when it comes to dream bathrooms... whereas I can make do with a TV from the 90s that's the size of a house (and a microwave that's celebrating its 10th birthday) I would love to update the tech and appliances in my bathroom. Have I been eyeing up Luxury Steam Showers? Yes hun. I have. CAN YOU IMAGINE?! But instead for now, I've had to settle for a new bath rack and some bamboo sticks with fairy lights on for a spot of ambience in the corner. ONE DAY like.

I also really love those taps with the cut away bit; so the water comes out like its cascading from a waterfall. You know the ones I mean? I'm honestly floored / blown away when I look at some of the designs hitting the modern bathroom fixture world these days... and on that dreadfully 'adult' note, I think I'm going to call it a day 😂

What would your dream bathroom interior be? Are you more of a soak in the bath or steam in the shower kinda gal?
*Sponsored post, but all opinions and home preferences shared are very much my own & legit xo
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