If you want to cut down on the amount of makeup you wear, you are not alone. Doing your makeup every morning can be time-consuming and sometimes an extra 20 minutes in bed sounds like a better plan. If you want to rely on makeup less but still look and feel good, read on.

Want To Rely Less On Makeup To Look And Feel Good? Here’s How

Try Semi-Permanent Beauty Procedures

If you want to cut down your morning makeup routine or go completely makeup-free, consider getting lash extensions and microblading. The Lash and Brow Studio offer beauty treatments that look more natural than makeup and last a lot longer too. Most treatments can be topped up as needed, meaning you only need to set a few hours aside each month to look and feel good.

Use Natural Methods

There are other ways to look and feel good that don’t involve wearing makeup. You can achieve beautiful-looking skin by having a great skincare routine and using natural products, such as aloe vera and coconut oil. Create your own natural facemasks and moisturisers from items that you own at home. This can minimise beauty costs and improve the look and feel of your skin.

Practice Self-Care

When we rely too much on makeup, we almost forget who we are without it. If you are struggling with self-confidence and don’t like leaving the house without makeup, it is time for some deep self-care. Start by wearing less makeup day by day, so you get more used to your natural look. Give yourself a compliment every time you pass the mirror: learn to love you for being you. As you incorporate more self-care into your day, you will start to use makeup for the right reasons; because it is fun and it can enhance your looks, not because you want to cover up.

It Starts From Within

Aside from makeup and beauty routines, looking good comes from within. What you put into your body will have an effect on how you look on the outside. If you sleep poorly, eat fast foods, and do not exercise, your skin will look dull. When we care for our bodies with a balanced diet, sleep for 8 hours a night, and move our bodies regularly, we will feel better in our own skin.

Give Minimalistic Makeup A Go

Makeup doesn’t need to take a long time and you can achieve a natural and beautiful look with a few products, rather than the full works. Whilst it can still be nice to get dressed up and have your makeup done, this can be saved for weekends away with the girls, rather than an everyday thing. Start cutting down on the number of makeup products you use; a good tinted moisturiser and a dash of highlighter can leave you feeling good, with minimal makeup.

If you love the look of makeup, try semi-permanent beauty procedures or minimalistic makeup looks. Practice self-care, use natural methods to improve your skin, and take care of your body from within. 

Remember: the key to looking good is feeling good!
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