What Are the Benefits of Having Straight Teeth?*

by Nikki LLL Blog, July 06, 2022
Many people know that straight teeth are the secret to good oral health. But what exactly do straight teeth do? Is it really a big deal if a few of your teeth are crooked? Or is it better to have a full set of straight teeth? We’ll be exploring this and other related questions in this article.

What Are the Benefits of Having Straight Teeth?

Straight teeth can help you avoid oral problems

Straight teeth can actually help you avoid a number of different diseases. It’s easier to keep your teeth clean when they’re straight, and it can also help you avoid developing periodontal disease. This is because straight teeth have stronger bones and ligaments. When you floss and brush, having straight teeth results in a deeper clean and it’ll be easier to reach deeper locations. But once these teeth become crooked, it can be much harder to keep your teeth clean and there’s a higher chance that your gums will become infected and tender due to a lack of oral hygiene. So while you don’t necessarily need straight teeth to have good oral health, it certainly helps you maintain it for a longer period of time.

Straight teeth can reduce the risk of jaw issues

When you have crooked teeth, it can actually affect the way that your jaw shuts. These are also known as bite issues and generally occur when you don’t have straight teeth. If you continue to chew things and talk with a crooked or misaligned jaw, then it can cause pain, dizziness, or even headaches at times. If you think you’re struggling with a misaligned jaw due to crooked teeth, then getting your teeth straightened as quickly as possible can be a great solution to this issue. If you feel persistent pain and headaches, then you may want to take some medication to help relieve the problems until you can be examined by a professional.

Straight teeth will help improve your smile

Another reason why you might want straight teeth is that it gives you a better smile. Most people don’t realise the impact that their teeth have on their smile, but it’s usually immediately noticeable for people that have crooked teeth or poor oral health. It can be somewhat embarrassing to try and smile if your teeth aren’t in good condition, but there are definitely ways to fix this. For starters, aligners are an affordable and convenient way to get your teeth straightened. You might also want to consider adult braces if you want a more permanent solution for several teeth or even your entire mouth. Improving your smile comes with many benefits as well, such as boosting your mood and making it easier for you to interact in social situations.

In short, there are many fantastic benefits to having a straight set of teeth. No matter your age, there are plenty of ways to get a straighter set of teeth, even if you think that your oral health is in really bad shape. Just get in touch with your family dentist and they’ll have a bunch of ways to help you out.
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