Sunday, 15 April 2018

Thinking Of Soaking Up The Sun On A Short Haul Holiday? Hit Up, Huns!*

Aside from melted cheddar and copious amounts of chocolate, there is nothing I look forward to more than Summer - and the incentive / wanderlust that the slightest peep of sunshine gives me to book my next vacay. The symptoms of said travel bug are especially heightened this year for me, as I was unable to book anywhere or even leave the house for the entirety of 2017 [worst. year. EVER!] - so now I'm proper gaspin' to dip my toes in a foreign ocean & bronze up my pasty-ass skin. ASAP.

The days are getting longer, the sun is [very occasionally] getting his hat on & blessing us with a few rays and the temperature is [slowly AF] rising... if these things don't make you wanna start planning your next holiday immediately; I don't know what will! That's why I'm made up to have discovered this year; who specialise in cheap short haul holidays [e.g. to some of the sexiest lil sun-traps in Europe.] Although I'd like to travel further afield at some point, it's all a little out of my budget - so websites offering fab deals, such as this one, are ideal for me. Plus, places such as Turkey and the Greek Islands [Kefalonia, Rhodes, Mykonos etc] are some of my most favourite places in the whole world ever; and only about 4 hours away, depending on ya flight route.

All this holiday talk has got me feeling a little giddy - so I'm going to share a few of my favourite places I've been on holiday today and some other short haul destinations I'm game as a badger to visit. All of which can be explored on Holiday Gems website.


New In Skincare : Misfit Cosmetics*

I'm probably at one of my top five happiest ever levels when I'm sat watching Dr Pimple Popper extraction videos on Insta... way into the night, when I should totes be sleeping, obv. Yolo. Therefore when these goodies from Misfit Cosmetics landed in my life [namely, this super enticing Blackhead Extraction Paste Peel Off Mask*] my attention was very much piqued & the stuff was on my face as soon as I'd taken a few snaps of it. Cos yeno, you can't just dive straight in there and risk ruining that Insta aesthetic, queens. #DoingItForThe'Gram

I just loooooove clearing out dem pores & peeling stuff [be this off of my face or on my nails; as you may have read about here] - these slightly unusual activities are two I'd probs rank in my top ten hobbies tbh. So how did these products live up to my expectations? Was the mask as a-peeling as it sounded going off first impressions [hahaha I'm so punny]? What is a Wake Up Wipe* [I am aware I've got a bit carried away talking about the Extraction Paste thus far, but these baes are also from Misfit... are they fit or a mis{s}]? All will be revealed with a cheeky scroll or two, gang.

Misfit Cosmetics Review, Lovelaughslipstick Blog


Saturday, 14 April 2018

The Happiness Planner* | It's FINALLY MINE!

I've wanted a Happiness Planner since the dawn of time [well, since I started blogging about 4 years ago... yeno I have a tendency to be sliiiiightly overdramatic sometimes.] But I'd always found that they weren't the most easily accessible of things to get ya mitts on - they'd always be either sold out, shipped from over the pond [meaning you'd likely end up being bummed by hefty custom fees] or just dead pricey [& yous all know I'm a self proclaimed pauper, so I could never rly justify the expense of one when my rent wasn't paid, I was living off bunny shaped crisps & debt collectors were pure blowing up my phone. However much I tried.] 

But times have changed. These babein' planners are no longer out of my reach. I legit have one of my very own [actually buzzin', queens] - and I know where I'll be going next year for one, too. Find Me A Gift. If you wanna banish them blues & embrace happiness this year - look no further than the Happiness Planner January - December 2018*. It's so much more than just a journal - the thought put into this product, its presentation and the content of the planner is just something else, like.

The Happiness Planner January - December 2018 Review, from Find Me A Gift | Lovelaughslipstick Blog
The Happiness Planner January - December 2018 Review, from Find Me A Gift | Lovelaughslipstick Blog

The Touch in Sol Go Extreme Lip Collection*

Oh look, another blog post dedicated to my love for Touch in Sol ... what a surprise, I hear you exclaim. Soz queens - this brand is one I've fallen for big time ... and I'm pretty sure if you've tried any of their products, you'll understand exactly why they're all I talk about these days! Stocked at Feel Unique, Cult Beauty and ASOS [to name just a few retailers, cos I am lazy], this innovative AF K Beauty brand combine groundbreaking, innovative formulas with cute packaging, glitter and on-point products. And today's blog post is all about another one of my favourite collections from them; the Go Extreme High Definition Lip Lacquer* gang.

The Touch in Sol Go Extreme Lip Lacquer Collection Review, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

Friday, 13 April 2018

The OG Beauty Blender - Is It Something You Need?*

I'd always been a makeup brush kinda gal when it comes to my base, until recently. I went a bit sick on Cult Beauty cos I had a 15% off discount code and zero self restraint [obv] and picked up the Beauty Blender x Toofaced Beauty Sleep Set - which I consequently professed my love for pretty strongly across me socials. And then, a bit like that manifesting theory I read about sometimes on Twitter, my baes at Beauty Blender only went and sent me the OG of blenders - their Original Beauty Blender* in bright pink [#Goals] and that was that. Love secured.

The Original Beauty Blender Bright Pink Review Lovelaughslipstick Blog

Friday, 6 April 2018

What’s the Secret to Being More Confident?*

Although certain situations can pure make me uncomfortable [and I then end up saying the most cringe things ever due to my awkwardness as a human & dying inside *insert all of the 'Why are you like this? memes here*] I am, I would say, fairly confident. Or at least good at faking it. In many ways. 

A lack of self confidence however, is something I know a lot of people [indeed, many of my friends] find themselves having to deal with - which leads me to wonder what the secret is to becoming a generally more confident person? There are lots of answers to that question, and, of course, different things work well for different people. Different strokes for different folks, and all that. But there are a few common trends which seem to result in greater confidence for the majority of people, and we’re about to discuss them right now in this collaborative confidence post!


Thursday, 5 April 2018

Holy Shucks, Dr Roebuck's!*

Wow. These Dr Roebuck's products, guys. Just wow. I'm not even really that much of an esteemed skincare specialist [yas all know that I still enjoy a good facewipe within my beauty regime]... but I can tell you - RIGHT NOW, that my skin has legit BLOSSOMED since this gorgeous bundle of serums, scrubs and creams came into my life. If you're not familiar with the brand... pls, grab a brew and get yourself acquainted. The only tea getting spilt here is the one in the mug beside me - which is flying about everywhere as I'm frantically typing up this post of love & appreciation like a madwoman.

Dr Roebuck's Skincare Review, Lovelaughslipstick Blog


Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Daisy, Daisy* | A World Duty Free EXCLUSIVE & Newly Discovered BAE

Guys, big news. Big, beautifully scented news. For the first time in like, four years, Marc Jacobs fragrance are introducing a new addition to their collection, Daisy Love Marc Jacobs* ... which lands in stores worldwide this month but is EXCLUSIVE to World Duty Free Beauty until the 11th April. How exciting is that? 

I've smelt it & evs, so I can a] officially confirm it's bloody STUNNING [I'd be the first to announce if it smelled like hell on earth, you've seen my Insta stories] and b] that every girl needs a bottle of this beautifully floral fragrance on their dresser. Immediately. If you are heading through the airport over the next few days [lucky you!!] defo head into WDF and have a sniff / massive splurge before anyone else. And even after the 11th, make sure that you get reservin' ya bottle to pick up from your chosen terminal before you board... cos this cute, daisy inspired bottle is one you're gonna need spritzed all over ya life, being and possessions this Spring / Summer. It's all I've worn [perfume wise hahaha #sendnudes] since it arrived in my life; I'm absolutely in love.

Daisy Love Marc Jacobs Perfume Review, EXCLUSIVE to World Duty Free Beauty until the 11th April | Lovelaughslipstick Blog

Monday, 2 April 2018

The So Shape Challenge - An Introduction*

I've got something a little different for you guys today - and different for me. I don't normally blog about fitness, or weight, or health rly ... because I am anything but fit. My leg was hanging off for the majority of 2017, I haven't been able to walk [let alone work out] since then, I've been eating my feelings like there's no tomorrow [hello new fat status] and healthy lol... I've had like four operations and a potentially life threatening bone infection in the past 12 months. Soooo those three things have been anything but my forté

I'm still not okay... I still can't walk properly & I still remain in daily pain after my surgery in December. But enough is enough. I can't just fester in my duvet forever. I'm doing physio at the hospital and trying to do more [despite the limitations & exhaustion] - plus I've been given the okay to do a few things at the gym [and I'm even starting hydrotherapy in the pool soon.. hahahaa me in a swimming costume PLS] - so it's time to start making my fitness, my weight and how I feel about my appearance a priority again. I've called in a little help to help me achieve my fitness goals, at least for just the first month or so anyway, in the form of So Shape*. And this post is a lil introduction to the shakes themselves, why I'm taking part in this 28 day challenge and what they actually do.

The So Shape Challenge - An Introduction* Lovelaughslipstick Blog

Why THIS Leighton Denny Product Is SO A-PEELING To Me*

Confession : I'd never tried Leighton Denny products before now. I KNOW - shocking, disappointing... something which slightly more dramatic souls [ie me] might class as downright unacceptable. But thankfully this woeful story has a happy ending; as the gals at Alex Silver PR ended my LD drought by sending me their new Easy Peel Base Coat* and a rather erotic glittery polish* to test it out with, too. And as far as first impression products go, this blogger mail could not have been ANY more a-peeling to me. 

Leighton Denny's new Easy Peel Base Coat Review, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

Monday, 26 March 2018

#Fashion | Shining The Spotlight On : Sewport*

The idea behind this brand new online platform is SEW cool that I PORT you guys might wanna learn more about it. Hahaha sorry queens, I know I'm not that punny. Moving swiftly on... Sewport genuinely is an exciting online platform I wanted to share with you lot today - it's another fantastic example of how the world of production, fashion and technology is constantly evolving & adapting... totally changing the game for clothing manufacturers

In short, Sewport is a fab new online resource that allows people or companies [such as start-up businesses or up-and-coming fashion designers] who perhaps don't have much experience [or many connections] in the fashion industry to effortlessly bring their dream design to life. The website brings together everything you'll need to make your fashion dreams a reality - taking those ideas & manufacturing them into a physical garment[s]. Everything is guided, relevant and simple - Sewport makes it easy for brands [no matter what size] to find clothing manufacturers - and choose the right one to work on their project with them. Which means that for those of us who have fashion dreams but no idea how to make them a reality [or even, make the clothing items in the first place!] things have just got a whooooooole lot simpler.

Sewport Online Clothing Manufacturer Platform Feature, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

Sunday, 25 March 2018

A Lip Plumper.. Which DOESN'T BURN Like The Fiery Pits Of Hell?! YAAAAAAS*

Winter is my least favourite season for a whole multitude of reasons - but [coldness, snow & darkness aside] one of my main bug bears surrounding this time of year is getting dry, chapped lips. This horrific medical impairment is pretty much a constant for me during this grim time of year, and adds further fuel to the fire for my argument of why I should just move to Spain immediately

I've been lucky enough to try out some Image Skincare for the first time recently though gang; and I'm happy to announce that I've fallen in LOVE with a lil lip product of theirs... that banishes all my chapped problems, adds a subtle hint of rosiness to my pout AND plumps it up at the same time. This lil bae is their OrMedic Sheer Pink Lip Enhancement Complex* [which you may have already clocked on my Insta feed] and there's just SO MANY REASONS why this tube of rosy goodness needs to be in everyone's handbag [rain or shine] that I need to share with yous as a matter of urgency. So let's go.

Image Skincare OrMedic Sheer Pink Lip Enhancement Complex Review, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

How To Make Ya Money Go Further*

I will hold my hands up and freely admit to anyone who asks [and those that don't] that I AM BROKE AF, man. I'm not one of them bloggers with a closet of Chanel bags, Valentino heels and a fresh bouquet of red roses in every room of the house [lol, as if I can even afford a house.] I'm the kinda gal who buzzes her tits off after finding a penny on the floor, lives for the word Sale [or Reduced to Clear] and has zero shame re: stepping into Poundland. Except during that time around Christmas, when they had all them weird sexy elf pics going on. Those were awkward times.

I've not ended up living in a skip with a family of feral cats & a fox named Sid just yet though. Ya gal has been fighting off poverty since... well, forever... swerving them debt collection calls, keeping the baliffs at bay and collecting late payment fees like Pokémons - gotta catch em all. So I thought I'd share a few money making / saving tips with you guys today, in case any of you find yourselves in similar life predicaments as me. Cos although I'm not always great at putting these tips into practise, I do legit know what I'm talking about here. Cos dis is ma lyf xoxo

Lovelaughslipstick Blog


Ten Defining Moments of Any Relationship*

As well as nerve wracking, sometimes disastrous, hilarious [if you're me] and fun; dating is packed with so many firsts & pivotal moments that are totes worth talking about. 

From the moment you realise you're falling in love, them butterflies in ya belly when you have a cheeky neck and those powerful rushes of RAGE when you realise he's been using your most expensive perfume as a spray to mask his poo smell... dating is the emotional rollercoaster that just keeps on giving. Even if he doesn't

Here's my thoughts on some of the defining moments all relationships seemingly go through - for better or for worse!

Suttons Florist Liverpool Eternity Roses Lovelaughslipstick Blog


Sunday, 18 March 2018

Grab Ya Passport, Ya Bikini & Ya Katherena - Sunshine Awaits [Somewhere]*

I'm not sure the current climate is okay huns, are you? Yesterday I witnessed clear blue skies & pretty springtime sunshine beaming down...whilst it was snowing. In March. *Inserts blinking man GIF*

There's one thing I am certain about tho - and that's how bloody much this terrible weather is making me want need to book a holiday pronto. The hotter, further away & exotic the better. Therefore, this stylish, practical, 2-in1 perfect-size-for-hand-luggage Regent Holdall Bag* from hot up-and-coming brand Katherena is getting packed immediately; so the first half price holiday I clap eyes on can be booked & embarked on asap

Regent is vegan, unisex [aaaaall about that gender neutral life - I really respect companies who recognise the need for this in the market] and double denim AF - ticking so many boxes in the fashion and inclusivity stakes.

Katherina Double Denim Unisex Regent Holdall Bag Review, Lovelaughslipstick Blog
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