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#Lockdown Projects | Home Decor Upgrading With Fine Art America*

I dunno how the Rona is affecting life where you are in the world right now, but where I am (Liverpool, Merseyside, UK) we've just entered another lockdown - where going places with other humans / mingling inside with other households is banned. Cheers 2020

And naturally, when you're spending pretty much every damn day in your home, with nowhere else to go and the only activities on offer being Netflix, eating, cleaning, working, eating a bit more and online shopping, your focus tends to switch up from being where you can spend money outside of the gaff and onto where you can spend money on it.

I've been proper enjoying a bit of home renovation, during this never ending cycle of lockdown. I finally cleared out the 'Cupboard of Hell' (think Monica from Friends cupboard), have been doing up my room, purchasing v. grown up items (such as bedding, heated air driers and cupboards), flatpacked an INSANE AMOUNT of cardboard for recycling and have been adding pretty little extras to my home decor for a lil extra something special; namely wall art & framed prints. Which brings me round to talking about Fine Art America*, whose website is packed full of gorgeous prints, collections and wall art to help really make your home your own. The perfect project / purchase during lockdown.

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The People and Gifts You Should Not Forget This Christmas*

There is no doubt that 2020 has been a strange and stressful year. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we live our lives and has forced us to change our routines almost overnight. Some people have embraced our new temporary way of life, whereas others have struggled. However, time continues to pass by and the world is managing to get through it in its own way, so whether you like it or not, Christmas is coming! 

With all the difficulties we have faced this year, Christmas is a time that many of us, especially our children, will be looking forward to and it should be something we as adults and parents, should try to be excited for too. It may seem early to start planning Christmas gifts, but there is no such thing as being too prepared and due to the events of this year, there are most likely a few extras you may have added onto your list. 

To make sure you don’t leave anyone out this Christmas, here are the things, people and the gifts that ought to be on your list. 

The People and Gifts You Should Not Forget This Christmas

6 Ways To Glam Up Your Everyday Look*

If you want to add a little pizzazz to your everyday look and glam it up, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we have 6 ways to glam up your everyday look that can be used by anyone, of any age. Take a look and soon, you’ll feel like you’ve made a real effort every day (even if you haven’t).

6 Ways To Glam Up Your Everyday Look
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AD | NEW FulviSafe 0% Alcohol Hand Sanitiser #COVID19

I never thought my number one must-have product in 2020 would be hand sanitiser (I've carried a bottle round in my bag with me since... I dunno, at least 2014 regardless, like!) but here we are. This is the mad modern world we live in. Gone are the days where my #1 must-have would be a new mascara or a full coverage concealer - I don't even go outside these days. Swerve that. 

My number one must-have product of 2020 - and probably for all of time now, is hand sanitiser. And FulviSafe have very kindly sent me some of their new, 0% alcohol collection to try; in the constant battle against Ms Rona.

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Home Styling - My Favourite #Lockdown Project*

With all the extra time spent at home during lockdown (literally March onwards... 2020 has been an absolute write-off hasn't it 😂😂) I know that I - and many others - have ended up going OTT on decorating projects, mass clear-outs & pure home renovations (we won't be talking about that garage reno in today's post, though 👀.)

And as much as I'm bitter as hell that Ms Rona has wiped out pretty much the entirety of the year - and my beloved Summer (literally, mention Autumn to me right now and I'll have a breakdown) I'm not mad about the increase of time / money I've spent on optimising my gaff. At all. I actually feel pretty proud of the extra work I've put in during lockdown - and all the furniture I've built from scratch, single-handedly 🛠

After all, if I wasn't able to spend my money on things outside of the house, it's worth investing in / on it, right? May as well make these 4 walls look semi-presentable and shake off those crackden vibes, if I'm spending 24/7 in them. I'm here today to have a chatty catch up about the past few months upgrading my interiors, kicking off at Desenio and the aspirations I have for outdoor features.

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AD - Staycation Goals | Holidaying In The UK With Raymond James Caravans*

2020 – amiright?! After what has been a… questionable few months (to put it lightly!!), lockdown restrictions are beginning to ease; meaning we can finally attempt to enjoy the last few weeks of summer & explore the Great British outdoors. Travel abroad is pretty much off-limits - what with more & more countries being removed from the ‘safe to travel’ zones (and that cheeky 2 week quarantine period when you return!) … so if you’re looking to get away for a few days, staycation it is!

With the lift in lockdown restrictions, it’s been announced that caravan holidays are now allowed again (yay!) - so if you’ve been considering purchasing a caravan or motorhome, now is literally the perfect time. Where you’re guaranteed to get your money’s worth out of it – and will be one of the lucky ones able to cram a holiday into 2020 before the year’s up! For more information on leisure vehicles and social distancing from UK caravan and motorhome manufacturer, Bailey of Bristol, please click here.

Pick up a new or pre-owned adventure wagon, pack your suitcase, pack up the kids and travel wherever your heart takes you; along the Great British coastline/countryside. 

The idea of a staycation somewhere along the coast of Britain has never sounded so appealing to me before – but it’s something I’m definitely considering. Especially after seeing so many of my friends exploring beautiful countryside & shorelines across the country. 

Let’s talk more about Raymond James Caravans – and why their range of Bailey of Bristol caravans (as well as the other brands stocked in their showroom; such as Buccaneer, Elddis and Coachman) make a fab choice for your 2020 vacay… and beyond!

Staycation Goals | Holidaying In The UK With Raymond James Caravans Lovelaughslipstick Blog

Oh 2020. You Bugger

2020. Officially the year that outdid all others (aside from that year me leg like snapped off) in turns of being an absolute sh*tshow. 

Who'd have imagined, as we welcomed in the New Year (naively) on 31st December 2019, that someone would scran a bat, get ill, and kill off half the world's population? And that'd we'd all be locked down for weeks, with the "government" (soz Boris hun but am not sure I can even call you that) giving out so much contradictory advice it'd be hilar... and banning all activities that are remotely fun.

There's certain stuff I can call - the same bad begs on Instagram stories (trololol don't get me started, we'll need several vessels of tea to spill / get through that one) on the scrounge - and when you get a DM request from someone who 'loves your feed' and wants to be mates... that they're inevitably gonna turn out to be a knock-off travel agent or Younique presenter who wants to recruit me to their pyramid scheme. It's not for me hun, I tried Younique mascara once and it was like a thousand baby spiders died on my lashes and then spread over my face throughout the day. 

But the arrival of Ms Rona was defo not one of them. 

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A Brief History of Wedding Favours*

If you are due to get married and have already begun planning for the big day, one aspect you may not have thought about yet is wedding favours. The first things to come to mind are usually the venue for the ceremony, the venue for the reception, the food, and of course – the dress! However, putting together a little something for all of your guests to show them your appreciation for attending is a great idea, and can be that perfect finishing touch. This is a tradition that has spanned centuries, but where did it all begin? Here is a brief history of wedding favours as well as a few ideas you might want to think about.

A Brief History of Wedding Favours

Planning For A Future You Can't See But Can Avoid*

If we could only see the future, we would never make a single mistake. But that is more than wishful thinking.... and because we can’t (and because we’re human) we probably still couldn’t avoid getting into a mess here and there.

Your financial future might be something that you have thought a lot about. But what about your other futures? Everything ties back into finance, but it affects finance when you don’t have a plan. But life is complex - and plans change or get dropped when you feel like you need to make a rapid alteration in your life. Here’s how you can stand the best chance of merging the two together.


The LookFantastic 'Radiance' August Edit - PLUS 10% OFF FOR YOU*

2020 has been a wild, hellish ride... but whilst everything around us crumbles and seemingly gets worse & worse as each month passes (honestly, THANKS A LOT FOR THIS MS RONA!) there is one constant that does make me happy. And that is the arrival of my monthly LookFantastic Beauty Box*. And seeing people's pet cats on Twitter, that never fails to make me smile either.

LookFantastic deliver consistently banging curations when it comes to their beauty boxes - which are always really fun to unwrap, beautifully presented and something I actually find myself looking forward to. And this is a big deal tbh, given I'm a miserable old bag with little enthusiasm about anything these days!

If you wanna opt in to this monthly lifestyle of beauty box joy, use code NIKKIABB at the checkout  on the LookFantastic site to save 10% on all 3, 6 or 12 month subscription options. It's one of those rare subscription box services I'd actually recommend due to their consistency, well thought out edits and the variety of products / brands inside; so if you're looking to try a beauty box, this may be a good option for ya hun.

Now onto the treats in this month's edit - the LookFantastic 'Radiance' August 2020 Edit. From the get-go, this month's colour scheme and the array of gorgeous textures & scents inside perfectly encapsulate a radiant, sunkissed Summer vibe - and it's a hit in my eyes!

The LookFantastic 'Radiance' August Edit Review, Lovelaughslipstick Blog