#Beauty - Get Grounded, Further Proof that Coffee is Bae

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

I wasn't planning on writing this post, so apologies if it's a bit over-excitable - but I literally darted out of the shower and straight to my laptop [like the massive keyboard warrior that I am] after using Grounded Coffee Scrub for the first time. I was that desp to share my findings with you guys.

I frigging love coffee, man - but I wasn't expecting smothering my body in it to be as good an experience as drinking it is. I was so wrong. I'm lying here now [post-scrub], basking in the fragrance of chocolate orange and brews, with skin so soft that I can't even cope. If I'd have known coffee scrubs were this bloody brilliant, I'd have been bathing in Douwe Egberts long, long ago!

I'd already heard really great things about this stuff, since I unveiled it from my Latest in Beauty Glamour Summer Edition box and later went on a mad stalking rampage on Instagram, but you know when you're not expecting to love something as much as you do and you go a bit temporarily mad? That's the place I'm in right now. I'll admit, it takes a pretty special review of a beauty product for me to get pure hyped up about it; as I'm grumpy, cynical and poor. So the words of praise I read for this stuff online didn't really sink in at the time, before I tried it for myself. But now, I so get it.

I won't lie, using this stuff proved to be one of the top ten messiest experiences of my life. I fear I'll be finding coffee grains in the bathroom possibly forever. But it was so, so worth it. To #GetGrounded you simply rub the coffee granules on your problem areas [my whole body... lol, but this stuff on a serious note is good for stretchmarks, cellulite etc] for a few minutes and then leave it on for ten before washing it off. Here's my mug mid-scrub - brace yourself and possibly avert your eyes for this make-up free shower selfie.

Once I'd washed it all off and basked a bit more in its beautiful fragrance [like, I'd marry a Terry's Chocolate Orange in a heartbeat, tbh - so this product was legit perfect for me] I touched my arm and literally did a little gasp. 

My skin was, no word of a lie, the softest I think I'd ever, ever felt it. And it still is. I feel pampered, moisturised, smooth and relaxed after my Grounded Coffee Scrub experience - which is a turn up for the books, as I'm normally a somewhat trampy, skincare deprived, scaly ball of stress. Grounded - what kind of sorcery is in your products?! Teach me all you know!!

After a bit more furious stalking, I discovered that you can buy these scrubs at Boots and they retail at [an affordable-ish] price of £15.00, so I know what I'm doing now. Hello smooth skin, goodbye available funds!! #YOLO


Have you ever #GotGrounded or used a similar coffee scrub product before? How did you find it? 

#Fitness - Get Fit From Home | OnlineGym4Me*

Sunday, 21 August 2016

The thought of going to the gym alone scares me. To be surrounded by pure hotties and fitness bunnies barely breaking a sweat; whereas I'm that fat wap in the corner who's never used the phrase 'fit fam' in my life and has no clue what any of the equipment does, let alone how to use it. 

Having a Personal Trainer yell home truths at me about how out of shape I've got would probably reduce me to genuine tears and showering with strangers terrifies me. So I've been putting it off. For about 3 years now. To be totally frank - the only gym I'd been to up until recently was the Pokémon Gym a few steps away from my gaff. And with that, I think I've summed up my fitness levels.

When Rachel from the world's leading online gym [OnlineGym4Me] approached me and offered me a 6 month membership with them, it was literally like a dream come true. I can be as sweaty, stupid and uncoordinated as I want - and noone apart from the fish I'm pet-sitting has to know. Great success.

Intrigued? Keep reading guys; I honestly believe this is such a great, niche idea - which might help even me shift a few of the excess pounds I've achieved, by eating multiple packs of Bourbon biscuits this year [and all the other years, let's not lie.]

To start off with, I selected my goal and what I wanted to use OnlineGym4Me for. There were several options - including Pilates / Yoga, which I was super interested in. But in the end, given that I've expanded by 2.5 stones in the past year or so and look a bit like the Michellin Man, I opted for Tone and Tighten. From your selection, OnlineGym4Me then recommend 5 classes you should take each week, in order to achieve your goal.

In the MyGym4me section of the site, you’ll find a new customised workout plan with 5 suggested classes every week. All the proposed classes are designed to match your goal: mine being to Tone & Tighten. OnlineGym4Me recommend that if you want to achieve your exercise goals, it's important to do online workouts at least 3 times per week [which I have totally slacked with recently, but really aim to get back into over the next couple of weeks, honest!] You can also explore other workouts by navigating to Classes and searching the daily live classes available, or watching any of their pre-recorded workouts. 

It's convenient as hell, which I love - you don't need to waste time travelling back and forth to the gym and you can use your own shower [big deal breaker for me!] once you're done. All you need is a bit of space to bust a few moves in, a laptop / iPad and an internet connection - and you're good to go.

And here's the best bit. If you'd like to join an Online Gym with a customised workout plan and new classes each week, you can  do by clicking here - for free, for a whole month

Whether you want to get in shape for a special occasion, an upcoming holiday or just to feel better in yourself, OnlineGym4Me have totes got your back - and I've got yours, with one month's free access! Sign up today and join me in the fight against flab. You honestly won't regret it; it's been the kick up the bum I've needed recently.

*I was gifted a 6 month membership to OnlineGym4Me in exchange for this post, but as ever, all opinions are my own

#BrowGoals with HD Beauty*

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

My eyebrows used to make me do a little sick in my mouth. As an angst ridden teen, I had totes overplucked them in attempts to look 'cool' and as a result they were sparse as hell, two totally different shapes and overall, one massive joke

That was, of course, before I got HD Brows, from Lisia at Bloom Liverpool [which you can read aaaaaall about here.] Speaking with Lisia about my brows and how I should be applying makeup to shape them correctly was a total game changer. As a qualified HD Stylist, Lisia crafted me some of the most beautiful brows I've ever seen [seriously Liverpool Bloggers, she's fab] and talked me through some of the products that High Definition offer, which might help me on my journey towards achieving the perfect brow.

lovelaughslipstick hd brows high definition beauty

High Definition Beauty very kindly sent me some of the products Lisia used on me, so that I can recreate the perfect brow at home and get them to a state where when I next pop into Bloom Liverpool, Lisia will have much more to work with [#baldingbrows.] So if you're interested in what I use on my brows, these are the products I've incorporated into my daily routine [and which have upped my brow game massively. Like, I legit look back at my old eyebrows and shudder in shame. What was I thinking?!]

I'd heard plenty of great things about this stuff, so I was super excited to try it. And I can confirm that it lives up to every expectation I ever had. My brows have actually become quite full in places now - and since combing this serum through them every night before bed, they've grown back super fast where I've massacred them in the past. 

I laughed as I left Bloom, telling Lisia that I wouldn't need to come back for at least 8 weeks as my brows grow that slowly. LOL. Naaat. This stuff has changed that, that's for sure. The brush is bendy, flexible and contains plenty of little teeth; to make sure it catches & coats even the tiniest hairs to encourage them to get their grow-on. I've only tried this stuff on my brows so far, but if it does the same for my lashes as it's doing for them, then I'm pretty much going to marry it. Not even messing. 

My eyebrows might be sparse and balding in areas, but they don't half get unruly after a long day at the office. Pure strands poking left, right and centre - they love to show me up in front of other humans. Colourfix sorts this issue right out for me, by setting my brows in place in a way which looks natural and seals in colour; in case I accidentally itch my eyebrow and come dangerously close to smudging my pencil off. Again, the brush on this product is flexible, bendy and full of super fine bristles; to coat each hair and comb through my brows leaving a natural finish. Love

The shade Foxy suits my brows and complexion perfectly; which is something I've really struggled with recently [and the reason why I will be selling about 23476234 unsuitable brow pomades soon, if anyone's interested?!] I'm made up to have found this shade.

I. Frigging. LOVE this brow pencil. Like, I'll never go back to any other brow pencil [soz Rimmel] now I've tried this. The Browtec comes with a brush on one end and a super fine brow pencil on the other - and for me; it's the stuff that dreams are made of. 

Lisia advised that I pencil in my brows using small strokes, to emulate hair. And because the pencil end of this product is so fine and delicate, this is actually feasible [ even for me; the worst makeup applier this side of Liverpool!!] Browtec in Foxy is the perfect shade for me, easy to use to fill in my [many] brow gaps & to draw the perfect shape - plus, it applies like an absolute dreamboat. I honestly don't know how I coped without it.  Or who even let me out of the house with the rancid eyebrows I was repping pre-Browtec. *Voms*

HD Brows Foxy Browtec Pencil

I'll post again soon with how I use these products in my daily routine and how to apply them too - as well as with how the Brow Booster [hopefully] helps me to achieve perfect HD Brows with Bloom Liverpool. I'm in the process of growing my eyebrows out at the moment [with Lisia's guidance] so that eventually, I potentially might have naturally nice brows and have much less work to do with the pencil. I'll do pretty much anything for an extra 5 minutes in bed, me!


Have you had HD Brows before? Have you tried any of these products? What do you use to keep your brows in check?

*This post contains items I was gifted, but as ever, all opinions are my own - I wouldn't lie to you guys, as it's not big and it certainly ain't clever!

Glamour Summer Edit : Latest In Beauty Box

Friday, 12 August 2016

I frigging love Summer me, yeno. So when I was reading Glamour [whilst chowing down on cake[s] in the bath... yes you heard, cakes plural] the other week and I stumbled upon an ad for the Glamour Summer Edit : Latest In Beauty Box, I knew it was only a matter of time before I ordered one. 

I held off on the purchasing part for as long as I could [due to being a member of the poverty club... possibly the founding member?] but after reading the beautiful Georgie @ As You Wish blog's post about her experience with it, it was game over and I knew I had to have one [and my credit card cried real tears once again, as I furiously typed in its digits online.]

At £20, this box wasn't the cheapest whim I've ever acted on... but the products it contains are frigging awesome and come to a total retail value of approx £104 - so the bargain hunter within me couldn't really argue with that. [In fact, she helped me justify buying it; with this logic.] 

Here's what was inside.

GROUNDED Coffee Scrub, Chocolate Orange

I love coffee. I love Chocolate Oranges [especially when they're on Roll Back for a quid at Asda.] There was, therefore, more chance of pigs flying, securing graduate jobs and paying off their mortgage within five years than me not loving this product. I've seen loads of bloggers and celebs repping a coffee scrub selfie recently and I can't wait to join them. I've heard really great stuff about this brand and my old fossil-like skin needs some TLC.

St Tropez Bronzing Mist, Self Tan Classic

As a self confessed tan obsesso, you might be surprised to learn that I've never tried St Tropez. Up until now, I have been 100% faithful to my cheaper alternative bae, St Moriz. I'm super excited to try this though, I can't lie. I've recently got right into the St Tropez Gradual In-Shower Tanning lotion [which is amazing, by the way!] and the fact that this is a mist rather than a pure mousse will hopefully speed up the application process. #LazyProbs.

Yes, you'd be right in thinking that the last time I used a spray on fake tan was during my school days and that during this time, I a] stunk like a digestive biscuit b] had more streaks than a football match and c] resembled David Dickinson, but I have high hopes for this one.

WOW Luxury Facial Mask Treatment

I've seen several cool cats on Insta and handfuls of celebs repping sheet masks recently. I've lolled, smiled and wondered where the hell they've been sourcing these things from; until I found WOW. Granted, since trying this out, I've had a slight breakout; but hopefully this just means that it's brought my impurities to the surface and normal service will resume soon. Plz?! 

Ladival Sun Protection Spray, SPF 30

I am totes excited to take this bad boy away on holiday with me; it's a mega useful product to pick up in a sub box I reckon. I've heard really great things about Ladival as a brand and it is super important to make sure you always protect yourself from the sun's harmful rays - not just to prevent skin cancer, but also to avoid your skin looking like a tan, wrinkly leather satchel by the time you reach your 60s. 

NUXE Precious Scented Shower Oil

This stuff legit smells UNREAL. It's shimmery, thick and nourishing - I'm really impressed by it. As a bath person... no... obsesso... no appreciator I'm usually dead disappointed when I get shower products in subscription boxes - but not in this case. It's the perfect size to pop in your luggage for your summer vacay, too. Which is exactly what I plan to do.

Revlon Ultra HD Matte Colour in Devotion

This is legit the perfect nude, suiting every skintone to a tee. I was initally a bit disappointed with this product, as when I swatched it on the back of my hand it didn't seem to be matte at all and felt a bit sticky? However I'm pleased to report that when applied to the lips it does mattify considerably better, is a gorgeous corally shade and smells good enough to eat. Definitely a useful addition to the old makeup repertoire, this.

Oribe - Dry Texturising Spray

I haven't actually tried this out yet, but the bottle alone is so beautiful & well designed that I fully reckon I'll love it. Texturised, boho locks are all the goals this year, so I'm definitely going to try this out with a messy fishtail braid pretty soon. Last time I tried a similar salt spray I looked like I'd been electrocuted / lived in a hedge / took up life with Stig of the Dump; but the formula of this one leads me to believe even I might be able to use it. Great success.

Aurelia Miracle Cleanser

I'm wayyy excited to try this out, as I've actually started making an effort with my skincare regime recently and stopped relying so heavily on baby wipes to have my back. Coming with a small little muslin cloth, this cleanser sounds like the answer to all my skin-related prayers. And it's just so darn Instagrammable, too.


What do you think of this box? Have you tried any of these products before & loved / hated them? Has the Glamour Summer Edit tempted you, as much as it tempted me?! You can still get your hands on one yourselves too yeno guys, click here.

#Fashion - Boho, Summer Vibes with Cherry Diva*

Friday, 5 August 2016

I adore all things boho and will freely admit to anyone who asks [and those who don't] that I spend most of my time planning for holidays I can never afford; dreaming of digging my toes into sandy white beaches, rocking sunkissed beachy waves with oversized sunnies and drinking strawberry daiquiris out of coconut shells with novelty straws. 

Whenever I fancy picking up boho inspired accessories to pretend to myself that I'm able to live this dream, to add the finishing details to any outfit or to create a statement look with accessories, I always check out Cherry Diva. You may remember I wrote a post about them here - we've both changed a lot as brands since working together last year, but one thing that hasn't changed is the fact that I can always rely on them to provide great quality pieces of jewellery for incredible prices. In fact, their site and stock package has gotten even wider since our last collab - just take a moment to click here and you'll see exactly what I mean #AllTheGoals.

I've actually booked a holiday for later on this year, to Mykonos in Greece - which I'm wayy excited about. So in this extremely photo heavy post, I've put together a lookbook [of sorts] of how I'm going to style up the accessories I picked out overseas and how they inspire me. Prepare to get your boho juices flowing - this season's hottest accessories are about to blow you away. Oh and btw - everything I've picked below is from the £5 and under section. HOW INCREDIBLE IS THAT?! You can definitely do boho on a budget, if you know where to look.

Chunky Pink Jewel Golden Ring*, £4 | Crystal Point Ring in Amethyst*, starting from £4 [this one is £8.00]

How fab are these rings, please? I recently posted a photo of these little beauts on Instagram actually, and you guys loved them. Rightly so - they scream summer and I can't wait for pastel nails, a bangin' tan and to stack my fingers with gems galore in Greece. Both rings come with a choice of different gems and in different colours. The Crystal Point Ring comes in four mystical gemstones, each with different properties. Amethyst is said to be for inner peace and wisdom and to relieve sadness and grief; which sounds good to me!

Perfect for adding a dressy splash of bohemia to your look, this hair band can be used with a multitude of hair styles and complements my beachy waves / constant messy bun lifestyle perfectly. It's ideal for hot summer nights, where you head out for a meal after a long day sunbathing. I have a white bardot dress and some sandals which will go with this little number a treat and I can't wait to practice different looks with it.

This anklet, to me, epitomises boho style perfectly. I adore how detailed each little coin on its chain is and how great quality this piece feels. There's something about anklets and toe jewellery that just scream holiday; with a bikini, tan and a beachy backdrop, anklets are just so, so right. Anklets and bodychains are definitely this season's glammest way to jazz up your swimwear collection - and this bad boy is going straight in my case, ready for action.


There we have it, a few of my favourite Summer picks 2016 from Cherry Diva. I try and ensure that every product I include on my blog is attainable, and the prices on these beautiful pieces make them some of the most affordable wardrobe updates EVER!

Which piece is your favourite? Have you shopped with Cherry Diva before?

*This post contains items I was gifted for review; but as ever, all opinions are my own.

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