Bullet Journal Inspo

Sunday, 22 May 2016

If there's one thing I love, it's a good list. I'm forever planning, listing and scrawling down the mad rambles that populate my brain. I hastily jot things down on the backs of envelopes [the one good thing about getting sh*t loads of bills through the door each month], on the notes on my phone and I draft-compose the living crap out of my email account. 

Up until now; my lists, plans and feeble excuse of a bullet journal have been ugly as hell. Pure scribbles where I've changed my mind, scruffy arse handwriting and my plans for the month have been somewhat scattered throughout a mix of a mad pile of half opened envelopes, my diary, laptop and phone.

It got to the stage where I needed a list, to organise my lists. But not the bog standard, crazy listing system that was failing me - I decided that I needed to create a planner to look pretty and inviting; to efficiently organise my life and to motivate me to do actual human things rather than make me do a little sick in my mouth [like the current system.]

So out came mr credit card [other bae] and off online shopping we went. We didn't have to look far - I knew exactly where we were headed. I'd been perving on our Jemma's [Dorkface blog] Etsy Store extensively since she announced the arrival of stickers. And it was time. Brace yourself to witness the fitness. Planning never looked so good.

How fab?! Can you cope with how cute these stickers are?! Cos I can't. I am legit well excited to start a proper planner like a functioning adult and plaster these bad boys ON EVERY. SINGLE. PAGE. Obv you know I proper heart our Jem anyway like [she designed my blog's header & blog button way back when] but I also truly heart supporting small businesses and helping other people achieve their dreams; which makes this purchase doubly meaningful.

Aww, how much of a babe is she, please?!

I am now totes inspired to get my plan on - I've even got the old gel pens at the ready! I'll let you know how I get on and might even share a few pages with you lovely lot. I could do with a little help though - does anyone have any Bullet Journal blog posts you could link me to?

If you love these stickers as much as I do, you can find them here [The Planner sticker pack, £6] in Jemma's Etsy Store. I won't lie, I'm pretty obsessed with the Girly Princess sticker pack too, so expect more over-excited tweets and instagram photos soon!


Where do you get your Bullet Journal / Scrapbooking stickers from?  What does your planner look like, and how do you keep it motivational?

Hello OPI #Giveaway

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

A few things have happened over the past few months. Blog things. But I've been too preoccupied nibbling on bourbon biscuits and oversleeping to recognise them, until now. #BadBlogger

I'm not big on blog analytics. I've logged into GA like twice, I only check my DA when I see other people tweeting about theirs and do I sh*te have a Media Kit. However, I have hit a few milestones worth celebrating - so here's a cheeky giveaway for you guys in recognition of my [albeit small] achievements within the blogosphere these past 12 months:

- I hit over 2,000 followers on Twitter
- It was my blog's first birthday [in October, but better late than never to point this out, right?]
- My DA crawled out of the pits of despair and up into the 20s,
- I hit over 40,000 page views,
- My Instagram page isn't looking too shabby either, like,
- I've made some dead lovely internet friends who I proper heart.

So, onto the good bit. In celebration of the above, I've got a brand new Hello Kitty OPI Nail Set for one lucky reader to win. It's worth £25, comes with five mini OPI polishes and a free nail art brush. Cos everyone loves Hello Kitty, right?

This giveaway will run from Wednesday 18th May to Wednesday 1st June 2016. Please make sure you read the T&Cs before entering [boring, I know.]

Alls you have to do to enter is scroll down to the Rafflecopter widget below and get following! You can also retweet my pinned tweet on Twitter to bag yourself an extra entry. Good luck and thanks for making my first year of blogging so fun :}

The Competition will end on the 01/06/16. No purchase necessary. This competition is open to all UK residents. To those under the age of 18 - please seek parental permission before entering. Duplicate, incomplete or spam entries will be removed. You can enter as many times as you want. The first entry is mandatory; you can then enter as many times as you want to get more entries. The winners will be drawn at random using the Rafflecopter widget. One winner will be drawn and contacted as soon as the competition is over. Open to UK residents only.

Tailored To Tease | Mac Retro Matte Liquid Lip Colour

Sunday, 15 May 2016

A successful haul for me is getting a few tins of tuna on rollback and maybe a special offer on yoghurts [12 Muller Light yoghurts for £3 at Asda atm, yeno guys #NotADrill #BargainBASEMENT.] My pitiful budget [or lack of] means that I can't really splash out on many high-end pieces of makeup - you'll most likely never see me post a pure haul on here [unless I win the lottery, but this day still hasn't come yet. Fume.]

For this poverty fuelled reason, I was beyond made up to win Laura Living Life's blog giveaway recently over on Twitter - for a Retro Matte Liquid lippy in the shade of my choice. Generous! I've always wanted to try this range from Mac [as I'm pretty obsessed with the whole matte lip thang] but let's be honest; pigs could fly, do somersaults and apply winged eyeliner before I'd have ever had been able to just buy one on a whim [bad blogger.]

After many minutes of umming and ahhing, I decided on this bad boy; Tailored to Tease. I do love a strong pink pout and most of my other matte lip products are more nudey shades; so I wanted to try something a little different. Brace yourself now for about a million photos of this little beaut [you'll probably have seen a fair few of these over on my Instagram already; it's just so darn Instagrammable. Fair play, Mac.]

Here's a filter free, non-edited photo of a cheeky swatch, so you can see the colour first hand too [it dries into legit the most beautiful shade of fushia.]

And here's some obligatory pouty photos of me wearing it.

So, first impressions wise - when I initially cracked the bottle open, I was surprised [and happy] to find that the formula is quite thick, lux and creamy. My lips felt really soft after the first application. Now that I've had a chance to wear it a couple of times, I can confirm that after a while of wearing it, it is a little drying - but for a colour so vibrant and long lasting, it's totes worth it [and for the first couple of hours, it's fine & feels quite moisturising.] 

I absolutely love this lippy. It looks great, turns heads and doesn't shift even when you have a drink [or 12...] perfect for those nights out; sponsored by Jagerbombs and shame. It's a proper fitty, a shade I'd wear during summer or winter; dressed up for going out or played down with fresh, simple makeup during the day.

Thank you so much to Laura for giving me the opportunity to win this little beauty, the Universe for making something good happen to me for a change and Mac for making such a bloody lovely product. I'll 100% check out the other colours in the liquid retro matte range after having tried this; although purchasing one might not be on the cards anytime soon, what with my severe lack of coin!


Have you tried one of these lippys before? What's your favourite matte lip product this season? Which Mac shades would you recommend I try next?

#MyATTITUDE - Finding a Signature Scent for Summer*

Monday, 9 May 2016

So...? are a brand who have been around for as long as I can remember. They have a fun, vibrant range of fragrances - all at very reasonable prices [which is a MASSIVE plus in my books.] Many a minute of my time was spent spraying tester bottles of So...? in Superdrug when I was younger, so we could strut off round the Manchester Arndale smelling hawt. 

Back in the day, I used to be full on addicted to 'So...? Desirable' and 'So...? Kiss Me' - the smell of which now instantly transports me back to summer and memories past. Isn't it funny how perfumes can do that? A fragrance is so more than just a pleasant aroma that lingers around you; it's something which can instantly remind you of people [and people of you!], places, nights out, parties, clubs and holidays past. Which makes picking a new one really fun.

Everyone has their 'signature scent' - their 'go-to' perfume - but this year, I want to change my life up. No more sticking to the tried-and-tested. I want to make a ton more memories and really live my life to the fullest, with a fresh new scent to accompany me through these adventures. And So...? very kindly sent me two new fragrances, so I can do just that. 

I was sent 'So...? Burlesque' and 'So...? Rio' - both gorgeous fragrances in equally fab packaging. They are two very different fragrances, which have inspired me to put together two different looks for this #MyATTITUDE collaboration; night vs day.

EDT £5.99 (30ml), £9.95 (50ml)

BODY FRAGRANCE £1.99 (75ml)

"With just one spritz, a sweet and fruity melody of mandarin, blackcurrant and apricot is released and begins to marry with show-stopping heart notes of sultry orange flower, jasmine and rose. Base notes of warming vanilla, amber and a hint of patchouli deliver a powerful and evocative fragrance with staying power right throughout the evening."

really love this perfume. True to its name, it smells musky, mysterious and seductive - a bit of a heavier scent; perfect for evening wear / NIGHT. Not just that - the fragrance also lasts for ages [winner] - I hate it when you wear a perfume that you can't smell after an hour or two, especially on a night out. It smells a little similar to one of the YSL perfumes [can't remember which one - one in a purple bottle I think] but at a fraction of the priceI HEART IT SO MUCH.

BODY FRAGRANCE, 75ml £1.99 - Available in Asda, Superdrug & Tesco
EAU DE TOILETTE, 50ml £9.99 - Available exclusively from Boots stores nationwide

"So...? Rio reflects the vibrancy of the sun soaked city. It has zesty top notes of pineapple, mango and melon. Its tropical heart notes of hibiscus dance on the nose before settling into a fragrance that is both enigmatic & exotic."

This scent is legit perfect for summer DAYs. Spraying it for the first time brought up all kinds of nostalgic feels and reminded me of some of my favourite fragrances, products and life experiences. It's sweet, fruity and in a bottle as tropical as it smells. It's the perfect scent to accompany summer sunshine - a great holiday fragrance. I'd purchase this perfume to take on vacay with me; for sure.


And there you have it - come rain or shine, night or day - I have two new fragrances perfect to step up to the occasion. Bring on the Summer '16 memories!

The So...? Eau de Toilette and Body Fragrance range is available from Boots, Superdrug, Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s, Bodycare, Wilkinson and Savers & www.very.co.uk. You can visit their website here.

Have you tried any So...? fragrances? What's your go-to fragrance for summer?

*This post contains items I was very kindly gifted by So...? for the purpose of review. As ever though, all opinions are my own - I wouldn't lie to you guys, as it's not big and it's not clever.

Things I Proper Love #2 - Trips to St Moriz

Monday, 2 May 2016

For the past 6 years [#loyal] I've been taking regular holidays to St Moriz. There's nothing quite like sashaying into the office on a Monday morning, glowing like a pure bronzed goddess [or yeno, just looking a bit tanned. Might be getting a bit carried away here - I can hardly describe myself as being a goddess when 99.99% of the time, I haven't brushed my hair, live in sweatpants and swear like there's no tomorrow.] 

I try to visit St Moriz once a week, sometimes twice if there's a chance I'll see other humans [especially fit ones.] 

I remember when I first learned of the wonders of St Moriz. My mate Dawn strolled into work one morning before a night out, about 8 skintones darker than the last time I'd seen her. As a Sun Shimmer kinda girl [at the time], I was hella confused as to how she'd achieved this glorious feat; with no streaks or dots where the rain had hit her skin on the way in [cheers Rimmel - in most of my uni night out photos, I legit look like a leopard thanks to Sun Shimmer!] It was then she told me.

'Head off to St Moriz. £3.99 a bottle from Home Bargains.' 

And my life changed forever. I personally find St Moriz to be the easiest, least streaky and most even fake tan to ever grace this planet. And obv, like everything I love the most - it's a proper, proper bargain [they stock it in like, Boots, B&M, Home Bargains and Tesco - all for wayyyyy cheap.]

For an instant tan, this is legit the only product I'll use. I don't know if you've ever tried it before, but it's actually incredible. I use the Tanning Mousse in Medium, as I am quite dark skinned / a bit on the yellow side of life [but good old St Moriz comes in tons of different formulas and alternative shades, so there's something for everyone.] SM applies with a stain, which means that you can see exactly where you've applied it so that you never miss a spot - and this also means that from the get go, you're bronzed and ready to go. 

My top tips for successfully pulling off a trip to St Moriz:

1. Always wear plastic gloves to apply it with. I didn't once, and the palms of my hands went jet black. No word of a lie. I had a full on nervy b, thinking I was going to have to ring in sick to work as there was no way I could serve customers with those mad palms. I ended up scrubbing my hands at midnight, crouched over the toilet, using Smart Price bleach. Never again.

2. If you put it on your face, mix it in with a little moisturiser to apply for best results.

3. Also, if you apply it to your face, make sure you do this AFTER you've brushed your teeth. Oh - and don't watch any weepy films / cry once you're tannng. Otherwise you'll relocate from the [faux] sandy beaches of St Moriz and end up in Streak City.

4. Apply it at night, before you go to bed. The longer you leave the stain on to develop, the better your tan will be. I keep it on for pure time.

5. Once you've applied your tan, check those pesky areas that are a bit hard to reach - like the back of your thighs, up by your elbows etc, to make sure you haven't missed a spot. You can apply more St Moriz over the tan you've applied earlier to rectify the situation, but if you miss these spots out and sleep with it like this - you're in for some funny looks in the morning.


Have you tried St Moriz before? What's your go-to tanning product?

How I Store My Matte Lip Products*

Saturday, 30 April 2016

CONFESSION TIME: I'm that girl who stalks your Insta page and blog photos in jealous delusions. If you've ever posted about your makeup storage, guaranteed I've seen it and wept in jealousy and admiration of your stash. Soz if that's put a pure creepy image in your mind, I'm not that bad [promise] - I'm just poor and in desperate need of inspo and that. 

My storage, I hear you ask? Well lads, all my makeup goes in a basket I bought from
B&M Bargains. A high end basket, may I add [before you picture me using like a pure washing basket] with glitter on it and evs. And leather look handles [as leather as you can get for £3.99.] It means I know exactly where to look in a morning, granted, but it can be a right pain in the arse having to wade through about 26000 dead foundations and smashed powder pans to find your lippy lurking right at the bottom.

That is, until Born Pretty sent me this fab little acryllic 24 squared makeup organiser*, which retails at just $6.08 (£4.22 in pounds sterling with FREE UK POSTAGE.] GAME. CHANGER. No longer do I have to waste time rummaging in my makeup stash to find my lippys, I can instead display them in pride. I decided to use this unit to store my matte lip products, as they're my absolute go-to guys at the minute [you can read more about my experience with the Born Pretty glosses  pictured below here and here] and the product I have most of.

I can't believe the quality of this, to be honest; for just £4.22 with free UK Shipping. Granted, delivery can take up to three weeks, as Born Pretty are based overseas, but if you're looking for cheap makeup storage, I definitely recommend having a browse of their site! I'm made up with my organiser; it's definitely another one of the many necessary steps I need to take in making me a better adult / blogger / general human.

And guess what, if you fancy making an order with Born Pretty, I've even got a cheeky dizzy code you can use. Whack in AINH10 at the checkout for 10% off your purchase, as well as free UK Shipping [code only valid on non-discounted items.]


Have you ordered from Born Pretty before? How do you store your makeup stash?

*This post contains items I was gifted by Born Pretty. All opinions are my own, however - I wouldn't lie to you guys, as it's not big and it's not clever!

LashUnlimited's New Range of Falsies*

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

I am obsessed with falsies, let's not lie. I wear them every day. I'll put them on to nip to Tezzy [Tesco], the Post Office, work or even to a doctor's appointment [one of the doctors in my practice is a total babe - I can't be caught off guard!] They've become a way of life for me now and I feel I look way too much of a man-head without them.

A few months ago, I discovered LashUnlimited on Twitter. And that was it - game, set and match for me; I'd found the one. Their lashes stole my heart and now, they're the only brand I'll buy. I have worn their lashes everyday since finding them and will continue to buy them for as long as they stock them [guys, please never stop stocking your lashes or I won't be able to cope, okay?] Namely their #9 lashes. These little beauties are legitimate baes [and I don't use that term lightly.]

Their lashes tick all the right boxes for me. They're cheap [as am I], fluttery, easy to apply with a thin band and last for aaaaaaages if you take care of them. I get loads of comments on my lashes, and they're ALWAYS LashUnlimited's #9s.

Anyway, LashUnlimited very kindly sent me some of their new lashes to try out the other day, and I could barely cope. I haven't actually tried them out yet, so this post is all about first impressions. I'll try and formulate better sentences than squealing and saying 'bae' all the time, promise. Though when you see them in a minute, you'll understand why I'm so excited. 


I adore these lashes. They're very similar to LashUnlimited's #1s [you can see more on these here] which I really loved wearing. They're very light and natural; ideal for wearing during the day. I'll be taking these on holiday with me for sure [if I ever manage to save enough coin to book anywhere!!] as they'll be literally perfect to wear under the heat of the sun. They're not too heavy or too much, they just give the illusion of  you having naturally long lashes. And the fineness of the band means you can disguise these lashes with your own; they look really natural and the style of them doesn't require you to pull off any mad winged eyeliner techniques for a seamless finish.


The #16 lashes are quite similar to #15s - but just more spikey, which gives them a slightly more dramatic look. I'm all about lash dramz, so these lashes will fit into my life perfectly. Again, I'd probably wear these during the day, for a 'your lashes but better' fluttery look. Spikey lashes are bang on point at the moment and I proper heart the way they look when worn. Yay!


I'm sooooo excited to try these bad boys out - they look very similar to my beloved #9s, but just with more focus on the middle to outer edges of your eyes. They're wispy and natural looking, but will provide your lashes with stacks of volume. Legit made up to see these introduced as part of the range.


WOW. I am so in love with these. What do you think? These are defo my favourite of the new lashes I've seen so far. They're like a blend of LashUnlimited's #8s and #9s - my two fave styles; thick, volumising, wispy, full and super fluttery. I'm going to save these for when I next go out - they're going to look beyond amazing with a smokey eye and lashings of eyeliner. Can't wait to show you what they look like on [though with my distinct lack of social life / mates, you might have to wait a little while for this opportunity to come around haha.]

There aren't many brands I'd harp on about like a broken record right, but these guys are totally worth it. Their prices and special offers are beyond reasonable, to the extent where even I can afford to stock up on them each month. Their lashes are amazing quality too; I get so many wears out of each pair, which makes them even better value for tight-arses like me. I honestly highly recommend you check them out - my number 9s have actually changed my life [well, maybe I'm being a tad overdramatic there like - but they've certainly upped my makeup game and added a fluttery, feminine touch to my massive manhead!!]


Have you ordered from LashUnlimited before? Which of their new styles do you like the look of the most?

*This post contains lashes I was gifted by LashUnlimited. However, all opinions are very much my own. I wouldn't lie to you guys - it's not big and it's not clever!
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