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Unboxing the March 2019 Look Incredible Deluxe Box* #LookIncredible

I've always perved on the Look Incredible subscription boxes from afar - the brands & products in their deluxe curations have been on my radar for pure time; a concept I've admired from the sidelines for a while. 

Until this month, that is, when I was sent my very own Look Incredible Deluxe Box* & lost my ability to cope. Dressed in the most gorgeous silver box - tied with a bow - March's curation blew my tiny mind. The products and brands inside [all full-sized, btw] are just something else - and for £35, incredibly good value, too, when you think of the retail cost of each item individually

Unboxing the March 2019 Look Incredible Deluxe Box* #LookIncredible Lovelaughslipstick Blog Review

New Release: Skinny Tan Pro-Tan Moisture Mousse*

Life's better with a tan. Like, infinitely better. I always feel so much better about myself when I've bronzed up... the act of fake tanning legit takes me from a 0/10 to a strong 2. Alright, a 1.37 if I'm being totally frank.

One brand who totally feel me on this point and continually help me achieve my tanning goals are, of course, Skinny Tan

You may remember I worked with them last month on the release of their brand new Wonderglow Serum [and was lucky enough to try a sample before it was released to the general public, so I'm totally like Zoella now okay hun?] and this month has brought about yet another new release from them - the Skinny Tan Pro-Tan Moisture Mousse* you'll have seen in my pics. And if you follow me on Instagram. Pls follow my Instagram. Yes, it really has come to literally begging for followers at this point. Algorithms, amiright?

New Release: Skinny Tan Pro-Tan Moisture Mousse Review, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

AD | Exploring The Coliseum Shopping Park // Updating My Beauty Stash For Spring*

I haven't been to the Coliseum Shopping Park in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire for pure aaaaaages. So - as you may have seen on my relentless Instagram stories yesterday, I definitely made up for lost time exploring it all over again! 

Easily accessible via car - and with several public transport links & train stations in close proximity, this fab retail park packs a whole host of coffee shops, restaurants, amenities and HUGE stores into one handy location [with plenty of parking.] It's also right by the Blue Planet Aquarium, which is one of my favourite ever places in the world. Ever.

I didn't actually realise / remember how many names you can find at the Coliseum; Boots, New Look, River Island, Next, Superdrug, Lipsy, Outfit, Debenhams & H&M to name just a few of the stores I shopped yesterday - if you're a beauty & fashion enthusiast like me, it's flipping fantastic. With a Starbucks on-site for those well-needed coffee breaks, before hammering the shopping opportunities all over again.

As a beauty obsesso, I'm always [at the very least attempting] to stay up to date with current trends, brands, products and seasonal releases from my favourite names; and with the recent change in weather [& there being actual legit sunshine now!] it was time to refresh my stash for Spring. I headed into Boots on the Coliseum Shopping Park to explore my options, and left with plenty of new picks to update my beauty wardrobe for the incoming season of sunshine.

Updating My Beauty Stash For Spring at Boots at the Coliseum Shopping Park Ellesmere Port, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

A Pretty Dece Makeup Revolution Release

Me head's been up me arse these past couple of months, soz about my sporadic nature & that. I've had the busiest few weeks with new clients and other projects going on - I feel so disorganised, behind and outta the loop that I'm not even sure what to do; aside from binge eat Quavers and try to level up on Cooking Fever. Logical approach as always.

I took these photos & intended to post about this bad boy pure time ago... and then I got Netflix, discovered the joy of an afternoon cider or 3 and have worked 24-hour days more than I'd care to admit. They don't put this sh*t on them 'Girl Boss' inspirational mugs do they

You may have read my last MUR dedicated post... where I was not-so-impressed [in fact that's being way too polite, I'm pretty certain I explicitly reference how sh*t it really is] with the Makeup Revolution Glow Revolution Illuminating Spray. 

WELL, I got these two products at the same time expecting them to both be proper huns [and that I'd post about them both around a similar time]... and it was a 50/50 split. The Illuminating Spray was some kind of a sick joke, but this - the Makeup Revolution Mascara Revolution - is pretty alright.

Makeup Revolution Mascara Revolution Review, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

Relaxing With Westlab*

If you know me, or made the debatable AF decision to follow my Instagram & my stories on there [only messing, it's probs the best thing you'll ever do, pls follow me] you'll know that I spend 99.3% of my time in the bath. It's my fave place in the world [apart from the Greek islands and big Asda] and I can spend many an hour soaking away; even having ordered McDonalds to nibble on during bath time before. And a pizza.

Westlab very kindly gifted me some totes pretty pink bath products; which I was buzzing about, naturally. However, I've not been able to try them out until recently [which was the toughest temptation to resist ever] as I had a surgical procedure recently where I was advised I wasn't allowed to bathe for 4 weeks afterwards to avoid the risk of infection.

Wot fresh hell was that, pls? Other than insanely fun. Not

My restrictions have now been lifted, so I've been enjoying soaking once again - and my new Westlab goodies were some of the first things I tried. And naturally, I've taken to me blog to tell you all about them.

Westlab Cleansing Himalayan Collection, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

March 2019's Little Known Box: The Springtime Staples Edit*

It barely feels like yesterday since I put up my February Little Known Box review [but that's probs because I'm a terrible blogger and pretty much did only post it yesterday 😂] yet here we are, unboxing the March curation already. 

I fondly remember those blissfully unaware days of thinking that when I went self-employed I'd have loads more time to dedicate to blogging... when in reality, the last few weeks have been a blur. I've been so busy & I've had next to no time spare to snap pretty product pics & write up professions of love for the bits I've been trying out. You should see the state of my email inbox... it's not okay, hun. But future me can deal with that fresh hell; for now we're talking Little Known Box and why this edit is one of my favessssss.

March 2019's Little Known Box: The Springtime Staples Edit, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

A New Hun On The Scene: PMD Clean*

I hugely prefer silicone cleansing brushes over the ones with bristle heads. These models are gentler, longer lasting, leave my skin feeling more supple & are stacks more hygienic. The fact you don't need to replace manky brush heads makes them easier to maintain and more affordable, too. 

I was lucky enough to be sent over this totes Instagrammable, newly released PMD Clean* anti-aging facial device to try recently; which [not even being dramatic] is probably up there with some of my favourite silicone facial cleansing brushes of all time. It looks fantastic, has several different modes, is battery powered and it's long handle gives you fantastic precision & control over the head. Out of context, this sounds filthy - and I'm living for it tbh 😂

February 2019 Little Known Box - The Self Care Edit*

Okay so, I blinked and the entirety of March was gone. Not ideal. I've fallen behind on what I'd class as an alarming amount of content and I'm dealing with it using Rekorderlig Strawberry & Lime Cider as a tasty coping mechanism; which I've been told isn't the way to go. Who knew?

After this whole Pipdig situation [which I mostly ignored for as long as physically possible because of how boring it is / impossible to understand] I decided I'd try & embrace having a lil rebrand and moving away from my Pipdig theme I'd loved for these past two years. And I'll tell you now huns, I 1/10 DO NOT recommend this as a way to spend ya spare time. If I thought reading about these shady activities was boring AF, having to go through and change my site's theme & formatting - and spending a decent wedge of moola I really don't have - was even worse

The point I'm eventually planning on arriving on here is that yeah - you might notice my blog has a new theme [Etsy came through] and because of this, I've actually got the teensiest bit of motivation to smash out a few new posts today. So here I am! Even if I do still need to go through and do the worst task known by mankind - even worse than having to make the bed - of reformatting all my old posts as this change has sent them all batsh*t crazy 😫

Let's get cracking on seeing what was inside my February 2019 Little Known Box then, shall we?

February 2019 Little Known Box - The Self Care Edit Review, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

The Positives Of Dating Someone Younger Than You*

I'm a lot older than I look... and this - combined with my mischievous, dirty minded humour [which some may call immature] gives me a youthful sorta vibe I think. 

I'm just a gal who likes to have fun, Cyndi Lauper told it like it is way back when. I like lolling, I like inappropriate humour, I like staying out all night & spending all my time with my best friends in the world. I can stay up all night dancing, have always got the energy to keep going, have somehow mastered binge drinking where I avoid a hangover and I love current fashion & beauty trends. Not gonna dress like a middle-aged woman before my time, hun

But these qualities mean I seem to attract a lot of younger fellas, branding me as a bit of a cougar 😂 Ngl I don't even mind this title that much - if I'm still attracting young men in their prime then I'm obviously doing something right with my face or general appearance. But it's pretty funny when noone believes how old I actually am

I used to get really annoyed when I'd get ID'ed all the time for booze and I was like, 24 - I got ID'ed less when I was a teenager 😂 but I'm actually starting to feel really grateful for my youthful looks now [someone guessed I was 19 last weekend! Like I'd just come off of an episode of Ten Years Younger or something!]

Yes it's meant that people haven't always taken me seriously. Yes I've had to get me ID out of that tiny awkward corner in the back of my bag more times than I'd have liked. But it's also saved me a fortune in botox and matches my young, fun, 'I feel 18 inside' spirit; and I'm vibing this these days. Anyway - back to the point of this post; here's why dating / seeing someone / having a lil clubneck with someone younger than you can be fun. Like, cougar dating 😂 

The Positives Of Dating Someone Younger Than You* | Tulips, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

Ten Things All Girls Should Aim For By Age Thirty*

Life looks different for each of us, we all go through unique experiences that shape us into the people we are; meaning that we hit milestones at different points too. There are a few similarities in most of our lives that we can draw comparisons with however - a few common goals many of us wish to have achieved [or be in the process of achieving] by the time we hit the big 3-0. Which is terrifying, let me tell you.

Here's a run-down of a few of these commonly held 'before I'm 30' goals. I'm [ironically] excited to see how miserably I've failed at a large percentage of these 😂

Photo by Bruce Mars from Pexels