The idea behind this brand new online platform is SEW cool that I PORT you guys might wanna learn more about it. Hahaha sorry queens, I know I'm not that punny. Moving swiftly on... Sewport genuinely is an exciting online platform I wanted to share with you lot today - it's another fantastic example of how the world of production, fashion and technology is constantly evolving & adapting... totally changing the game for clothing manufacturers

In short, Sewport is a fab new online resource that allows people or companies [such as start-up businesses or up-and-coming fashion designers] who perhaps don't have much experience [or many connections] in the fashion industry to effortlessly bring their dream design to life. The website brings together everything you'll need to make your fashion dreams a reality - taking those ideas & manufacturing them into a physical garment[s]. Everything is guided, relevant and simple - Sewport makes it easy for brands [no matter what size] to find clothing manufacturers - and choose the right one to work on their project with them. Which means that for those of us who have fashion dreams but no idea how to make them a reality [or even, make the clothing items in the first place!] things have just got a whooooooole lot simpler.

Sewport Online Clothing Manufacturer Platform Feature, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

Winter is my least favourite season for a whole multitude of reasons - but [coldness, snow & darkness aside] one of my main bug bears surrounding this time of year is getting dry, chapped lips. This horrific medical impairment is pretty much a constant for me during this grim time of year, and adds further fuel to the fire for my argument of why I should just move to Spain immediately

I've been lucky enough to try out some Image Skincare for the first time recently though gang; and I'm happy to announce that I've fallen in LOVE with a lil lip product of theirs... that banishes all my chapped problems, adds a subtle hint of rosiness to my pout AND plumps it up at the same time. This lil bae is their OrMedic Sheer Pink Lip Enhancement Complex* [which you may have already clocked on my Insta feed] and there's just SO MANY REASONS why this tube of rosy goodness needs to be in everyone's handbag [rain or shine] that I need to share with yous as a matter of urgency. So let's go.

Image Skincare OrMedic Sheer Pink Lip Enhancement Complex Review, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

I will hold my hands up and freely admit to anyone who asks [and those that don't] that I AM BROKE AF, man. I'm not one of them bloggers with a closet of Chanel bags, Valentino heels and a fresh bouquet of red roses in every room of the house [lol, as if I can even afford a house.] I'm the kinda gal who buzzes her tits off after finding a penny on the floor, lives for the word Sale [or Reduced to Clear] and has zero shame re: stepping into Poundland. Except during that time around Christmas, when they had all them weird sexy elf pics going on. Those were awkward times.

I've not ended up living in a skip with a family of feral cats & a fox named Sid just yet though. Ya gal has been fighting off poverty since... well, forever... swerving them debt collection calls, keeping the baliffs at bay and collecting late payment fees like Pokémons - gotta catch em all. So I thought I'd share a few money making / saving tips with you guys today, in case any of you find yourselves in similar life predicaments as me. Cos although I'm not always great at putting these tips into practise, I do legit know what I'm talking about here. Cos dis is ma lyf xoxo

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As well as nerve wracking, sometimes disastrous, hilarious [if you're me] and fun; dating is packed with so many firsts & pivotal moments that are totes worth talking about. 

From the moment you realise you're falling in love, them butterflies in ya belly when you have a cheeky neck and those powerful rushes of RAGE when you realise he's been using your most expensive perfume as a spray to mask his poo smell... dating is the emotional rollercoaster that just keeps on giving. Even if he doesn't

Here's my thoughts on some of the defining moments all relationships seemingly go through - for better or for worse!

Suttons Florist Liverpool Eternity Roses Lovelaughslipstick Blog

I'm not sure the current climate is okay huns, are you? Yesterday I witnessed clear blue skies & pretty springtime sunshine beaming down...whilst it was snowing. In March. *Inserts blinking man GIF*

There's one thing I am certain about tho - and that's how bloody much this terrible weather is making me want need to book a holiday pronto. The hotter, further away & exotic the better. Therefore, this stylish, practical, 2-in1 perfect-size-for-hand-luggage Regent Holdall Bag* from hot up-and-coming brand Katherena is getting packed immediately; so the first half price holiday I clap eyes on can be booked & embarked on asap

Regent is vegan, unisex [aaaaall about that gender neutral life - I really respect companies who recognise the need for this in the market] and double denim AF - ticking so many boxes in the fashion and inclusivity stakes.

Katherina Double Denim Unisex Regent Holdall Bag Review, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

I'm all about minimalist packaging, slick branding and products that offer me proper good value for money when it comes to beauty purchases. Especially when I'm looking at pricier, dental products which promise the results of ma dreamz... without having to spend hours stuck in the denny's chair of doom [as he moans at me about that massive cake I ate to myself last week after getting emosh at Eastenders.] Yeno? 

Unfortunately, in this day & age [lol I legit sound like a Grandma 'ere, but bear with us & I promise I'll drop some modern day terms and maybe the odd swear to redeem myself] there's a f*ck ton [see, there we go] of home teeth whitening solutions marketed to us... that pray on the insecurities being bombarded with images of dat perfect American bright white / veneered / photoshopped / unrealistic smile inevitably cause us to develop.

Many of these products [or the dodgy, unqualified whitening treatments you can get done by the work experience girl in that shady looking hairdressers in the alley behind Tesco] are illegal, potentially damaging to ya enamel and complete gimmicks - that won't actually do anything for ya. I know dis guys, I watched a full on documentary on it; because going back to my earlier point - I am a Grandma. I've tried several myself... Colgate Whitening Mouthwash, those American Crest strips that everyone raves about and that iWhite stuff [bunch of bollocks] that simply did not work for me and were a total waste of money. But I've recently been trying out White Wash Laboratories products for size - and I'm pleased to report back that their stuff ticks ALL my boxes - it works [pretty much instantly], comes in stunning minimalist packaging & has branding on FLEEK. So if you're gonna splash out on home tooth whitening products, these ones are well worth it. Avoid iWhite. K?

White Wash Laboratories Nano Whitening Range Review, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

As an avid coffee drinker and - when I have the opportunity to actually leave the house & socialise with actual humans, red wine enthusiast; teeth discolouration and staining is a big concern in ma life. 

With that BLINDIN' white American, perfectly veneered kinda smile being such hot property RN, it's pretty easy for poorer people [like me - I'm a full on peasant] to feel a bit inferior about our gnashers - I'll hold my hands up and tell yous right now that I can't afford regular professional salon whitening trips or to veneer my whole mouth up. But Smile Lab are a brand I've been using at home, since way-back-when last year, whose products are actually dead effective in whitening ya teeth [I actually featured their Whitening Strips* in my 2017 Favourites Post, cuz they're that good.] And their stand-out product for me - said Whitening Strips - are what I'm here to once again profess my love for today.

SmileLab 'S' Advanced Whitening Strips 15s Review, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

Touch in Sol are a K Beauty brand who quickly swooped in and stole / touched my heart towards the end of last year. They touched my heart and they can also touch my bum too, if they wanted to. The invite's there okay guys, even though you might shudder and recoil in horror at the sight of my derriere department. But that's how much I proper love ya.

I've tried [and purchased] soooo many products from this brand since they first sashayed into my life - every single one of these has been a total hit and not at all sh*t either; which is a] bloody fantastic and b] bloody unusual, as with most brands I've tried in my life so far [which is a lot cos yeno, fossilised old hag over 'ere] there's usually a mix of hit & miss products in their repertoire. 

I need to tell you more, get over-dramatic, swear and weep to you guys simultaneously about how effing much you need to know about the Metallist range right now. Cos I can't cope.

Touch in Sol Metallist  Shadow Liquid Foil & Glitter Duos Review & Swatches, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

Very occasionally, I wash my hair. On an even less often basis, I brush it. 

But when I do partake in these rarities, I defo appreciate the presence of a good shampoo and conditioner - which these new releases from SheaMoisture totes are. Plus, the conditioner  I've been trying from this brand has a pump attachment head that makes me feel like I'm in a hairdressing salon and / or rly have my life together when I use it. So I'm here to profess a bit of love for them today, before I no doubt go back to the warm allure of my duvet & have a life-ruining nap.

SheaMoisture Argan Oil & Almond Milk Smooth & Tame Shampoo & Conditioner Review, Lovelaughslipstick Blog
I love trying new brands when it comes to makeup - there's literally so much choice out there that it blows my tiny mind a little. I recently had the pleasure of trying out a few bits from Wonderland Makeup; who weren't a brand I'd heard of prior to this experience, I won't lie to ya huns.... but true to their name, they are pretty damn wonderful tbh - and I'm super glad I've now discovered their range of high end quality yet cruelty free products [especially the primer.] Here's a lil overview on why.

Wonderland Makeup Review, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

I love practical, value for money subscription boxes & services -  all life hacks that make the everyday traumas of daily adulting that little bit easier to handle. Covering diverse niches - from pet food to sweets, sanitary products, beauty and food; the monthly subscription business model is booming - and as a result, has something to cater for every need. 

I have a particularly useful, eco-friendly & well designed example of such to share with you guys today; a service which both saves you money and reminds you to change ya toothbrush on a more regular basis [I think we're all a bit guilty of this] in one, super affordable bi-monthly hit. Brushbox*.

Brushbox Oral Hygiene Subscription Service Review | Lovelaughslipstick Blog

I asked a question on Twitter this week - whether anyone would like to send over any relationship, love, intercourse or dating questions they had; so I could answer them as part of my dating series. Like an Agony Aunt of sorts, but actually more like ya resident Uncle Knobhead

However, the responses to said tweet were mainly suggestions to write about 'bumholes in general', 'anal' and 'butt plugs' ... none of which are particularly flatlayable assets [shat-layable, maybe?] or rly areas of my speciality. Hahahahaha. So I'm back to my proverbial drawing board. Unless you guys genuinely want a post about bumholes and things that go up them. In which case... erm, I guess I'll have to think about an appropriate angle to broach the subject with. All the puns intended.

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If there was ever a brand who deserve approx 23423% more recognition and love; it's Ciara Daly Makeup. Legit, if you're a make up artist / enthusiast, beauty blogger or compulsive shopper [like me] you need to get this gal on ya radar. Like, now. Her beauty tools are life changing, game changing and face changing: in all the best ways. And she's a total babe.

Based in Ireland, Ciara Daly provides top quality makeup products [for us to purchase & worship heavily], innovative workshops and training for aspiring & qualified MUAs; too. I've tried some of her brush products before [and of course, frigging loved them] but she's very kindly sent me a parcel of their latest releases for today's post... which have blown my tiny mind. Oh - and a discount code for you guys; love15 which, when entered at the checkout, will knock a cheeky 15% off your order. You're welcome xoxo

Ciara Daly Makeup Brushes, Tools and Accessories Review + 15% Off | Lovelaughslipstick Blog

I've said it once, I'll say it a million times. Life's infinitely better with a tan. I go from about a -12/10 to a solid 1/10 after I've invested a bitta time bronzing from a bottle [fat chance of a tan occurring naturally in these 'Beast from the East' climates, like] of an evening. 

Unfortunately, due to about 1500 operations, spending numerous weeks in hospital and various recovery probz [plus the fact I haven't left the house in legit about a year... so what is the point of making effort when no humans see me & Clive is most likely colourblind pls?] I hadn't bothered tanning for a long time. But the other week I simply had enough of wincing at my pasty, -12/10 reflection in the mirror and picked up this bottle of Skinny Tan's new Salon Effects Spray* [in Dark obv... cos go hard with ya tan or go home, like] I was sent ages ago; to have a play with.  

I'm super glad [although not surprised] to announce that this innovative spray on tan is frigging fantastic, probably the best Skinny Tan product I've used and was THE IDEAL choice to help me transition back into dat tanning life.

Skinny Tan's NEW Salon Effects Spray Review | Lovelaughslipstick Blog

If there's one thing I'm a total sucker for [other than mature cheddar on rollback at Asda] it's a right good bitta packaging. Fit designs and peng packaging [can I pull peng off, seeing as I'm a fully fledged fossil? Probs not] grab my attention immediately... if something jumps out at me as being Instagrammable [I so cringe] then 9/10 times it'll end up under my roof. Shallow? Yeah, probs hun. But does my dresser look erotic AF? HELL yes!

I think it's pretty evident judging by the images in this post where I'm going with this. I've found THE most beautiful moisturiser to ever exist in the entire human race and I'm shouting about it from the rooftops. Or, if I keep it real, just yelling outta me bedroom window occasionally; trying to drown out the sound of police sirens and that arsehole man upstairs. This is Skn Rehab's Skn Therapy Moisturiser*, bae and the one item that gives my dresser that filmstar / celeb-esque edge. 

I'm legit never throwing this pot away, even when I've used every last drop of product in it. Just look at it. It's perfection: potted.

Skn Rehab's Skn Therapy Moisturiser Review | Lovelaughslipstick Blog

I don't often get emails from kindhearted companies offering to send me sweets [that is defo a not-so-subtle #PRrequest, I won't lie.] So as the greediest, snackiest human in the North West; I was made up when my baes at Treats Direct offered to do just that. And of course, nearly bit their hand off at this opportunity... but refrained, cos I knew I'd soon have sweets to nibble on instead.

As you may be able to tell from some of ma pics, I was unable to resist tasty temptation before / during photographing my goodies [the gummy hearts were one of my main vices] but you get the general idea. THE BEST SWEETS! IN A GORGEOUS BOX! DELIVERED TO YA DOOR ... or to someone else's, if ya feeling generous & wanna send them a treat. Alls you've gotta do is click here. Delivery is free, and it's proper cheap to subscribe to the service or send a one-off box as a gift.

Treats Direct Sweets Subscription Box Review and Giveaway | Lovelaughslipstick Blog

I can't quite believe this, but Roccabox turns one this month. This fab company are celebrating a whole year of beasting out pink, rose gold & marble infused; 'So Blogger' monthly beauty boxes... and long may their services continue! [Pls, forever & ever IDDT INDDT.]

Roccabox are up there in my top 3 beauty subscription services of all time - the brands, curations & collaborations this company secure month after month are unreal. I've enjoyed goodies in previous boxes from St Tropez, Smashbox and Nails Inc - to name just a few... and all just for £10 a month [+ p&p.] CAN'T COPE. Get on the hype. Here's what you'll find in March's amazing Birthday Edit... featuring five full sized products [I'm pretty much hyperventilating at that value for money RN] which include a cult favourite product and a lil something to revolutionise ya makeup bag. 

Roccabox March 2018 Birthday Edit Review

It seems like friggin' AAAAGES since I've featured Little Known Box on me blog; time is legit flying by and I have nothing to show for it except for all the weight I've gained, the stack of bills on top of the fridge that I've been ignoring and a few new coffee spill stains on the carpet. Living my best life. Anyway. Here's what you can expect to find nestled in that iconic black & gold LKB packaging in their latest edit - and it's another goodie.

Little Known Box January 2018 Review Lovelaughslipstick Blog

You know how I always say that Love Layla have a perfectly filthy, hilarious & [sometimes] sweary card for every occasion? Well. I wasn't messin'. 

You may have read my Mother's Day collab post with Love Layla earlier this week [and if not, totes get clickin'... I'm not one to blow me own trumpet {not that anyone ever blows anything of mine, like} but it's alright, yeno] where I admitted I'd accidentally kinda forgotten about Mother's Day. Genuine, hands up mistake there

Well, there's also another, lesser known event coming up [wheyyyy] in the calendar next week, that I also forgot about; but maybe more intentionally than my previous mistake. And that day, ladies & gents, is Steak and Blowjob Day; which takes place on March 14th. Whether you celebrate it with your other half - or fancy a filthy, howling good lol with no BJ action or meaty antics in sight [trololol]; this post features some of Love Layla's designs for said occasion [?!] that'll be right up ya street. For blokes AND birds.

Love Layla Designs - Steak & Blowjob Day Greetings Card Review | Lovelaughslipstick Blog
Love Layla Designs - Steak & Blowjob Day Greetings Card Review | Lovelaughslipstick Blog

DON'T BE LIKE ME. In most respects tbh -  I'm a proper tramp's arse and I laugh at my own jokes way too much... but definitely don't totally forget about Mother's Day like I did until earlier on today. 

Of course, my hilarious baes at Love Layla have my back with their selection of the funniest damn cards, wrapping and accessories you'll ever see... so my panic is over - but is yours? 

If not, or if you just fancy a proper good lol, then keep reading - I've picked out a few of my top Mother's Day designs to share with you guys today which [as you'll know if you watch my Insta Stories or read my Valentine's / Christmas collabs with this comedy fuelled company] are packed full of swears, filth and poo humour as you'd expect - all my favs.

Celebrate Mother's Day, the Love Layla Way | Mother's Day Card Review, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

In my opinion [and from several, failed & disasterous personal experiences] I have found / believe that there are a few characters in life who are probably best to avoid; in terms of making them ya potential bae. Obv that creep with a girlfriend [who keeps sending requests for nudes] is firmly on that list - as is that bellpiece who led you on for months, then ghosted the frig outta ya. But here's a few others you might wanna avoid; for an assortment of reasons. 

As always, this dating post is light-hearted AF and should be taken with a pinch of salt and a lorra lols - you might already be dating one of these candidates & be pure loved up. And that's fab, no shade thrown. I guess I'm just a bitter, miserable old hag when it comes to romance; as my own romantic life is as stale as a piece of bread that's been festering in the bottom of your kitchen bin for a few weeks. Yum.

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