A lovely smile can open a lot of doors. People appreciate a smile from someone else, whether they walk past them in the street or they're in a business meeting. And flashing someone a smile can certainly help you to get what you want in different contexts, from asking someone for a favour to dating. Not everyone loves their smile as it is now, but you can change your smile and the effect it has on others if you think it's not as beaming and beautiful as it could be. Give your smile more impact and, more importantly, make sure that you love it with these tips.

2020. The curveball none of us were expecting. The Rona is truly horrific and destroying lives, businesses and plans across the globe - and to make matters worse, there's also news swirling about the web that an army of giant hornets are flying in to terrorise our lives further. 2020 pls.

As well as all of this carnage, the Rona is undoubtedly throwing a raging great spanner in the works when it comes to socialising too - spending time with friends, meeting new people and getting out there dating; if you're single. Whilst staying at home, social distancing and isolating is of imperative importance [and if you're one of those knobheads flaunting lockdown rules, know I think considerably less of you as a person RN - just stay at home ffs so we can get this over and done with] it is a really difficult time, and is really impacting on people's mental health due to this lack of contact with other humans. Those in relationships are having to go weeks without seeing each other, those getting married have had to postpone and singletons are even more limited when it comes to meeting a potench bae than ever before

It's overall just a great steaming pile of sh*t and I'm not about it. I'm scared, stressed, anxious and heartbroken about the whole situation tbh - it's terrifying and literally not something I ever expected I'd experience. The only good things to stem from it all being the sense of community people are starting to display toward one-another, the fact people are starting to actually appreciate & applaud our NHS and that our key-workers (be those doctors, bin men, shop workers, delivery drivers, taxi drivers, teachers - all key-workers] are also finally getting some recognition too.

But back to the point of this post. Dating during lockdown. Is it possible? Physically, no. Virtually, yes. And in fact, right now - where we have more time to reflect on what we want, who we are and to actually send meaningful replies, may actually be a great time to meet someone special.

Dating during lockdown
Dating during lockdown

Lol I don't, the end.

Hahaha imagine if that was the blog post. 

I'm not gonna pretend to be some pure motivational, aspirational ray of sunshine when it comes to giving people advice on this kinda stuff. Am not, I'm a miserable old crank most of the time and I'm not going to pretend otherwise. But I thought - what with us all being pure locked down in the house - now was a good time to share some content like this. Cos even if you read this and think 'Christ, that was sh*t' and take nothing from it, at least you'll have killed a few minutes of quaran-time reading it; right?

Here's some (sort of) tips when it comes to how I stay motivated and beast out as much work as I can each day. 

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