I HAVE A NEW FAV EVER TAN TO SHARE WITH YOU TODAY HUNS. YES, THE CAPS ARE NECESSARY COS I PROPER LOVE IT & YOU GUYS NEED TO KNOW THAT. But I'll stop now I've got that point across; cos I know that caps typing is pretty much the equivalent of me yelling, and I don't wanna be obnoxious or nothin'.

Bali Body reached out to me recently and kindly sent me a bottle of their Bali Body Tanning Mousse* in Dark [they know the score - go big or go home is my tanning motto] along with one of their luxury Tanning Mitts* to try out - and it's all I've used since. I've gone from never having heard of the brand to obsessing over them on the daily; and as a tanning obsesso with at least 30 bottles in my wardrobe, that is big.

Bali Body Tanning Mousse in Dark review, Lovelaughslipstick Blog
Bali Body Tanning Mousse in Dark review, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

Although I'm in no position to be marrying anyone right now [though I would marry my duvet in a heartbeat tbh, hun] a lot of my friends are either getting married in 2019 / 2020 or legit got married this year & honeymooned [is that the right verb, or?] to some proper fit parts of the world. Which got me all jel.

I love travel and dreaming about all the exotic locations I wanna visit before I'm [even] old[er] - most of these places being beaches & islands; surrounded by blue oceans & not a cloud in the sky. I'm at my happiest on a beach, next to the sea - and after having seen friends' honeymoon pics & Insta stories from pyar beaut scenery around the world, it's got me massively forward planning mine. On a beach.  

I won't lie, beach honeymoons are probably one of my main incentives for considering marrying someone at some point, hahaha. And the possibility of a beach wedding - I've seen a few on the small, private beaches of Olu Deniz in Turkey when I was there - and on a fair few Greek islands too. And they're just perfect.

I remember I was watching a wedding on a Greek beach [can't remember which island - maybe Kefalonia?] when all of a sudden this HUGE tropical wasp flew and got tangled in my hair cos it was dead breezy and THE PANIC WAS UNREAL. Everyone was marching in this dead cute bridal procession, and I literally went and leapt in the sea mid procession - screaming & whacking my own hair, to try get this animal out me locks. ANYWAY.

Mykonos, Greece |  full photo credit Lovelaughslipstick Blog

Having a beverage or 12 to celebrate the New Year? Celebrating life; no specific reason needed? Still in the 'f*ck it, it's Christmas!' mindset when it comes to embracing last minute nights out? Well, you kinda need to see this.

I present to you Orbz - the latest vegan & vegetarian product to burst onto the drinks and gastronomy scene. These funky lil orbs of flavour complement your fav drinks, cocktails, fizz and desserts perfectly - pimping them right up with tasty POPS of fresh & fruity flavour. I'm a little bit obsessed with them.

Pimp your cocktail with Orbz - Vegan & Vegetarian Friendly | Review, Lovelaughslipstick BlogPimp your cocktail with Orbz - Vegan & Vegetarian Friendly | Review, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

As a self-confessed false lash obsesso it was almost too much for me to cope with when Eylure*, one of the brands I've bought falsies from since I was about 15 [not even messing, Year 11 Prom was probably when the obsession began ... so that's half my life dedicated to a love of the brand 😮] sent me all these incredible styles of lashes to try out. 

There's no better time than now - whilst we're all still in full Christmas Party Season mode, with New Year's Eve approaching, to try out & stockpile new / well-loved styles of lashes... so here's a LOAD from Eylure to tempt you with. 

I had no idea that the Eylure range of lashes is actually as vast as what it is, so this mass unboxing was an education for me too. I've updated my lash wardrobe now, thanks to all of these [literally, my Alex drawers are full to bursting!] - so if you want to too, here's a few more pics and mini reviews of my favourite styles.

Updating Your Lash Wardrobe | Eylure False Lashes, Lovelaughslipstick Blog
Updating Your Lash Wardrobe | Eylure False Lashes, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

I've got right into skincare in 2018; which was something I didn't see coming, but that I've actually REALLY enjoyed. I know the difference between scientific-sounding ingredients now, which products I should reach to depending on my skin ailment, how to tackle breakouts effectively, brands I'd recommend to others & what I'm looking for in a good skincare solution.

My skincare regime has evolved from babywipes & a bit of moisturiser; to a carefully practised routine of cleansing, exfoliating, toning, refining my skin with serums & moisturising later on in the evening before bed. I've ALMOST become a functioning adult, though I have to hold my hands up and admit that I still forget to take my makeup off after a few bevvys and normally wake up with it smeared across the pillows.

My baes at Wizard recently offered me the chance to trial out what is the most luxurious skincare item I've ever had the pleasure of owning; which is this, the W=Hb² La Formula Secréte Power Duo Face Serum*. OBV I leapt at the chance, being a new skincare addict, and this stuff is every bit as amazing as I'd hoped, dreamed of, and as its BEAUTIFUL packaging lead me to believe

W=Hb² La Formula Secréte Power Duo Face Serum Review, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

Christmas is now, sorry gang, over & done with for another year. We've progressed into that awkward-in-the-middle phase between the big day and NYE - New Year being a time of reflection, resolutions and starting anew; a little different than the Christmas season of indulgence, shopping & lavish gift shopping.

Instead of picking up novelty gifts and dresses adorned in a thousand sequins, our shopping habits typically evolve into investments for ourselves & our homes at this time of year... rather than the gifts & luxuries purchased in the 'Yolo, it's Christmas' mentality. 

New Year is, of course, that cliché of new year, new me - and also a time where people start to redecorate their homes, make plans and invest in items for themselves that they've needed throughout the year - making the most of the seasonal sales!

Boxing Day sales are the one when it comes to big savings; a lot of which you can shop online; from the comfort of your own home. And that's what I'm here to talk to you about today. Silk Bedding Direct are a fab online retailer; stocking luxury, soft AF bedding, duvets, pillows, mattress toppers etc ... with a huge winter sale now on. AND on top of the already bangin' sale offers Silk Bedding Direct are bringing to the table, you can also use code PARTY15 for an extra 15% off ON TOP of these slashed prices [until 30 Dec.] NEW YEAR, new bedding, new you.

Mulberry Silk Luxurious Bedding, Silk Bedding Direct | Lovelaughslipstick Blog

I hadn't worn a watch for years - like we're talking since about Year 9, when I had this sick one that looked a tiny bit like a Baby G and flashed around the sides like startlingly bright. 

I have properly feeble wrists and watches are usually too big against me; they just look stupid with the watchface covering the entire width of me arm. THAT IS, of course, since I discovered Adexe watches last year; and the game changed. Forever. I'm so, so happy I've found a brand who does watches I can actually wear. *HAPPY TEARS*

You'll know of my love for this brand and their petite styles of watch; which are perfect for us gals with thin wrists, from my Instagram, where I regularly shout about my love for them. But today's post is a lil Christmas special; as Adexe have redesigned their iconic packaging to coincide with the festive season and it's too beautiful to not dedicate an entire post of adoration to. 

I also need to add here that their packaging is so beautiful and so well put together that guys - if you do treat a special someone in your life to an Adexe watch this Christmas... you won't need to wrap it, as it's already giftboxed & presented to PERFECTION. I REPEAT: IT'S A WRAP FREE, HASSLE FREE LIFE OVER HERE... I'm sure I'm not the only one who dreads wrapping & will be instantly swayed to make a purchase upon hearing this information 🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋

Adexe Petite Freerunner Watch in SnowWhite, Lovelaughslipstick Blog review
Adexe Petite Freerunner Watch in SnowWhite, Lovelaughslipstick Blog review

I've fallen a little behind in most aspects of my life - reviews, blogging and general content being one of these key areas [honestly, going full-time freelance I thought I'd have stacks more time to dedicate to blogging & photography, but it turns out I've had about 27 tonnes of sh*te / life stuff to wade through. I'll get through it like, and I don't want to dwell & beast pure neggo into my blog; cos that's not what I'm about. So I'll close these ragingly long brackets now.] Wow

Anyway, before this post kicked off into a full on pity party for one, I was about to tell yous all about the November edition of my very favourite Little Known Box; with what was meant to be a brief apology for posting this [and the October review] a little later than I'd hoped. So let's crack on with the unboxing & get back to that plan of action.

Unboxing the November 2018 Little Known Box, Review, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

I can't even cope with how quickly this year is flying by. It's almost Christmas, and then - of course, we have the imminent arrival of 2019 and a whole new year of opportunities, challenges and things to come to look forward to. It's exciting... yet somewhat scary at the same time. 

Today's post is more of a practical one; a [hopefully] dead useful lil resource for bloggers, small business owners & online marketers alike - something which'll be proper handy when planning marketing campaigns & strategies for the New Year

I firmly believe in sharing knowledge, useful resources & tips that'll help others [whether you're a blogger, retailer, business owner or just keen to learn] - so today's feature focusses on Campaign Monitor. These guys are a leading provider of email marketing services; used widely in small & large businesses, schools, churches and other organisations.

We've teamed up today to impart some of their words of wisdom; this particular information being especially useful to those of us who use email marketing to engage with our audience[s]. Relevant AF.

10 Email Marketing Do’s and Don’ts by Campaign Monitor

Christmas Shopping? Got some Christmas money or work bonus to spend? Got some spare time on your hands before your return to work in the New Year

If so - all you babein' #bbloggers, beauty lovers, skincare gurus, k beauty fans, vegans and those who like to shop small, independent biz / support the dreams of these store owners alike ... pls check out my lovely friend's NEW online store [My Beauty Bar] and the fab range of products she stocks on the site.

Bookmark that link, follow My Beauty Bar [I'll link all the company's socials at the end of this post] and help support someone's dreams / a new business during its early stages of trading. All whilst discovering fab new products, brands and ingredients to help you look & feel your best. Winning

I want to try and support / work with new businesses in 2019 to help them grow & spread news of the good eggs out there. This post will most likely be the first of a few; singing the praises of the freshest start-ups on the scene, and some of their products / services that LEAP out at me.

Meet.. My Beauty Bar - Affordable, Vegan Friendly, PACKED With K Beauty Inspo, Skincare and Makeup, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

I love Prezzybox; their range of gifts are a mixture of stylish AF, sentimental, exciting, practical and hilarious - and I live for this mash up tbf. I was lucky enough to be able to pick out a few of their beaut bits for this Gift Guide recently - prepare to be inspired, in a big way gang

Keep PB on ya radar, k? They've always got new bits in that are perfect for Christmas, Valentines, Birthdays, Weddings, Just Because & Anniversaries. Their collection is HUGE and there's always something that makes me lol or weep in lust. Today's picks definitely falling under the 'lust' category & my inability to cope = dwindling xo

Absolute Christmas Gift GOALS From Prezzybox, Review on Lovelaughslipstick Blog, Gift Guide
Absolute Christmas Gift GOALS From Prezzybox, Review on Lovelaughslipstick Blog, Gift Guide

Hands up if you still have some Christmas Shopping to do? Cos same. 🙋🙋🙋 I've been that ill this week I genuinely had no idea what date it was until I just looked at the calendar, and now I'm just sat lolling to myself about how far behind I am with not just Christmas, but LIFE. I also think I've accidentally ruined Secret Santa; soz guys xo

Anyway, there's still plenty of time[ish] with loads of online retailers still offering next day delivery ready for the big day. So remain chill, huns. You can also pop into town, or big Tesco [my plan, I may or may not have eaten my Dad's present and now need another one] over the next few days and get yourself sorted. Here's a few ideas of pretty gifts you can spoil yourself, your family, pals or assorted loved ones with this year; from some of my fav brands. All tried, tested & sniffed by myself.

Girly Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas Lovelaughslipstick Blog

It's that time again; the New Year / Christmas Party Season of going out, seeing mates, meeting mates-of-mates [dem mututals 🙌], starting afresh & setting ya goals for 2019. Time for a refresh, a revamp, a fresh start - or maybe none of those things and you'll just carry on being you & smashing life exactly as you are. Time moves on regardless.

Call me a cliché [let's face it, I've been called worse!] but I do like to see the New Year as a fresh start to a book that's still unwritten [am I Natasha Bedingfield? Has that solved the mystery of where she vanished to, is she actually just me?] - in all respects. I like to set myself goals for the year [even though 99% of the time I never come anywhere near close to finishing them] & lists of things I'd like to do. Places I'd like to see & breaks I'd like to book. 

Not pure chores necessarily, or unrealistic fitness / savings goals that are proper harsh; but like - stuff such as small debts I'd like to pay off, changes to my lifestyle I could [possibly] make [if I can be arsed], friends I'd like to see more of, TV shows I'd like to watch. Yeno; general cheesy stuff

This year is the first New Year in like what... since 2013 or something [I never even counted years or anniversaries rly, is that bad 😂] that I've been single for it. So it's a bit new, a bit different and I guess... a bit exciting 🥂

It's only been in the backend [haha ooh-err] - say, some point in November onwards - of 2018 that I've been considering dipping my toes back into the world of dating. My previous relationship of like, 6 years came to an end this year; with my now ex-bae seemingly thinking that if he pretended I didn't exist and swept me under the carpet, that all our problems would just go away

No, hun. Wot r u doing. I'm like a big old monster turd that won't flush; you don't just get rid of me.

Anyway, I decided to flush myself out of his life, because he never bothered to talk to me or to pull the chain [really gotta get out of using these poo related metaphors] & since then, it's been a right old roflcopter. I LOVE being single soooooo much, and I'm definitely in no rush to get into a relationship right now; unless it's with a Kinder Bueno. Or a king-size duvet. But there's been a few things I've noticed & taken away from my short time back in the game. Not on the game. I'm not a hooker.

You can tell that's the truth because of how poor I am.

Lovelaughslipstick Blog Glo & Ray Eyeshadow Pigments

Hands up if you're still Christmas shopping - or just enjoying looking at all the fab shopping opportunities & gift ideas out there this year? Cos GUILTYYYYYYYYY 🙋🙋 I still have gifts to buy, but yet keep on getting de-railed and treating myself instead, thanks to all the fab gift guides I've been stalking. And, of course, due to my inability to cope / contain myself when it comes to spending.

Here's a little more inspo to help you draw ya Christmas Shopping to a close, stuff those stockings to maximum capacity & to learn a lil bit more about some of the products & brands I've been sent this year.

A LAST MINUTE Christmas Gift Ideas Round-Up Lovelaughslipstick Blog
A LAST MINUTE Christmas Gift Ideas Round-Up Lovelaughslipstick Blog

The human race has always been a pretty superstitious gang; with many of us carrying specific items on our person as a form of protection or good luck. Your pulling pants, your lucky necklace, THE dress; for example. A sorta lucky charm

Charm bracelets; beautiful pieces of jewellery that display lucky or meaningful decorative charms, are a prime example of our love for these lil superstitions I reckon.

Interestingly, the first signs of what we'd call a charm bracelet becoming a trend appeared during the times of the Egyptian Pharaohs. There were certain things that our Egyptian Ancestors held in pretty high regard - and their life expectancy was pretty terrible compared to ours, so it's no wonder they adorned themselves with protective charms on a bracelet! Here's a few more tidbits of trivia on the old topic of charm bracelets, reasons why they've been popular throughout the years & other lil facts for you guys to enjoy.

[image source]

I love my sleep. I also really need it - if I don't get enough, I can function... but little 'quirks' [such as back pain, twitchy eyes or my bad AF temper] tend to kick in as the day progresses. I know I need to be more mindful of my health & things I can do to optimise my wellbeing; sleep being something I really need to strike up the right balance with.

I'm really bad / well known for having early evening naps and not setting regular alarms in a morning to give my body a routine. And even if I do, just sleeping through them instead. Taking part in the 4 Week Bed Guru #ChooseSleepNow challenge has been the perfect way of showing me where I typically make mistakes with my slumber decisions. Some of the smallest lifestyle changes recommended by Bed Guru can actually make the biggest difference to your quality of sleep - AND QUALITY OF LIFE.

Before we kicking off this post and my exclusive video diary, make sure you download the 
information pack & top tips for yourself.

This pack is a super handy resource - from a company who definitely know their stuff. It's educated me, upped my sleep game and made me more aware that certain decisions I make during my day can & will jeopardise my quality of sleep & health [like that 4pm cup of coffee I have realised I always reach for!] You can fill it in digitally or print it out as a reminder to have around; which is what I chose to do during this challenge.

[Image source]

The absolute babes at Find Me A Gift have inspired me countless times when it's come to gift inspo over the years. Their site literally does exactly what it implies. Regardless of who you're shopping for, when and for what occasion, they'll deliver and you'll find yo gift. Time and time again

This Christmas they've treated me to these fab Gin Filled Glass Baubles*; which are beautifully presented AND the inner Pinterest / DIY geek within me is thinking that [once I've drunk all the gin and the glass orbs are empty] I could fill them with glitter or lights or paper / feathers etc to reuse them on the tree as decorations. These bad boys are the perfect gift for a gin enthusiast - especially at Christmas; thanks to their beautifully festive presentation.

There's two gin fiends in my life I can't wait to surprise with this set - it's wrapped and ready to go, I'm just really terrible at remembering to actually send out the goods 😂 Thank the Lord I don't have kids at this stage, I can only imagine the near run-ins I'd have; as I almost definitely didn't realise what date it was this year and nearly missed Christmas full-stop. And buggered Secret Santa right up due to this. Sorry queens xo

The Lakes Gin Filled Baubles Gift Set, Find Me A Gift, Christmas Gift Ideas Lovelaughslipstick Blog 

First things first, let's address the massive elephant [trunk] in the room. The element of this post that my title eludes to. 

Yes, the rose gold Facial Contour Definer DOES look like a raging dildo / ode to a penis

I died when I first unboxed it. Yous all know how immature I am - my sense of humour can be seen rolling around in gutters most of the time... with me rofling after it 😂😂😂😂

I haven't even tried to make the Facial Contour Definer look less like a knob in my photos either, because in my eyes, that's its USPI'm pretty sure Senssé didn't design the massager itself to resemble a rose gold cock & balls, but if they did, then fair play to them. This one product of theirs is the one skincare / facial [lol] tool I instantly recognise when I open Instagram, the one I always forward pics to my friends of and  ultimately, a tool which I actually do use all the time [on my FACE] - so it's marketing at its finest. 

Before I launch off into singing the product's praises & talking about my love for Senssé's products, I just had to get that out there, okay. I'm all about being honest, being true to myself & having a lol on this blog, and to not address the penis elephant in the room would just not have been okay / me.

Senssé Skincare Must Haves - Review of Silicone Cleansing Brush & the Facial Contour Definer, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

It's nearly time, huns. The New Year, New Me status & Insta caption epidemic is about to rear its head again. Tbh tho, I don't rly mind it that much; contrary to most people's feelings on the matter. If you wanna use the start of the New Year as a way to reinvent yourself - or start working towards a new goal / thing / body / lifestyle, fair play to you; qween. You do you and all that.

New Year does, for me anyway, always bring up da feelz I don't usually have on a day-to-day basis; yeno, them pyar mushy ones and appreciation for other humans. It's one of them, innit; a traditionally coupley night spent planning ya next year together. Where you have to neck at midnight & it's a huge thing if you miss it, or bae goes for a really badly timed poo and ruins your perfectly planned moment... THEN having the downright nerve to not propose with that Tiffany ring you've subtly bookmarked on all his internet-accessing devices.

I don't just get romantic feelz when the clock hits 12; some of my best New Years have been spent with pals; singing Auld Lang Syne, knocking back rum and hugging it right out. Which is what I'll totally be doing for the first few seconds of 2019 [omg, I've just googled Auld Lang Syne and pls listen to this version; I'm pretty much weeping at it.] It is a bit exciting to think of the whole new year of adventure and opportunity ahead of us / me.... and all the new people I'm gonna meet in 2019. And date. And probs block. Hahaha. New Year, new bae?

Lovelaughslipstick Blog Deer Snow Globe

I am, admittedly, not the biggest Christmas enthusiast to walk the earth [much to everyone - especially me Ma's - disappointment]... but I can admit that this time of year is one full of fun, parties & reasons to smile. As well as pine needles that embed into the carpet and jab your feet forevermore - and shopping RAGE. 

The festive season is a time of friends, family and recalling fond memories; as well as indulging in several boxes of posh biscuits and red wine. It's parties, fancy dress, tinsel headbands and tacky AF jumpers with proper naff puns on. And stumbling out of clubs at 3am, heading up Bold Street for cheesy chips. That's also my upcoming weekend plans summarised for ya

I'm lucky enough to have naturally pretty white teeth - which I flash all the time as I gurn and lol my way through life [normally at my own jokes.] 

But typically, when it gets to the festive season - and in Summer [the two main points in the calendar year where I start to wanna tweak my appearance & change my look up] - when there's all this grinning, bad food and unexpected photo opportunities, I begin to start thinking about cosmetic procedures. Right now, for example, I'm debating HD Brows, a trillion spray tans, the two tattoos I want, botox, fillers and teeth whitening. LOL - help a gal out, Santa. Of all the enhancements I'm planning in the creation of Nikki 2.0 tho, teeth whitening is gonna be the main focus I'll chat about in this post. Cos there's a few points I wanna cover.

Lovelaughslipstick Blog

Yous should all know by now that I'm a bit a lot of a bargain hunter; who enjoys a good competition [soz not soz for the Twitter retweets - have you entered my giveaway here?] I properly enjoy penny picking, the 'Whoops!' aisle in the Asda and making the most of special offers - especially around Christmas & New Year. Feel the same, huns? 

I've found a fab website to talk about today - a place of kindred spirits, deals & vouchers, that hosts everything I could ever want when it comes to bargains all in one place. That I obviously need to share with you guys: immediately. 

I'm talking / weeping about, of course, LatestDeals. Clue's in the title. LatestDeals are a whole community of bargain hunters [my people 🙏] who share genuine deals, vouchers, giveaways and other freebies; all in one place. The deals I've been scouting out on there whilst researching this post are next-level fab - there's some perfect reductions on items that'll make BANGIN' Christmas gift ideas

Their site even boasts tools such as a stock checker, Domino's voucher finder and an Amazon deal locator to help you get ya mitts on exactly what you're looking for; at the very best price. It's the most useful treasure trove of money-saving wisdom.

LatestDeals.co.uk - vouchers, deals, freebies, competitions

I'm getting right into Christmas Gift Guides in 2018. Mainly because doing my research for them and scoping out products & websites to shop from acts as a form of positive reinforcement for my raging shopping addiction

I log onto a site to find picks for you guys - or gifts for family, and naturally; for 'research', I end up placing a massive order for myself. YOLO.

Today's blogpost covers items I've been testing out personally - bits that I've got in front of me right now and have either bought or been gifted & have fallen in love with. Hard. Tried & tested treats. Recommended by me & stamped with my over-enthusiastic seal of approval.

Christmas Gift Inspo For Her : Tried & Tested Skincare & Beauty Treats, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

Renowned for their unwanted hair growth prevention solution [a truly fab lil product] and all-natural range, Frénésies have continued their work with some of Europe’s top scientists to launch their highly anticipated, veganSmart Snack' onto the market. Fruit & Veggie Truffles 😋

Renowned for their unwanted hair growth prevention solution and allnatural products, Frenesies has continued its work with some of Europe’s top scientists, as it now launches its highly anticipated vegan ‘Smart Snack’.

Frénésies have just released these sumptuous, all-natural truffles as deliciously sweet treats we can enjoy this winter; combining the tastiness of truffles with antioxidants & nutrients that'll do our bodies good as we enjoy them. Each truffle promises to keep you going and feeling GOOD - and I'm all about that.

It's Christmas. Most of us are lucky enough to be able to joke about the inevitable socks that'll be lurking under the tree somewhere [we know they're coming] - and most of us buy at least someone we know a festive pair; too. So why not do more this year? Take the sock bants / appreciation to the next level? How? Well hun.

What if, for every pair of socks you bought for someone as a present this year, you knew that another pair was being gifted to a homeless person

Cos thanks to Society Socks, this is a thing nowSociety Socks is helping put an end to the homeless crisis. And I think they're really onto something; with their innovative way of doing so.

Society Socks - Helping Put an End to the Homeless Crisis This Christmas
[image taken from the Society Socks website - how fab is this look for men, pls?]

If you're looking for a few affordable stocking stuffers [no Diptyque candle recommendations here, hun], bits to slip in ya Secret Santa or pre-Christmas Party pamper essentials; 7th Heaven are the ones for the job.

They very kindly sent me a couple of their NEW Charcoal Detox Bubble Masks* recently - yeno the ones, the properly fun sheet masks that bubble and foam up & allow you to take some of THE most terrifying selfies of all time and send them to ya girls in the groupchat... but which leave ya face feelin' bangin' and pure rejuvenated afterwards. These ones ⇣

10/10 would recommend these masks to up your own personal skincare game, to brighten someone's day or to slip in a stocking somewhere [Christmas related or not 😉] as a lil treat for your recipient.

7th Heaven Charcoal Detox Bubble Masks Review, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

Guyz, my eyebrows are pretty terrible and I understand that, due to this fact, you might not wanna trust me when it comes to advice in that department [apparently that's a thing that people feel it's okay to say in comments to my friends these days???? #DontFeedTheYouTubeTrolls] ... but it's not their fault I went in on them a bit lot as an angst-ridden teen and overplucked them to buggery. So trust me when I say dis, okay.

Brow shapers [I always get mine from Instant Beauty Fix] are actual huns. This set, from Lilibeth of New York is NEW IN at IBF - the 2 x Leopard Print Brow Shaper Duo* - and the pair are as useful as they are sexy [ie very.]

Lilibeth of New York BROW SHAPER SET OF 2 LEOPARD PRINT from Instant Beauty Fix Review, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

I've become deeply obsessed with false nails recently. They're so quick 'n' easy to glue on [even when there's just seconds to spare before the taxi turns up at Pre-Drinks] - with no down-time for drying, no smudging, no weird streaks and definitely no epic misjudgement probs re: that second coat of lacquer. 

They also give my somewhat tragic excuses of nails the glow up they so desperately need; turning them from proper flakey-jakes into these sexy, sultry talons I can tap on the desk in the office to rly p*ss people off... & take the best Instagram photos of evahhhhh.

False nails are the perfect beauty product to bulk buy and stash around this time of year, the old Christmas Party Season, as you never know when a last-minute invitation to the sesh is gonna be thrown your way and [as always at this time of year] you know ya fave nail bar is gonna be rammo / fully booked when this happens. Grabbing a pack of decent false nails gives you salon worthy results in seconds; but for a fraction of the price, and with ALL THE FRACTIONS of style. 

Elegant Touch London False Nails Review, Lovelaughslipstick Blog
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The world is seemingly becoming more eco-aware atm [finally] with news of just how much plastic is plopping about in the sea & the extent of how dicey our carbon emissions are / how much they're buggering up the world actually being broadcast in mainstream media 🙌. We need to take responsibility for our planet [and our actions sooner] rather than later - ensuring that our planet is clean, healthy and [preferably] non-toxic.

I am a massive recycling enthusiast [some may refer to my policing of the recycling corner in our old student house as 'regimented' at the least] and will separate my general bin shiz from anything remotely reusable all day; err'day. Hopefully you guys are on-board this train too - recycling the hell outta your cans, plastic and other harmful emissions; such as walking more rather than taking the car [I can't afford a car, so I do this by proxy 🙋]

Making Your Home Eco-Friendly: How To Transform Your Old Appliances with Daikin*
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I've wanted hair extensions for a while now, yeno.

I'm not talking about the VILE strip of black ones I used to clip in under my layers when I was like, 18 & beyond all comprehendible levels of tragic. And emo. 

When I was having a curly blow at the hairdressers a while ago, she pulled out this pack of pure golden blonde extensions she'd bought as we were chatting. They were the PERFECT colour-match for my locks & I died a little bit at the potential my bedraggled bird's nest of hair could have with a lil silky stenny help. She died a bit too. And then she died even more as she realised that there was more chance of pigs flying, going to Harvard and getting on the property ladder than there was of me ever being able to afford to buy these ones she was hard-selling for about £31231.

From that moment on my eyes were opened & my head was turned by the world of hair extensions. And now, thanks to Hairtrade, I've finally got me mitts on some of my very own. Which are even better than I'd imagined; in so many ways.

Hairtrade.com Blonde Human Hair Extensions Review, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

You may have seen me have a lil emotional breakdown over this product on my Instagram stories the other week; but here's a proper chance for us to have a sit down & a chill this Self Care Sunday to spill the tea on it together and have a proper goss. 

Well, sort of. I'll just sit and ramble away in some mad kind of one way conversation / profession of love & if you manage to stay along for the full ride, then that's a definite bonus; k? Bounce rate probs. The product I'm discussing today - and the #LumityLifeLesson I've been studying intently for the past month, isssss this Lumity Life Anti-Aging Facial Oil.* And she's a proper worldie.

#LumityLifeLessons Lumity Life Anti-aging Skin Nutrients Facial Oil Review, Lovelaughslipstick Blog
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