We are well and truly in the throes of winter and we need to be as comfortable as possible - both inside and outside. There is always the dilemma of the inside of buildings and buses being far too hot, where the outside is below freezing. No matter what you do, you’re always trying to balance your outfit with the temperature. 

How can you balance it without stripping off the moment you get in? Well, the key for a winter wardrobe is in the layering. When you’re going through your wardrobe and figuring out whether you have the right pieces in for the winter, work out whether what you have is right for the season ahead. The flimsy summer dresses will not work for the outside world right now, but this is simply an opportunity to invest in some winter options, and there are websites that offer precise color filters for dresses, too. You can add to your wardrobe with the colours that suit the season and clothes that will remain as warm as possible while you are stylish! So, let’s take a look at five things you need in your winter wardrobe this season!

Selling gold is a great way to make some fast and honest cash. Nevertheless, you need to make sure that you know where to sell gold online today. After all, you need to find a reputable and trustworthy company in order to ensure that you get a good price for your gold, that you receive the money and that it is in your account quickly.

A lot of people do not think that they have any gold jewellery to sell. After all, when we think of gold, we tend to think of big blocks of it - like in the movies! However, gold jewellery is valuable, and if you have any of this in your home that you don’t wear, you could sell it for cash. A lot of people sell their gold wedding rings when working with family solicitors due to a divorce. You can spend the returns on some celebratory drinks! Or, perhaps you have a gold watch you purchased some time ago and you have since replaced with a newer model? No matter the scenario, you can sell your gold jewellery in order to make a bit of extra money. 

Are the lines on your forehead getting you down? Perhaps you've already had Botox; with varying degrees of success? Don’t panic. Dermal fillers are an alternative solution when it comes to getting rid of the lines that become deep and embedded in the skin. In a lot of cases, Botox is not enough to get rid of such lines; but Dermal Filler could be just the thing you need, leaving you looking & feeling youthful and refreshed. 

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We all know that - alongside Black Friday, Boxing Day is where it's aaaat when it comes to bangin' sales & bargain opportunities. I normally post a thread of some of the best sales & tha on Twitter but I got called tacky and blocked for this action before [trololololol]; so this Christmas, I'll whack some in this blog post instead.

I'm aaaaaaall about saving a few ££ where I can [despite my insatiable desire for Subway] so I've rounded up a collection of sites & useful tools to help you get more for ya money in today's post.

Pixi Pretties Highlighter Lovelaughslipstick Blog

New Year's Eve is traditionally a night to spend with loved ones, friends and your other half; if you have one. Whereas Boxing Night is more of a night of celebration [and jagerbombs] with ya pals, the meaningfulness & beginning of a new year means a lot of people choose to spend NYE doing romantic, cute things with their baes. 

A new year, a new start, new adventures. And who's to say all this newness can't involve meeting someone new, and starting a new romance too? Here's 10 suggestions of fun things to do on New Year's Eve that'll give you a great opportunity to meet new people & increase a single gal / guy's odds of meeting someone that night. Cos let's face it - those who are coupled up will no doubt have cute nights etc etc... but the fun that can be had by singles on New Year's Eve is a whole other level. Start the year as you mean to go on, hun!

Pink Rose Storage from Prezzybox Lovelaughslipstick Blog
I'm a big advocate of shopping small, supporting independents, sustainability and vegan-friendly options - and when it comes to Christmas & getting gift inspo, this ethos still very much applies. Today's post compiles a few alternative options when it comes to smashing Christmas Shopping - all of which contribute to an overall cozy, festive vibe. And aren't beauty related... as am not just a one-trick pony after all.

Alternative Christmas Gift Ideas
2019 has been the year of skincare discovery for me - well, building on the knowledge 2018 taught me; when it comes to taming my rancid face with lotions, potions, serums & oils. I've even got marginally better at keeping my skincare enthusiasm and routine up, actually doing the different steps most / some nights. 

My increased familiarity with key skincare ingredients, what they treat & when it's best to use them meant I was super excited to receive these affordable, vegan-friendly serum concentrates from Pro Co recently. Hyaluronic Acid, Retinol, Vitamin C... all these buzz words sound exactly like the kinda things my knackered old skin needs.

Let's unpack them and learn more about the brand in this first impressions, brand introduction post.

Trying Pro Co Skincare with 20% Off Lovelaughslipstick Blog
Christmas Proposal Inspiration

According to a recent survey by Wedding Wire, Christmas Day is the most popular day of the year for couples to get engaged. This is followed closely by all of the obvious engagement favourites, Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Eve and Christmas Eve.
Planning an engagement can be stressful, especially during the festive period when there is already a lot of pressure for everything to be perfect. But if you’re on the lookout for a bit of festive proposal inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. Bespoke jewellers Angelic Diamonds have created a list of top proposal picks I'll be sharing with you today - which may be useful for you to read over, if you're planning on popping the question this year!

Christmas Proposal Inspiration
I did a fair bit of work with a CBD website earlier this year - compiling information on clothing, homeware, beauty and nutrition products which utilise this 'so-hot-right-now' [bonus points to you if you read that in the Mugatu / Zoolander way] ingredient in their composition. As well as learning a lot during this time, I became mad keen on trying CBD infused stuff out for myself; after spending so many hours writing about its benefits. 

The first thing I tried following this learning curve / massive case of self-influencing was a CBD infused Cleansing Milk [which I featured here] - and I've tried other bits since then too. But never the drops I'd heard so much about. Until now.

Mistatera very kindly sent me a bottle of their 5% CBD Drops* to try out - something I'd never tried before, but an experience I've been really impressed by. From my very first impressions of opening the box up to reveal such stylish, classy packaging [no tacky ganja signs here huns, just sophisticated branding with gold embossing] to reading more about it / having my first drops, I've been dead impressed. Let's have some real-talk on CBD Drops, anxiety and what it's like to try them. Coming straight from the horses mouth. IT'S ME, I'M THE HORSE.

Mistatera 5% 500mg CBD Oil Drops Review, Lovelaughslipstick Blog
Mistatera 5% 500mg CBD Oil Drops Review, Lovelaughslipstick Blog
As much as I love beauty, fashion and accessories themed gifts at Christmas [and definitely not forgetting the kind you can eat!] I have become more practical in my old age; often requesting bits for around the home, my work, cutlery, utensils, bathmats and even printer paper! I don't have any issue whatsoever with my choices in gifts - much to me Mum's horror at how boring some of my requests are. But they make me happy. 

Christmas is a time where if you're lucky enough to receive gifts and to be perhaps be given the chance to pick some yourself, you may as well ask for what you really actually need but haven't got round to buying / can't afford the luxury of ordinarily; rather than just all the pretty shiny stuff you've had your eye on on Beauty Bay

I wanted to therefore pop together a Gift Guide today which is a mish-mash of all present genres - from homeware, to bedding, to beauty, to candles, to bathroom accessories & then prob landing back at beauty again. Cos let's face it huns, even if you're a beauty blogger too; our interests & needs go further than just lipsticks and Morphe eyeshadow palettes, right?

Lovelaughslipstick Blog Christmas Gift Guide Ideas & Wishlist 2019
DO YOU LIKE MY PUN? I'm not running off much caffeine at all right now, so the fact I've thought of that whilst I'm in this sluggish-arse state has made me right proud. But yeah - as it says on the tin. This is probs the best advent calendar out there tbh, one of the best alternative options going; especially around the Christmas Party Season. This is the gorgeous unisex Vodka Explorers Advent Calendar from Drinks by the Dram* [stocked at Masters of Malt, RRP £100] - and it's one of the best gift ideas for a vodka lover I could possibly think of.

Behind each door lies a mini dram of vodka - flavoured vodkas, some proper exciting brands of vodkas, limited edition vodkas... basically a try-before-you-buy opportunity of DREAMS introducing you to a whole host of wonderful brands & taste sensations all the way up to Christmas. They're perfect for creating cocktails with - or mixing with ya coke for a lil vodka coke during pre-drinks.

Vodka Explorers Advent Calendar from Drinks by the Dram, Lovelaughslipstick Blog Review
Wondering what Santa’s going to leave under the Christmas tree this year? Well wonder no longer, it’s time to start dropping some serious hints... and by hints, we actually mean an extensive Christmas cosmetics list; complete with prices and store. 

Make Christmas 2019 one to remember, with a gift list that ticks all the right boxes. In this blog post we take a look at five top make-up gifts everyone’s looking for this festive season.

Image from Pexels: CC0 licence
I'm a big fan of Skinny Tan products - and a sucker for a good gift set [especially at Christmas] thanks to the great value they offer andddd that they're a whole Xmas prezzie boxed off in one. And beautifully presented, as I'm terrible at wrapping gifts and have no patience for this sh*t, so saves me a job.

I was very kindly sent this amazing Skinny Tan Moisture Magic Self Tanning Kit* [which is exclusive to Superdrug and mega limited edition] which ticks like every box in what I look for in something to gift someone, or to receive as a gift myself. If you've never tried this brand's products before, it's a one-stop-shop of everything you'll need to fake that perfect glow - and if you're familiar with Skinny Tan / love them; you'll recognise the products included as some of their heroes from the range. The kit comes beautifully presented in an incredibly useful beauty bag [it's the best size for toiletries and stylish AF with a rose gold zip too] with FOUR FULL SIZE PRODUCTS inside. Can't cope.

Merry Christmas from Skinny Tan - The Moisture Magic Self-Tanning Kit Exclusive to Superdrug
The Christmas period is, in fact, one of the most popular times for people to move home; with many buyers rushing to exchange and complete so that they can be moved into their new place for the big day. Moving house can be stressful at the best of times and is well known for being one of the most draining events that can occur in a person life... so couple this with the usual stresses and strains of the festive period and it may seem like a recipe for disaster. But moving house at Christmas needn’t be as bad as everyone makes it out to be - here's 5 top tips for an easy house move this festive period. 

With it coming up to Christmas, many people treat themselves to new bedding, pjs [think fresh Christmas Eve bedding & pyjamas - it's defo a thing here!] and homeware in time for the big day - often due to the anticipation of family & friends spending more time at their gaffs [and us wanting it to look pure nice on the pics.] I follow a number of home accounts on the Gram & spend many a minute perving on homeware / trends on Pinterest, and as I've mentioned on my blog recently [well, on the odd occasion I've found a rare 5 minutes to post on it!] I've got right into home stuff of late. So this post is an extension of this new-found love.

If this sounds like you [like, any part of that rambling - homeware trends, bedding, nosying around people's choices of interiors, home stuff or me posting] then this post is one for you huns. My gaff has never looked as good as it does now, after Julian Charles kindly gifted me a selection of their new season homeware... which is insanely luxurious & top quality, with many of you guys sending me love & appreciation for the bedding set of theirs which I've showcased on IG Stories

If you've recently bought your own place or are looking to add some gorgeous new touches to your home interior, take a little look through this post and at some of the beautiful pieces I'm loving from Julian Charles' AW19 collection. The new designs are absolutely stunning and for you guys who love Christmas, they even have a festive themed range... there's something for everyone to refresh ya home & dress it in luxury this winter. Here's a little peek into my home, my love for Julian Charles & a few of the touches in my gaff I love the most.

AW19 Home Interiors, Bedding, Homeware Trends From Julian Charles, Lovelaughslipstick Blog
AW19 Home Interiors, Bedding, Homeware Trends From Julian Charles, Lovelaughslipstick Blog
Christmas and the New Year are rapidly approaching, meaning that you've probably got all sorts of office meals and parties happening in the next few weeks. At this time of year, we all want to feel and look our best... and for many of us, getting prepped and preened for a party is a great way to get a massive confidence boost. Whether you are a low maintenance kind of gal or you love the process of getting glammed and glitzed up, here are our top tips for preparing for the party season; from indulgent skincare to make-up looks.

Prepping and Preening for the Party Season*
Now. If you follow me on any form of socials [especially Twitter, where I complain about my pet peeves on the reg] you'll know I am not a fan of this time of year [and that's putting it extremely politely, I'm usually a lot more blunt when I express my opinions on Autumn / Winter 😂😂.] I can't cope with being cold, I can't cope with the leccy bill being about a grand, I can't cope with constant rain / never-ending threats of snow and I despair of the fact it's dark 97% of the time.

BUT [finding a lil silver lining to my least fave few months of the year] I do massively enjoy shopping & updating my wardrobe with stylish new pieces that make me feel cute [or at least slightly less of a giant meff.] And this year, I'm feeling particularly spendy. 

One trend that especially has my heart in 2019 is the teddy bear jacket - I love how effortlessly glam & stylish these pieces of outerwear look, and how you can dress them up or down... and Cari's Closet are delivering the goods on this front. Just look at those jackets. Those colours. That optimum not-too-short-but-not-too-long length. Huns, my credit cards are trembling in anticipation of the battering they're about to get as I write up this post.

Updating Your Wardrobe For Winter With Cari's Closet, Teddy Bear Jacket Style 
It's always been a bit of a dream of mine to have my own online store. Or even real-life store. A proper, bricks 'n' mortar type affair; with flower walls & rose gold interiors galore. Probably some kind of a fashion store, but I'm also massively intrigued by those cool home interior kinda places - and of course; anything beauty related. Maybe even a bar, but I'd totes drink away the profits wouldn't I. A cat café? But again same kinda issue... I'd be that busy weeping over all the kitties I'd make no money.


Let's take it back to pretty accessories & fashion; things I have years of experience working with / selling [I used to work in retail management before this lil stint of all things digital occurred.] Something I've researched & put on hold countless times - and something I ventured into a little when I was selling pens, jade rollers and agate coasters online that time.

And let's also reign these dreams back to online selling; as having a business premises and pure overheads to cover sounds scary AF, especially given how many stores seem to be closing all over the high street.

I've wanted to sell lashes, I've wanted to order in fashion / home interiors stock from overseas & sell with a mark-up and hell, I've ordered so many odd samples of stock [and made packaging enquiries too] over the past 12 months... but there's been the same sorta pitfalls knocking me back time & time again. Number one being how bloody poor I am and not having the capital to invest in this stuff properly, the second being how time consuming it is and thirdly; the logistics when it comes to storing & dispatching this stuff. My spare room became like a warehouse for a time - and I defo don't have enough space, time or bubblewrap for this.

If you're looking for a luxurious beauty advent calendar experience this Christmas, you're very much in the right place. Sara Miller London [a luxurious brand I was unfamiliar with prior to this post but who now have my heart] have released some of the most beautifully designed, lux advent calendars I've ever clapped eyes on... for the most magical unboxing / countdown to Chrimbo experience.

And this is coming from me - the real life equivalent to the Grinch, so that's saying something indeed. This post is a little later than intended, as I've been taken down by flu, a chest infection and something going on with my ears - but it's totes worth the wait.

Counting Down To Christmas With Sara Miller London, Luxury Beauty Advent Calendars
Counting Down To Christmas With Sara Miller London, Luxury Beauty Advent Calendars
Counting Down To Christmas With Sara Miller London, Luxury Beauty Advent Calendars
As someone who lives for red wine and coffee, I'm always conscious of staining & discolouration on my teeth. The first thing people notice about you is your smile - and I don't want them to look at mine and run for the hills in terror! I've tried a few different toothpastes, strips and mouthwashes before, with mixed results when it comes to whitening... the majority haven't rly done much for me at all... but I'm delighted to announce that this advanced home teeth whitening system* I was kindly gifted by Naturawhite is a gamechanger.

High quality, beautifully designed and easy to use, this teeth whitening kit is bloody brilliant. I've always wanted to try a set with a brightening LED light [and pretend I'm one of those celebs / Insta baddies] and the way this lil piece of tech accelerates and optimises the whitening process is the one.

The kits are great value for money, as you'll get several whitening sessions outta each box. I can't fault the overall system and how effective it is - I know I'll be reaching for it pre-nights out, for that brighter smile when it comes to pics for the 'Gram. In just 45 minutes, you can achieve several shades brighter - instant, effective yet gentle results that'll restore your self-confidence and give you a lil boost from home. Affordably

Naturawhite Advanced Home Teeth Whitening Kit Review Lovelaughslipstick Blog
I've never really thought about the sustainability of jewellery before - I know, call me a terrible human [cos I am] but whereas I'm conscious of recycling and reducing waste, I've never thought about diamonds & the like in this way before. Until now. Lark and Berry are a beautiful, luxury jewellery brand changing the way I think about this concept; boasting some really great ethical & sustainable values. Their fine range of jewellery is made with cultured [not mined] diamonds [me mind's blown here huns, didn't realise that was a thing!] meaning the entire range is ethical AF and always conflict free.

I'm a little bit obsessed with their stackable rings - look how gorgeous they are! Another example of sustainability done right - classy, chic, stylish and very Christmas Stocking worthy. None of the multi-colour tie dye yarn pieces that spring to mind when I think 'eco-friendly fashion'.

Lark & Berry Sustainable Diamond Jewellery
I've made a huuuuuuuuuge list of treatments I wanna try out in 2020 - Botox, Filler, some cutting-edge skin technology I've been researching, CoolSculpting, Microblading... honestly, I'll be a whole new bird by the end of it all. And I can't wait

One treatment I'm DEFINITELY keen to book in is Laser Hair Removal... imagine never having to shave, wax or cope with stubble ever again. THE DREAM. Loved by Kim Kardashian and countless Victoria Secret Models, laser hair removal is effective, painless and life-changing. And if it's good enough for them, it's definitely good enough for me!

Laser Hair Removal At Pulse Light Clinic London
I don't rly do that much with my nails these days, cos I'm just always too busy tbh [I can't relate to past me who used to paint them every single day eating a big bowl of pasta in front of Hollyoaks in the slightest these days] - but it's something I am trying to change, as I do miss this girly detail about myself. I use press on / stick on nails pretty regularly if I'm going somewhere [to mask the fact I defo don't have my life in order atm] but I haven't done much with them other than that and it's something I wanna get back on top of.

Today's post is a quick lil shoutout to some new products in my life from SensatioNail; which I received recently and I'm actually sporting one of right now [the bright pink one]... helping end my manicure drought. These lil huns are the latest release from the brand - SensatioNail's Nailtural Colour Polishes*; which are composed of up to 85% bio-sourced ingredients, creating a formula that’s 100% cruelty-free and vegan friendly too. LOVE TO SEE THAT.

This range boasts a Nailtural Natural Nail Polish Remover* [pictured] & over 20 different shades of polish; along with various cuticle oils to give you the full manicure experience from home. I wasn't sure what to expect from the polishes tbh - but I was really pleasantly surprised... and you can find out why if you keep on reading yeno, hun xox

SensatioNail's Nailtural Colour Polishes & Natural Remover Review, Lovelaughslipstick Blog
SensatioNail's Nailtural Colour Polishes & Natural Remover Review, Lovelaughslipstick Blog
Urgh. I hate to admit it [like, really hate to admit it] but Summer is over and we're cruising towards Christmas at an alarming speed. The shops have all their giftsets out, there's deccys everywhere, sales have started kicking in & advent calendar mania has struck... meaning I a] lose all self control and wanna buy everything I see and b] have began starting to think about Christmas gifts for friends & family. I just can't control myself when it comes to giftsets and homeware right now, I don't know what it is.

I do enjoy shopping for other people and thinking of gifts that'll [going full Kondo here] spark joy in the faces of their recipients.. but it can be so expensive, yeno? And during the festive season, it seems like my [and many other people's] sense of sensibility when it comes to spending flies right out the window and heads left down the M62 for a few weeks. No wonder Natwest kicked me out.

This is where today's finds come in - genuine, luxury high-end fragrance and beauty brands from TJ Hughes. Yes, you read that right - I'd forgotten that this department store of dreams was an option to shop from too, but I'm super glad I've rediscovered them... especially as their main store is in my very own city [Liverpool.] TJ Hughes specialise in home, fashion, fragrance, garden furniture, technology and electrical items; with premium brands at up to 70% off RRP. WHICH SOUNDS HELLA GOOD TO ME.

For this post, I picked out some gorgeous new designer perfumes - perfume is one of my favourite gifts to receive at Christmas due to how luxurious it is & how the scent can evoke memories of the big day for years to come. I didn't even realise TJ's had some of the big names that they do on their website - and their savings are impressive - so I defo wanted to share them with you today.

Christmas Gift Ideas | Beauty & Fragrance at TJ Hughes, Lovelaughslipstick Blog
I adore Kiss nails and lashes; always have, always will. Their ranges continue to develop, grow and expand in new directions - following the latest trends whilst always remaining affordable and user-friendly. I definitely applaud them - and wanted to show you a few of the new styles from their collections that have landed down in LLL town recently. These lil huns are perfect for Halloween outfit inspo [seriously, run down to ya local Boots or Superdrug where you can shop the range in time for that last-minute night out] and Christmas Party Season beauty updates.

With new, dark, vampy & glittery statement nails for Autumn creeping into their collection - with thick, chunky, textured lashes to add that lil extra something to your sassy Halloween makeup looks, Kiss have once again slayed the game. I wear their lashes and nails on the daily - every day is Halloween for me [haha no just jokin', am not that dramatic, honest] due to how easy & quick they are to apply - but if you don't and you're just looking for some recommendations or inspo to take your makeup to the next level over the next few weeks of festivities, keep reading!

New Season Accessories & Halloween Beauty Inspo From Kiss, lovelaughslipstick blog
New Season Accessories & Halloween Beauty Inspo From Kiss, lovelaughslipstick blog
I've made no secret of the fact that I hate this time of year. I'm a Summer gal through & through, and these colder months get on my swede proper bad. Even in the hotter temps we [very occasionally] get in the UK [when everyone's kicking off about the heat] I'd still happily go hotter; like the climates & scorchio conditions you get abroad. In a heartbeat.

I think one of my all time life goals is to relocate to a little island in the sun [probs a Greek one - Kefalonia has my heart] and start a fresh, relaxed lil life over there. Surrounded by white-washed architecture, thousands of stray kitties I can adopt, beautiful blue oceans and actual sunshine. 

If you didn't know, I actually have a Vitamin D deficiency... which may or may not have contributed to my weaker-than-ya-average bones and that tragic accident & 3,000 surgeries I've had since then.

Living my best worst life. 

Vitamin D [as well as being found in some foods, like all ya leafy stuff & fortified cereals and tha] is... funnily enough, absorbed into your body via the sun's rays. And I live in the UK. And I have no Vitamin D. SO IT''S NO COINCIDENCE, IS IT? I need to be in the sun for health reasons [sounds more convincing, right?] and our British weather just ain't cutting it. Strangely though, when I asked my GP to prescribe me a holiday on the NHS to help sort me out, he said no. For a man named Dr Pun, he really wasn't that jovial. Well tight in fact, as he didn't let me have a hot tub for my knackered back either.

Little-Known Box are legit one of my fave all time monthly subscription boxes ever in the world. I dabbled with Birchbox & Glossybox back in the day [only lasted about 5 mins with Glossybox tho, at the time I subscribed it was shockingly sh*t] but [like all my relationships, apart from my longest standing one with cheddar] none of them lasted. 

When, later in the same year I think it was [after my Glossy & Birchy relationships were long over] I discovered Little-Known Box, they changed the game for meThat was at least 3 years ago, and I still feel exactly the same to this day. I love their luxury packaging, their ethos, their brands & the dedication they have to sustainable, ethical beauty. They're a beauty box with a difference. A difference it's important to be a part of - swerving animal cruelty, supporting independent brands and keeping things eco-friendly. 

I think that sorta sums up the situation - I'm sure if you read my blog or ever cash me on Twitter / the Gram, you'll have seen me declaring my love for LKB before anyway. So let's crack on & unbox the September Autumnal Updates edit together.

Little-Known Box September 2019 - The 'Autumnal Update' Edit Lovelaughslipstick Blog Review
As much as I [openly] despair of Autumn / Winter & its lousy weather, I do love the onset of Christmas Party Season and all the celebrating and festive nights out this time of year brings. I can't stop shopping for & looking at party dresses at the moment - I've found myself scrolling and favouriting festive season fashion constantly over the past week or so... and may or may not have [definitely did] blown a small fortune on new bits. #YOLO.

And yes, I'm aware people probably don't say that anymore and most likely never really did; but I'm sticking with it. 

If you've got special occasions, hot dates you'll totes need a new little black dress for [amiright?], parties, New Year celebrations and the full month of boozing December brings each year on the horizon, there's never been a better time to get yo online shop on. Which is exactly what I've been up to - and the reason why I'm bringing you this lil wishlist of party dress must-haves with Very.co.uk today!

Very Top Party Dress Picks Autumn Winter Christmas Party Season 2019
As a false lash obsesso [I've worn them daily for well over 5 years now] I've got through at least 234234 pairs, tried most brands and experimented with all sortsa different shapes & textures to find the best options for my eye shape. And I'm not a quitter - this is a life decision. I've got plenty of years of lash lovin' left in me before I turn into a proper crusty old woman and stop caring.

One of my fave brands is Kiss - one I've bought from [and enjoyed gifted goodies from] for years. Their lashes are great quality & dead long-lasting - with a huge range of styles and collections to choose from. Stocked in Superdrug and Boots [in-store and online] their range is accessible and affordable. Their lash accessories [such as their adhesives] are great too - affordable & cruelty-free... just an all round great brand. And these new DOUBLE PACKS* of their lashes [from their Lash Couture Faux Mink Collection too; some of my Kiss faves] are the revelation I needed to see this year.


Double Trouble - New Kiss Double Pack Lashes Available at Boots | Lovelaughslipstick Blog
I do not like Autumn / Winter... but I DO love Halloween parties & the excuse to dress up. As a born party planner, I couldn’t not write a post about how to host the ultimate Halloween night in! With the occasion creeping up on us, it’s time to get your ducks in a row and grab everything you need to throw a great bash, no matter whether it's for you and your partner or a handful of your girlfriends.

Think about a typical night in – you’ve got your snacks, drinks, movies and cosy onesies all ready to go. But where a Halloween night in is concerned, you can go a little bit wilder than what you’d usually plan.

How To Have The ULTIMATE Halloween Night In
You just know a beauty box is gonna be a good one when there's that many products inside that they a] won't all fit in one flatlay and b] wouldn't even all fit in the box they arrived in! I've wept about this box countless times over on the 'Gram, and today's the day it finally hits down on me blog. Life's been so bloody busy recently that I'm a bit behind on everything blog-wise sorry, but I'll get there. Cos WHO NEEDS SLEEP ANYWAY, yeno?

Right. Well. This edit of Latest In Beauty is their Sainsbury's Beauty Awards 2019 box* and I genuinely think this might be my favourite curation of theirs to date. It's one of THE best value for money boxes to ever plop through me door - for the price [£25], there is just so much in there and so many fab brands to discover. In total, there's 14 products [all award-nominated] with 9 of these being full-sized.

I'm unable to even get my intense adoration for this box out into words. So it's probs time to roll out about 32,000 photos & hope you get the gist of what I'm saying through them instead, I guess 🤣

The Latest In Beauty Sainsbury's Beauty Awards 2019 Box, Lovelaughslipstick Blog Review
I made a list of the things I wanna achieve / get over the next couple of years recently [thought I'd give that manifesting shizzle a go like] and I would properly love veneers yeno. As well as an assortment of botox & filler procedures, to try and maintain my youthful appearance for as long as I can [even though I'm already 31 and still get asked for ID pretty regularly in big Tescos.]

I personally find aesthetic treatments & things like cosmetic dentistry really interesting - there's so much technique & artistry behind these procedures, and there's no reason why [well, aside from if you pick one of them pyar backstreet ppl to inject ya, don't do that - always go to a qualified, insured doctor or practitioners] you should end up looking 'fake' or 'overdone.' I see so many people ripping people who choose to tweak their appearances, and I just don't get it. It takes all kinds to make a world huns - and if someone feels better about themselves / more like the person they identify as after aesthetic treatments, who are we to judge?

I put up an Insta story recently [on my personal account, not my blog one] with a filter on, which I'd captioned 'this filter makes me wanna get my lips done.' ALL BOYS [no surprise there, like] replied to my story, saying 'you're beautiful as you are, please don't do that' 'you don't need that' 'don't do it'... and I was just like 1. Like Cartman [in that episode of South Park where he dresses as a girl and goes on TV] 'I do what I want' and 2. Boys are so stupid - I've already had lip filler. Granted, it's pretty much worn off now, but pls. These pics you've been liking? Fulla filler babe. 

There's so many misconceptions about aesthetic treatments, what they'll make you look like and the people that choose to have them - which is why I've been talking more about aesthetics and my personal opinions on this sorta stuff more recently. 

I'd love a perfect, pearly white smile so much. Like, self-consciousness about my teeth has plagued so much of my life in a negative way, and seeing so many clinics and the amazing results that can be achieved there in modern day aesthetics is actually pretty inspiring to me. So veneers have defo gone on my manifestation list. 

My time at university was undoubtedly the best of my life [bar 2010-2011, good times.] I loved every single second, grew & matured so much as a person and made a group of friends I cherish more than anything in the world... and who I'll see as family for the rest of my existence. I actually wrote a bit about my experience at uni here, if you're interested; with a few tips for freshers.

The skills & friendships I developed during my stint as a student shaped the person I am today. Cheesy but true. I sing the praises of university to everyone & anyone who'll listen [literally, if you know me IRL you'll know I chat the ears off every man and his dog] so I always feel sad when I hear young people being put off this experience because of the horror stories they've heard re: student debt.

A huge thing that puts people off applying is the idea of the debt you'll incur & lug around for the rest of your life. For young people turning 18 who've never had a debt before [credit cards, overdrafts, loans etc] this can be daunting AF. So let's talk about it

I'm no stranger to loans - as well as my student loans, general life loans have helped me out of many tricky financial moments in my life. Unexpected bills, medical expenses and during times where cash has been tight AF I've used these kinda resources - and provided you use them sensibly and keep to your repayment agreement, loans can actually help you build a better credit score [and get you out of that tight spot!] Companies such as cashlady can help you find the best deal for your situation if you're in need of a helping hand financially. 

Student finance is an essential part of many people’s university experience - especially with the increase in the cost of fees. Loans [as well as {in some circumstances - where available} bursaries, scholarships & government funded grants] help cover living costs during the duration of your studies - and course fees. As you know, it's always important to fully understand what you're signing up to when applying for finance & how it's repaid.

So let's get onto debunking some student loan myths!

University Life: What Happens Next? | Let's Talk About Student Loans
If - like me, you're a freelance kinda gal [or fella] and / or a Social Media Manager, you'll know how precious your time is... and how ground-breaking it can be when you discover a new tool to help you manage & optimise it. 

I've started writing more about useful resources, websites and tools I've located during my journey into freelance life on here recently - hoping to help others & share the love for software I've found to be pretty babein'. Which leads me onto the topic of today's post pretty nicely. 

I've recently discovered a new online platform to help plan, populate and publish marketing content - ContentCal. Using their easy-to-navigate software [which is beautifully designed & very user-friendly] you can collaborate, plan out content, handle inquiries and analyse your posts' performance with inbuilt reporting features. All of which are extremely handy tools - all in one place, for Social Media Managers to have access to. Saving you time and helping create better social media content; taking your clients' accounts to new levels.

ContentCal - A FAB New Tool For Social Media Managers & Content Planning | ContentCal.io
With so many treatments [both surgical and non-surgical] on the market, new technology regularly breaking onto the scene, hundreds of Instagram accounts to keep up with and a lot of science-sounding words involved; it can be hard to navigate the world of modern day aesthetics. 

Everyone's sorta heard of lip fillers and botox - with rough ideas & perceptions of what these two types of treatment involve, but when it comes to other aesthetic options; information isn't as readily available and it can be a bit of a minefield understanding what everything means, who each treatment is right for and exactly what they involve.

I work with a few aesthetic clinics; meaning that I've become much more familiar with aesthetic treatments, how things work and what the latest procedures actually are / do; so I thought it'd be useful for some of you to write up a post explaining more about some of the most sought after aesthetic procedures on the market right now.

This is a collaborative post with Nu You Aesthetics Clinic, so I figured discussing the range of treatments available at their lovely practice would be a great way to share some of my new found knowledge with you guys. Nu You offer a range of non-surgical cosmetic treatments to help you on your journey to self-confidence - such as 3D lipo [something I've tried before!], fat freezing & Brazilian bum lifts [something I'm so keen to have] - so these popular treatments are gonna be the stars of today's post.

Nu You Aesthetics Clinic - Fat Freezing & Popular Treatments Explained
With the 'bigger is better' filler trend fading fast, more of us than ever are seeing out subtly enhanced pouts at aesthetic clinics [always go with a qualified doctor, nurse or practitioner for filler folks, pls swerve beauticians offering these kinds of treatments as a sideline to their other services & do your research to find a clinic you can trust.]

One of the UK's leading practices - who operate under a natural look ethos; using minimal product to create maximised results for their patients, are Trikwan Aesthetics. Their work revolutionises & sculpts industry best-practice - and founders Dr Sanjay Trikha & Dr Zoya Diwan have created a beautifully understated, new injectable technique [their signature Trikwan Cupid's Bow treatment] in response to the demand for more subtle facial tweaks. This lip filler advancement [exclusive to Trikwan] has gained a legion of followers and coverage for being a game changer in the aesthetic industry.

Latest in Lip Filler, Trikwan Aesthetics
We need to talk about adult acne. Not in a like, SIT DOWN WE NEED TO TALK way or a 'we need to talk' break up way... but we, as a society, need to talk more about adult acne & the physical and mental implications it can have on sufferers. Recent research has revealed that the % of women who struggle with adult acne is on the rise - and that unfortunately; it has a huge negative impact negatively on their careers, money, time and mental health. 

In 2012, the American Academy of Dermatology found that more than 50% of women aged 20-29 were affected by adult acne; making those in their 20's - fighting to cave out a career for themselves, most susceptible. And studies conducted in 2018 show that up to 22% of women aged 26-44 suffer with adult acne - a figure significantly higher than the percentage of adult men struggling with their skin [approx. 3%.]

The effect adult acne can have on our well-being is huge -  shocking studies conducted by the British Journal of Dermatology found that sufferers are 63% more likely to develop depression than those without the condition.

Regardless of the gender you identify as - acne is an issue that affects all. And we need to bust the taboos surrounding it, help & support sufferers and realise that this painful condition is something that actually affects a HUGE amount of adults... not just teenagers. Think My Pale Skin Blog - the content she posts & her videos have shocked and helped so many... but the horrible comments she gets from some highlight exactly how much we need to be talking about adult acne to increase understanding.

InMode's cutting-edge Morpheus8 technology is one designed to treat active acne & reverse the appearance of acne scarring (even pitted scars) in a way never seen before... helping acne sufferers reclaim confidence, careers and cash - so it's something I wanted to cover in today's post. 

Let's Talk About: Adult Acne & How InMode Technology Can Help Beat It
Are Your Clothes Doing You Harm?

When you're planning your outfit for the day, there are probably a lot of things that you think about. Matching styles, finding a comfortable fit, making sure that it's appropriate for the occasion. However, one of the things that people almost never think about is the impact that your clothes can have on your body. You might think that this isn't really something you'd have to worry about but the truth is that your clothes can have a surprisingly large impact on your body whether you realise it or not. With that in mind, here are just some of the ways that your clothes might be doing you some harm.
Do you have a hobby you’re passionate about? If so, you could potentially use it as a lucrative career choice. 

These days, it’s easy to turn a hobby into a career. Whether you’ve got a passion for blogging, photography or nails, it’s possible to set up a business and make money from the things you love. Not sure how? Here, you’ll discover some great tips to help.

How to Turn Your Hobby into a Career
Freelance life is the best, you know. I mean yes, it's also HARD AS HELL sometimes, but I don't regret for one minute taking this chance & seeing my yolo moment of 'quitting my job in favour of following my dreams' through.

More flexible working hours mean that I can spend time doing more of the things I enjoy & spending it with friends and family. As well as venturing to more events, and becoming involved in stuff I wouldn't ever normally consider - or have the chance to attend. PR events, exhibitions, new launches, pitches and award nights. Complimentary treatments [absolute fave] and press days. I even gave an interactive Q&A with an audience the other week. AND I even head off to have my hair done occasionally... I do love a good chat with my hairdresser during my curly blow and I haven't reached for a box of home bleach for weeks now.

I've been helping create, design and plan events with friends over this past year too [party planning is something I feel I was born to do]... from hen parties to baby showers, and from karaoke nights to award ceremonies [only small scale like, I haven't gone full BAFTA yet.]

I didn't realise quite how much prep goes into some of these shenanigans until I got more hands-on [I plan to get very 'hands on' at the Wine & Cheese Night I'm going to soon!]... and although I'd accompanied people to pick up medals for cycling / running club events before, I'd never really considered the amount of options or locations to shop glass trophy or other personalised trophy designs. Probs should, given how some of my best friends & nights are based at a local Rugby club where I've spent many a drunken hour, and who have these kinda ceremonies pretty regularly. But I didn't... and the new circles I'm moving in as a freelance gal means I'm starting to think about this stuff more.

Freelance Life, Events & Awards - Another Useful Resource For Ya | EX Awards
When you think of backpacks, do you think of the thing you used to carry your books in for school, or maybe something college students use around campus? Well, actually, backpacks can be for adults, too, and can offer a stylish way to carry your things around for work or when you have a big day out planned, while also being better for your neck, back and shoulders than a shoulder bag. 

Of course, we are not talking brightly coloured things with plastic fasteners here, but chic, stylish bags from your favourite luxury designers. Here's how to make the grown-up backpack look work for you.

Why Backpacks Are Not Just For School Kids
The majority of global fashion weeks have now been and gone, showcasing all that is to come in Spring and Summer next year. Generally speaking, Spring & Summer are full of runways and shows with quite natural and barely-there makeup. The hair can be quite natural too, with anything super slick saved for Autumn / Winter showcases.

Recent shows have showcased a wide range of trends; showing off a really fun and unique energy. Here are some of the latest beauty trends to be looking out for; are there any that you are particularly excited to try?

Beauty Trends To Look Out For From The Catwalk
I CAN'T BELIEVE WE'RE ABOUT TO ROLL INTO OCTOBER. Where the actual hell has 2019 gone?! Was there even a Summer; apart from that week where it was ded hot & everyone kicked off? I have many questions and very few answers... story of my life tho, tbh.

It's this theme of I swear I blinked and half the year disappeared that leads me on to today's post - my review of the August 2019 'Sunkissed' Little-Known Box*. I swore this only arrived the other day... only I received my September edit this week and realised that no, it wasn't yesterday. It was a month ago. And this post has been chillin' like a villain in my drafts ever since.


So let's attempt to rectify this situation with today's post. An unboxing of Little-Known Box's gorgeous Sunkissed August 2019 curation, with 300,000 photos and lots of declarations of undying love. Standard.

Little-Known Box August 2019 - The Sunkissed Edit, Lovelaughslipstick Blog Review
With the nights drawing in and the leaves turning on the trees, there’s no denying that Summer is well and truly over. While some of us relish in the thought of cosy nights in and hot chocolates, the rest of us are still trying to cling onto that last little bit of Summer. 

We might not be able to get it here at home but just a short plane ride away and you’ll find yourself in those warmer climates you crave. 

Plus, it’s not all just about getting some well-deserved rest time. There are actually a number of surprising health benefits that come with soaking up some Winter sun. Let’s take a look at just a few of them! 

Why We Could All Do With An Autumnal Holiday
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