Taking Ya Love For Fashion To The Next Level*

I love fashion. I love shopping in clothing departments like a madman every bit as much as I love going pure rogue in the makeup aisles... and almost as much as I adore perusing the 'Whoops!' bit in Asda

It might not look like it most of the time - I'm aware I look a bit like a smackhead, but honestly... if money was no object, I'd be unstoppable; splurging both online and in store. Though I typically find more online that I like these days.

The absolute dream would be for me to be more involved in fashion - I've had years of experience working in fashion retail and absolutely loved every second of it... and now I've gone full #girlboss and dipped ma toes into the world of self-employed life, these two things combined make me consider wanting to start my own lil fashion boutique business. But where can you get stock that's profitable? Apart from sites like AliExpress and [as I discovered in my Expectation vs Reality series a few years back] that's not at all viable.

From sizing, to quality, to looking like something from a porno; AliExpress and the eBay type shops that sell stock sourced from these kinda retailers are not the one. BUT I've been doing a bit of digging on this topic and have found a lil site based in the UK who look properly good when it comes to buying in stock wholesale. 

Wholesale clothing for women in the UK, J5 Fashion | Lovelaughslipstick Blog

NEW Release From Leighton Denny | The Wanderlust Collection*

Direct start; but I love a good red nail and Leighton Denny's brand new Wanderlust SS19 Collection is home to one of the brightest, sassiest & bad-ass reds I own - as pictured throughout this post, in the shade Flight Club*. So obv I've had to run to my [somewhat neglected of late, sorry] blog and word vomit all over the shop about how much I love it... and the Wanderlust Collection itself.

This new SS19 capsule of iconic nail polishes has been named the 'Wanderlust' collection; with aptly chosen names, which I love a bit lot. Perfect for a Summer getaway [lol pls, I want a holiday on a Greek island so bad] the range is a mix of new, rich and versatile classics that go with everything & add a splash of understated glam to ya look. They're available to shop at John Lewis and M&S.

NEW Release From Leighton Denny | The Wanderlust Collection, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

Making Toes [Slightly] More Tolerable | Kiss imPRESS Press-On Pedicures*

Let's be real. Feet are not okay / aesthetically pleasing. I know some people don't mind them - and some people have pyar fetishes surrounding them *shudders* but I'm not a fan. The worst part for me are the toes, and the nails... especially if they're not well maintained. Brb, these mental images are making me want to do a sick.

I've used Kiss / imPRESS Pedicure kits [aka false toenails you stick on without needing to get ur trotters out for a beautician] for years; buying them off eBay as I had no idea that they were actually a wide-spread thing. I just rly have strong concerns about the aesthetics of feet. But it turns out this life hack / toenail trickery is actually a thing - a thing stocked in Superdrug - and ma baes at Alex Silver sent me some of their new SS19 designs to try out. FEET ON FLEEK, HUN.

Making Toes [Slightly] More Tolerable | Kiss imPRESS Press-On Pedicures, Lovelaughslipstick Blog
Making Toes [Slightly] More Tolerable | Kiss imPRESS Press-On Pedicures, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

Life As A Freelancer In Liverpool | With Signature Works*

If you work on a freelance basis and you're a lone wolf [I guess technically what you'd call a sole-trader, if you're being pure profesh like] / work from home, life can potentially get a little lonely during the working day.

You may speak to 10, 20, even 30 people a daily basis... but as you're pretty much chained to your laptop, the majority of these interactions are likely to be virtual, remote conversations; via apps and / or phone calls. Ya pals are likely to have different shift patterns and availability than you, your other half may well work in an office block an hour away & arrive home knackered every night just at the time your creative juices start flowing... generally - in terms of social shiz, freelance life [depending on how you manage it] can be pretty awkward. Which is the general consensus I've got when speaking to my other self-employed huns about their experiences, too.

Where most people work 9-5 type shifts & are able to switch off at the end of the day [unless your job is insanely sh*t / stressful & you end up bringing work home with you - and kween, I've been there like 😷], self-employed #girlbosses can find themselves working all kinds of hours, all days of the week... cos where do you switch off, and how do you draw a line under your day when your office is your front-room, your bed, your desk in your bedroom?

Life As A Liverpool Freelancer Lovelaughslipstick Blog

Five Tips To Look After Your Hair*

Hair may technically be dead, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take the time to look after it. Something I totes need to start doing πŸ˜‚ When it comes to hair, everyone is different, but following these five tips should lead to an improvement in its general health. Which, after about 234 boxes of bleach, mine defo needs!

Home Interior GOALS | Feat The Marble Store*

I never thought I'd become this person, but here we go. 

I'll freely hold my hands up & admit I've started spending more time than I thought I ever would looking at home decor pins on Pinterest... as well as [even more shockingly] considering spending my [rare] spare ££ on home furnishings & cleaning products rather than Glenn's Vodka and £5 entry into Popworld on a Saturday night. Am I okay? Dunno. But here we are. 

Here's a few of the home interior trends, looks & ideas I am all about and need in & around me gaff immediately. 

Image Source: Pinterest |  Article link

What's It Like Getting Lip Filler? | Subtle Lip Enhancements at White Swan Aesthetics*

I've wanted lip filler for proper years. As I've aged, my face has changed shape & my lips have too; as a result of this. Although they've always been alright & I've never hated them, their changing appearance and loss of symmetry was something that bothered me. Namely on me top lip - the area I feel most gals seem to have beef with.

So when I was offered the chance to have a consultation & treatment to address these concerns at White Swan Aesthetics in Wimbledon, I jumped like no other at the opportunity. One big thing that had help me back from enquiring about these treatments before was worrying about how legit, professional & qualified the practitioners administering filler locally actually are... something I didn't have to worry about with White Swan

White Swan's doctors are each insanely qualified in what they do - and picking out a clinic you can trust, with good reviews & recommendations was very important to me when even debating the lip filler path. I knew I'd feel comfortable having my treatment done there - with doctors I'd done my research on, in a highly recommended clinic; so I hopped on dat coach down to London asap to see the sights & boost my confidence with a treatment I really wanted and fuller, more symmetrical lips.

What's It Like Getting Lip Filler? | Subtle Lip Enhancements at White Swan Aesthetics* | Lovelaughslipstick Blog

Online Design Resources | Monogram Maker*

As someone who is constantly putting together bits of graphics, designs, branding & creating logos, I'm always on the look out for new websites & pieces of software to inspire me, those which bring new things to the table & those which are easy to use. A big part of my job these days involves creativity & designing stuff [which I love]  - I've created branding, logos & ebooks for several clients now. And it's rapidly overtaken my love for writing; which I wasn't expecting but am fully embracing.

You don't have to pay a small fortune to get access to some of programs, software or apps to help you with design ideas and you don't need to go back to uni or train up for a qualification... these fab resources are online, often free, reasonably priced and are properly intuitive for the user to pick-up. And can produce professional looking, gorgeous graphics & imagery when used effectively. 

I'm a huge advocate of sites like Canva [actual bae] and Photopea [free online Photoshop basically] - and another useful one I've discovered recently is monogrammaker.com; which I wanted to share with you absolute worldies in today's post. So grab a brew & 15,000 biscuits [Chocolate Digestives are like my new version of crack atm] & get settled to have a lil read. If you want like. No pressure.

Online Design Resources | Monogram Maker Lovelaughslipstick Blog

Reminiscing About That Time I Was Young & Went To Prom*

Now, I'm going to sound like, fully-fledged fossil here [but that's okay, with my birthday approaching I guess I need to accept my ripe old age at some point πŸ˜‘] - this is going to be one of those 'back in my day' type post; something which I always say in my mind in the voice of Fred Elliott. If you know, you know [#GrowingUpManc, #ISayAshley]

Today we're reminiscing aaaaall the way back to my days of youth; back in my day when proms were quite a new concept and a good old school disco [with kids trying to sneak vodka into the bogs and our preferred currency being those mad yellow polos - the citrus ones] was much more familiar territory. Which was pretty much what our prom was in all honesty; a slightly pimped up school disco, just pulled out of the sports hall and plopped into a hotel instead.

Times have changed so much since we all raided the Debenhams' posh dress section & applied patchy AF fake tan in an attempt to channel our American rom-com prom queen idols - these days there is a lot of money spent on dresses, beauty, hair & makeup for gals attending their prom [pretty much a posh leavers do, right?]... with custom made dresses & Louboutins galore. Like, I've seen cases of over a grand being dropped and CANNOT COPE.

The idea of having this sorta ball was such a culture clash for us at the time - we'd only just got past Adidas popper pants and Helly Hansen bubble jackets, proms were pretty new ground and a far cry from dancing to Robbie WilliamsAngels in a big circle at the school disco; with teachers supervising our every move. Parents had no idea what was expected ££ wise, and I don't think I've ever seen a limo in my hometown until the idea of prom arrived there.

Prom Dress Finder Collaboration, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

Delight Your Sister’s Heart with Superbly Amazing Rakhi Gifts* | Guest Post

Guest post written & contributed by a third party

A sister is God's way to say, “You are not alone in every walk of life.” There is always a hand which will take you out from the worst conditions and directs you the path of happiness. Yes, we are talking about your sister who may be a little annoying or irritating, but there is no one like her. Her presence can fulfil your life with enlightenment and ultimate joys. She is a reason behind what you are or where you stand. A confidant, trustworthy, loving, caring, beautiful, and most importantly, a shoulder to cry on, she is. Really, words can go short but praises never be. So, why not this time, tell her how much she is important to you with some special gestures?

Raksha Bandhan is approaching! Take advantage of such a beautiful festival to make your sister feel on top of the world. After all, it's a big festival and you should endeavour to turn this occasion as unique as she is. In this regard, nothing can be better than the below-listed rakhis gifts. And when you send rakhi to India along with these gestures, then the happiness doubles. So, why to wait more! Just read this article thoroughly and bring a beautiful gift for your loving sister. 

Rakhi Guest Post Lovelaughslipstick Blog

Weeping Over The Hempz SS19 Citrine Crystal & Quartz Collection*

My baes at Alex Silver always hook me up with the cutest pamper parcels - and today's feature is yet another glowing example of this fact! 

They very kindly sent over some goodies from Hempz brand new SS19 Citrine Crystal & Quartz collection for me to try out recently - and lemme spill that tea RIGHT now [if this was real life, I'd be pouring a massive mug of the stuff on ya pure white carpets for dramatic effect] ... they smell SO EFFING GOOD that I can't cope.

The Hempz SS19 Citrine Crystal & Quartz Collection, Lovelaughslipstick Blog Review

Spring / Summer Home Interior Improvement Goals*

I KNOW RIGHT. Probably the most grown-up title for a blog post I've ever published. 

I've seemingly morphed into this proper adult at the moment though - buying new room fragrances, bleach by the tonne, new bedding, rugs [mainly to cover some of the damage on my carpets, lol] and cushions. 

I'm not quite sure when the transition of me spending all me wages on Glenn's vodka & nights on the lash to transforming into a pure homemaker occurred, but you know what - I'm enjoying it. Me gaff actually looks a bit less like a crack-den these days, and it's nice to spend time in; what with all the homely touches I've been working on.

There is still quite a lot to do though to get each of my rooms to the standard I'd like them to be at, so I decided for today's post, I'm summarise all my home interior / DIY goals as a reminder to myself... and as home stuff is quite topical right now isn't it [a la Mrs Hinch] and I'm pure mad for dat traffic xox

Spring / Summer Home Interior Improvement Goals, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

10 Practical [Yet Less Commonly Spoken About] Items You Might Consider Taking Abroad With You*

Once again; today I'm sat in my pjs looking at cheap holidays & scanning for bargain flights, in the never-ending cycle of wanting to relocate my entire life to Greece & travel the globe.

I love going on holiday, love travelling & love soaking in the sights and ambience of other parts of the world. Especially those around the Mediterranean sea [tell me you didn't sing that in your head as the part in the Vengaboys' 'We're going to Ibiza'?!]

Today I've popped together a list of ten practical [yet less commonly spoken about] items you might consider packing to take on your travels. We're not talking sunglasses, suncream, bikinis - your usual holiday guide stuff. And equally, we're not talking anything pure wild here either [there will be no whips, gimp suits or jelly involved!] Simply a rundown of less conventional travel items you may have not considered, or considered the importance of before. And things that are important to talk about.

10 Practical [Yet Less Commonly Spoken About] Items You Might Consider Taking Abroad With You* | Lovelaughslipstick Blog

5 Essentials For A Girly Hotel Stay*

Is there anything better than a stay-over in a hotel [be this a city break, an overnight stay or a week all-inclusive in a 5* resort in Mykonos] with the gals?! The memories, the laughs, the indulgence of staying somewhere away from home; with fluffy towels & sachets of posh tea by the kettle. I always seem to sleep better in hotel beds too - don't know why? πŸ™‹

I'm staying in a hotel with the girls in a few weeks for a wedding we're attending and I can't wait - for all these reasons and more. I've compiled a quick list of some of the essentials needed [and which I will most defo be packing / sourcing during my stay] on every girly hotel break below - which ones do you agree with?

5 Essentials For A Girly Hotel Stay, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

Aloha Sunkissed Summer! | Perfume Click*

My huns at Perfume Click treated me to an AMAZING bundle of Sunkissed goodies recently - and I can't even cope. I knew that Sunkissed existed and that they're a fake tanning brand... but I hadn't tried much of theirs, did not realise Perfume Click stocked them, how vast their range actually is and that they also make makeup, too?! My tiny, senior mind was blown when I unwrapped this incredible parcel. 

And that's probs a good place to dive in and start my review.

I was lucky enough to get me [tanning] mitts [that's a terrible pun but I'm committing to it, soz xo] on an assortment of goodies from Perfume Click - a 5 piece Sunkissed Aloha Summer Prep & Finish Tanning Kit*,  Sunkissed Instant Tan Mousse in Dark* [yaaaaaaas], Sunkissed Time To Prime Makeup Primer*, Sunkissed Perfect Fix+ Setting Spray*, Sunkissed Diamond Dust Highlighter Palette* & a Sunkissed Exfoliating Mitt.* 

And breathe. See what I mean about not realising how extensive this range is these days?! Here's a lil rundown of my thoughts on it all.

Aloha Sunkissed Summer! | Sunkissed Fake Tan at Perfume Click, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

NEW | Skinny Tan's Rainbow Range*

Skinny Tan have been smashing life's head in this year, with LOADS of proper mint new releases. The majority of these have been fake tan related - as well as the fake tan & SPF combined genius-ness I featured here

But their latest collection is something totally different for the brand... yet totally on-point. Skin & Body Care. The Rainbow Collection. Beautiful cleansing & nourishing everyday bodycare solutions to prep your skin pre-tan & prolong its longevity post-tan. Yaaaaaaaas. OH and FYI, Skinny Tan have an offer on at the moment, where you can buy the whole family of products for just £15 [here.] Can't cope.

Here's a quick run-down of each of the products in the Rainbow Collection & how I've found using them.

NEW | Skinny Tan's Rainbow Range Review, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

I Researched The Instagram Algorithm To Weigh Up How Screwed We Are

I'd like to start off this post stating the fact that I don't know if anyone ACTUALLY knows what the balls Instagram's algorithm is up to these days. I doubt even they do, tbh. 

So I'm not trying to pass myself off as some form of Insta guru by writing this post - or pretending like I've got my sh*t together, 400k followers & a load of new ads to not disclose... [*sips tea*] cos lawd, I rly don't. I've just been doing some research & lose about 34 followers a day. Casual.

I've sorta given up hope recently tbh... everything that used to help boost engagement - in a pre-mixed up Insta-world, does f*ck all for me these days. I get more likes on photos I don't hashtag than I do on pure pre-scheduled, proper curated ones [with a chunk of hashtags just crying out to be noticed at the end.] 

Even pics of me rancid face seem to be doing better than actual nice product pics... which is a startling realisation of just how messed up this platform in 2019. Is Instagram okay hun?

Again, I'm not claiming to be an expert on how this algorithm beast gets its kicks... and have I put any of the tips in this post into practice on my own 'Gram yet? No, cos I can't be arsed. But I have spent many precious minutes reading the latest articles about the new algorithm; so I decided to compile this wisdom into a post for ya; to save you having to trawl through pure long articles that make you lose the will to live.

And if, after following these tips, our engagement is still sh*t, terrible boomerangs are still plaguing our feeds & reality tv stars are trying to peddle them teas that give you raging diarrhoea, I think it'll then be time to throw in the towel, admit that Insta's properly mugged us off & invest all our recreational time into moaning about it all the time again. Deal?

The New Instagram Algorithm & How To Keep Your Engagement Vaguely Okay With It, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

Day-2-Night Wear | Outfits For The Office When You Have A Hot Date That Night*

The guy you’ve been talking to for a few days now - after scoring a perfect pass on your London Dating App, wants to take you out for a drink. Prosecco? Yes please

The only problem is… you have to meet him after work. Wardrobe CRISIS! What can you wear to work that’ll take you from day(t)-2-night [see what we did there?] Here's a few ideas you might find useful.

Day-2-Night Wear | Outfits For The Office When You Have A Hot Date That night | Clikd App

Getting Ready For Summer With Skinny Tan*

Life is at least 78% better with a tan... though usually a fake one for me, as the weather in this country doesn't really cut it. Amiright?! HOWEVER if you're ded lucky & planning on heading somewhere legitimately warm, beachy & bikini-appropriate to soak up some rays, it's important to protect your skin whilst bronzing... and vitally important that you take me with you xox [I need a holiday even more than I need a pint of coffee right now. I.e. A LOT.]

On this note of safe suntanning, my baes Skinny Tan have released some proper exciting, ded innovative new products to help boost ya tan and protect your skin at the same time; that I wanna share with you huns today. 

Cos yeah, having a tan is the dream & makes me feel bangin' [we're talking at least about a 3/10 rather than the usual minus 12]... but skin cancer is not the one; sun cream & taking precautions when exposed to the elements is CRUCIAL. Don't risk it. Here's the inside scoop on this collection.

Getting Ready For Summer With Skinny Tan* | SPF, Aftersun, Moisturiser Review, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

The ULTIMATE Father's Day Gift Guide 2019*

Hey huns, how are ya? In case you've forgotten me, I'm not ded; I've just been insanely busy these past few weeks and have somewhat fell outta the way of writing, washing & being active on socials [other than retweeting cute cat pics & lolling at pigeon memes. Obv.]

I've suddenly [and I don't wanna say this too loudly, in case it scarpers again] got a little burst of motivation to get some blog stuff boxed off today though, so figured I'd pop back onto ya screens with a big old topical post full of some AMAZING goodies & lots of stars in time for Father's Day 2019. Cos there's not long to go now, is there? Here's a round-up of some of the tastiest, personalised, fittest gift ideas on the market this year; picked with me legend of a Dad in mind.

The ULTIMATE Father's Day Gift Guide 2019, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

Little Known Box | The May 2019 Birthday Edit*

Ah, it's that time again ♥️ Another month, another Little Known Box* to unwrap & weep over. If you follow me on anything ever or have read my blog before, you'll know of my intense love for all things LKB & how this undying loyalty now goes wayyyy back... I can't quite believe it's been multiple years we've worked together & that this May, Little Known Box are actually celebrating their 3rd birthday

3 YEARS. That's three whole years of these incredible curations, indie brands & ethical ethos' plopping through my postbox every month & I can't actually cope... #blessed

To mark the occasion, LKB are gonna be celebrating this month with giveaways & special offers, as well as with this fab birthday inspired box. This might be a slight spoiler, but I'd say to keep an eye on my socials - as well as theirs - this week, if you're interested in these fun celebratory competitions... πŸ‘€ And with that, let's delve right in shall we huns?

Little Known Box | The May 2019 Birthday Edit, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

This INCREDIBLE Mirror Has Brought Me SO Much JOI*

Oh my days, beauty blogger / vlogger alert. I've got my hands on one of the most innovative and useful tools when it comes to doing ya makeup - and for if you like to take pics of your handiwork or create videos for your followers as you do so [fab for Insta stories.] What am I on about? Well hun. Sit down & I'll tell you.

Introducing the Spotlite HD Diamond 2.0 by JOI* - which is not just another makeup mirror. It's a game changer. As you'll soon see.

And what was even more exciting when I was unboxing it? The fact I recognised the beauty blogger who's worked with JOI to create it - Hayley Hall. She's not an unrelatable Zoella character or an out-of-touch bblogger you can't vibe with since they signed that 6 figure deal with a skinny tea... she's a normal [much more successful than me] blogger who's mates with bloggers I'm mates with; and seeing that is right nice.  #Community

Spotlite HD Diamond 2.0 by JOI Review, Lovelaughslipstick Blog
Spotlite HD Diamond 2.0 by JOI Review, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

Group Activities That Are PERFECT for Hen Dos*

I’ve rambled on a fair bit these past few weeks [both on me blog & on Instagram] about how much fun I had recently arranging a stag do for one of my best mates… and all the naughtiness I have planned for a hen do I can’t wait to arrange in July. And then another one I’m planning for next Feb… preferably abroad. PASS ME THE SAMBUCA HUN!

Whilst I’m slightly bitter that none of these festivities are my hen do, I’m literally living my best life attending them all – and have found party planning is pretty much my dream occupation. From drinking games, to cute sentimental details – and from group activities to decoration; planning stag / hen dos is my JAM. 

If you’re planning a hen or stag do, I’m going to list a few ideas for group activities that’ll make the occasion an absolute BALL. And when it comes to having a ball on ya hen – and group activity days that everyone’ll enjoy, Essential Adventure have a whole heap of options. Meaning you can plan something everyone will love – even if the guest-list includes their grumpy great aunt & problematic mother-in-law!

Photo by Isabella Mendes from Pexels

Discovering Natura Siberica - Launching in Holland & Barrett on 27th May*

I really needed a new eye makeup remover, as mine all sorta ran out around the same time [including my Charlotte Tilbury sample from last year's Advent Calendar & this one I'd quite enjoyed... typical] - so when I was given the chance to try one from organic huns Natura Siberica, I jumped at the chance.

Natura Siberica are celebrating the launch of 16 of their hero products into Holland & Barrett on May 27th, which is a bit exciting [and good to know, cos I'll definitely be checking out more of the range after my positive experience with the products of theirs I've tried so far!] - and as part of this celebration, sent me their Natura Siberica Moisturising Foam Eye Make Up Remover* [which is just £5.75] to try.

And I love it.

Discovering Natura Siberica - Launching in Holland & Barrett on 27th May | Lovelaughslipstick Blog

Cosmetics, Aesthetics & Confidence | 23MD*

I was a nail model at a friend's salon this week; where a girl who was training to become qualified in the art of acrylic nails used my talons to create some of her very first lewks. Although she was a little unsure of her finished result, I properly love my new set of claws & am having a ball tap-tap-tapping away on my keyboard whilst writing up this post.

It is mad how much of a confidence boost little cosmetic additions to ya life can give you isn't it - I'm proper keen to get Russian Volume Lash Extensions next; cos just think of how put together & ready to hit the ground running I'd be with them and my posh new nails?! Not to mention the huge list of aesthetic procedures I want on my face this year - I've written up a manifestation list of all the things I want & stuck it next to my bed to make it happen. Will definitely have to remember to take it down if I ever decide to entertain company again, tho - there's some proper cringe stuff also made the cut [such as new tea towels & a chair πŸ˜‚] 

With celebrities, influencers & the gorgeous gals you see pretty much everywhere flaunting their aesthetically perfect appearances & on-fleek facial features, it's hard not to feel a little tempted to want to get some work done here or there. 

For me, I don't want to massively alter my appearance; I just wanna make little aesthetic tweaks to make me the best version of me - and improve my wayyyyy low levels of self-worth / esteem. Am I having a mid-life crisis, with tattoos, treatments and posh talons? Probably, hun. But as Alanis Morrisette once sang... 'if it makes you happy...' - and happiness / self acceptance is defo what I'm pursuing RN. It's imperative if you're considering any form of procedure to do your research, and book in at a reputable clinic which is fully insured / qualified for the treatment you're seeking

Somewhere like 23MD

Too Faced Peach Perfect Foundation - New Shades Now Available*

This is a strong statement to make BUT I'd say Too Faced are probably one of all time favourite beauty brands. I just love them, yeno? Their products, their packaging, their quality. Their scent.

Inclusivity is imperatively important - in beauty, and in all aspects of life; so I'm pleased to announce in this cheeky lil post that Too Faced have just added another 10 new shades to their colour range of Too Faced Peach Perfect Foundation* [RRP £27.] So if you've been keen AF to try this gorgeous product but unable to find your perfect colour match in the past - now you can! And just look at her πŸ˜

Too Faced Peach Perfect Foundation - New Shades Now Available | Lovelaughslipstick Blog
Too Faced Peach Perfect Foundation - New Shades Now Available | Lovelaughslipstick Blog

5 Niche Dating Tips for 2019*

I wrote the other day about the evolving landscape of modern dating and the freedom that this brings about with it. Dedicated apps, niche websites & the use of technology to match people according to their preferences / desires [very literally, in some cases!] is big business - and a huge step forward for those in the dating game.

Similar to social media, modern dating connects likeminded individuals; allowing them to chat and explore shared interests. Whatever these areas of common ground may be! Since the explosion of the Fifty Shades franchise the other year, it seems that even we prudish Brits have become a bit more open to talking about what it is we're looking for in the bedroom department; with millions of women now seeking their very own 'Mr Grey.' 

The fetish dating scene has never been so [openly] popular... I have friends who are very much into it themselves; sharing some pretty raunchy details of their nights at parties, their latest conquests & some of the people they meet! Here's a few top tips on how to successfully locate your Mr Grey using online dating sites, staying safe, putting together your profile & finding the best candidates for the job!

NEW! PAYOT's Sunny Skincare Collection*

How gorgeous is this fab new collection from PAYOT, pls? 😍 

Thanks to events such as #SunAwarenessWeek last week, protecting our skin is something we're discussing more in conversations about health & wellbeing. It's so important to love & protect the skin you're in from sun damage.

French skincare brand PAYOT understand the struggle between needing to protect your skin from sun damage whilst also wanting a radiant golden glow; which is what spurred them on to design & develop their new, stunning Sunny collection of skincare. Each sun protectant product within this range helps us to maintain youthful, healthy skin whilst still exuding an exotic golden tan; achieved via the following three-step routine designed for men and women.

NEW! PAYOT's Sunny Skincare Collection, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

The Summer Wardrobe Accessory Checklist*

The weather is warming up and it’s time to start picking out your summer wardrobe. You can get rid of all of those thick coats and jumpers for the year and start getting out the long flowing dresses and add a bit more colour to your life. 

The great thing about summer fashion is that there's more room for accessorising. You can still accessorise during the winter, of course... but most of the time you’re picking things out for practicality over style and half the time, you’re covered up with a thick coat anyway. But in the summer, you don’t need to worry about keeping warm so you have more freedom to mix and match some beautiful outfits - and accessorising is a big part of that. 

If you’re putting your summer wardrobe together right now, make sure that you don’t forget these important accessorising tips. 

Image by Ulrike Mai from Pixabay

Staying Safe In The Modern World Of Dating*

With the evolution of mobile dating apps, hook-up websites and other no-strings arrangements; there's no denying that the modern world of dating has changed dramatically in modern times - taking advantage of technology & social channels to evolve with the latest trends. 

What started with Lonely Hearts adverts in the back of the paper evolved to dating websites, which have now advanced to become mobile apps; where you can swipe, match, chat & whatever else tickles ya [perhaps literal?] pickle. 

Whatever you're looking for - the one, a new pal, a hook-up or something a bit steamier [no judgement here, huns] the modern world serves it. 

Even though Brits are still notoriously prudish when it comes to talking about sex, topics such as BDSM / subs & doms have become much more mainstream and talked about; thanks to the popularity of things such as the 50 Shades franchise. Which seemed to work to a] somewhat normalise what is [to many] a healthy way to explore their sexual fantasies with a consenting partner and b] unleash desires a lot of people didn't perhaps realise they had... the number of girls now openly seeking their 'Mr Grey' is a real testament to how popular these books & films have been.

With this new found freedom within what is a very new & constantly evolving digital dating environment though, it's just as important to talk about how to stay safe bdsm dating as it is about how much you're seeking your Christian Grey & his room of whips and chains πŸ˜‚ So let's talk about that in this post. Here's just a few ideas on how you can stay safe in the modern world of adult dating, when using sites such as mybdsmhookups.com.

Photo by Valeria Boltneva from Pexels

Ezi-tanning With Ezitan*

Okay. I'm a self-proclaimed terrible blogger; as I've had these tanning goodies for pure ages & have only just got round to sorting this write-up now. SORRYYYYYYYY huns.

However - I do like to ensure that with any product I try out for a review, that I give it a thorough trial before writing up my conclusions. And I firstly got a tattoo [where I was advised not to fake tan for 6 weeks afterwards] anddddd had a minor surgical procedure which again delayed things... and then boom. Life just whizzed right by πŸ™ˆ 

Anyway. I'm here now. Tanned, healed, tattooed & ready to share my honest opinions on this tanning range with you, from a new brand to my life; Ezitan. Now also available to shop via Fragrance Direct

Ezi-tanning With Ezitan - Fake Tan Review, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

#WeLoveLashes | Must-Have Eylure Lashes From FalseEyelashes.co.uk*

I don't think I could function very well as a human without false lashes. Dramatic [and first world problems, I know] but the addiction is strong... and to me, they're one of the most integral additions to my makeup & rancid face. One of the few things that make my giant moonhead slightly more tolerable to the human eye. 

One of my fave websites that I use to locate the most fluttery falsies & a huge selection of brands is, undoubtedly, FalseEyelashes.co.uk; who very kindly sent over some fab new styles for me to try from eyelash veterans Eylure... a brand I've used since I was about 15. So a very long time indeed! [#FossilProbs.]

Here's a lil overview of some of the latest Eylure styles gracing my lash wardrobe & links to where you can get your mitts on your very own. I always like to see independent photos of falsies rather than relying on stock imagery alone when falsie shopping; so hopefully my 234235 pics in this post will be useful to you guys too.

#WeLoveLashes | Must-Have Eylure Lashes From FalseEyelashes.co.uk | Lovelaughslipstick Blog Review
#WeLoveLashes | Must-Have Eylure Lashes From FalseEyelashes.co.uk | Lovelaughslipstick Blog Review

Upcycle With UpCircle Beauty* [& Enjoy BANGIN' Skin]

I've got a fab brand to share with you guys today - one you may have previously tried before; under their old name of Optiat. These guys have rebranded, expanded & evolved into something even better than the brand I'd used & enjoyed in the past. Their new packaging is bangin', their ethos is 10/10 & their products are luxurious AF - a big part of my life now. 

UpCircle Beauty (previously Optiat) have grown beyond their original offerings of repurposed coffee-based body scrubs; they now also create natural soaps from brewed chai tea spices & organic face serum; using oil extracted from used coffee grounds. Both their new soaps and serum are certified by Soil Association and COSMOS

The brand's founders have refined & grown their range of natural skincare products as part of the rebrand; transitioning their coffee scrubs from plastic tubes to 100% aluminium ones & eliminating 99% of their plastic packaging [yaaaaaaaas!]

UpCircle create genuinely sustainable, natural and organic skincare that is not only innovative in application and design; but which also delivers consistently fantastic results. πŸ™Œ It's vegan-friendly, cruelty-free and 100% sustainable too. They very kindly sent me a couple of their new products to try out recently - and I'm here today to sing my praises for them. Probably with a fair bit of weeping & overexcited swears.

Upcycle With UpCircle Beauty, Vegan Cruelty-Free Sustainable Skincare Review, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

Little Known Box April 2019 Review & Unboxing*

New month, new treasure trove of goodies from Little Known Box πŸ’— This month's curation is the 'Floral Fever' April 2019 edit - and she's another lil beaut.

Before I crack firmly on with this review & my undying professions of love, I need to make a quick disclaimer here; as it's really bugging me & I'm pure kicking myself for my ways [y am I like this.] In the main flatlay pics of this month's box, I've accidentally missed a product out & I'm pure ashamed hahahaha. 

You probs / may not notice it, but I have & I need to stick me rancid tanned hands up right now & admit the error of my ways. 

The product in question had hidden itself under my photo-taking-table & I didn't find it till later; when I'd packed everything away and gone full rogue with the other products. You'll see it in the other pics, but just not in the flatlays of all the products together... so soz about this huns, if it bugs you as much as it does me πŸ˜‚

Let's get down to business.

Little Known Box Floral Fever April 2019 Edit Review & Unboxing, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

Saying Goodbye To Boring Weddings*

OK, so let’s be honest here. As much as some of us would rather spend the rest of our lives with a Wetherspoons pitcher [no glasses, just a straw for me please], we all have those ideas of our future wedding in mind. Prince Charming is going to come in and sweep us off our feet, and we’re going to have a wedding that is beautiful enough to be on the cover of Vogue. Maybe that’s a bit of a stretch, but nobody wants to have a boring wedding now, do they? Here’s how you can avoid it.

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

How Can the Weather Affect Your Mood?*

According to research, various weather patterns can affect our moods and emotions. For several years, people have been diagnosed as suffering from SAD [seasonal affective disorder], while many experts also believe that cold or hot temperatures can drain our energy and tamper with our sleeping patterns, respectively.

So, what’s the truth? Here, we’ll look at how different weather patterns can affect how we feel — and whether there’s any proof to back up the claims that climates can alter our moods and behaviour…

How Can the Weather Affect Your Mood? | Collaborative post with Fulton Umbrellas

#SkincareSaturday | 5 Reasons Why I've Been DIGGIN' This Novexpert Paris Gentle Gel Cleanser*

I had a bit of a mare retrieving this cleanser from Neil the DPD fella - but I did eventually and I'm pretty glad about that. I've been trying out this Novexpert Clear Skin Foaming Gel* for the past few weeks and I actually really like it. Despite not being familiar with the brand prior to it landing in me life, it's managed to win me over and applies a treat with my new PMD Clean Facial Cleansing Brush.

Novexpert Paris have just launched their fab line of products in the UK; all of which are 100% natural, eco-certified, biodegradable, vegan-friendly, cruelty-free AND 100% hypoallergenic. Yaaaaaas guys πŸ™Œ Their products are available to buy in pharmacies & a few selected stores nationwide; as well as via www.cosmeticsonline.ie.

Grab a brew & let's take 5 to discuss this new arrival in my life, and what I've been enjoying about it.

Novexpert Clear Skin Foaming Gel Review, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

MGC Derma's CBD & Hyaluronic Cleansing Milk: Reviewed*

A few weeks ago, I did some work with a client who was creating a website dedicated to all things hemp & CBD. I learned a lot during this time and wrote a lot about the use of hempseed oil in beauty products; researching its benefits and uses extensively. I wrote a few articles for the client about the use of CBD ingredients in health & beauty ranges [did you know Milk Makeup use it in their products?] and - as I seem to do increasingly more these days - during this time of scouring high-end beauty sites and learning about this super-ingredient, I somehow influenced myself to wanna try anything & everything with it in.

Just like I've now become addicted to chicken korma, after I influenced myself heavily with Indian food after playing that level on Cooking Fever.

One of the big name brands that came up time & time again during my research and time scouting out the best CBD beauty products was MGC Derma; a company whose range I hadn't tried before, but began to form a deep interest in. These guys were like the OG's of CBD infused formulas; high-end, luxury skincare with great reviews. Available to shop at Harvey Nichols, I added several of their products to my [ever-expanding] skincare wishlist during my time working with this client.

Fast forward to now - and thanks to my huns at Wizard, I've got my hands on my first ever CBD infused product from this brand; the MGC Derma CBD & Hyaluronic Cleansing Milk* - and I really like it. Maybe manifesting stuff you want & it appearing is real?!

MGC Derma's CBD & Hyaluronic Cleansing Milk: Reviewed, Lovelaughslipstick Blog


Gang I know that I proper waffle on about fake tan and I'm aware the hoard in my wardrobe is bordering on insanity... but I recently got to try out a new [to me] brand thanks to Indulge Beauty and I think it's my new all-time fav. Like, tops all others I've ever liked levels of good. THAT KINDA APPRECIATION. 

I've sorta bashed this ode to fake tan / love poem together pretty quickly because I can't cope [you may have seen me already profess my undying love for this stuff on Instagram] with not telling the world about it for much longer. 

And if you're younger than me [most people are... let's be fair, I'm a pure old bag] and you're wondering what in fresh hell IDDT & INDDT in the title mean [or perhaps you're not Northern AF like me and have a Southern equivalent of this] it's basically schoolyard grafitti. It basically means IDDT = If destroyed definitely true and INDDT = If not destroyed definitely true; which covered all bases when you wrote who ya fancied on the blackboard or some scathing insult like 'Dion has crabs' in marking this down as fact for all of time.

So if Pipdig do ever f*ck me up and take me blog down, at least I know I've professed my undying love for this brand according to schoolyard law & therefore; by the book. Why am I like this.

Vita Liberata Phenomenal Tan in Medium Review, from Indulge Beauty, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

Fun & Games With Love Layla* | Baby Shower Banter & Sten Do Shenanigans

My absolute DREAM would to be a rep in Ibiza or a party planner. Even though I'm a full on fossil age-wise, I look about 12 and love a good party... I legit can't think of a profession I'd be any more ideal for. Other than full-time cider tester / retired millionaire; tbh.

I swear as I get older, my mind reverts back to my younger days - I've pure rewound to my uni mindset; staying out till 4am dancing & challenging proper randoms to drinking games / sambuca... but a lot of my pals are married, their feet hurt by midnight & have responsibilities to get home to. Can't relate. Beer garden pls.

The reason I'm telling you all this is a] cos manifesting your dreams appaz comes true according to Twitter and b] it's a nice lil introduction to this post. I wouldn't say a smooth lead in, cos that's not my forte in any game, but it works

My love for party planning, getting everyone smashed & keeping the vibes alive till a minimum of 1am [compromise is key] meant I took charge of planning, creating, leading & enforcing many of the games at a Sten [Stag / Hen weekend hybrid] I went on earlier this month... which was mashed up with a Baby Shower that I also totes ran with my everyone-must-drink dictatorship. 

I designed & created games / dares for the weekend from scratch, bought loads of props [and shots, obv], tacky badges off eBay and stocked up on bangin' drinking games to keep the ale flowing Friday - Monday

Turns out drinking Jenga is probs the most fun budget game ever, who knew? Although the total knock-off I bought was called 'Drunken Tower' for legal reasons πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

My BAES at Love Layla kindly gifted me a couple of their fab, hilariously offensive items to use during these Sten shenanigans; which went down a TREAT. And revealed secrets about some of the squad that cracked me up πŸ˜‚ If you're looking for fun baby shower gifts or dirty drinking games to spice the day / night right up, these are the ones for you!

  Fun & Games With Love Layla* | Baby Shower Banter & Sten Do Shenanigans  Lovelaughslipstick Blog

Spring Beauty Picks | Discovering My Favourite Brands at Cosmetify*

Breaking news. Were you aware that Cosmetify sell huge brands & highly sought after products; from companies such as Charlotte Tilbury, Huda Beauty, Lime Crime, Anastasia Beverly Hills and Laura Mercier, to name just a few?! Cos I wasn't, and upon discovering this recently, I was unable to cope.

I've been lucky enough to pick out a few products from their absolutely bangin' website to share with you guys today; with a focus on updating my beauty products for Spring. I'm barely able to contain my overexcitement by this point - I finally got my hands on THAT Stila highlighter I put in all my wishlist posts & wept over for months guys - so let's crack firmly on before I get all over-emosh again.

Spring Beauty Picks | Discovering My Favourite Brands at Cosmetify | Charlotte Tilbury Stila Barry M, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

Unboxing the March 2019 Look Incredible Deluxe Box* #LookIncredible

I've always perved on the Look Incredible subscription boxes from afar - the brands & products in their deluxe curations have been on my radar for pure time; a concept I've admired from the sidelines for a while. 

Until this month, that is, when I was sent my very own Look Incredible Deluxe Box* & lost my ability to cope. Dressed in the most gorgeous silver box - tied with a bow - March's curation blew my tiny mind. The products and brands inside [all full-sized, btw] are just something else - and for £35, incredibly good value, too, when you think of the retail cost of each item individually

Unboxing the March 2019 Look Incredible Deluxe Box* #LookIncredible Lovelaughslipstick Blog Review

New Release: Skinny Tan Pro-Tan Moisture Mousse*

Life's better with a tan. Like, infinitely better. I always feel so much better about myself when I've bronzed up... the act of fake tanning legit takes me from a 0/10 to a strong 2. Alright, a 1.37 if I'm being totally frank.

One brand who totally feel me on this point and continually help me achieve my tanning goals are, of course, Skinny Tan

You may remember I worked with them last month on the release of their brand new Wonderglow Serum [and was lucky enough to try a sample before it was released to the general public, so I'm totally like Zoella now okay hun?] and this month has brought about yet another new release from them - the Skinny Tan Pro-Tan Moisture Mousse* you'll have seen in my pics. And if you follow me on Instagram. Pls follow my Instagram. Yes, it really has come to literally begging for followers at this point. Algorithms, amiright?

New Release: Skinny Tan Pro-Tan Moisture Mousse Review, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

AD | Exploring The Coliseum Shopping Park // Updating My Beauty Stash For Spring*

I haven't been to the Coliseum Shopping Park in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire for pure aaaaaages. So - as you may have seen on my relentless Instagram stories yesterday, I definitely made up for lost time exploring it all over again! 

Easily accessible via car - and with several public transport links & train stations in close proximity, this fab retail park packs a whole host of coffee shops, restaurants, amenities and HUGE stores into one handy location [with plenty of parking.] It's also right by the Blue Planet Aquarium, which is one of my favourite ever places in the world. Ever.

I didn't actually realise / remember how many names you can find at the Coliseum; Boots, New Look, River Island, Next, Superdrug, Lipsy, Outfit, Debenhams & H&M to name just a few of the stores I shopped yesterday - if you're a beauty & fashion enthusiast like me, it's flipping fantastic. With a Starbucks on-site for those well-needed coffee breaks, before hammering the shopping opportunities all over again.

As a beauty obsesso, I'm always [at the very least attempting] to stay up to date with current trends, brands, products and seasonal releases from my favourite names; and with the recent change in weather [& there being actual legit sunshine now!] it was time to refresh my stash for Spring. I headed into Boots on the Coliseum Shopping Park to explore my options, and left with plenty of new picks to update my beauty wardrobe for the incoming season of sunshine.

Updating My Beauty Stash For Spring at Boots at the Coliseum Shopping Park Ellesmere Port, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

A Pretty Dece Makeup Revolution Release

Me head's been up me arse these past couple of months, soz about my sporadic nature & that. I've had the busiest few weeks with new clients and other projects going on - I feel so disorganised, behind and outta the loop that I'm not even sure what to do; aside from binge eat Quavers and try to level up on Cooking Fever. Logical approach as always.

I took these photos & intended to post about this bad boy pure time ago... and then I got Netflix, discovered the joy of an afternoon cider or 3 and have worked 24-hour days more than I'd care to admit. They don't put this sh*t on them 'Girl Boss' inspirational mugs do they

You may have read my last MUR dedicated post... where I was not-so-impressed [in fact that's being way too polite, I'm pretty certain I explicitly reference how sh*t it really is] with the Makeup Revolution Glow Revolution Illuminating Spray. 

WELL, I got these two products at the same time expecting them to both be proper huns [and that I'd post about them both around a similar time]... and it was a 50/50 split. The Illuminating Spray was some kind of a sick joke, but this - the Makeup Revolution Mascara Revolution - is pretty alright.

Makeup Revolution Mascara Revolution Review, Lovelaughslipstick Blog