I KNOW RIGHT. Probably the most grown-up title for a blog post I've ever published. 

I've seemingly morphed into this proper adult at the moment though - buying new room fragrances, bleach by the tonne, new bedding, rugs [mainly to cover some of the damage on my carpets, lol] and cushions. 

I'm not quite sure when the transition of me spending all me wages on Glenn's vodka & nights on the lash to transforming into a pure homemaker occurred, but you know what - I'm enjoying it. Me gaff actually looks a bit less like a crack-den these days, and it's nice to spend time in; what with all the homely touches I've been working on.

There is still quite a lot to do though to get each of my rooms to the standard I'd like them to be at, so I decided for today's post, I'm summarise all my home interior / DIY goals as a reminder to myself... and as home stuff is quite topical right now isn't it [a la Mrs Hinch] and I'm pure mad for dat traffic xox

Spring / Summer Home Interior Improvement Goals, Lovelaughslipstick Blog
Once again; today I'm sat in my pjs looking at cheap holidays & scanning for bargain flights, in the never-ending cycle of wanting to relocate my entire life to Greece & travel the globe.

I love going on holiday, love travelling & love soaking in the sights and ambience of other parts of the world. Especially those around the Mediterranean sea [tell me you didn't sing that in your head as the part in the Vengaboys' 'We're going to Ibiza'?!]

Today I've popped together a list of ten practical [yet less commonly spoken about] items you might consider packing to take on your travels. We're not talking sunglasses, suncream, bikinis - your usual holiday guide stuff. And equally, we're not talking anything pure wild here either [there will be no whips, gimp suits or jelly involved!] Simply a rundown of less conventional travel items you may have not considered, or considered the importance of before. And things that are important to talk about.

10 Practical [Yet Less Commonly Spoken About] Items You Might Consider Taking Abroad With You* | Lovelaughslipstick Blog

Is there anything better than a stay-over in a hotel [be this a city break, an overnight stay or a week all-inclusive in a 5* resort in Mykonos] with the gals?! The memories, the laughs, the indulgence of staying somewhere away from home; with fluffy towels & sachets of posh tea by the kettle. I always seem to sleep better in hotel beds too - don't know why? 🙋

I'm staying in a hotel with the girls in a few weeks for a wedding we're attending and I can't wait - for all these reasons and more. I've compiled a quick list of some of the essentials needed [and which I will most defo be packing / sourcing during my stay] on every girly hotel break below - which ones do you agree with?

5 Essentials For A Girly Hotel Stay, Lovelaughslipstick Blog
My huns at Perfume Click treated me to an AMAZING bundle of Sunkissed goodies recently - and I can't even cope. I knew that Sunkissed existed and that they're a fake tanning brand... but I hadn't tried much of theirs, did not realise Perfume Click stocked them, how vast their range actually is and that they also make makeup, too?! My tiny, senior mind was blown when I unwrapped this incredible parcel. 

And that's probs a good place to dive in and start my review.

I was lucky enough to get me [tanning] mitts [that's a terrible pun but I'm committing to it, soz xo] on an assortment of goodies from Perfume Click - a 5 piece Sunkissed Aloha Summer Prep & Finish Tanning Kit*,  Sunkissed Instant Tan Mousse in Dark* [yaaaaaaas], Sunkissed Time To Prime Makeup Primer*, Sunkissed Perfect Fix+ Setting Spray*, Sunkissed Diamond Dust Highlighter Palette* & a Sunkissed Exfoliating Mitt.* 

And breathe. See what I mean about not realising how extensive this range is these days?! Here's a lil rundown of my thoughts on it all.

Aloha Sunkissed Summer! | Sunkissed Fake Tan at Perfume Click, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

Skinny Tan have been smashing life's head in this year, with LOADS of proper mint new releases. The majority of these have been fake tan related - as well as the fake tan & SPF combined genius-ness I featured here

But their latest collection is something totally different for the brand... yet totally on-point. Skin & Body Care. The Rainbow Collection. Beautiful cleansing & nourishing everyday bodycare solutions to prep your skin pre-tan & prolong its longevity post-tan. Yaaaaaaaas. OH and FYI, Skinny Tan have an offer on at the moment, where you can buy the whole family of products for just £15. Can't cope.

Here's a quick run-down of each of the products in the Rainbow Collection & how I've found using them.

NEW | Skinny Tan's Rainbow Range Review, Lovelaughslipstick Blog
I'd like to start off this post stating the fact that I don't know if anyone ACTUALLY knows what the balls Instagram's algorithm is up to these days. I doubt even they do, tbh. 

So I'm not trying to pass myself off as some form of Insta guru by writing this post - or pretending like I've got my sh*t together, 400k followers & a load of new ads to not disclose... [*sips tea*] cos lawd, I rly don't. I've just been doing some research & lose about 34 followers a day. Casual.

I've sorta given up hope recently tbh... everything that used to help boost engagement - in a pre-mixed up Insta-world, does f*ck all for me these days. I get more likes on photos I don't hashtag than I do on pure pre-scheduled, proper curated ones [with a chunk of hashtags just crying out to be noticed at the end.] 

Even pics of me rancid face seem to be doing better than actual nice product pics... which is a startling realisation of just how messed up this platform in 2019. Is Instagram okay hun?

Again, I'm not claiming to be an expert on how this algorithm beast gets its kicks... and have I put any of the tips in this post into practice on my own 'Gram yet? No, cos I can't be arsed. But I have spent many precious minutes reading the latest articles about the new algorithm; so I decided to compile this wisdom into a post for ya; to save you having to trawl through pure long articles that make you lose the will to live.

And if, after following these tips, our engagement is still sh*t, terrible boomerangs are still plaguing our feeds & reality tv stars are trying to peddle them teas that give you raging diarrhoea, I think it'll then be time to throw in the towel, admit that Insta's properly mugged us off & invest all our recreational time into moaning about it all the time again. Deal?

The New Instagram Algorithm & How To Keep Your Engagement Vaguely Okay With It, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

The guy you’ve been talking to for a few days now - after scoring a perfect pass on your London Dating App, wants to take you out for a drink. Prosecco? Yes please

The only problem is… you have to meet him after work. Wardrobe CRISIS! What can you wear to work that’ll take you from day(t)-2-night [see what we did there?] Here's a few ideas you might find useful.

Day-2-Night Wear | Outfits For The Office When You Have A Hot Date That night | Clikd App
Life is at least 78% better with a tan... though usually a fake one for me, as the weather in this country doesn't really cut it. Amiright?! HOWEVER if you're ded lucky & planning on heading somewhere legitimately warm, beachy & bikini-appropriate to soak up some rays, it's important to protect your skin whilst bronzing... and vitally important that you take me with you xox [I need a holiday even more than I need a pint of coffee right now. I.e. A LOT.]

On this note of safe suntanning, my baes Skinny Tan have released some proper exciting, ded innovative new products to help boost ya tan and protect your skin at the same time; that I wanna share with you huns today. 

Cos yeah, having a tan is the dream & makes me feel bangin' [we're talking at least about a 3/10 rather than the usual minus 12]... but skin cancer is not the one; sun cream & taking precautions when exposed to the elements is CRUCIAL. Don't risk it. Here's the inside scoop on this collection.

Getting Ready For Summer With Skinny Tan* | SPF, Aftersun, Moisturiser Review, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

Hey huns, how are ya? In case you've forgotten me, I'm not ded; I've just been insanely busy these past few weeks and have somewhat fell outta the way of writing, washing & being active on socials [other than retweeting cute cat pics & lolling at pigeon memes. Obv.]

I've suddenly [and I don't wanna say this too loudly, in case it scarpers again] got a little burst of motivation to get some blog stuff boxed off today though, so figured I'd pop back onto ya screens with a big old topical post full of some AMAZING goodies & lots of stars in time for Father's Day 2019. Cos there's not long to go now, is there? Here's a round-up of some of the tastiest, personalised, fittest gift ideas on the market this year; picked with me legend of a Dad in mind.

The ULTIMATE Father's Day Gift Guide 2019, Lovelaughslipstick Blog
Ah, it's that time again ♥️ Another month, another Little Known Box* to unwrap & weep over. If you follow me on anything ever or have read my blog before, you'll know of my intense love for all things LKB & how this undying loyalty now goes wayyyy back... I can't quite believe it's been multiple years we've worked together & that this May, Little Known Box are actually celebrating their 3rd birthday

3 YEARS. That's three whole years of these incredible curations, indie brands & ethical ethos' plopping through my postbox every month & I can't actually cope... #blessed

To mark the occasion, LKB are gonna be celebrating this month with giveaways & special offers, as well as with this fab birthday inspired box. This might be a slight spoiler, but I'd say to keep an eye on my socials - as well as theirs - this week, if you're interested in these fun celebratory competitions... 👀 And with that, let's delve right in shall we huns?

Little Known Box | The May 2019 Birthday Edit, Lovelaughslipstick Blog
Oh my days, beauty blogger / vlogger alert. I've got my hands on one of the most innovative and useful tools when it comes to doing ya makeup - and for if you like to take pics of your handiwork or create videos for your followers as you do so [fab for Insta stories.] What am I on about? Well hun. Sit down & I'll tell you.

Introducing the Spotlite HD Diamond 2.0 by JOI* - which is not just another makeup mirror. It's a game changer. As you'll soon see.

And what was even more exciting when I was unboxing it? The fact I recognised the beauty blogger who's worked with JOI to create it - Hayley Hall. She's not an unrelatable Zoella character or an out-of-touch bblogger you can't vibe with since they signed that 6 figure deal with a skinny tea... she's a normal [much more successful than me] blogger who's mates with bloggers I'm mates with; and seeing that is right nice.  #Community

Spotlite HD Diamond 2.0 by JOI Review, Lovelaughslipstick Blog
Spotlite HD Diamond 2.0 by JOI Review, Lovelaughslipstick Blog
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