They say [whoever 'they' are] that a picture speaks a thousand words

Well, even the thousand or so adjectives these pics are gonna throw at you don't come close to how beautiful this lil piece of jewellery is in real life... my knackered camera lense doesn't do it justice. It's that delicate and pretty.

Today's post is an ode / a profession of undying love & dedication to this stunning Fiyah Stretch Moon Ring* I was kindly gifted - and [trigger warning] the following paragraphs are no doubt gonna contain a lot of exclamations about how much I can't cope. Prepare yourselves.

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I've been spoilt by Ark Skincare recently - who are a brand I've tried once or twice in the past [thanks to British Beauty Box & others] but whom I've learned loads more about thanks to their recent generosity.  

Their inclusive range - and the number of different collections this fab, cruelty-free brand offers to target specific skincare concerns [and age groups] is great. Although I knew of Ark Skincare I didn't realise quite how many products they offer; including the:

💗 Age Protect Collection - formulated for your teens & 20s
💗 Age Defend Collection - formulated for your 30s & 40s
💗 Age Defy Collection - formulated for your 50s onwards
💗 Skin Essential Collection - daily essentials to enhance your regime
💗 Skin Perfector Collection - targeted treatments for every skin concern
💗 Body Beautiful Collection - indulgent products for body & mind

Todays post is a lil overview of Ark Skincare themselves & of the goodies they treated me to recently; which I've been working into my skincare routine over the past few weeks.

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When a beauty box arrives & it has so many products in it that they won't all fit into a flatlay, you just know it's gonna be a good one. This fact - & the weight of the parcel itself - are two pretty strong indicators of how amazing the Grazia Best In Beauty Edition* Latest In Beauty Box is... but honestly, some of the products in this curation have changed me actual life so I can't cope. 

One of the best beauty boxes I've ever received? It's up there - like right up there [ooh-err!] tbh hun. The value for money is insane & the spread of products rocked me proverbial socks [I never wear socks, they proper p*ss me off. Al fresco feet for me.]

ENOUGH TEASERS. Enough declarations of love. Definitely enough talk of feet. It's time to reveal the line-up within the Grazia Best In Beauty LiB, and weep over some of my stand-out products with you.

The Grazia 'Best In Beauty Edit ' Latest In Beauty Review Lovelaughslipstick Blog
The Grazia 'Best In Beauty Edit ' Latest In Beauty Review Lovelaughslipstick Blog
The Grazia 'Best In Beauty Edit ' Latest In Beauty Review Lovelaughslipstick Blog

Summer Lovin'*

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... had me a blast. Summer lovin', happened so fast [alright I'll stop virtually serenading you. Promise. Bet you're singing that now though, right?!] 

If you's hadn't realised by now, Summer is my life and I hate the colder seasons - I just love it for so many reasons. The heat, the bright mornings, the days in the park, the outfits, the good mood it puts everyone in. The Summer Horn [which is definitely a thing, we discovered this in uni & lovingly named this seasonal 'i-fancy-everyone-when-the-sun-is-shining' phenomenon the Summer Rand...  'everyone' coming with T&C's btw, we didn't literally mean everyone 😂.] 

Life's just better when the sun's shining, imo. There's a change in our mood, our outfit choices, our activities and - I'd say - a change in our dating habits too. The sun's glorious rays increase our levels of happiness and encourage us to head out to do more / socialise in beer gardens of the world [guilttttyyyyyy] - lifting our moods & making us less cynical towards other humans. 

The nights are longer & lighter - meaning there's more time to sneak in dates after work and of an evening [and means you can wear totes cute Summery outfits that show off ya bod, rather than the 15 big coats ensemble Winter dating forces us to go with] .... and with said Summery outfits, the rand defo goes up a notch, as you get to see more of the person you're on the date with. Sunglasses legit make everything & everyone look hotter too; amiright?!

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You may have noticed a few more home / lifestyle based posts creeping onto my blog recently - I'm not one to chain myself to just one niche or area of writing [though I'm sure there are plenty of these online coaches / people who'd tell me that this is ded wrong & then charge me a smol fortune to list the errors of my ways. But YOLO.] I'm multi-faceted huns. My interests are as wide as being like, everything from pressed powder to pigeons. 

I've got really into home stuff and life hacks recently - unashamedly so, in fact. Home interiors, storage ideas, design, rugs, carpet cleaning: you name it. I dig it. 

And referring back to the first two items in this list of loves [home stuff and storage] brings me nicely onto the topic of today's post - a fab online company I've discovered who make the most exciting range of plastic containers and storage solutions. If you're the kinda gal who goes a bit OTT in Ikea or in the tupperware section in Tesco; you should probably sit down and steady yourself before reading on.

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If you’ve ever been tasked with picking between an Apple and Android phone then you’ll probably have looked at countless guides and videos. Alternatively, you could just ask a more tech-savvy friend or family member, but with the number of devoted fans on both sides, it can be hard to get a trustworthy opinion these days. Coupled with the fact that some publications are clearly one-sided, it begs the question; what’s really best for me?

So we’ve decided to remove the bias and give you a clear way to determine if an iPhone or Android smartphone is better for your needs so you don’t go wasting money.

I'm actually getting my sh*t together a bit guys re: home stuff - I've been refreshing the gaff with coats of fresh white matte emulsion, have covered most carpet stains with lavish new rugs and I've even discovered how I can resolve some of my carpeting issues with these metal things me Da can help me with from B&Q. ADULTING 101? Completed it, mate.

I'm properly enjoying researching more into home improvements stuff & decor hacks; learning about interior trends & stalking peoples' bathrooms and shelving ideas on Pinterest atm.

Mad how your priorities and interests can change isn't it - at the moment, I'm tending to wander down the homeware aisles of stores rather than the makeup section... which has left me questioning who I  even am, but also to a much nicer home environment. My visits to the wine aisle haven't lessened though, you'll be unsurprised to learn

I literally was unable to cope in Dunelm the other week - my camera roll is full of snaps of all the stuff I want for inspo / future bankrupting shopping trips there.

For me personally, home decor wise, I love sleek, minimal interiors... we're talking laminate floors, glass staircases, underlighting, marble surfaces, fluffy chic rugs, blinged up cushions, ridiculously extra bed frames / headboards and glass ERRRR'THANG. With flecks of that proper bling crackled glass here and there for statement effects / accents. Countertops, staircases, shelving and sparkling glass bathroom fittings worthy of a 5* hotel. Do I own these things yet? Well, no hun. But I bloody well want to - and I've been doing research into companies that can help me achieve these goals; such as The Glass Warehouse.

Home Decor Goals & Achievements 2019 - An Update | Lovelaughslipstick Blog

Okay, slightly overdramatic title... but I gotta get my clickbait title kicks from somewhere, right?! 

With its gorgeous pink packaging & beaut minimalistic branding that ticks all my proverbial boxes, this lil cleanser [which I hear is big news with them proper beauty gurus] has stormed into my life and stole a place within my current skincare product rotation. 

It's pretty, it's portable [thanks to its dinky lil size AND the fact it's non-rinse... the perfect travel-buddy to refresh with on a long flight], it's gorgeously gentle on the skin and it's just £9.50. This is the Collosol Eau de Lait Water Milk Cleanser 100ml* which you can buy from FeelUnique - and I can totes see what all the fuss is about, tbh. It's a right hun.

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I love fake tan. Life is HONESTLY so much better with a tan - my clothes look less sh*t, my makeup applies better and my self confidence is at an all-time high when I've got my glow-on. I first started experimenting with fake tan about 15 years ago [yeah alright, I'm old] .... and having navigated myself through the disasters, triumphs, discoveries and set-backs I feel like I've now qualified to talk quite knowledgeably on the subject. So I'm here today to do exactly that.

I first discovered Bali Body last year [here] and fell in LOVE. The packaging, the aesthetic, the product, the ethos. They're just the most gorgeous tanning products - I've used up every last drop of my tanning mousse of theirs & recommend that every tanning obsesso looks them up pronto

One of my friends who lives in the US sent me a selfie of her in her bathroom recently, and I clocked a bottle of Bali Body on her shelf, too! I was like 'OMG JEN I NEVER KNEW YOU USED BALI BODY!!!' and we wept over-enthusiastically over how bloody good it is for a good few minutes.

So yeah. They recently sent over a bottle of their newly released Face Tan Water* for me to try out [along with a cheeky Shimmery Body Oil*] - hence why I'm here today to weep over them with you. That packaging - it's legit impossible to take a bad photo of these stunners.

Brand New From Bali Body* | Fake Tan, Face Tanning Water & Shimmering Body Oil Review, Lovelaughslipstick Blog
I can't even try & write an enticing lead-in to this post... one that creates pure suspense & drops cryptic hints about whether this product is gonna be any good. There's no twists & turns or clickbait incoming here, soz. Cos I cant hide my love for this product

Let's just kick things off by stating loud and proud right now that THIS IS PROBABLY MY FAVOURITE FULL COVERAGE CONCEALER OF ALL-TIME / TO DATE & I'll stand by this statement until someone creates one that rivals it. Cos like, I love it more than Shape Tape [a lot more, actually] and that was my last 'one to beat.'

Too Faced's Born This Way Multi-Use Sculpting Concealer* - you have my heart now. LOVE YOU HUN XO [I guess if you wanna learn more about why I love it so much & look at some pretty pics / swatches, that can be your hook to read on. But even if you don't read on & just opt to order some right noww instead, then my work here - spreading the word of this precious angel - is done.]

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Your living room is one of the most public rooms in the home; it’s where you hang out with your family, relax after a long day & entertain guests. You likely spend a huge amount of time in there, so it needs to be perfect! You’ve probably already nailed the basics - such as comfy seating and a decent television - but here's five more things to consider which every living room needs.

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I love St. Moriz... I've holidayed there overnight SEVERAL times throughout the past 9 years now - they're my OG fake tanning brand & one I've been able to rely on for almost a decade when it comes to achieving a deep, even & streak-free glow. AND THOSE LOW LOW PRICES 😍 Literally running into Home Bargains after work to pick up a bottle for about £3.50 in time for last-minute nights out was the one.

I was lucky enough to be sent a few of the brand's latest releases recently - which I'll talk about in this post. St. Moriz have really upped their game over several years; releasing loads of new products, variants of their infamous mousse tan and other skincare / sun related innovations to keep them at the forefront of the tanning arena. All still very reasonably priced

Here's a couple of their newest products - St. Moriz Professional Medium - Dark Clear Tanning Mousse* andddd the St. Moriz Advanced Pro Gradual Tan & Protect Cream*; available in regular & travel-size. You can pick St. Moriz up from loads of retailers - Boots, Superdrug, Feel Unique & Tesco being some of the most well-known names to line their shelves with this glorious tanning Godsend.

New In From St Moriz | St. Moriz Professional Medium - Dark Clear Tanning Mousse & St. Moriz Advanced Pro Gradual Tan & Protect Cream; Lovelaughslipstick Blog Review
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